Euronext - Amsterdam

AEX / AMS - 139 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Aalberts Nv AMS:AALB 3,007 19.7 Aalberts Nv Dividends
Aareal Bank Capital Funding Trust AMS:DEPCF Aareal Bank Capital Funding Trust Dividends
Abn Amro Bank Nv AMS:ABN 7,542 16.6 Abn Amro Bank Nv Dividends
Accell Nv AMS:ACCEL 530.2 14.0 Accell Nv Dividends
Adyen Nv AMS:ADYEN 30,832 112.1 Adyen Nv Dividends
Aegon Nv AMS:AGN 5,542 4.62 Aegon Nv Dividends
Afc Ajax Nv AMS:AJAX 245.1 27.2 Afc Ajax Nv Dividends
Akzo Nobel Nv AMS:AKZA 13,400 22.3 Akzo Nobel Nv Dividends
Alfen Nv AMS:ALFEN 581 66.4 Alfen Nv Dividends
Altice Europe Nv AMS:ATCB 4,442 Altice Europe Nv Dividends
Altice Europe Nv AMS:ATC 4,442 Altice Europe Nv Dividends
Alumexx Nv AMS:ALX 4.40 Alumexx Nv Dividends
Amg Advanced Metallurgical Nv AMS:AMG 464.5 11.5 Amg Advanced Metallurgical Nv Dividends
Amsterdam Commodities Nv AMS:ACOMO 432.8 14.4 Amsterdam Commodities Nv Dividends
And International Publishers Nv AMS:AND 4.62 And International Publishers Nv Dividends
Ap Alternative Assets Lp AMS:AAA 3.62 Ap Alternative Assets Lp Dividends
Aperam Sa AMS:APAM 1,929 16.0 Aperam Sa Dividends
Arcadis Nv AMS:ARCAD 1,397 11.7 Arcadis Nv Dividends
Arcelormittal Sa AMS:MT 9,428 116.8 Arcelormittal Sa Dividends
Arcona Property Fund Nv AMS:ARCPF 15.7 Arcona Property Fund Nv Dividends
Asm International Nv AMS:ASM 5,485 22.3 Asm International Nv Dividends
Asml Holding Nv AMS:ASML 119,897 38.0 Asml Holding Nv Dividends
Asr Nederland Nv AMS:ASRNL 3,661 6.31 Asr Nederland Nv Dividends
Avantium Nv AMS:AVTX 160.2 Avantium Nv Dividends
B&s Sa AMS:BSGR 576.1 16.8 B&s Sa Dividends
Basic Fit Nv AMS:BFIT 1,220 42.3 Basic Fit Nv Dividends
Batenburg Techniek Nv AMS:BATEN Batenburg Techniek Nv Dividends
Be Semiconductor Industries Nv AMS:BESI 2,468 27.2 Be Semiconductor Industries Nv Dividends
Beter Bed Holding Nv AMS:BBED 40.7 13.6 Beter Bed Holding Nv Dividends
Bever Holding Nv AMS:BEVER 60.8 Bever Holding Nv Dividends
Binckbank Nv AMS:BINCK Binckbank Nv Dividends
Boussard And Gavaudan Holding AMS:BGHLC 230.3 Boussard And Gavaudan Holding Dividends
Boussard And Gavaudan Holding AMS:BGHL 230.3 Boussard And Gavaudan Holding Dividends
Brunel International Nv AMS:BRNL 290.2 11.4 Brunel International Nv Dividends Bv AMS:CMCOM 0.014 Bv Dividends Nv AMS:CMCOM 0.014 Nv Dividends
Corbion Nv AMS:CRBN 1,703 30.2 Corbion Nv Dividends
Ctac Nv AMS:CTAC 19.0 Ctac Nv Dividends
Curetis Nv AMS:CURE 5.40 Curetis Nv Dividends
Delta Lloyd Nv AMS:DL Delta Lloyd Nv Dividends
Dgb Nv AMS:DGB 4.48 Dgb Nv Dividends
Domus Nv AMS:DOMUS Domus Nv Dividends
Dpa Nv AMS:DPA 37.5 4.29 Dpa Nv Dividends
Ease2pay Nv AMS:EAS2P 7.33 Ease2pay Nv Dividends
Envipco Holding Nv AMS:ENVI 28.3 Envipco Holding Nv Dividends
Esperite Nv AMS:ESP 0.50 Esperite Nv Dividends
Eurocastle Investment AMS:ECT 8.04 3.98 Eurocastle Investment Dividends
