NASDAQ Global Market

NMQ / NMQ - 644 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
111 Inc NMQ:YI 111 Inc Dividends
1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc NMQ:PIH 26.0 4.89 1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc Dividends
180 Degree Capital NMQ:TURN 51.7 180 Degree Capital Dividends
1st Constitution Bancorp NMQ:FCCY 171.3 12.8 1st Constitution Bancorp Dividends
360 Degree Solar Holdings Inc NMQ:SOLY 175.7 360 Degree Solar Holdings Inc Dividends
360 Finance Inc NMQ:QFIN 995.1 2.15 360 Finance Inc Dividends
36kr Holdings Inc NMQ:KRKR 228.5 9.22 36kr Holdings Inc Dividends
4d Molecular Therapeutics Llc NMQ:DDDD 4d Molecular Therapeutics Llc Dividends
89bio Inc NMQ:ETNB 281 89bio Inc Dividends
9f Inc NMQ:JFU 1,401 0.83 9f Inc Dividends
Abpro NMQ:ABP Abpro Dividends
Ac Immune Sa NMQ:ACIU 477.8 Ac Immune Sa Dividends
Acceleron Pharma Inc NMQ:XLRN 2,291 Acceleron Pharma Inc Dividends
Access National NMQ:ANCX Access National Dividends
Acelrx Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ACRX 116.2 Acelrx Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Acm Research Inc NMQ:ACMR 500.6 35.3 Acm Research Inc Dividends
Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ADMS 125.9 Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Adchina NMQ:ADCN Adchina Dividends
Addvantage Technologies Inc NMQ:AEY 16.8 Addvantage Technologies Inc Dividends
Adma Biologics Inc NMQ:ADMA 203.4 Adma Biologics Inc Dividends
Adnexus A Bristol-myers Squibb R&d Co NMQ:ADNX Adnexus A Bristol-myers Squibb R&d Co Dividends
Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc NMQ:ADES 158.5 2.72 Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc Dividends
Adverum Biotechnologies Inc NMQ:ADVM 581.9 Adverum Biotechnologies Inc Dividends
Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc NMQ:AGLE 176.9 Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aemetis Inc NMQ:AMTX 13.8 Aemetis Inc Dividends
Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:AERI 809.8 Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Aesthetic Medical International Holdings NMQ:AIH 147.6 8.09 Aesthetic Medical International Holdings Dividends
Affimed Nv NMQ:AFMD 149 Affimed Nv Dividends
Aina Le'a Inc NMQ:AIZY Aina Le'a Inc Dividends
Air T Inc NMQ:AIRT 49.0 Air T Inc Dividends
Akebia Therapeutics Inc NMQ:AKBA 734.3 Akebia Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aldagen Inc NMQ:ALDH Aldagen Inc Dividends
Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ALDR 1,214 Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Alimera Sciences Inc NMQ:ALIM 403.5 Alimera Sciences Inc Dividends
Alj Regional Holdings Inc NMQ:ALJJ 37.4 Alj Regional Holdings Inc Dividends
Allegiance Bancshares Inc NMQ:ABTX 598.3 15.2 Allegiance Bancshares Inc Dividends
Alliance Healthcare Services Inc NMQ:AIQ Alliance Healthcare Services Inc Dividends
Allied Motion Technologies Inc NMQ:AMOT 364.7 21.8 Allied Motion Technologies Inc Dividends
Alpine Immune Sciences Inc NMQ:ALPN 48.2 Alpine Immune Sciences Inc Dividends
Altimmune Inc NMQ:ALT 21.7 Altimmune Inc Dividends
Altus Midstream Co NMQ:ALTM 661.9 26.0 Altus Midstream Co Dividends
Alzheon Inc NMQ:ALZH Alzheon Inc Dividends
Alzheon Inc NMQ:ALZH Alzheon Inc Dividends
Amalgamated Bank NMQ:AMAL 460.8 12.3 Amalgamated Bank Dividends
Amarin NMQ:AMRN 5,493 Amarin Dividends
Ameriserv Financial Inc NMQ:ASRV 55.1 Ameriserv Financial Inc Dividends
Amicus Therapeutics Inc NMQ:FOLD 2,039 Amicus Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Anchor Bancorp Inc NMQ:ANCB Anchor Bancorp Inc Dividends
