Cyprus Stock Exchange

CYS / CSE - 115 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
A Tsokkos Hotels Public CSE:TSH 17.9 A Tsokkos Hotels Public Dividends
Actibond Growth Fund PCL CSE:ACT Actibond Growth Fund PCL Dividends
Aeonic Securities CIF CSE:AEON Aeonic Securities CIF Dividends
Agros Development Proodos Public CSE:AGRO 3.24 Agros Development Proodos Public Dividends
Aias Investment Public CSE:AIAS Aias Investment Public Dividends
AL ProChoice Public CSE:PROP AL ProChoice Public Dividends
Alkis H Hadjikyriacos Frou Frou Biscuits Public CSE:FBI 25.2 Alkis H Hadjikyriacos Frou Frou Biscuits Public Dividends
Allspark Asia Pacific Public CSE:METRANC 0.022 Allspark Asia Pacific Public Dividends
Aphrodite Springs Public CSE:ASPL1 27.7 Aphrodite Springs Public Dividends
Athanasios D Koykoytaris SA CSE:KOYTARI 5.18 Athanasios D Koykoytaris SA Dividends
Atlantic Insurance Public CSE:ATL 66.2 Atlantic Insurance Public Dividends
Azur Selection CSE:ARVAN Azur Selection Dividends
Bank of Cyprus Holdings CSE:BOCH 405.9 6.47 Bank of Cyprus Holdings Dividends
Blue Island CSE:BLUE 11.6 Blue Island Dividends
CCC Tourist Enterprises PCL CSE:CCCT 1.45 CCC Tourist Enterprises PCL Dividends
Ch Charilaou CSE:CHCH 0.37 Ch Charilaou Dividends
Chris Joannou Public CSE:CJ Chris Joannou Public Dividends
Claridge Public CSE:CLA 1.52 Claridge Public Dividends
CLR Investment Fund Public CSE:CLL 0.86 CLR Investment Fund Public Dividends
CO Cyprus Opportunity Energy PCL CSE:GAS 1.56 CO Cyprus Opportunity Energy PCL Dividends
Constantinou Bros Developers CSE:CBD 0.032 Constantinou Bros Developers Dividends
Constantinou Bros Hotels PCL CSE:CBH 9.57 Constantinou Bros Hotels PCL Dividends
Constantinou Bros Properties CSE:CBAM Constantinou Bros Properties Dividends
Contract SA CSE:CONT Contract SA Dividends
Corado Management CSE:CRDO Corado Management Dividends
Cosmos Insurance PCL CSE:COS Cosmos Insurance PCL Dividends
CPI Holdings Public CSE:CPIH CPI Holdings Public Dividends
Cyprint CSE:CYP Cyprint Dividends
Cyprus Cement PCL CSE:CCC 73.1 Cyprus Cement PCL Dividends
Cyprus Forest Industries Public CSE:CFI Cyprus Forest Industries Public Dividends
Cyprus Limni Resorts and GolfCourses CSE:LIMNI Cyprus Limni Resorts and GolfCourses Dividends
Cyprus Trading CSE:CTC Cyprus Trading Dividends
Cyreit Aif Variable Capital Investment CSE:CYREIT Cyreit Aif Variable Capital Investment Dividends
D & S Anastopoulos SA CSE:ANAST D & S Anastopoulos SA Dividends
Demetra Holdings CSE:DEM 62.9 Demetra Holdings Dividends
Display Art CSE:DISP Display Art Dividends
Dome Investments PCL CSE:DOME Dome Investments PCL Dividends
Echmi Investments Consultants SA CSE:EHMI Echmi Investments Consultants SA Dividends
Ellinas Finance PCL CSE:ELF 4.90 Ellinas Finance PCL Dividends
Ermes Department Stores CSE:ERME Ermes Department Stores Dividends
First Advisory and Holdings SA CSE:FAHC First Advisory and Holdings SA Dividends
FOS Holdings CSE:FOS FOS Holdings Dividends
Frenco CSE:FRENCO Frenco Dividends
Gap Vassilopoulos Public CSE:GAP 4.28 Gap Vassilopoulos Public Dividends
GD Amplus Public CSE:AMPLUS 0.022 GD Amplus Public Dividends
Global Digital Services CSE:STSI Global Digital Services Dividends
Hangji Global CSE:HANGJI Hangji Global Dividends
Harvest Capital Management Public CSE:HCM Harvest Capital Management Public Dividends
Hellenic Bank Pcl CSE:HB 270.3 4.58 Hellenic Bank Pcl Dividends
Henan Wandi Minerals Public CSE:HENAN Henan Wandi Minerals Public Dividends
IDNA Genomics Public CSE:IDNA IDNA Genomics Public Dividends
Interfund Investments CSE:INF 9.02 Interfund Investments Dividends
Interlife General Insurance SA CSE:INLI 60.0 Interlife General Insurance SA Dividends
Intraware Investments Public CSE:INTRA 105.4 Intraware Investments Public Dividends
Isxis Investment Public CSE:ISXI Isxis Investment Public Dividends
Just Loans CSE:JUST Just Loans Dividends
K + G Complex PCL CSE:KG 31.3 K + G Complex PCL Dividends
