Dusseldorf Stock Exchange

DUS / DUS - 97 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
123fahrschule Se DUS:LTQ 123fahrschule Se Dividends
Advanced Bitcoin Technologies Ag DUS:ABT 9.87 Advanced Bitcoin Technologies Ag Dividends
Advanced Blockchain Ag DUS:BWQ 41.4 Advanced Blockchain Ag Dividends
Aee Ahaus Enscheder Ag DUS:AEE1 6.29 Aee Ahaus Enscheder Ag Dividends
Agrar Invest Romania Ag DUS:RAR Agrar Invest Romania Ag Dividends
Aktiengesellschaft Bad Neuenahr DUS:ABN Aktiengesellschaft Bad Neuenahr Dividends
Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Se DUS:NMI Aladdin Healthcare Technologies Se Dividends
Alno Ag DUS:ANO Alno Ag Dividends
Aquamondi Ag DUS:APQ 5.50 Aquamondi Ag Dividends
Arn Georg Ag DUS:ARN 6.44 Arn Georg Ag Dividends
Bitcoin Se DUS:ADE 188.5 Bitcoin Se Dividends
Bittube International Se DUS:T0C 6.96 Bittube International Se Dividends
Black Pearl Digital Ag DUS:VRL Black Pearl Digital Ag Dividends
Blockchain Infrastructure Ag DUS:1NT 0.52 Blockchain Infrastructure Ag Dividends
Calvatis Gmbh DUS:28G Calvatis Gmbh Dividends
Cannovum Ag DUS:27N Cannovum Ag Dividends
Capella Ag DUS:C90 Capella Ag Dividends
Capital One Ag DUS:8CA Capital One Ag Dividends
Cash.life Ag DUS:SGS 13.3 Cash.life Ag Dividends
Clearvise Ag DUS:ABO 120.9 Clearvise Ag Dividends
Cogia Ag DUS:8HC Cogia Ag Dividends
Coinix Gmbh & Co Kgaa DUS:XCX 18.7 Coinix Gmbh & Co Kgaa Dividends
Con Value Ag DUS:CVK 1.07 Con Value Ag Dividends
Consulting Team Holding Ag DUS:5GG 11.7 Consulting Team Holding Ag Dividends
Convalue Se DUS:CUU 27.3 Convalue Se Dividends
Cryptology Asset DUS:CAP 363.8 Cryptology Asset Dividends
Dahlbusch Ag DUS:DAL Dahlbusch Ag Dividends
Deutsche Biotech Innovativ Ag DUS:VUA 74.4 Deutsche Biotech Innovativ Ag Dividends
Deutsche Geothermische Immobilien Ag DUS:SZ5 1.04 Deutsche Geothermische Immobilien Ag Dividends
Diamontech Ag DUS:3XW Diamontech Ag Dividends
Doralis Se DUS:4NJ 0.21 Doralis Se Dividends
Dorstener Maschinenfabrik Ag DUS:DOR Dorstener Maschinenfabrik Ag Dividends
Dws & Gmbh Co Kgaa DUS:DWS 6,225 11.4 Dws & Gmbh Co Kgaa Dividends
Ekotechnika Ag DUS:ETE 44.5 Ekotechnika Ag Dividends
Fonterelli Spac 1 Ag DUS:9DD Fonterelli Spac 1 Ag Dividends
Four Gates Ag DUS:OFLG Four Gates Ag Dividends
Fox E-mobility Ag DUS:CT4 0.29 Fox E-mobility Ag Dividends
Gracent Ag DUS:0GM 0.19 Gracent Ag Dividends
Grounds Real Estate Development Ag DUS:AMMN 37.0 Grounds Real Estate Development Ag Dividends
Gtg Dienstleistungsgruppe Ag DUS:BTU Gtg Dienstleistungsgruppe Ag Dividends
Hande Health Ag DUS:MK3 0.86 Hande Health Ag Dividends
Hbi Hyperion Se DUS:A7K 2.83 Hbi Hyperion Se Dividends
Heroes Ag DUS:B7V Heroes Ag Dividends
Hsbc Trinkaus & Burkhardt Ag DUS:TUB Hsbc Trinkaus & Burkhardt Ag Dividends
Hsbc Us Buy Out Gmbh & Co Kgaa DUS:HBY Hsbc Us Buy Out Gmbh & Co Kgaa Dividends
Igp Advantag Ag DUS:A62 52.9 Igp Advantag Ag Dividends
Ikonia Fintech Ag DUS:90Y Ikonia Fintech Ag Dividends
Impera Se DUS:05P Impera Se Dividends
