NASDAQ Global Select Market

NSQ / NSQ - 1785 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other Inc NSQ:FLWS 1,183 33.1 Inc Dividends
10x Genomics Inc NSQ:TXG 6,236 10x Genomics Inc Dividends
1life Healthcare Inc NSQ:ONEM 3,215 1life Healthcare Inc Dividends
1st Source NSQ:SRCE 762.1 14.0 1st Source Dividends
21vianet Inc NSQ:VNET 1,401 306 21vianet Inc Dividends
2u Inc NSQ:TWOU 1,822 2u Inc Dividends
51job Inc NSQ:JOBS 3,434 20.4 51job Inc Dividends
8point3 Energy Partners Lp NSQ:CAFD 8point3 Energy Partners Lp Dividends
A Schulman Inc NSQ:SHLM A Schulman Inc Dividends
A-mark Precious Metals Inc NSQ:AMRK 97.9 25.0 A-mark Precious Metals Inc Dividends
Aaon Inc NSQ:AAON 2,335 34.8 Aaon Inc Dividends
Abaxis Inc NSQ:ABAX Abaxis Inc Dividends
Abiomed Inc NSQ:ABMD 7,625 44.6 Abiomed Inc Dividends
Ablynx Nv NSQ:ABLX Ablynx Nv Dividends
Acacia Communications Inc NSQ:ACIA 2,294 34.4 Acacia Communications Inc Dividends
Acacia Research NSQ:ACTG 102.2 Acacia Research Dividends
Acadia Healthcare Inc NSQ:ACHC 2,091 12.1 Acadia Healthcare Inc Dividends
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ACAD 6,442 Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Accuray Inc NSQ:ARAY 161.1 Accuray Inc Dividends
Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ACHN Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Aci Worldwide Inc NSQ:ACIW 2,589 20.7 Aci Worldwide Inc Dividends
Aclaris Therapeutics Inc NSQ:ACRS 45.8 Aclaris Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Acorda Therapeutics Inc NSQ:ACOR 30.9 Acorda Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Activision Blizzard Inc NSQ:ATVI 44,122 26.8 Activision Blizzard Inc Dividends
Adaptimmune Therapeutics NSQ:ADAP 507.7 Adaptimmune Therapeutics Dividends
Adaptive Biotechnologies NSQ:ADPT 4,048 Adaptive Biotechnologies Dividends
Addus Homecare NSQ:ADUS 1,225 33.9 Addus Homecare Dividends
Adobe Inc NSQ:ADBE 147,557 35.9 Adobe Inc Dividends
Adtran Inc NSQ:ADTN 445.5 279.7 Adtran Inc Dividends
Aduro Biotech Inc NSQ:ADRO 216.4 Aduro Biotech Inc Dividends
Advanced Accelerator Applications Sa NSQ:AAAP Advanced Accelerator Applications Sa Dividends
Advanced Energy Industries Inc NSQ:AEIS 2,065 19.6 Advanced Energy Industries Inc Dividends
Advanced Micro Devices Inc NSQ:AMD 50,423 40.4 Advanced Micro Devices Inc Dividends
Advaxis Inc NSQ:ADXS 34.9 Advaxis Inc Dividends
Advisory Board Co NSQ:ABCO Advisory Board Co Dividends
Aegion NSQ:AEGN 395.8 11.2 Aegion Dividends
Aep Industries Inc NSQ:AEPI Aep Industries Inc Dividends
Aerovironment Inc NSQ:AVAV 1,374 37.2 Aerovironment Inc Dividends
Afya NSQ:AFYA 1,411 20.3 Afya Dividends
Agilysys Inc NSQ:AGYS 384 65.8 Agilysys Inc Dividends
Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:AGIO 2,983 Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNCM 6,160 10,446 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNCP 6,160 9,836 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNCO 6,160 10,295 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNC 6,160 6.19 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNCN 6,160 10,662 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agnc Investment NSQ:AGNCB 6,160 Agnc Investment Dividends
