Nagoya Stock Exchange

NGO / NGO - 87 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
21lady Co NGO:3346 8.69 21lady Co Dividends
Aichi Electric Co NGO:6623 185 Aichi Electric Co Dividends
Arkcore Inc NGO:3384 6.27 Arkcore Inc Dividends
Artgreen Co NGO:3419 10.3 Artgreen Co Dividends
Asahi-seiki Manufacturing Co NGO:6111 37.6 Asahi-seiki Manufacturing Co Dividends
Aska NGO:7227 40.0 Aska Dividends
At-group Co NGO:8293 441.2 At-group Co Dividends
Atelier Haruka Co NGO:6559 Atelier Haruka Co Dividends
Bunkeido Co NGO:9471 68.7 Bunkeido Co Dividends
C-cube NGO:1936 C-cube Dividends
Canox NGO:8076 68.8 Canox Dividends
Central Forest Inc NGO:7675 114.6 Central Forest Inc Dividends
Chita Kogyo Co NGO:5993 47.8 Chita Kogyo Co Dividends
Chubu Gas Co NGO:9540 Chubu Gas Co Dividends
Chubu Securities Financing Co NGO:8513 Chubu Securities Financing Co Dividends
Chubu Steel Plate Co NGO:5461 135.8 Chubu Steel Plate Co Dividends
Chubu Suisan Co NGO:8145 29.6 Chubu Suisan Co Dividends
Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Co NGO:9402 115.5 Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Co Dividends
Chuo Malleable Iron Co NGO:5607 44.8 Chuo Malleable Iron Co Dividends
Chuo Seisakusho NGO:6846 5.91 Chuo Seisakusho Dividends
Chuoh Pack Industry Co NGO:3952 42.6 Chuoh Pack Industry Co Dividends
Ck San-etsu Co NGO:5757 196.6 Ck San-etsu Co Dividends
Comany Inc NGO:7945 82.6 Comany Inc Dividends
Commseed NGO:3739 47.8 Commseed Dividends
Dainihon Wood Preserving Co NGO:7907 Dainihon Wood Preserving Co Dividends
Domy Co NGO:9924 Domy Co Dividends
Espoir Co NGO:3260 5.99 Espoir Co Dividends
Fuji Hensokuki Co NGO:6295 38.5 Fuji Hensokuki Co Dividends
Fuji Seiko NGO:6142 40.0 Fuji Seiko Dividends
Fukushima Printing Co NGO:7870 16.7 Fukushima Printing Co Dividends
Gaiax Co NGO:3775 32.7 Gaiax Co Dividends
Gfoot Co NGO:2686 181.7 Gfoot Co Dividends
Gifu Landscape Architect Co NGO:1438 15.2 Gifu Landscape Architect Co Dividends
Giga Prize Co NGO:3830 261 Giga Prize Co Dividends
Golf Do Co NGO:3032 5.20 Golf Do Co Dividends
Hinokiya Holdings Co NGO:1413 183.2 Hinokiya Holdings Co Dividends
Isewan Terminal Service Co NGO:9359 147.8 Isewan Terminal Service Co Dividends
Janis NGO:5342 18.3 Janis Dividends
Japan Pc Service Co NGO:6025 15.5 Japan Pc Service Co Dividends
Jb Eleven Co NGO:3066 45.6 Jb Eleven Co Dividends
Kaneso Co NGO:5979 42.5 Kaneso Co Dividends
Kawasaki Setsubi Kogyo Co NGO:1777 42.2 Kawasaki Setsubi Kogyo Co Dividends
Kitagawa Industries Co NGO:6896 Kitagawa Industries Co Dividends
Maruhachi Holdings Co NGO:3504 87.4 Maruhachi Holdings Co Dividends
Maruichi Co NGO:8228 159.6 Maruichi Co Dividends
Marujun Co NGO:3422 55.4 Marujun Co Dividends
Marusan-ai Co NGO:2551 58.4 Marusan-ai Co Dividends
Maxvalu Chubu Co NGO:8171 Maxvalu Chubu Co Dividends
Meiki Co NGO:6280 Meiki Co Dividends
Meiko Construction Co NGO:1869 197.2 Meiko Construction Co Dividends
Meiko Trans Co NGO:9357 252.5 Meiko Trans Co Dividends
Meinan M&a Co NGO:7076 46.3 Meinan M&a Co Dividends
Meitetsu Transportation Co NGO:9077 110.6 Meitetsu Transportation Co Dividends
Members Co NGO:2130 190.7 Members Co Dividends
Midac Co NGO:6564 139.7 Midac Co Dividends
Mie Co NGO:3442 6.21 Mie Co Dividends
Mino Ceramic Co NGO:5356 34.4 Mino Ceramic Co Dividends
Mirai Industry Co NGO:7931 258.5 Mirai Industry Co Dividends
Misonoza Theatrical NGO:9664 99.5 Misonoza Theatrical Dividends
Nagoya Electric Works Co NGO:6797 38.3 Nagoya Electric Works Co Dividends
Nagoya Lumber Co NGO:7903 5.73 Nagoya Lumber Co Dividends
Nakanihon Kogyo Co NGO:9643 38.2 Nakanihon Kogyo Co Dividends
Nakanippon Casting Co NGO:6439 9.86 Nakanippon Casting Co Dividends
Nicca Chemical Co NGO:4463 98.1 7.93 Nicca Chemical Co Dividends
Nihon Decoluxe Co NGO:7950 35.5 Nihon Decoluxe Co Dividends
Nikko Co NGO:5343 23.3 Nikko Co Dividends
Nittoh NGO:1738 15.6 Nittoh Dividends
Okaya & Co NGO:7485 681.7 4.94 Okaya & Co Dividends
Okwave Inc NGO:3808 82.9 Okwave Inc Dividends
Oliver NGO:7959 251.7 Oliver Dividends
Optrom Inc NGO:7824 Optrom Inc Dividends
Owari Precise Products Co NGO:7249 28.3 Owari Precise Products Co Dividends
Poval Kogyo Co NGO:4247 19.8 Poval Kogyo Co Dividends
S Line Co NGO:9078 77.7 S Line Co Dividends
Taiho Transportation Co NGO:9040 18.1 Taiho Transportation Co Dividends
Taisei Co (aichi) NGO:4649 28.1 Taisei Co (aichi) Dividends
Taiyo Kagaku Co NGO:2902 266 11.0 Taiyo Kagaku Co Dividends
Takeda Printing Co NGO:7875 45.7 Takeda Printing Co Dividends
Tisc Co NGO:4349 8.70 Tisc Co Dividends
Tokai Electronics Co NGO:8071 39.3 Tokai Electronics Co Dividends
Tokura NGO:1892 56.0 Tokura Dividends
Toyo Electric NGO:6655 26.5 Toyo Electric Dividends
Tsunoda Co NGO:7308 Tsunoda Co Dividends
Vlc Holdings Co NGO:2467 22.3 Vlc Holdings Co Dividends
Yagami Inc NGO:7488 47.8 Yagami Inc Dividends
Yamanaka Co NGO:8190 100.7 Yamanaka Co Dividends
Zetton Inc NGO:3057 32.6 Zetton Inc Dividends
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