Ani Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ANIP 569.5 10.7 Ani Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Anpac Bio-medical Science Co NMQ:ANPC Anpac Bio-medical Science Co Dividends
Anterios Inc NMQ:ANTE 2.05 Anterios Inc Dividends
Apache Design Inc NMQ:APAD Apache Design Inc Dividends
Apollo Endosurgery Inc NMQ:APEN 45.9 Apollo Endosurgery Inc Dividends
Appfolio Inc NMQ:APPF 3,250 253.3 Appfolio Inc Dividends
Appian NMQ:APPN 2,740 Appian Dividends
Applied Genetic Technologies NMQ:AGTC 114.3 Applied Genetic Technologies Dividends
Applied Optoelectronics Inc NMQ:AAOI 218.3 Applied Optoelectronics Inc Dividends
Applied Therapeutics Inc NMQ:APLT 695.4 Applied Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Apptio Inc NMQ:APTI Apptio Inc Dividends
Aptorum NMQ:APM 321.9 Aptorum Dividends
Aquestive Therapeutics Inc NMQ:AQST 101 Aquestive Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aratana Therapeutics Inc NMQ:PETX Aratana Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Arborgen Inc NMQ:ARBR Arborgen Inc Dividends
Arcturus Therapeutics NMQ:ARCT 97.8 Arcturus Therapeutics Dividends
Ardelyx Inc NMQ:ARDX 454.9 Ardelyx Inc Dividends
Ariosa Diagnostics Inc NMQ:AROS Ariosa Diagnostics Inc Dividends
Ark Restaurants NMQ:ARKR 59.8 Ark Restaurants Dividends
Arog Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:AROG Arog Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Arotech NMQ:ARTX 61.4 12.5 Arotech Dividends
Arqule Inc NMQ:ARQL 1,856 Arqule Inc Dividends
Array Biopharma Inc NMQ:ARRY Array Biopharma Inc Dividends
Asb Bancorp Inc NMQ:ASBB Asb Bancorp Inc Dividends
Asia Pacific Wire & Cable NMQ:APWC 16.6 Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Dividends
Aslan Pharmaceuticals NMQ:ASLN 76.8 Aslan Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Aspen Inc NMQ:ASPU 112.5 Aspen Inc Dividends
Astronova Inc NMQ:ALOT 72.1 19.1 Astronova Inc Dividends
Ata Creativity Global NMQ:AACG 25.6 Ata Creativity Global Dividends
Atlantic American NMQ:AAME 29.9 Atlantic American Dividends
Atlantic Coast Financial NMQ:ACFC Atlantic Coast Financial Dividends
Atricure Inc NMQ:ATRC 1,163 Atricure Inc Dividends
Auburn National Bancorporation Inc NMQ:AUBN 147.6 Auburn National Bancorporation Inc Dividends
Audentes Therapeutics Inc NMQ:BOLD 2,111 Audentes Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:AUPH 1,654 Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Aurora Mobile NMQ:JG 233.9 29.7 Aurora Mobile Dividends
Autogenomics Inc NMQ:AGMX Autogenomics Inc Dividends
Avadel Pharmaceuticals NMQ:AVDL 219.7 Avadel Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Avadim Health Inc NMQ:AHI Avadim Health Inc Dividends
Avedro Inc NMQ:AVDR 309.7 Avedro Inc Dividends
Aware Inc NMQ:AWRE 57.0 Aware Inc Dividends
Axcella Health Inc NMQ:AXLA 88.4 Axcella Health Inc Dividends
Axsome Therapeutics Inc NMQ:AXSM 2,556 Axsome Therapeutics Inc Dividends
B. Riley Financial Inc NMQ:RILY 535.5 B. Riley Financial Inc Dividends
B. Riley Financial Inc NMQ:RILYP 535.5 B. Riley Financial Inc Dividends
Ballard Power Systems Inc NMQ:BLDP 2,163 Ballard Power Systems Inc Dividends
Bank Of Commerce Holdings NMQ:BOCH 156.3 11.2 Bank Of Commerce Holdings Dividends
Bankwell Financial Inc NMQ:BWFG 167.3 12.3 Bankwell Financial Inc Dividends
Bayhill Therapeutics Inc NMQ:BHTX Bayhill Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Bcb Bancorp Inc NMQ:BCBP 186.5 12.0 Bcb Bancorp Inc Dividends