Eurocommercial Properties Nv AMS:ECMPA 669.2 7.75 Eurocommercial Properties Nv Dividends
Fastned Bv AMS:FAST 143.4 Fastned Bv Dividends
Flow Traders Nv AMS:FLOW 1,291 5.59 Flow Traders Nv Dividends
Forfarmers Nv AMS:FFARM 506.6 12.3 Forfarmers Nv Dividends
Fugro Nv AMS:FUR 311.7 Fugro Nv Dividends
Galapagos Nv AMS:GLPG 10,212 Galapagos Nv Dividends
Gemalto Nv AMS:GTO Gemalto Nv Dividends
Grandvision Nv AMS:GVNV 5,538 29.8 Grandvision Nv Dividends
Groothandelsgebouwen Nv AMS:GROHA Groothandelsgebouwen Nv Dividends
Hal Trust AMS:HAL 12,738 44.3 Hal Trust Dividends
Heijmans Nv AMS:HEIJM 128 4.83 Heijmans Nv Dividends
Heineken Holding Nv AMS:HEIO 20,546 18.6 Heineken Holding Nv Dividends
Heineken Nv AMS:HEIA 44,396 23.4 Heineken Nv Dividends
Himalayan Fund Nv AMS:HIMFD Himalayan Fund Nv Dividends
Holland Colours Nv AMS:HOLCO 76.7 10.00 Holland Colours Nv Dividends
Hunter Douglas Nv AMS:HDG 1,482 Hunter Douglas Nv Dividends
Hydratec Industries Nv AMS:HYDRA 56.2 Hydratec Industries Nv Dividends
Ict Nv AMS:ICT 69.2 Ict Nv Dividends
Iex Nv AMS:IEX 10.8 Iex Nv Dividends
Imcd Nv AMS:IMCD 3,947 29.2 Imcd Nv Dividends
Ing Groep Nv AMS:INGA 24,774 9.16 Ing Groep Nv Dividends
Intertrust Nv AMS:INTER 1,231 9.87 Intertrust Nv Dividends
Jde Peet's Bv AMS:JDEP Jde Peet's Bv Dividends
Just Eat Nv AMS:TKWY 5,400 107.3 Just Eat Nv Dividends
Kardan Nv AMS:KARD 3.57 Kardan Nv Dividends
Kas Bank Nv AMS:KA Kas Bank Nv Dividends
Kendrion Nv AMS:KENDR 166.4 190.3 Kendrion Nv Dividends
Kiadis Pharma Nv AMS:KDS 46.6 Kiadis Pharma Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize Nv AMS:AD 22,477 12.7 Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Bam Groep Nv AMS:BAMNB 442 6.64 Koninklijke Bam Groep Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster Nv AMS:BOKA 2,247 57.6 Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Brill Nv AMS:BRILL 30.2 Koninklijke Brill Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Dsm Nv AMS:DSM 18,148 24.1 Koninklijke Dsm Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Kpn Nv AMS:KPN 8,652 18.1 Koninklijke Kpn Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Philips Nv AMS:PHIA 33,318 21.1 Koninklijke Philips Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles Nv AMS:PORF 7.58 Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Volkerwessels Nv AMS:KVW 1,547 9.98 Koninklijke Volkerwessels Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Vopak Nv AMS:VPK 5,485 16.0 Koninklijke Vopak Nv Dividends
Koninklijke Wessanen Nv AMS:WES Koninklijke Wessanen Nv Dividends
Lavide Holding Nv AMS:LVIDE 0.91 Lavide Holding Nv Dividends
Lucas Bols Amsterdam Bv AMS:BOLS 101.8 7.77 Lucas Bols Amsterdam Bv Dividends
Mkb Nedsense Nv AMS:NEDSE 10.1 Mkb Nedsense Nv Dividends
Morefield Nv AMS:MORE 3.13 Morefield Nv Dividends
Nb Private Equity Partners AMS:NBPE Nb Private Equity Partners Dividends
