Hamburg Stock Exchange

HAM / HAM - 110 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Abo Wind Ag HAM:AB9 433.5 33.9 Abo Wind Ag Dividends
Activa Resources Ag HAM:NXI 0.20 Activa Resources Ag Dividends
Advantec Beteiligungskapital Ag & Co Kgaa HAM:AV4A Advantec Beteiligungskapital Ag & Co Kgaa Dividends
Afrika Gold Ag HAM:GOG 0.37 Afrika Gold Ag Dividends
Ag Tokugawa Il HAM:T1W Ag Tokugawa Il Dividends
Aureum Realwert Ag HAM:TRH1 Aureum Realwert Ag Dividends
Autark Ag HAM:7PV Autark Ag Dividends
Autowerkstatt Nv HAM:AUV 0.37 Autowerkstatt Nv Dividends
Aves One Ag HAM:AVES 178 25.8 Aves One Ag Dividends
Avw Immobilien Ag HAM:AV7 Avw Immobilien Ag Dividends
Axel Springer Se HAM:SPR Axel Springer Se Dividends
Bancorp Wealth Management New Zealand HAM:BW6 Bancorp Wealth Management New Zealand Dividends
Baumot Ag HAM:TINC 0.027 Baumot Ag Dividends
Bavaria Venture Capital & Trade Ag HAM:B9V 0.000 Bavaria Venture Capital & Trade Ag Dividends
Cashmedien Ag HAM:MF8 4.64 Cashmedien Ag Dividends
Cd Deutsche Eigenheim Ag HAM:D2BA 0.93 Cd Deutsche Eigenheim Ag Dividends
Centrotec Se HAM:CEV 276.8 13.2 Centrotec Se Dividends
Cgift Ag HAM:T7RA 1.91 Cgift Ag Dividends
Clbrm Private Sa Sicar HAM:C4M Clbrm Private Sa Sicar Dividends
Clere Ag HAM:CAG0 114.2 Clere Ag Dividends
Confidence Holding Ag HAM:1Z8 Confidence Holding Ag Dividends
Custodia Holding Ag HAM:LBR Custodia Holding Ag Dividends
Deag Deutsche Entertainment Ag HAM:LOU 106.2 168.6 Deag Deutsche Entertainment Ag Dividends
Design Hotels Ag HAM:LBA Design Hotels Ag Dividends
Deufol Se HAM:DE1 33.1 Deufol Se Dividends
Dg Gruppe Ag HAM:DG6 0.000 Dg Gruppe Ag Dividends
Dgh Deutsche Grundwert Holding Ag HAM:5TR 0.60 Dgh Deutsche Grundwert Holding Ag Dividends
Dwh Deutsche Werte Holding Ag HAM:5BM Dwh Deutsche Werte Holding Ag Dividends
Elbstein Ag HAM:EBS 70.4 Elbstein Ag Dividends
F Reichelt Ag HAM:RCH F Reichelt Ag Dividends
Ferax Capital Ag HAM:IRP 4.54 Ferax Capital Ag Dividends
Ferax Capital Ag HAM:IRPA 4.54 Ferax Capital Ag Dividends
Franca Equity Ag HAM:WJB Franca Equity Ag Dividends
Franconofurt Ag HAM:FFM1 52.5 Franconofurt Ag Dividends
Gagfah Sa HAM:GFJ Gagfah Sa Dividends
Gbk Beteiligungen Ag HAM:GBQ 31.2 6.85 Gbk Beteiligungen Ag Dividends
Gbs Asset Management Ag HAM:GA2 Gbs Asset Management Ag Dividends
Global Pvq Se HAM:QCE 1.62 Global Pvq Se Dividends
Good Brands Ag HAM:G4B 9.21 Good Brands Ag Dividends
Gub Investment Trust Gmbh & Co Kgaa HAM:GWG Gub Investment Trust Gmbh & Co Kgaa Dividends
Gxp German Properties Ag HAM:GXP1 62.2 Gxp German Properties Ag Dividends
Halloren Schokoladenfabrik Ag HAM:H2RB 20.3 Halloren Schokoladenfabrik Ag Dividends
Hamburger Getreide Lagerhaus Ag HAM:HGL Hamburger Getreide Lagerhaus Ag Dividends
Hammonia Schiffsholding Ag HAM:HHX 29.8 Hammonia Schiffsholding Ag Dividends
Helveticstar Holding Ag HAM:HSRN 3.95 Helveticstar Holding Ag Dividends
Hoevelrat Holding Ag HAM:C9T 11.6 Hoevelrat Holding Ag Dividends
Hoffmann Ahg Se HAM:OC3 Hoffmann Ahg Se Dividends
Holidaycheck Ag HAM:HOC 196.5 90.3 Holidaycheck Ag Dividends
Hq Life Ag HAM:28L Hq Life Ag Dividends
Ifao Ag HAM:FAO2 Ifao Ag Dividends
Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Ag HAM:IKB Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Ag Dividends
Independent Capital Ag HAM:I8CK 0.38 Independent Capital Ag Dividends
Innovativ Capital Ag HAM:I3C Innovativ Capital Ag Dividends