K Kouimtzis CSE:KOYIM K Kouimtzis Dividends
K Kythreotis Holdings Public CSE:KYTH 8.66 K Kythreotis Holdings Public Dividends
Karyes Investments Public CSE:KAR 4.30 Karyes Investments Public Dividends
KEO CSE:KEO 43.8 KEO Dividends
Kerverus Holding IT Cy CSE:KERV Kerverus Holding IT Cy Dividends
King's Head Development CSE:KINGS 20.4 King's Head Development Dividends
Lanitis Golf PCL CSE:LAGLF Lanitis Golf PCL Dividends
Layster Investments CSE:LAY 21.5 Layster Investments Dividends
LCP Holdings and Investments Public CSE:LI 0.018 LCP Holdings and Investments Public Dividends
Leptos Calypso Hotels Public CSE:LCH 6.03 Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Dividends
Logicom Public CSE:LOG 114.6 Logicom Public Dividends
Lordos Hotels Holdings Public CSE:LHH 24.4 Lordos Hotels Holdings Public Dividends
Lordos United Public CSE:LPL 3.61 Lordos United Public Dividends
Louis CSE:LUI 31.3 Louis Dividends
Magean Holding CSE:MHP 2.32 Magean Holding Dividends
Mallouppas & Papacostas PCL CSE:MPT 7.64 Mallouppas & Papacostas PCL Dividends
Meditrina Cyprus CSE:MEDTRN Meditrina Cyprus Dividends
Medscope Holdings CSE:MEDSC Medscope Holdings Dividends
Minerva Insurance Public CSE:MINE 22.4 Minerva Insurance Public Dividends
Mitsides PCL CSE:MIT 1.39 Mitsides PCL Dividends
MR Pengu Public Co CSE:PENGU MR Pengu Public Co Dividends
NETinfo CSE:NETIN 10.9 NETinfo Dividends
Oratco Public CSE:?R?? Oratco Public Dividends
Orca Investment CSE:ORCA Orca Investment Dividends
Pandora Consultancy Services CSE:PACS Pandora Consultancy Services Dividends
Pandora Investments Public CSE:PND 18.9 Pandora Investments Public Dividends
Paphos Stone C Estates CSE:STONE 8.53 Paphos Stone C Estates Dividends
Petrolina Holdings Public CSE:PHL 84.1 Petrolina Holdings Public Dividends
PG Economides Properties CSE:ECON 10.1 PG Economides Properties Dividends
Pharmaceutical Center Sa CSE:VITAF Pharmaceutical Center Sa Dividends
Philoktimatiki Public CSE:PES 0.90 Philoktimatiki Public Dividends
PlanetClean Recycling Industries CSE:ROFOL 0.15 PlanetClean Recycling Industries Dividends
Plata Management CSE:PLATA 0.086 Plata Management Dividends
R Energy 1 SA CSE:ROEN 20.7 R Energy 1 SA Dividends
Regallia Holdings & Investments Public CSE:REG Regallia Holdings & Investments Public Dividends
Reputation Exchange CSE:REPX 30.0 Reputation Exchange Dividends
Richreach Public CSE:EUMBR 38.5 Richreach Public Dividends
Rolandos Enterprises Public CSE:ROL Rolandos Enterprises Public Dividends
Salamis Tours Holdings Public CSE:SAL 45.7 Salamis Tours Holdings Public Dividends
Selected Energy SA CSE:EPIEN Selected Energy SA Dividends
SNP Southeast Network Public CSE:SNPM SNP Southeast Network Public Dividends
Solidus Securities Sa CSE:SOLIDUS Solidus Securities Sa Dividends
The Mall of Cyprus MC CSE:ITTL The Mall of Cyprus MC Dividends
The Mall of Engomi ME CSE:WOOC 8.50 The Mall of Engomi ME Dividends
Theon International CSE:THEON Theon International Dividends
Top Kinisis Travel Public CSE:TOP 0.59 Top Kinisis Travel Public Dividends
Toriase Public CSE:TORIA 0.50 Toriase Public Dividends
Toxotis Investments Public CSE:COV Toxotis Investments Public Dividends
Triena Investments Public CSE:TCAP Triena Investments Public Dividends
Unifast Finance & Investments PCL CSE:UFI 0.004 Unifast Finance & Investments PCL Dividends
Unigrowth Investments Public CSE:UNI 0.54 Unigrowth Investments Public Dividends
Universal Golf Enterprises CSE:UGE Universal Golf Enterprises Dividends
Vassilico Cement Works PCL CSE:VCW 173.7 Vassilico Cement Works PCL Dividends
Vision International People Public CSE:VIP Vision International People Public Dividends
Vonpende Holdings CSE:VOPE Vonpende Holdings Dividends
Wealthavenue CSE:WEALTH Wealthavenue Dividends
Woolworth Cyprus Properties CSE:FWW Woolworth Cyprus Properties Dividends
Yumchaa Holdings CSE:YMCHA Yumchaa Holdings Dividends
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