Agrofresh Solutions Inc NSQ:AGFS 135.1 Agrofresh Solutions Inc Dividends
Aimmune Therapeutics Inc NSQ:AIMT 911.4 Aimmune Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Air Methods NSQ:AIRM Air Methods Dividends
Air Transport Services Inc NSQ:ATSG 1,059 14.3 Air Transport Services Inc Dividends
Aixtron Se NSQ:AIXNY 1,062 Aixtron Se Dividends
Akamai Technologies Inc NSQ:AKAM 13,243 19.8 Akamai Technologies Inc Dividends
Akcea Therapeutics Inc NSQ:AKCA 1,250 Akcea Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Akero Therapeutics Inc NSQ:AKRO 583.5 Akero Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Akorn Inc NSQ:AKRX 20.9 1.20 Akorn Inc Dividends Holdings Inc NSQ:ALRM 2,013 32.3 Holdings Inc Dividends
Alaska Communications Systems Inc NSQ:ALSK 112.8 Alaska Communications Systems Inc Dividends
Albany Molecular Research Inc NSQ:AMRI Albany Molecular Research Inc Dividends
Alcentra Capital NSQ:ABDC Alcentra Capital Dividends
Alector Inc NSQ:ALEC 2,112 Alector Inc Dividends
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ALXN 19,244 9.30 Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Alico Inc NSQ:ALCO 190.8 Alico Inc Dividends
Alight Inc NSQ:ALIT Alight Inc Dividends
Align Technology Inc NSQ:ALGN 16,165 37.6 Align Technology Inc Dividends
Alkermes NSQ:ALKS 2,170 49.3 Alkermes Dividends
Allakos Inc NSQ:ALLK 2,936 Allakos Inc Dividends
Allegiant Travel Co NSQ:ALGT 1,449 45.4 Allegiant Travel Co Dividends
Allena Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ALNA 36.4 Allena Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Alliance Holdings Gp Lp NSQ:AHGP Alliance Holdings Gp Lp Dividends
Alliance Resource Partners Lp NSQ:ARLP 334.3 1.38 Alliance Resource Partners Lp Dividends
Alliant Energy NSQ:LNT 9,640 19.0 Alliant Energy Dividends
Allogene Therapeutics Inc NSQ:ALLO 5,012 Allogene Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Allot NSQ:ALLT 297.3 335.6 Allot Dividends
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc NSQ:MDRX 906.3 9.22 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc Dividends
Almost Family Inc NSQ:AFAM Almost Family Inc Dividends
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ALNY 12,499 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Alpha And Omega Semiconductor NSQ:AOSL 234.8 9.76 Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Dividends
Alphabet Inc NSQ:GOOGL 791,438 27.6 Alphabet Inc Dividends
Alphabet Inc NSQ:GOOG 791,438 27.6 Alphabet Inc Dividends
Alphatec Holdings Inc NSQ:ATEC 242.3 Alphatec Holdings Inc Dividends
Altaba Inc NSQ:AABA Altaba Inc Dividends
Altair Engineering Inc NSQ:ALTR 2,242 107.4 Altair Engineering Inc Dividends
Altisource Portfolio Solutions Sa NSQ:ASPS 199.2 23.0 Altisource Portfolio Solutions Sa Dividends
Altra Industrial Motion NSQ:AIMCV 1,720 Altra Industrial Motion Dividends
Altra Industrial Motion NSQ:AIMC 1,720 16.3 Altra Industrial Motion Dividends
Amag Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:AMAG 232.8 48.2 Amag Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends Inc NSQ:AMZN 981,424 73.2 Inc Dividends
Ambarella Inc NSQ:AMBA 1,599 123 Ambarella Inc Dividends
Ambrx Inc NSQ:AMBX Ambrx Inc Dividends
