Lagos Stock Exchange

LAG / LAG - 208 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
11 LAG:MOBIL 11 Dividends
A.g. Leventis (nigeria) LAG:AGLEVENT A.g. Leventis (nigeria) Dividends
Abbey Mortgage Bank LAG:ABBEYBDS Abbey Mortgage Bank Dividends
Abc Transport LAG:ABCTRANS Abc Transport Dividends
Aboseldhyde Laboratories LAG:ABOSELAB Aboseldhyde Laboratories Dividends
Abplast Products LAG:ABPLAST Abplast Products Dividends
Academy Press LAG:ACADEMY Academy Press Dividends
Access Bank LAG:ACCESS Access Bank Dividends
Africa Prudential Registrars LAG:AFRIPRUD Africa Prudential Registrars Dividends
African Alliance Insurance LAG:AFRINSURE African Alliance Insurance Dividends
African Paints (nigeria) LAG:AFRPAINTS African Paints (nigeria) Dividends
Afrik Pharmaceutical LAG:AFRIK Afrik Pharmaceutical Dividends
Afroil LAG:AFROIL Afroil Dividends
Afromedia LAG:AFROMEDIA Afromedia Dividends
Aiico Insurance LAG:AIICO Aiico Insurance Dividends
Aluminium Extrusion Industries LAG:ALEX Aluminium Extrusion Industries Dividends
Anino International LAG:ANINO Anino International Dividends
Arbico LAG:ARBICO Arbico Dividends
Ardova LAG:ARDOVA Ardova Dividends
Ashaka Cem LAG:ASHAKACEM Ashaka Cem Dividends
Aso Savings And Loans LAG:ASOSAVINGS Aso Savings And Loans Dividends
Austin Laz And LAG:AUSTINLAZ Austin Laz And Dividends
Avon Crowncaps And Containers (nigeria) LAG:AVONCROWN Avon Crowncaps And Containers (nigeria) Dividends
Axa Mansard Insurance LAG:MANSARD Axa Mansard Insurance Dividends
B O C Gases Nigeria LAG:BOCGAS B O C Gases Nigeria Dividends
Beco Petroleum Products LAG:BECOPETRO Beco Petroleum Products Dividends
Berger Paints Nigeria LAG:BERGER Berger Paints Nigeria Dividends
Beta Glass LAG:BETAGLAS Beta Glass Dividends
Big Treat LAG:BIGTREAT Big Treat Dividends
Briclinks Africa LAG:BAPLC Briclinks Africa Dividends
Bua Cement LAG:BUACEMENT Bua Cement Dividends
C & I Leasing LAG:CILEASING C & I Leasing Dividends
Cadbury Nigeria LAG:CADBURY Cadbury Nigeria Dividends
Capital Hotels LAG:CAPHOTEL Capital Hotels Dividends
Capital Oil LAG:CAPOIL Capital Oil Dividends
Caverton Offshore Support LAG:CAVERTON Caverton Offshore Support Dividends
Cement Of Northern Nigeria LAG:CCNN Cement Of Northern Nigeria Dividends
Champion Breweries LAG:CHAMPION Champion Breweries Dividends
Chams LAG:CHAMS Chams Dividends
Chellarams LAG:CHELLARAM Chellarams Dividends
Chemical And Allied Products LAG:CAP Chemical And Allied Products Dividends
Computer Warehouse LAG:CWG Computer Warehouse Dividends
Confidence Insurance LAG:CONFDINS Confidence Insurance Dividends
Conoil LAG:CONOIL Conoil Dividends
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance LAG:CHIPLC Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Dividends
Continental Reinsurance LAG:CONTINSURE Continental Reinsurance Dividends
Cornerstone Insurance LAG:CORNERST Cornerstone Insurance Dividends
Costain West Africa LAG:COSTAIN Costain West Africa Dividends
Courteville Business Solutions LAG:COURTVILLE Courteville Business Solutions Dividends
Crusader (nigeria) LAG:CRUSADER Crusader (nigeria) Dividends
Custodian Investment LAG:CUSTODIAN Custodian Investment Dividends
Cutix LAG:CUTIX Cutix Dividends
Daar Communications LAG:DAARCOMM Daar Communications Dividends
Dangote Cement LAG:DANGCEM Dangote Cement Dividends
