Johannesburg Stock Exchange

JNB / JSE - 357 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1time Holdings JSE:1TM 1time Holdings Dividends
4sight Holdings JSE:4SI 4sight Holdings Dividends
Absa JSE:ABG Absa Dividends
Accelerate Property Fund JSE:APF Accelerate Property Fund Dividends
Accentuate JSE:ACE Accentuate Dividends
Acsion JSE:ACS Acsion Dividends
Adapt It Holdings JSE:ADI Adapt It Holdings Dividends
Adcock Ingram Holdings JSE:AIP Adcock Ingram Holdings Dividends
Adcorp Holdings JSE:ADR Adcorp Holdings Dividends
Adrenna Property JSE:ANA Adrenna Property Dividends
Advanced Health JSE:AVL Advanced Health Dividends
Advtech JSE:ADH Advtech Dividends
Aeci JSE:AFE Aeci Dividends
Aep Energy Africa JSE:AEY Aep Energy Africa Dividends
African & Overseas Enterprises JSE:AON African & Overseas Enterprises Dividends
African Dawn Capital JSE:ADW African Dawn Capital Dividends
African Eagle Resources JSE:AEA African Eagle Resources Dividends
African Equity Empowerment Investments JSE:AEE African Equity Empowerment Investments Dividends
African Media Entertainment JSE:AME African Media Entertainment Dividends
African Oxygen JSE:AFX African Oxygen Dividends
African Phoenix Investments JSE:AXL African Phoenix Investments Dividends
African Rainbow Capital Investments JSE:AIL African Rainbow Capital Investments Dividends
African Rainbow Minerals JSE:ARI African Rainbow Minerals Dividends
Afrimat JSE:AFT Afrimat Dividends
Afrocentric Investment JSE:ACT Afrocentric Investment Dividends
Ah Vest JSE:AHL Ah Vest Dividends
Alaris Holdings JSE:ALH Alaris Holdings Dividends
Alert Steel Holdings JSE:AET Alert Steel Holdings Dividends
Alexander Forbes Group JSE:AFH Alexander Forbes Group Dividends
Allied Electronics JSE:AEL Allied Electronics Dividends
Alviva Holdings JSE:AVV Alviva Holdings Dividends
Anchor JSE:ACG Anchor Dividends
Andulela Investment Holdings JSE:AND Andulela Investment Holdings Dividends
Anglo American Platinum JSE:AMS Anglo American Platinum Dividends
Anglogold Ashanti JSE:ANG Anglogold Ashanti Dividends
Arb Holdings JSE:ARH Arb Holdings Dividends
Arcelormittal South Africa JSE:ACL Arcelormittal South Africa Dividends
Arden Capital JSE:ACZ Arden Capital Dividends
Argent Industrial JSE:ART Argent Industrial Dividends
Arrowhead Properties JSE:AWA Arrowhead Properties Dividends
Arrowhead Properties JSE:AHA Arrowhead Properties Dividends
Ascendis Health JSE:ASC Ascendis Health Dividends
Ascension Properties JSE:AIA Ascension Properties Dividends
Aspen Pharmacare Holdings JSE:APN Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Dividends
Assore JSE:ASR Assore Dividends
Astral Foods JSE:ARL Astral Foods Dividends
Astrapak JSE:APK Astrapak Dividends
Atlantic Leaf Properties JSE:ALP Atlantic Leaf Properties Dividends
Atlatsa Resources JSE:ATL Atlatsa Resources Dividends
Attacq JSE:ATT Attacq Dividends
Aveng JSE:AEG Aveng Dividends
Avi JSE:AVI Avi Dividends
Avior Capital Markets (pty) JSE:AVR Avior Capital Markets (pty) Dividends
Awethu Breweries JSE:AWT Awethu Breweries Dividends
Ayo Technology Solutions JSE:AYO Ayo Technology Solutions Dividends