Amc Networks Inc NSQ:AMCX 1,275 4.23 Amc Networks Inc Dividends
Amdocs NSQ:DOX 6,937 13.5 Amdocs Dividends
Amedisys Inc NSQ:AMED 4,834 33.9 Amedisys Inc Dividends
Amerant Bancorp Inc NSQ:AMTB 445.8 21.5 Amerant Bancorp Inc Dividends
Amerant Bancorp Inc NSQ:AMTBB 445.8 15.1 Amerant Bancorp Inc Dividends
Amerco NSQ:UHAL 5,266 14.6 Amerco Dividends
America First Multifamily Investors Lp NSQ:ATAX 249.8 America First Multifamily Investors Lp Dividends
America's Car-mart Inc NSQ:CRMT 457.5 America's Car-mart Inc Dividends
American Airlines Inc NSQ:AAL 4,136 American Airlines Inc Dividends
American Finance Trust Inc NSQ:AFIN 719 American Finance Trust Inc Dividends
American National Bankshares Inc NSQ:AMNB 243.6 12.2 American National Bankshares Inc Dividends
American National Insurance Co NSQ:ANAT 1,664 American National Insurance Co Dividends
American Outdoor Brands NSQ:AOBC 473.8 13.0 American Outdoor Brands Dividends
American Public Education Inc NSQ:APEI 388.9 37.0 American Public Education Inc Dividends
American Railcar Industries Inc NSQ:ARII American Railcar Industries Inc Dividends
American River Bankshares NSQ:AMRB 48.3 9.70 American River Bankshares Dividends
American Software Inc NSQ:AMSWA 495.1 85.6 American Software Inc Dividends
American Superconductor NSQ:AMSC 137.9 American Superconductor Dividends
American Woodmark NSQ:AMWD 897.2 8.24 American Woodmark Dividends
Ameriquest Inc NSQ:AMQ Ameriquest Inc Dividends
Ameris Bancorp NSQ:ABCB 1,515 8.03 Ameris Bancorp Dividends
Amerisafe Inc NSQ:AMSF 996.3 20.8 Amerisafe Inc Dividends
Amgen Inc NSQ:AMGN 107,954 13.9 Amgen Inc Dividends
Amkor Technology Inc NSQ:AMKR 2,157 13.2 Amkor Technology Inc Dividends
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:AMPH 708.6 22.6 Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Amtech Systems Inc NSQ:ASYS 58.5 18.4 Amtech Systems Inc Dividends
Amtrust Financial Services Inc NSQ:AFSI Amtrust Financial Services Inc Dividends
Amyris Inc NSQ:AMRS 447.2 Amyris Inc Dividends
Analog Devices Inc NSQ:ADI 34,491 23.6 Analog Devices Inc Dividends
Analogic NSQ:ALOG Analogic Dividends
Anaptysbio Inc NSQ:ANAB 443.3 Anaptysbio Inc Dividends
Andersons Inc NSQ:ANDE 377.9 11.5 Andersons Inc Dividends
Angi Homeservices Inc NSQ:ANGI 4,418 120.2 Angi Homeservices Inc Dividends
Angi Homeservices Inc NSQ:ANGI 4,418 120.2 Angi Homeservices Inc Dividends
Angiodynamics Inc NSQ:ANGO 335.4 102 Angiodynamics Inc Dividends
Anika Therapeutics Inc NSQ:ANIK 405.4 25.8 Anika Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Ansys Inc NSQ:ANSS 18,818 40.3 Ansys Inc Dividends
Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:APLS 2,135 Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Apogee Enterprises Inc NSQ:APOG 473.1 9.58 Apogee Enterprises Inc Dividends
Apollo Education Inc NSQ:APOL Apollo Education Inc Dividends
Apollo Investment NSQ:AINV 549.2 5.98 Apollo Investment Dividends
Appdynamics Inc NSQ:APPD Appdynamics Inc Dividends
Apple Inc NSQ:AAPL 1,125,547 22.3 Apple Inc Dividends
Applied Materials Inc NSQ:AMAT 42,219 13.7 Applied Materials Inc Dividends
Applied Micro Circuits NSQ:AMCC Applied Micro Circuits Dividends