Dangote Flour Mills LAG:DANGFLOUR Dangote Flour Mills Dividends
Dangote Sugar Refinery LAG:DANGSUGAR Dangote Sugar Refinery Dividends
Deap Capital Management And Trust LAG:DEAPCAP Deap Capital Management And Trust Dividends
Diamond Bank LAG:DIAMONDBNK Diamond Bank Dividends
Dn Tyre & Rubber LAG:DUNLOP Dn Tyre & Rubber Dividends
E-tranzact International LAG:ETRANZACT E-tranzact International Dividends
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated Sa LAG:ETI Ecobank Transnational Incorporated Sa Dividends
Ekocorp LAG:EKOCORP Ekocorp Dividends
Ellah Lakes LAG:ELLAHLAKES Ellah Lakes Dividends
Eterna LAG:ETERNAOIL Eterna Dividends
Evans Medical LAG:EVANSMED Evans Medical Dividends
Fbn Holdings LAG:FBNH Fbn Holdings Dividends
Fcmb LAG:FCMB Fcmb Dividends
Fidelity Bank LAG:FIDELITYBK Fidelity Bank Dividends
Fidson Healthcare LAG:FIDSON Fidson Healthcare Dividends
Finbank LAG:FIRSTINLND Finbank Dividends
First Aluminium Nigeria LAG:FIRSTALUM First Aluminium Nigeria Dividends
Flour Mills Of Nigeria LAG:FLOURMILL Flour Mills Of Nigeria Dividends
Fortis Microfinance Bank LAG:FORTISMFB Fortis Microfinance Bank Dividends
Ftn Cocoa Processors LAG:FTNCOCOA Ftn Cocoa Processors Dividends
Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Nigeria LAG:GLAXOSMITH Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Nigeria Dividends
Global Spectrum Energy Services LAG:GSPECPLC Global Spectrum Energy Services Dividends
Golden Guinea Brew LAG:GOLDBREW Golden Guinea Brew Dividends
Goldlink Insurance LAG:GOLDINSURE Goldlink Insurance Dividends
Great Nigeria Insurance LAG:GNI Great Nigeria Insurance Dividends
Greif Nigeria LAG:VANLEER Greif Nigeria Dividends
Guaranty Trust Bank LAG:GUARANTY Guaranty Trust Bank Dividends
Guinea Insurance LAG:GUINEAINS Guinea Insurance Dividends
Guinness Nigeria LAG:GUINNESS Guinness Nigeria Dividends
Hallmark Paper Products LAG:HALLMARK Hallmark Paper Products Dividends
Honeywell Flour Mills LAG:HONYFLOUR Honeywell Flour Mills Dividends
Ihs (nigeria) LAG:IHS Ihs (nigeria) Dividends
Ikeja Hotel LAG:IKEJAHOTEL Ikeja Hotel Dividends
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank LAG:INFINITY Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Dividends
Initiates LAG:INITSPLC Initiates Dividends
Interlinked Technologies LAG:INTERLINK Interlinked Technologies Dividends
International Breweries LAG:INTBREW International Breweries Dividends
International Energy Insurance LAG:INTENEGINS International Energy Insurance Dividends
Jaiz Bank LAG:JAIZBANK Jaiz Bank Dividends
Japaul Gold & Ventures LAG:JAPAULGOLD Japaul Gold & Ventures Dividends
John Holt LAG:JOHNHOLT John Holt Dividends
Juli LAG:JULI Juli Dividends
Julius Berger Nigeria LAG:JBERGER Julius Berger Nigeria Dividends
Lafarge Africa LAG:WAPCO Lafarge Africa Dividends
Lasaco Assurance LAG:LASACO Lasaco Assurance Dividends
Law Union & Rock Insurance LAG:LAWUNION Law Union & Rock Insurance Dividends
Learn Africa LAG:LEARNAFRCA Learn Africa Dividends
Lennards (nigeria) LAG:LENNARDS Lennards (nigeria) Dividends
Linkage Assurance LAG:LINKASSURE Linkage Assurance Dividends
Livestock Feeds LAG:LIVESTOCK Livestock Feeds Dividends
Livingtrust Mortgage Bank LAG:LIVINGTRUST Livingtrust Mortgage Bank Dividends