Kabel Deutschland Holding Ag HAM:KD8 7,748 Kabel Deutschland Holding Ag Dividends
Kremlin Ag HAM:KMLK Kremlin Ag Dividends
Lena Beteiligungs Ag HAM:L1A 0.24 Lena Beteiligungs Ag Dividends
Lotto24 Ag HAM:LO24 566.4 Lotto24 Ag Dividends
Ls Invest Ag HAM:IFA 285.9 Ls Invest Ag Dividends
Lumaland Ag HAM:PU11 Lumaland Ag Dividends
M4e Ag HAM:MU4 M4e Ag Dividends
Matica Technologies Ag HAM:MT3 16.5 Matica Technologies Ag Dividends
Mckesson Europe Ag HAM:CLS1 4,031 Mckesson Europe Ag Dividends
Medinavi Ag HAM:MDQK 0.46 Medinavi Ag Dividends
Mologen Ag HAM:MGNK 0.11 Mologen Ag Dividends
Msg Life Ag HAM:MSGL 102.8 Msg Life Ag Dividends
Myhammer Holding Ag HAM:MYRK 160.2 Myhammer Holding Ag Dividends
Nak Stoffe Ag HAM:NAK Nak Stoffe Ag Dividends
Oab Osnabruecker Anlagenund Beteiligungs-aktiengesellschaft HAM:OAB0 Oab Osnabruecker Anlagenund Beteiligungs-aktiengesellschaft Dividends
Osram Licht Ag HAM:OSR 4,471 31.8 Osram Licht Ag Dividends
Palatium Real Estate Ag HAM:VVX 0.95 Palatium Real Estate Ag Dividends
Phoenix Solar Ag HAM:PS4 0.15 Phoenix Solar Ag Dividends
Pilkington Deutschland Ag HAM:FDD 971.5 Pilkington Deutschland Ag Dividends
Pinguin Haustechnik Ag HAM:TTB 0.15 Pinguin Haustechnik Ag Dividends
Pironet Ag HAM:PNG Pironet Ag Dividends
Planar Semiconductor Ag HAM:PSC Planar Semiconductor Ag Dividends
Q2m Managementberatung Ag HAM:QBI 0.51 Q2m Managementberatung Ag Dividends
Rim Ag HAM:RUC 2.36 Rim Ag Dividends
Ripag Ag HAM:QOU 0.83 Ripag Ag Dividends
Rocket Internet Se HAM:RKET 3,217 Rocket Internet Se Dividends
Ruberoid Ag HAM:RUB Ruberoid Ag Dividends
Ruppel Ag HAM:5RP Ruppel Ag Dividends
Sanacorp Pharmaholding Ag HAM:SNC4 Sanacorp Pharmaholding Ag Dividends
Sci Ag HAM:SCI 7.53 Sci Ag Dividends
Sedlbauer Ag HAM:SED Sedlbauer Ag Dividends
Sinnerschrader Ag HAM:SZZ 130.8 Sinnerschrader Ag Dividends
Sloman Neptun Schiffahrts-ag HAM:NEP 76.9 Sloman Neptun Schiffahrts-ag Dividends
Smart Equity Ag HAM:SE3 3.21 Smart Equity Ag Dividends
Smart Grids Ag HAM:BGZ 0.075 Smart Grids Ag Dividends
Softship Ag HAM:SFO Softship Ag Dividends
Solon Se HAM:SOO1 Solon Se Dividends
Sport1 Medien Ag HAM:EV4 184.1 465.6 Sport1 Medien Ag Dividends
Stada Arzneimittel Ag HAM:SAZ Stada Arzneimittel Ag Dividends
Studio Babelsberg Ag HAM:BG1A Studio Babelsberg Ag Dividends
Superior Industries Europe Ag HAM:UWH 715.2 104.3 Superior Industries Europe Ag Dividends
Tag Colonia Immobilien Ag HAM:KBU 351.4 Tag Colonia Immobilien Ag Dividends
Tele Columbus Ag HAM:TC1 729.9 42.7 Tele Columbus Ag Dividends
Tlg Immobilien Ag HAM:TLG 2,306 11.5 Tlg Immobilien Ag Dividends
Tom Tailor Holding Se HAM:TTI 2.01 Tom Tailor Holding Se Dividends
Trade & Value Ag HAM:TAV 0.59 Trade & Value Ag Dividends
Transtec Ag HAM:TTC Transtec Ag Dividends
Trias Fund Ag HAM:16T Trias Fund Ag Dividends
United Power Technology Ag HAM:UP7 0.91 United Power Technology Ag Dividends
Vascory Ag HAM:VG1 Vascory Ag Dividends
Versandhandelabwicklungsgesellschaft In Neumuenster Ag HAM:OPP Versandhandelabwicklungsgesellschaft In Neumuenster Ag Dividends
Vietnam Enterprise Investments HAM:VP3 1,528 Vietnam Enterprise Investments Dividends
Vtg Ag HAM:VT9 2,597 27.9 Vtg Ag Dividends
Vtion Wireless Technology Ag HAM:V33 0.81 Vtion Wireless Technology Ag Dividends
Westport Energie Ag HAM:WPF Westport Energie Ag Dividends
Wirecard Ag HAM:WDI 4.45 0.010 Wirecard Ag Dividends
Zooplus Ag HAM:ZO1 2,825 117.5 Zooplus Ag Dividends
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