Balwin Properties JSE:BWN Balwin Properties Dividends
Barloworld JSE:BAW Barloworld Dividends
Basil Read Holdings JSE:BSR Basil Read Holdings Dividends
Bauba Resources JSE:BAU Bauba Resources Dividends
Bell Equipment JSE:BEL Bell Equipment Dividends
Bid JSE:BID Bid Dividends
Bidvest JSE:BVT Bidvest Dividends
Blue Financial Services JSE:BFS Blue Financial Services Dividends
Blue Label Telecoms JSE:BLU Blue Label Telecoms Dividends
Bonatla Property Holdings JSE:BNT Bonatla Property Holdings Dividends
Bowler Metcalf JSE:BCF Bowler Metcalf Dividends
Brait Se JSE:BAT Brait Se Dividends
Brikor JSE:BIK Brikor Dividends
Brimstone Investment JSE:BRT Brimstone Investment Dividends
Bsi Steel JSE:BSS Bsi Steel Dividends
Buffalo Coal JSE:BUC Buffalo Coal Dividends
Buildmax JSE:BDM Buildmax Dividends
Calgro M3 Holdings JSE:CGR Calgro M3 Holdings Dividends
Capevin Holdings JSE:CVH Capevin Holdings Dividends
Capital Appreciation JSE:CTA Capital Appreciation Dividends
Capitec Bank Holdings JSE:CPI Capitec Bank Holdings Dividends
Cargo Carriers JSE:CRG Cargo Carriers Dividends
Cartrack Holdings JSE:CTK Cartrack Holdings Dividends
Cashbuild JSE:CSB Cashbuild Dividends
Castleview Property Fund JSE:CVW Castleview Property Fund Dividends
Caxton And Ctp Publishers And Printers JSE:CAT Caxton And Ctp Publishers And Printers Dividends
Chemical Specialities JSE:CSP Chemical Specialities Dividends
Chrometco JSE:CMO Chrometco Dividends
City Lodge Hotels JSE:CLH City Lodge Hotels Dividends
Clicks JSE:CLS Clicks Dividends
Clientele JSE:CLI Clientele Dividends
Clover Industries JSE:CLR Clover Industries Dividends
Cognition Holdings JSE:CGN Cognition Holdings Dividends
Comair JSE:COM Comair Dividends
Combined Motor Holdings JSE:CMH Combined Motor Holdings Dividends
Command Holdings JSE:CMA Command Holdings Dividends
Conduit Capital JSE:CND Conduit Capital Dividends
Consolidated Infrastructure JSE:CIL Consolidated Infrastructure Dividends
Coronation Fund Managers JSE:CML Coronation Fund Managers Dividends
Crookes Brothers JSE:CKS Crookes Brothers Dividends
Csg Holdings JSE:CSG Csg Holdings Dividends
Cullinan Holdings JSE:CUL Cullinan Holdings Dividends
Curro Holdings JSE:COH Curro Holdings Dividends
Datatec JSE:DTC Datatec Dividends
Delta Emd JSE:DTA Delta Emd Dividends
Delta Property Fund JSE:DLT Delta Property Fund Dividends
Deneb Investments JSE:DNB Deneb Investments Dividends
Dipula Income Fund JSE:DIA Dipula Income Fund Dividends
Dis-chem Pharmacies JSE:DCP Dis-chem Pharmacies Dividends
Discovery JSE:DSY Discovery Dividends
Distell JSE:DST Distell Dividends
Distell Group JSE:DGH Distell Group Dividends
Distribution And Warehousing Network JSE:DAW Distribution And Warehousing Network Dividends
Drdgold JSE:DRD Drdgold Dividends
Ecsponent JSE:ECS Ecsponent Dividends
Efficient JSE:EFG Efficient Dividends
Efora Energy JSE:EEL Efora Energy Dividends
Elb JSE:ELR Elb Dividends
Ellies Holdings JSE:ELI Ellies Holdings Dividends
Emedia Holdings JSE:EMH Emedia Holdings Dividends
Emira Property Fund JSE:EMI Emira Property Fund Dividends
Enx JSE:ENX Enx Dividends
Eoh Holdings JSE:EOH Eoh Holdings Dividends