Beam Therapeutics Inc NMQ:BEAM Beam Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Bear State Financial Inc NMQ:BSF Bear State Financial Inc Dividends
Beasley Broadcast Inc NMQ:BBGI 72.0 6.11 Beasley Broadcast Inc Dividends
Beceem Communications Inc NMQ:BECM Beceem Communications Inc Dividends
Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:BLCM 87.9 Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Benefitfocus Inc NMQ:BNFT 525.8 Benefitfocus Inc Dividends
Biospecifics Technologies NMQ:BSTC 322.4 15.2 Biospecifics Technologies Dividends
Biotrove Inc NMQ:BTRV Biotrove Inc Dividends
Black Diamond Therapeutics Inc NMQ:BDTX Black Diamond Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Blue Bird NMQ:BLBD 448.4 10.8 Blue Bird Dividends
Bluearc NMQ:BLRC Bluearc Dividends
Blueknight Energy Partners Lp NMQ:BKEP 68.6 Blueknight Energy Partners Lp Dividends
Bostwick Laboratories Inc NMQ:BOST Bostwick Laboratories Inc Dividends
Bradford Bancorp Inc NMQ:BRAD Bradford Bancorp Inc Dividends
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:BBRX Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Brainsway NMQ:BWAY 100.1 Brainsway Dividends
Bridgford Foods NMQ:BRID 172.7 Bridgford Foods Dividends
Broncus Technologies Inc NMQ:LUNG Broncus Technologies Inc Dividends
Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Inc NMQ:ESCT Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Inc Dividends
Bsquare NMQ:BSQR 14.6 Bsquare Dividends
Cadiz Inc NMQ:CDZI 210.2 Cadiz Inc Dividends
Callidus Software Inc NMQ:CALD Callidus Software Inc Dividends
Calyxt Inc NMQ:CLXT 184.9 Calyxt Inc Dividends
Cambium Networks NMQ:CMBM 168.3 12.5 Cambium Networks Dividends
Camtek NMQ:CAMT 370.3 18.9 Camtek Dividends
Canaan Inc NMQ:CAN 729.5 Canaan Inc Dividends
Canterbury Park Holding NMQ:CPHC 44.9 Canterbury Park Holding Dividends
Cara Therapeutics Inc NMQ:CARA 621 Cara Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Carbonite Inc NMQ:CARB 613.6 10.5 Carbonite Inc Dividends
Cardconnect NMQ:CCN Cardconnect Dividends
Cardlytics Inc NMQ:CDLX 1,647 Cardlytics Inc Dividends
Caredx Inc NMQ:CDNA 770 57.9 Caredx Inc Dividends
Carolina Bank Holdings Inc NMQ:CLBH Carolina Bank Holdings Inc Dividends
Castle Biosciences Inc NMQ:CSTL 425.1 Castle Biosciences Inc Dividends
Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CATB 63.5 Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Cb Financial Services Inc NMQ:CBFV 126.1 14.0 Cb Financial Services Inc Dividends
Cellectis Sa NMQ:CLLS 601.3 Cellectis Sa Dividends
Celyad Sa NMQ:CYAD 126.5 1.71 Celyad Sa Dividends
Centogene Nv NMQ:CNTG 417.1 Centogene Nv Dividends
Cerus NMQ:CERS 444.3 Cerus Dividends
Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc NMQ:CSSE 79.8 Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc Dividends
Chimerix Inc NMQ:CMRX 96.3 Chimerix Inc Dividends
China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc NMQ:CIFS 17.5 China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc Dividends
China Oumei Real Estate Inc NMQ:OMEI China Oumei Real Estate Inc Dividends
China Xd Plastics NMQ:CXDC 107.1 China Xd Plastics Dividends
Chukong Holdings NMQ:IPO-CHUB Chukong Holdings Dividends
Cidara Therapeutics Inc NMQ:CDTX 88.3 Cidara Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Cim Commercial Trust NMQ:CMCT 164.5 Cim Commercial Trust Dividends
Cinedigm NMQ:CIDM 21.9 3.86 Cinedigm Dividends
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CPHR 16.0 Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Citizens Community Bancorp Inc NMQ:CZWI 103.1 10.4 Citizens Community Bancorp Inc Dividends