Mass Telecom Innovation Nigeria LAG:MTI Mass Telecom Innovation Nigeria Dividends
May & Baker Nigeria LAG:MAYBAKER May & Baker Nigeria Dividends
Mcnichols LAG:MCNICHOLS Mcnichols Dividends
Med-view Airline LAG:MEDVIEWAIR Med-view Airline Dividends
Meyer LAG:MEYER Meyer Dividends
Morison Industries LAG:MORISON Morison Industries Dividends
Mrs Oil Nigeria LAG:MRS Mrs Oil Nigeria Dividends
Mtech Communications LAG:MTECH Mtech Communications Dividends
Mtn Nigeria Communications LAG:MTNN Mtn Nigeria Communications Dividends
Multi-trex Integrated Foods LAG:MULTITREX Multi-trex Integrated Foods Dividends
Multiverse Resources LAG:MULTIVERSE Multiverse Resources Dividends
Mutual Benefits Assurance LAG:MBENEFIT Mutual Benefits Assurance Dividends
N E M Insurance LAG:NEM N E M Insurance Dividends
Nascon Allied Industries LAG:NASCON Nascon Allied Industries Dividends
Navitus Energy LAG:UNIONVENT Navitus Energy Dividends
Ncr (nigeria) LAG:NCR Ncr (nigeria) Dividends
Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals LAG:NEIMETH Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Nestle Nigeria LAG:NESTLE Nestle Nigeria Dividends
Newrest Asl Nigeria LAG:AIRSERVICE Newrest Asl Nigeria Dividends
Niger Insurance LAG:NIGERINS Niger Insurance Dividends
Nigeria Sewing Machine Manufacturing LAG:NIGSEWING Nigeria Sewing Machine Manufacturing Dividends
Nigerian Aviation Handling LAG:NAHCO Nigerian Aviation Handling Dividends
Nigerian Breweries LAG:NB Nigerian Breweries Dividends
Nigerian Enamelware LAG:ENAMELWA Nigerian Enamelware Dividends
Nigerian Enrgy Setr LAG:NESF Nigerian Enrgy Setr Dividends
Nigerian Ropes LAG:NIGROPES Nigerian Ropes Dividends
Nigerian Wire And Cable LAG:NIWICABLE Nigerian Wire And Cable Dividends
Nigerian-german Chemicals LAG:NIG-GERMAN Nigerian-german Chemicals Dividends
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills LAG:NNFM Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Dividends
Notore Chemical Industries LAG:NOTORE Notore Chemical Industries Dividends
Npf Micro Finance Bank LAG:NPFMCRFBK Npf Micro Finance Bank Dividends
Oando LAG:OANDO Oando Dividends
Okomu Oil Palm LAG:OKOMUOIL Okomu Oil Palm Dividends
Omatek Ventures LAG:OMATEK Omatek Ventures Dividends
P S Mandrides LAG:MANDRID P S Mandrides Dividends
Paints And Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria LAG:PAINTCOM Paints And Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria Dividends
Pharma-deko LAG:PHARMDEKO Pharma-deko Dividends
Platinum-habib Bank LAG:PLATINUM Platinum-habib Bank Dividends
Poly Products Nigeria LAG:POLYPROD Poly Products Nigeria Dividends
Portland Paints & Products Nigeria LAG:PORTPAINT Portland Paints & Products Nigeria Dividends
Premier Breweries LAG:PREMBREW Premier Breweries Dividends
Premier Paints LAG:PREMPAINTS Premier Paints Dividends
Presco LAG:PRESCO Presco Dividends
Prestige Assurance LAG:PRESTIGE Prestige Assurance Dividends
Pz Cussons Nigeria LAG:PZ Pz Cussons Nigeria Dividends
R.t. Briscoe (nigeria) LAG:RTBRISCOE R.t. Briscoe (nigeria) Dividends
Rak Unity Petroleum LAG:RAKUNITY Rak Unity Petroleum Dividends
Red Star Express LAG:REDSTAREX Red Star Express Dividends
Regal Insurance LAG:REGALINS Regal Insurance Dividends
Resort Savings And Loans LAG:RESORTSAL Resort Savings And Loans Dividends
Roads (nigeria) LAG:ROADS Roads (nigeria) Dividends