Nedap Nv AMS:NEDAP 246.7 44.0 Nedap Nv Dividends
Nederlandse Beleggingsmaatschappij Voor Zeeschepen Nv AMS:NBZ Nederlandse Beleggingsmaatschappij Voor Zeeschepen Nv Dividends
New Sources Energy Nv AMS:NSE 4.26 New Sources Energy Nv Dividends
Neways Electronics International Nv AMS:NEWAY 81.2 6.64 Neways Electronics International Nv Dividends
Nibc Holding Nv AMS:NIBC 992.1 8.96 Nibc Holding Nv Dividends
Nn Nv AMS:NN 9,469 8.13 Nn Nv Dividends
Novisource Nv AMS:NOVI 9.84 Novisource Nv Dividends
Nsi Nv AMS:NSI 615.3 17.8 Nsi Nv Dividends
Oci Nv AMS:OCI 2,026 31.9 Oci Nv Dividends
Oranjewoud Nv AMS:ORANW 327.8 Oranjewoud Nv Dividends
Ordina Nv AMS:ORDI 166.6 9.61 Ordina Nv Dividends
Pershing Square Holdings AMS:PSH 4,199 9.31 Pershing Square Holdings Dividends
Pharming Nv AMS:PHARM 715.5 13.9 Pharming Nv Dividends
Postnl Nv AMS:PNL 699.4 9.54 Postnl Nv Dividends
Prosus Nv AMS:PRX 109,390 32.9 Prosus Nv Dividends
Randstad Nv AMS:RAND 7,168 16.5 Randstad Nv Dividends
Refresco Nv AMS:RFRG Refresco Nv Dividends
Relx AMS:REN 36,866 20.3 Relx Dividends
Relx Nv AMS:RENT Relx Nv Dividends
Robeco Global Stars Equities Fund Nv AMS:ROBA 19,538 Robeco Global Stars Equities Fund Nv Dividends
Robeco Global Total Return Bond Fund Sicav AMS:RORA 1,254 Robeco Global Total Return Bond Fund Sicav Dividends
Rolinco Nv AMS:ROLA 327 Rolinco Nv Dividends
Roodmicrotec N.v. AMS:ROOD 11.6 Roodmicrotec N.v. Dividends
Royal Dutch Shell AMS:RDSA 111,514 22.4 Royal Dutch Shell Dividends
Sbm Offshore Nv AMS:SBMO 2,517 12.1 Sbm Offshore Nv Dividends
Sif Holding Nv AMS:SIFG 254.1 18.5 Sif Holding Nv Dividends
Signify Nv AMS:LIGHT 2,478 8.20 Signify Nv Dividends
Sligro Food Nv AMS:SLIGR 659.5 41.4 Sligro Food Nv Dividends
Snowworld Nv AMS:SNOW 43.5 Snowworld Nv Dividends
Stern Groep Nv AMS:STRN 52.8 Stern Groep Nv Dividends
Telegraaf Media Groep Nv AMS:TMG Telegraaf Media Groep Nv Dividends
Tetragon Financial AMS:TFG 706.3 Tetragon Financial Dividends
Themis Bioscience Bv AMS:THISR Themis Bioscience Bv Dividends
Tie Kinetix Nv AMS:TIE 11.9 Tie Kinetix Nv Dividends
Tkh Nv AMS:TWEKA 1,340 19.5 Tkh Nv Dividends
Tomtom Nv AMS:TOM2 954.3 Tomtom Nv Dividends
Unibail-rodamco-westfield Se AMS:URW 8,720 7.07 Unibail-rodamco-westfield Se Dividends
Unilever Nv AMS:UNA 111,579 18.5 Unilever Nv Dividends
Unilever Nv AMS:UNAT 111,579 Unilever Nv Dividends
Value8 Nv AMS:VALUE 45.9 Value8 Nv Dividends
Van Lanschot Kempen Nv AMS:VLK 554 14.0 Van Lanschot Kempen Nv Dividends
Vastned Retail Nv AMS:VASTN 327.8 11.4 Vastned Retail Nv Dividends
Veon AMS:VEON 2,307 Veon Dividends
Vivoryon Therapeutics Ag AMS:VVY 70.3 Vivoryon Therapeutics Ag Dividends
Volta Finance AMS:VTA 153.2 7.77 Volta Finance Dividends
Wereldhave Nv AMS:WHA 355.8 5.11 Wereldhave Nv Dividends
Wolters Kluwer Nv AMS:WKL 16,101 22.3 Wolters Kluwer Nv Dividends
Yatra Capital AMS:YATRA 8.16 Yatra Capital Dividends