Citizens First NMQ:CZFC Citizens First Dividends
Citizens Holding Co NMQ:CIZN 92.5 Citizens Holding Co Dividends
Clarus Therapeutics Inc NMQ:CLRS Clarus Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Clearfield Inc NMQ:CLFD 148.5 36.8 Clearfield Inc Dividends
Clearside Biomedical Inc NMQ:CLSD 89.8 Clearside Biomedical Inc Dividends
Clps Inc NMQ:CLPS 42.9 Clps Inc Dividends
Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc NMQ:CVLY 166.3 Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc Dividends
Cogint Inc NMQ:COGTV Cogint Inc Dividends
Coherus Biosciences Inc NMQ:CHRS 1,033 8.10 Coherus Biosciences Inc Dividends
Collectors Universe Inc NMQ:CLCT 176.2 Collectors Universe Inc Dividends
Colony Bankcorp Inc NMQ:CBAN 112.9 Colony Bankcorp Inc Dividends
Colucid Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CLCD Colucid Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Commercehub Inc NMQ:CHUBA Commercehub Inc Dividends
Commercehub Inc NMQ:CHUBK Commercehub Inc Dividends
Communications Systems Inc NMQ:JCS 46.4 54.2 Communications Systems Inc Dividends
Community Health Systems Inc NMQ:CYHHZ 310.7 Community Health Systems Inc Dividends
Community West Bancshares NMQ:CWBC 71.6 Community West Bancshares Dividends
Compugen NMQ:CGEN 281.6 Compugen Dividends
Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CNCE 191 Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Conifer Holdings Inc NMQ:CNFR 29.4 Conifer Holdings Inc Dividends
Consumer Portfolio Services Inc NMQ:CPSS 60.1 3.77 Consumer Portfolio Services Inc Dividends
Convergeone Holdings Inc NMQ:CVON Convergeone Holdings Inc Dividends
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc NMQ:CRBP 348.5 Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc Dividends
Corium International Inc NMQ:CORI Corium International Inc Dividends
Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CRVS 128.9 Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
County Bancorp Inc NMQ:ICBK 139 14.0 County Bancorp Inc Dividends
Crispr Therapeutics Ag NMQ:CRSP 2,694 Crispr Therapeutics Ag Dividends
Cronos Inc NMQ:CRON 2,262 Cronos Inc Dividends
Crown Castle Ng Networks Llc NMQ:NXTG Crown Castle Ng Networks Llc Dividends
Csp Inc NMQ:CSPI 42.6 Csp Inc Dividends
Cumulus Media Inc NMQ:CMLS 208 4.02 Cumulus Media Inc Dividends
Curis Inc NMQ:CRIS 43.6 Curis Inc Dividends
Current Media Inc NMQ:CRTM Current Media Inc Dividends
Cyberoptics NMQ:CYBE 131.5 94.9 Cyberoptics Dividends
Cydex Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:CYDX Cydex Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Cyoptics Inc NMQ:CYOP Cyoptics Inc Dividends
Danger Inc NMQ:DNGR Danger Inc Dividends
Dave & Buster's Holdings Inc NMQ:DANB Dave & Buster's Holdings Inc Dividends
Davidstea Inc NMQ:DTEA 32.8 Davidstea Inc Dividends
Dermavant Sciences NMQ:DRMT Dermavant Sciences Dividends
Deswell Industries Inc NMQ:DSWL 36.2 Deswell Industries Inc Dividends
Digirad NMQ:DRAD 4.58 Digirad Dividends
Dixie Inc NMQ:DXYN 17.2 3.91 Dixie Inc Dividends
Dogness International NMQ:DOGZ 40.0 Dogness International Dividends
Domo Inc NMQ:DOMO 577 Domo Inc Dividends
Dova Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:DOVA 621.3 Dova Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Dtlr Holding Inc NMQ:DTLR Dtlr Holding Inc Dividends
Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc NMQ:EBMT 111.1 10.9 Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc Dividends
Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:EGRX 619.7 19.3 Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Easic NMQ:EASI Easic Dividends