Aprea Therapeutics Inc NSQ:APRE 442.1 Aprea Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aptinyx Inc NSQ:APTX 146.8 Aptinyx Inc Dividends
Apyx Medical NSQ:APYX 123.9 Apyx Medical Dividends
Aravive Inc NSQ:ARAV 159.5 Aravive Inc Dividends
Arbutus Biopharma NSQ:ABUS 125 Arbutus Biopharma Dividends
Arcbest NSQ:ARCB 470.8 11.6 Arcbest Dividends
Arch Capital NSQ:ACGLO 9,908 8,876 Arch Capital Dividends
Arch Capital NSQ:ACGL 9,908 10.6 Arch Capital Dividends
Arch Capital NSQ:ACGLP 9,908 8,490 Arch Capital Dividends
Archrock Partners Lp NSQ:APLP Archrock Partners Lp Dividends
Arco Platform NSQ:ARCE 2,268 42.7 Arco Platform Dividends
Arctic Cat Inc NSQ:ACAT Arctic Cat Inc Dividends
Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc NSQ:ARQT 940.6 Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc Dividends
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ARNA 2,389 Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Ares Capital NSQ:ARCC 5,337 8.81 Ares Capital Dividends
Argenx Se NSQ:ARGX 7,298 Argenx Se Dividends
Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ARIA Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Armo Biosciences Inc NSQ:ARMO Armo Biosciences Inc Dividends
Arris International NSQ:ARRS Arris International Dividends
Arrow Financial NSQ:AROW 376 12.8 Arrow Financial Dividends
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ARWR 2,797 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Artesian Resources NSQ:ARTNA 265.6 Artesian Resources Dividends
Arvinas Inc NSQ:ARVN 1,370 Arvinas Inc Dividends
Ascena Retail Inc NSQ:ASNA 19.0 Ascena Retail Inc Dividends
Ascendis Pharma A/s NSQ:ASND 5,753 Ascendis Pharma A/s Dividends
Asml Holding Nv NSQ:ASML 108,428 33.7 Asml Holding Nv Dividends
Aspen Technology Inc NSQ:AZPN 5,611 25.1 Aspen Technology Inc Dividends
Assembly Biosciences Inc NSQ:ASMB 548.1 Assembly Biosciences Inc Dividends
Assertio Holdings Inc NSQ:ASRT 54.9 1.07 Assertio Holdings Inc Dividends
Asta Funding Inc NSQ:ASFI 67.2 Asta Funding Inc Dividends
Astec Industries Inc NSQ:ASTE 795.9 30.8 Astec Industries Inc Dividends
Astronics NSQ:ATRO 235 1,687 Astronics Dividends
Atara Biotherapeutics Inc NSQ:ATRA 535.6 Atara Biotherapeutics Inc Dividends
Athenahealth Inc NSQ:ATHN Athenahealth Inc Dividends
Athenex Inc NSQ:ATNX 764.3 Athenex Inc Dividends
Atlantic Capital Bancshares Inc NSQ:ACBI 208.3 11.7 Atlantic Capital Bancshares Inc Dividends
Atlantic Union Bankshares NSQ:AUB 1,613 10.6 Atlantic Union Bankshares Dividends
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure NSQ:AY 2,185 25.9 Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Dividends
Atlanticus Holdings NSQ:ATLC 189.4 Atlanticus Holdings Dividends
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc NSQ:AAWW 835.8 6.21 Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc Dividends
Atlassian NSQ:TEAM 34,763 131.2 Atlassian Dividends
Atn International Inc NSQ:ATNI 801.7 298.6 Atn International Inc Dividends
Atreca Inc NSQ:BCEL 457.1 Atreca Inc Dividends
Atrion NSQ:ATRI 990.2 Atrion Dividends
Audiocodes NSQ:AUDC 875.9 30.3 Audiocodes Dividends
Autodesk Inc NSQ:ADSK 35,751 42.2 Autodesk Inc Dividends
Autolus Therapeutics NSQ:AUTL 516.4 Autolus Therapeutics Dividends