Ivestos Ag DUS:LWD 3.40 Ivestos Ag Dividends
K&m Moebel Ag DUS:KUM K&m Moebel Ag Dividends
Kampa Ag In Insolvenz DUS:KPH Kampa Ag In Insolvenz Dividends
Knorr Bremse Ag DUS:KBX Knorr Bremse Ag Dividends
Limes Schlosskliniken Ag DUS:LIK Limes Schlosskliniken Ag Dividends
Lumaland Ag DUS:PU11 Lumaland Ag Dividends
Luyanta Ag DUS:L08 Luyanta Ag Dividends
Magnum Ag DUS:MGU5 Magnum Ag Dividends
Mbh DUS:M8H Mbh Dividends
Mecklermedia DUS:ICM1 Mecklermedia Dividends
Medios Ag DUS:ILM1 609.2 29.9 Medios Ag Dividends
Mendarion Se DUS:MDV 1.18 Mendarion Se Dividends
Minaya Capital Ag DUS:M7C Minaya Capital Ag Dividends
Murphy & Spitz Green Capital Ag DUS:6MP 10.1 Murphy & Spitz Green Capital Ag Dividends
New Meat Ag DUS:9AUA 7.31 New Meat Ag Dividends
Niiio Finance Ag DUS:NIII 30.8 Niiio Finance Ag Dividends
Novetum Ag DUS:5NB 1.93 Novetum Ag Dividends
Optal Mology Ag DUS:67R 0.21 Optal Mology Ag Dividends
Oti Greentech Ag DUS:NSAK 8.35 Oti Greentech Ag Dividends
Pacifico Renewables Yield Ag DUS:PRY 100.1 44.3 Pacifico Renewables Yield Ag Dividends
Palgon Ag DUS:3D6 0.77 Palgon Ag Dividends
Philion Se DUS:PH6 0.20 Philion Se Dividends
Philipp Holzmann Ag DUS:HOZ 0.12 Philipp Holzmann Ag Dividends
Plettac Ag DUS:PLT Plettac Ag Dividends
Pyrolyx Ag DUS:S26A Pyrolyx Ag Dividends
Regio Capital Ag DUS:RE0 Regio Capital Ag Dividends
Rheinland Holding Ag DUS:RLV 118.7 Rheinland Holding Ag Dividends
Rheintex Verwaltungs Vormals Rheinische Textilfabriken Gegruendet 1910 Ag DUS:RHT Rheintex Verwaltungs Vormals Rheinische Textilfabriken Gegruendet 1910 Ag Dividends
Rm Rheiner Management Ag DUS:RMO 6.80 Rm Rheiner Management Ag Dividends
Salvator Vermoegensverwaltungs Gmbh DUS:GBG Salvator Vermoegensverwaltungs Gmbh Dividends
Schnigge Capital Markets Se DUS:SHB3 Schnigge Capital Markets Se Dividends
Schulte Schlagbaum Ag DUS:SSS 15.3 Schulte Schlagbaum Ag Dividends
Shopimore Ag (pre-reincorporation) DUS:GNR Shopimore Ag (pre-reincorporation) Dividends
Sino Ag DUS:XTP 125.5 20.5 Sino Ag Dividends
Smart Energy Sweden Ab (publ) DUS:SMAR Smart Energy Sweden Ab (publ) Dividends
Solarworld Ag DUS:SWVK 4.66 Solarworld Ag Dividends
Solvesta Ag DUS:CB7 Solvesta Ag Dividends
Spobag Ag DUS:SBE 6.48 Spobag Ag Dividends
Stada Arzneimittel Ag DUS:SAZ Stada Arzneimittel Ag Dividends
Sunmirror Ag DUS:ROR 273.1 Sunmirror Ag Dividends
Synbiotic Se DUS:L3D 48.2 Synbiotic Se Dividends
Tantalus Rare Earths Ag DUS:TAEN Tantalus Rare Earths Ag Dividends
Teyuteme Oil DUS:AZ7A Teyuteme Oil Dividends
Tokonia Se DUS:T4K Tokonia Se Dividends
Trinkaus Private Equity M 3 & Co Kga Gmbh DUS:T9B Trinkaus Private Equity M 3 & Co Kga Gmbh Dividends
Trinkaus Secondary Zweitausendsechs Gmbh & Co Kgaa DUS:T2R Trinkaus Secondary Zweitausendsechs Gmbh & Co Kgaa Dividends
Tubesolar Ag DUS:9TS 60.5 Tubesolar Ag Dividends
Valuechain Se DUS:VCH Valuechain Se Dividends
Vdn Vereinigte Deutsche Nickel Werke Ag DUS:VDN 0.053 Vdn Vereinigte Deutsche Nickel Werke Ag Dividends
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