Eastern Co NMQ:EML 148.7 Eastern Co Dividends
Ecmoho NMQ:MOHO 187.8 11.3 Ecmoho Dividends
Ecology And Environment Inc NMQ:EEI 51.4 Ecology And Environment Inc Dividends
Edap Tms Sa NMQ:EDAP 24.5 Edap Tms Sa Dividends
Educational Development NMQ:EDUC 37.7 Educational Development Dividends
Ehang Holdings NMQ:EH 538.6 Ehang Holdings Dividends
Eiger Biopharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:EIGR 265.3 Eiger Biopharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc NMQ:ERSI Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc Dividends
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ELOX 137.5 Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Emcore NMQ:EMKR 76.2 Emcore Dividends
Emphasys Medical Inc NMQ:EMPH Emphasys Medical Inc Dividends
Empire Resorts Inc NMQ:NYNY 258.1 Empire Resorts Inc Dividends
Enphase Energy Inc NMQ:ENPH 2,964 30.4 Enphase Energy Inc Dividends
Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc NMQ:ETTX 48.5 Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc Dividends
Entegra Financial NMQ:ENFC 160.6 14.4 Entegra Financial Dividends
Entellus Medical Inc NMQ:ENTL Entellus Medical Inc Dividends
Epsilon Energy NMQ:EPSN 63.4 Epsilon Energy Dividends
Equillium Inc NMQ:EQ 61.7 Equillium Inc Dividends
Escalade Inc NMQ:ESCA 98.5 Escalade Inc Dividends
Esperion Therapeutics Inc NMQ:ESPR 1,206 Esperion Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Estre Ambiental Inc NMQ:ESTR 12.7 0.46 Estre Ambiental Inc Dividends
Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:ETON 97.7 Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Ever-glory International Inc NMQ:EVK 15.5 Ever-glory International Inc Dividends
Everbridge Inc NMQ:EVBG 2,291 Everbridge Inc Dividends
Everquote Inc NMQ:EVER 645 Everquote Inc Dividends
Everspin Technologies Inc NMQ:MRAM 68.1 Everspin Technologies Inc Dividends
Evo Payments Inc NMQ:EVOP 2,781 39.9 Evo Payments Inc Dividends
Evogene NMQ:EVGN 33.5 0.41 Evogene Dividends
Evolus Inc NMQ:EOLS 283.3 Evolus Inc Dividends
Exa NMQ:EXA Exa Dividends
Exagen Diagnostics Inc NMQ:EXDX Exagen Diagnostics Inc Dividends
Exagen Inc NMQ:XGN 226.9 Exagen Inc Dividends
Exp World Holdings Inc NMQ:EXPI 536.1 190 Exp World Holdings Inc Dividends
Extend Health Llc NMQ:XH Extend Health Llc Dividends
Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc NMQ:EYPT 954.7 Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Fangdd Network NMQ:DUO 829.7 11.1 Fangdd Network Dividends
Fate Therapeutics Inc NMQ:FATE 1,491 Fate Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Fednat Holding Co NMQ:FNHC 186.5 7.03 Fednat Holding Co Dividends
Fidelity D&d Bancorp Inc NMQ:FDBC 177.3 Fidelity D&d Bancorp Inc Dividends
Film Deparmtment Holdings Llc NMQ:TFD Film Deparmtment Holdings Llc Dividends
First Bancshares(mississippi) NMQ:FBMS 493.2 11.0 First Bancshares(mississippi) Dividends
First Bank (hamilton) NMQ:FRBA 166.7 11.2 First Bank (hamilton) Dividends
First Foundation Inc NMQ:FFWM 580.5 11.8 First Foundation Inc Dividends
First Guaranty Bancshares Inc NMQ:FGBI 157.1 12.1 First Guaranty Bancshares Inc Dividends
First Mid Bancshares Inc NMQ:FMBH 446.6 12.6 First Mid Bancshares Inc Dividends
First Northwest Bancorp NMQ:FNWB 144.1 First Northwest Bancorp Dividends
Five9 Inc NMQ:FIVN 3,455 86.0 Five9 Inc Dividends
Flexion Therapeutics Inc NMQ:FLXN 513.9 Flexion Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Fluent Inc NMQ:FLNT 174.1 Fluent Inc Dividends