Epe Capital Partners JSE:EPE Epe Capital Partners Dividends
Epp Nv JSE:EPP Epp Nv Dividends
Equites Property Fund JSE:EQU Equites Property Fund Dividends
Esor JSE:ESR Esor Dividends
Etion JSE:ETO Etion Dividends
Evraz Highveld Steel And Vanadium JSE:EHS Evraz Highveld Steel And Vanadium Dividends
Exemplar Reitail JSE:EXP Exemplar Reitail Dividends
Extract JSE:EXG Extract Dividends
Exxaro Resources JSE:EXX Exxaro Resources Dividends
Fairvest Property Holdings JSE:FVT Fairvest Property Holdings Dividends
Famous Brands JSE:FBR Famous Brands Dividends
Finbond JSE:FGL Finbond Dividends
Firstrand JSE:FSR Firstrand Dividends
Fortress Reit JSE:FFB Fortress Reit Dividends
Foschini JSE:TFG Foschini Dividends
Freedom Property Fund JSE:FDP Freedom Property Fund Dividends
Gaia Infrastructure Capital JSE:GAI Gaia Infrastructure Capital Dividends
Gemfields JSE:GML Gemfields Dividends
Global Asset Management JSE:GAM Global Asset Management Dividends
Gold Brands Investments JSE:GBI Gold Brands Investments Dividends
Gold Fields JSE:GFI Gold Fields Dividends
Grand Parade Investments JSE:GPL Grand Parade Investments Dividends
Great Basin Gold JSE:GBG Great Basin Gold Dividends
Grindrod JSE:GND Grindrod Dividends
Grit Real Estate Income JSE:GTR Grit Real Estate Income Dividends
Group Five JSE:GRF Group Five Dividends
Growthpoint Properties JSE:GRT Growthpoint Properties Dividends
Harmony Gold Mining JSE:HAR Harmony Gold Mining Dividends
Heriot Reit JSE:HET Heriot Reit Dividends
Holdsport JSE:HSP Holdsport Dividends
Homechoice International JSE:HIL Homechoice International Dividends
Hosken Consolidated Investments JSE:HCI Hosken Consolidated Investments Dividends
Hosken Passenger Logistics And Rail JSE:HPR Hosken Passenger Logistics And Rail Dividends
Hospitality Property Fund JSE:HPB Hospitality Property Fund Dividends
Howden Africa Holdings JSE:HWN Howden Africa Holdings Dividends
Hudaco Industries JSE:HDC Hudaco Industries Dividends
Huge JSE:HUG Huge Dividends
Hulamin JSE:HLM Hulamin Dividends
Hulisani JSE:HUL Hulisani Dividends
Hyprop Investments JSE:HYP Hyprop Investments Dividends
Imbalie Beauty JSE:ILE Imbalie Beauty Dividends
Impala Platinum Holdings JSE:IMP Impala Platinum Holdings Dividends
Imperial Logistics JSE:IPL Imperial Logistics Dividends
Indequity JSE:IDQ Indequity Dividends
Indluplace Properties JSE:ILU Indluplace Properties Dividends
Ingenuity Property Investments JSE:ING Ingenuity Property Investments Dividends
Insimbi Industrial Holdings JSE:ISB Insimbi Industrial Holdings Dividends
Interwaste Holdings JSE:IWE Interwaste Holdings Dividends
Investec JSE:INL Investec Dividends
Investec Australia Property Fund JSE:IAP Investec Australia Property Fund Dividends
Investec Property Fund JSE:IPF Investec Property Fund Dividends
Invicta Holdings JSE:IVT Invicta Holdings Dividends
Isa Holdings JSE:ISA Isa Holdings Dividends
Italtile JSE:ITE Italtile Dividends
Jasco Electronics Holdings JSE:JSC Jasco Electronics Holdings Dividends
Jse JSE:JSE Jse Dividends
Kaap Agri Bedryf Employee And Farm Worker Bee Trust JSE:KAL Kaap Agri Bedryf Employee And Farm Worker Bee Trust Dividends