Royal Exchange LAG:ROYALEX Royal Exchange Dividends
Scoa Nigeria LAG:SCOA Scoa Nigeria Dividends
Secure Electronic Technology LAG:NSLTECH Secure Electronic Technology Dividends
Seplat Petroleum Development LAG:SEPLAT Seplat Petroleum Development Dividends
Sevenup Bottling Co LAG:7UP Sevenup Bottling Co Dividends
Skye Bank LAG:SKYEBANK Skye Bank Dividends
Skye Shelter Fund LAG:SFSREIT Skye Shelter Fund Dividends
Skyway Aviation Handling LAG:SKYAVN Skyway Aviation Handling Dividends
Smart Products Nigeria LAG:SMURFIT Smart Products Nigeria Dividends
Sovereign Trust Insurance LAG:SOVRENINS Sovereign Trust Insurance Dividends
Staco Insurance LAG:STACO Staco Insurance Dividends
Stanbic Ibtc Bank LAG:STANBIC Stanbic Ibtc Bank Dividends
Standard Alliance Insurance LAG:STDINSURE Standard Alliance Insurance Dividends
Starcomms LAG:STARCOMMS Starcomms Dividends
Sterling Bank LAG:STERLNBANK Sterling Bank Dividends
Stokvis (nigeria) LAG:STOKVIS Stokvis (nigeria) Dividends
Studio Press Nigeria LAG:STUDPRESS Studio Press Nigeria Dividends
Sunu Assurances Nigeria LAG:SUNUASSUR Sunu Assurances Nigeria Dividends
Tantalizers LAG:TANTALIZER Tantalizers Dividends
Thomas Wyatt Nigeria LAG:THOMASWY Thomas Wyatt Nigeria Dividends
Total Nig LAG:TOTAL Total Nig Dividends
Tourist Of Nigeria LAG:TOURIST Tourist Of Nigeria Dividends
Trans Nationwide Express LAG:TRANSEXPR Trans Nationwide Express Dividends
Transcorp Hotels LAG:TRANSCOHOT Transcorp Hotels Dividends
Transnational Of Nigeria LAG:TRANSCORP Transnational Of Nigeria Dividends
Tripple Gee & LAG:TRIPPLEG Tripple Gee & Dividends
Uac Of Nigeria LAG:UACN Uac Of Nigeria Dividends
Uacn Property Development LAG:UAC-PROP Uacn Property Development Dividends
Udeofson Garment Factory (nigeria) LAG:UDEOFSON Udeofson Garment Factory (nigeria) Dividends
Unic Insurance LAG:UNIC Unic Insurance Dividends
Unilever Nigeria LAG:UNILEVER Unilever Nigeria Dividends
Union Bank Of Nigeria LAG:UBN Union Bank Of Nigeria Dividends
Union Diagnostic & Clinical Services LAG:UNIONDAC Union Diagnostic & Clinical Services Dividends
Union Dicon Salt LAG:UNIONDICON Union Dicon Salt Dividends
Union Homes Reits LAG:UHOMREIT Union Homes Reits Dividends
Union Homes Savings & Loans LAG:UNHOMES Union Homes Savings & Loans Dividends
United Bank For Africa LAG:UBA United Bank For Africa Dividends
United Capital LAG:UCAP United Capital Dividends
United Nigeria Textile LAG:UNTL United Nigeria Textile Dividends
Unity Bank LAG:UNITYBNK Unity Bank Dividends
Universal Insurance LAG:UNIVINSURE Universal Insurance Dividends
University Press LAG:UPL University Press Dividends
Updc Real Estate Investment Trust LAG:UPDCREIT Updc Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Utc Nigeria LAG:UTC Utc Nigeria Dividends
Valualliance Value Fund LAG:VALUEFUND Valualliance Value Fund Dividends
Veritas Kapital Assurance LAG:VERITASKAP Veritas Kapital Assurance Dividends
Vitafoam Nigeria LAG:VITAFOAM Vitafoam Nigeria Dividends
Vono Products LAG:VONO Vono Products Dividends
Wapic Insurance LAG:WAPIC Wapic Insurance Dividends
Wema Bank LAG:WEMABANK Wema Bank Dividends
West African Aluminium Products LAG:WAAP West African Aluminium Products Dividends
Zenith Bank LAG:ZENITHBANK Zenith Bank Dividends
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