Foamix Pharmaceuticals NMQ:FOMX 222.5 Foamix Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Forescout Technologies Inc NMQ:FSCT 1,224 Forescout Technologies Inc Dividends
Franchise Inc NMQ:FRG 348.2 Franchise Inc Dividends
Frequency Electronics Inc NMQ:FEIM 69.4 Frequency Electronics Inc Dividends
Freshpet Inc NMQ:FRPT 1,833 121.7 Freshpet Inc Dividends
Fuelcell Energy Inc NMQ:FCEL 357.2 Fuelcell Energy Inc Dividends
Fulcrum Bioenergy Inc NMQ:FLCM Fulcrum Bioenergy Inc Dividends
Fulcrum Therapeutics Inc NMQ:FULC 356.9 Fulcrum Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Fulgent Genetics Inc NMQ:FLGT 221.2 43.2 Fulgent Genetics Inc Dividends
Futu Holdings NMQ:FUTU 1,017 26.4 Futu Holdings Dividends
Gaia Inc NMQ:GAIA 120.3 Gaia Inc Dividends
Galera Therapeutics Inc NMQ:GRTX 255.9 Galera Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Gamefly Inc NMQ:GFLY Gamefly Inc Dividends
Gamida Cell NMQ:GMDA 118.5 Gamida Cell Dividends
Gaming Partners International NMQ:GPIC Gaming Partners International Dividends
Gds Holdings NMQ:GDS 5,313 Gds Holdings Dividends
Gencor Industries Inc NMQ:GENC 124.8 Gencor Industries Inc Dividends
General Finance NMQ:GFN 253.6 14.2 General Finance Dividends
Genmark Diagnostics Inc NMQ:GNMK 221 Genmark Diagnostics Inc Dividends
Genomatica Inc NMQ:GENO Genomatica Inc Dividends
Gladstone Land NMQ:LAND 216.2 Gladstone Land Dividends
Glasshouse Technologies Inc NMQ:GLAS Glasshouse Technologies Inc Dividends
Global Water Resources Inc NMQ:GWRS 208.6 78.8 Global Water Resources Inc Dividends
Glycomimetics Inc NMQ:GLYC 163 Glycomimetics Inc Dividends
Golden Entertainment Inc NMQ:GDEN 404.5 Golden Entertainment Inc Dividends
Gomez Inc NMQ:GOMZ Gomez Inc Dividends
Goodman Networks Inc NMQ:GNET Goodman Networks Inc Dividends
Gravity Co NMQ:GRVY 195 Gravity Co Dividends
Great Elm Capital NMQ:GECC 61.3 7.81 Great Elm Capital Dividends
Great White Energy Services Inc NMQ:JAWS Great White Energy Services Inc Dividends
Green Plains Partners Lp NMQ:GPP 523.5 11.4 Green Plains Partners Lp Dividends
Greenlane Holdings Inc NMQ:GNLN 224.2 Greenlane Holdings Inc Dividends
Griffin Industrial Realty Inc NMQ:GRIF 156.1 Griffin Industrial Realty Inc Dividends
Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc NMQ:GFED 84.1 11.2 Guaranty Federal Bancshares Inc Dividends
Guidance Software Inc NMQ:GUID Guidance Software Inc Dividends
Gw Pharmaceuticals NMQ:GWPH 2,825 Gw Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Habit Restaurants Inc NMQ:HABT 279.4 92.2 Habit Restaurants Inc Dividends
Hailiang Education Inc NMQ:HLG 1,337 Hailiang Education Inc Dividends
Hallmark Financial Services Inc NMQ:HALL 261.4 11.7 Hallmark Financial Services Inc Dividends
Harvard Bioscience Inc NMQ:HBIO 92.5 14.6 Harvard Bioscience Inc Dividends
Harvest Capital Credit NMQ:HCAP 40.9 9.90 Harvest Capital Credit Dividends
Health Insurance Innovations Inc NMQ:HIIQ 220.2 4.16 Health Insurance Innovations Inc Dividends
Helomics NMQ:PRCN Helomics Dividends
Hemisphere Media Inc NMQ:HMTV 438.6 69.6 Hemisphere Media Inc Dividends
Hexindai Inc NMQ:HX 46.6 0.90 Hexindai Inc Dividends
Highpower International Inc NMQ:HPJ 57.8 Highpower International Inc Dividends
Hingham Institution For Savings NMQ:HIFS 343 Hingham Institution For Savings Dividends
Hmn Financial Inc NMQ:HMNF 77.3 Hmn Financial Inc Dividends
Homestreet Bank NMQ:FBBC Homestreet Bank Dividends
Hopfed Bancorp Inc NMQ:HFBC Hopfed Bancorp Inc Dividends
Hovnanian Enterprises Inc NMQ:HOVNP 27,315 Hovnanian Enterprises Inc Dividends
Huize Holding NMQ:HUIZ Huize Holding Dividends
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