Kap Industrial Holdings JSE:KAP Kap Industrial Holdings Dividends
Kaydav JSE:KDV Kaydav Dividends
Keaton Energy Holdings JSE:KEH Keaton Energy Holdings Dividends
Kore Potash JSE:KP2 Kore Potash Dividends
Krugerrand JSE:KRQT Krugerrand Dividends
Kumba Iron Ore JSE:KIO Kumba Iron Ore Dividends
Labat Africa JSE:LAB Labat Africa Dividends
Lewis JSE:LEW Lewis Dividends
Liberty Holdings JSE:LBH Liberty Holdings Dividends
Liberty Two Degrees JSE:L2D Liberty Two Degrees Dividends
Libstar Holdings JSE:LBR Libstar Holdings Dividends
Life Healthcare Group JSE:LHC Life Healthcare Group Dividends
Lighthouse Capital JSE:LTE Lighthouse Capital Dividends
Long4life JSE:L4L Long4life Dividends
M-fitec International JSE:MFI M-fitec International Dividends
Marshall Monteagle JSE:MMP Marshall Monteagle Dividends
Mas Real Estate Inc JSE:MSP Mas Real Estate Inc Dividends
Masonite Africa JSE:MAS Masonite Africa Dividends
Massmart Holdings JSE:MSM Massmart Holdings Dividends
Master Drilling JSE:MDI Master Drilling Dividends
Master Plastics JSE:MAP Master Plastics Dividends
Mazor JSE:MZR Mazor Dividends
Merafe Resources JSE:MRF Merafe Resources Dividends
Metair Investments JSE:MTA Metair Investments Dividends
Metrofile Holdings JSE:MFL Metrofile Holdings Dividends
Mettle Investments JSE:MLE Mettle Investments Dividends
Middle East Diamond Resources JSE:MED Middle East Diamond Resources Dividends
Mine Restoration Investments JSE:MRI Mine Restoration Investments Dividends
Mix Telematics JSE:MIX Mix Telematics Dividends
Momentum Metropolitan Holdings JSE:MTM Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Dividends
Mondi JSE:MND Mondi Dividends
Moneyweb Holdings JSE:MNY Moneyweb Holdings Dividends
Montauk Holdings JSE:MNK Montauk Holdings Dividends
Motus Holdings JSE:MTH Motus Holdings Dividends
Mpact JSE:MPT Mpact Dividends
Mr Price JSE:MRP Mr Price Dividends
Mtn JSE:MTN Mtn Dividends
Mtn Zakhele Futhi (rf) JSE:MTNZF Mtn Zakhele Futhi (rf) Dividends
Multichoice JSE:MCG Multichoice Dividends
Murray & Roberts Holdings JSE:MUR Murray & Roberts Holdings Dividends
Mustek JSE:MST Mustek Dividends
Nampak JSE:NPK Nampak Dividends
Naspers JSE:NPN Naspers Dividends
Nedbank JSE:NED Nedbank Dividends
Nepi Rockcastle JSE:NRP Nepi Rockcastle Dividends
Netcare JSE:NTC Netcare Dividends
New Europe Property Investments JSE:NEP New Europe Property Investments Dividends
Newpark Reit JSE:NRL Newpark Reit Dividends
Nictus JSE:NCS Nictus Dividends
Ninety One JSE:NY1 Ninety One Dividends
Niveus Investments JSE:NIV Niveus Investments Dividends
Northam Platinum JSE:NHM Northam Platinum Dividends
Novus Holdings JSE:NVS Novus Holdings Dividends
Nu-world Holdings JSE:NWL Nu-world Holdings Dividends
Nutritional Holdings JSE:NUT Nutritional Holdings Dividends
Nvest Financial Holdings JSE:NVE Nvest Financial Holdings Dividends
Oakbay Resources And Energy JSE:ORL Oakbay Resources And Energy Dividends
Oasis Crescent Property Fund JSE:OAS Oasis Crescent Property Fund Dividends
Oceana JSE:OCE Oceana Dividends
Octodec Investments JSE:OCT Octodec Investments Dividends
Old Mutual JSE:OMU Old Mutual Dividends
Omnia Holdings JSE:OMN Omnia Holdings Dividends
Onelogix JSE:OLG Onelogix Dividends
Orion Real Estate JSE:ORE Orion Real Estate Dividends
Pbt JSE:PBG Pbt Dividends
Pembury Lifestyle JSE:PEM Pembury Lifestyle Dividends
Pepkor Holdings JSE:PPH Pepkor Holdings Dividends
Peregrine Holdings JSE:PGR Peregrine Holdings Dividends
Petmin JSE:PET Petmin Dividends
Phumelela Gaming And Leisure JSE:PHM Phumelela Gaming And Leisure Dividends
Pick N Pay Stores JSE:PIK Pick N Pay Stores Dividends
Pioneer Food JSE:PFG Pioneer Food Dividends
Platfields JSE:PLL Platfields Dividends
Ppc JSE:PPC Ppc Dividends
Premier Fishing And Brands JSE:PFB Premier Fishing And Brands Dividends
Primeserv JSE:PMV Primeserv Dividends
Protech Khuthele Holdings JSE:PKH Protech Khuthele Holdings Dividends
Psg JSE:PSG Psg Dividends
Psg Konsult JSE:KST Psg Konsult Dividends
Psv Holdings JSE:PSV Psv Holdings Dividends
Purple JSE:PPE Purple Dividends
Putprop JSE:PPR Putprop Dividends
Quantum Foods Holdings JSE:QFH Quantum Foods Holdings Dividends
Quantum Property JSE:QPG Quantum Property Dividends
Rand Merchant Investment Holdings JSE:RMI Rand Merchant Investment Holdings Dividends
Randgold & Exploration JSE:RNG Randgold & Exploration Dividends
Raubex JSE:RBX Raubex Dividends
Rba Holdings JSE:RBA Rba Holdings Dividends
Rcl Foods JSE:RCL Rcl Foods Dividends
Rebosis Property Fund JSE:REB Rebosis Property Fund Dividends
Redefine Properties JSE:RDF Redefine Properties Dividends
Remgro JSE:REM Remgro Dividends
Renergen JSE:REN Renergen Dividends
Resilient Reit JSE:RES Resilient Reit Dividends
Reunert JSE:RLO Reunert Dividends
Rex Trueform JSE:RTO Rex Trueform Dividends
Rfg Holdings JSE:RFG Rfg Holdings Dividends
Rh Bophelo JSE:RHB Rh Bophelo Dividends
Rmb Holdings JSE:RMH Rmb Holdings Dividends
Rockwell Diamonds Inc JSE:RDI Rockwell Diamonds Inc Dividends
Rolfes Holdings JSE:RLF Rolfes Holdings Dividends
Royal Bafokeng Platinum JSE:RBP Royal Bafokeng Platinum Dividends
Sabvest JSE:SBV Sabvest Dividends
Sabvest Capital JSE:SBP Sabvest Capital Dividends
Safari Investments (rsa) JSE:SAR Safari Investments (rsa) Dividends
Sanlam JSE:SLM Sanlam Dividends
Santam JSE:SNT Santam Dividends
Santova JSE:SNV Santova Dividends
Saorate Real Estate Fund Managers (pty) JSE:SAC Saorate Real Estate Fund Managers (pty) Dividends
Sappi JSE:SAP Sappi Dividends
Sasfin Holdings JSE:SFN Sasfin Holdings Dividends
Sasol JSE:SOL Sasol Dividends
Sasol Inzalo Public (rf) JSE:SIPBEE Sasol Inzalo Public (rf) Dividends
Sea Harvest JSE:SHG Sea Harvest Dividends
Sebata Holdings JSE:SEB Sebata Holdings Dividends
Sephaku Holdings JSE:SEP Sephaku Holdings Dividends
Shoprite Holdings JSE:SHP Shoprite Holdings Dividends
Sibanye Gold JSE:SGL Sibanye Gold Dividends
Sibanye Stillwater JSE:SSW Sibanye Stillwater Dividends
Silverbridge Holdings JSE:SVB Silverbridge Holdings Dividends
South Ocean Holdings JSE:SOH South Ocean Holdings Dividends
Sovereign Food Investments JSE:SOV Sovereign Food Investments Dividends
Spanjaard JSE:SPA Spanjaard Dividends
Spar JSE:SPP Spar Dividends
Spear Reit JSE:SEA Spear Reit Dividends