Automatic Data Processing Inc NSQ:ADP 50,755 22.1 Automatic Data Processing Inc Dividends
Av Homes Inc NSQ:AVHI Av Homes Inc Dividends
Avexis Inc NSQ:AVXS Avexis Inc Dividends
Aviat Networks Inc NSQ:AVNW 68.8 15.6 Aviat Networks Inc Dividends
Avid Technology Inc NSQ:AVID 230.1 7.82 Avid Technology Inc Dividends
Avis Budget Inc NSQ:CAR 1,247 Avis Budget Inc Dividends
Avnet Inc NSQ:AVT 2,307 11.3 Avnet Inc Dividends
Avrobio Inc NSQ:AVRO 606.3 Avrobio Inc Dividends
Axcelis Technologies Inc NSQ:ACLS 737.5 20.3 Axcelis Technologies Inc Dividends
Axon Enterprise Inc NSQ:AAXN 3,697 56.8 Axon Enterprise Inc Dividends
Axonics Modulation Technologies Inc NSQ:AXNX 1,186 Axonics Modulation Technologies Inc Dividends
Axovant Gene Therapies NSQ:AXGT 110 Axovant Gene Therapies Dividends
Axt Inc NSQ:AXTI 183.4 90.3 Axt Inc Dividends
B Communications NSQ:BCOM 144.3 B Communications Dividends
B/e Aerospace Inc NSQ:BEAV B/e Aerospace Inc Dividends
Baidu Inc NSQ:BIDU 30,449 14.7 Baidu Inc Dividends
Balchem NSQ:BCPC 2,693 35.6 Balchem Dividends
Bancfirst NSQ:BANF 1,060 13.0 Bancfirst Dividends
Bancorp Inc NSQ:TBBK 401.7 6.76 Bancorp Inc Dividends
Bandwidth Inc NSQ:BAND 2,045 Bandwidth Inc Dividends
Bank Mutual NSQ:BKMU Bank Mutual Dividends
Bank Of Princeton NSQ:BPRN 119.1 11.1 Bank Of Princeton Dividends
Bank Ozk NSQ:OZK 2,523 9.86 Bank Ozk Dividends
Bank7 NSQ:BSVN 75.5 7.87 Bank7 Dividends
Bankfinancial NSQ:BFIN 115.7 14.0 Bankfinancial Dividends
Banner NSQ:BANR 1,141 13.0 Banner Dividends
Baozun Inc NSQ:BZUN 1,398 19.1 Baozun Inc Dividends
Barrett Business Services Inc NSQ:BBSI 325 11.1 Barrett Business Services Inc Dividends
Bassett Furniture Industries Inc NSQ:BSET 58.4 30.4 Bassett Furniture Industries Inc Dividends
Baycom NSQ:BCML 142.6 6.91 Baycom Dividends
Bazaarvoice Inc NSQ:BV Bazaarvoice Inc Dividends
Bbq Holdings Inc NSQ:BBQ 23.2 24.6 Bbq Holdings Inc Dividends
Beacon Roofing Supply Inc NSQ:BECN 1,466 10.7 Beacon Roofing Supply Inc Dividends
Beam Therapeutics Inc NSQ:BEAM 1,033 Beam Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc NSQ:BBBY 794.4 Bed Bath & Beyond Inc Dividends
Beigene NSQ:BGNE 10,019 Beigene Dividends
Bel Fuse Inc NSQ:BELFB 102.9 Bel Fuse Inc Dividends
Bel Fuse Inc NSQ:BELFA 102.9 Bel Fuse Inc Dividends
Bellus Health Inc NSQ:BLU 518.6 Bellus Health Inc Dividends
Beneficial Bancorp Inc NSQ:BNCL Beneficial Bancorp Inc Dividends
Berry (bry) NSQ:BRY 291.7 7.99 Berry (bry) Dividends
Berry Petroleum NSQ:BRY 291.7 7.99 Berry Petroleum Dividends
Beyond Meat Inc NSQ:BYND 6,257 283.6 Beyond Meat Inc Dividends
Bgc Partners Inc NSQ:BGCPV Bgc Partners Inc Dividends
Bgc Partners Inc NSQ:BGCP 828.9 4.24 Bgc Partners Inc Dividends
Bicycle Therapeutics NSQ:BCYC 243.8 Bicycle Therapeutics Dividends
Big 5 Sporting Goods NSQ:BGFV 34.3 5.45 Big 5 Sporting Goods Dividends
Bilibili Inc NSQ:BILI 8,218 Bilibili Inc Dividends
Bio-techne NSQ:TECH 8,027 47.5 Bio-techne Dividends
Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:BCRX 634 Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Biodelivery Sciences International Inc NSQ:BDSI 391.4 14.4 Biodelivery Sciences International Inc Dividends
Biogen Inc NSQ:BIIBV 40,872 Biogen Inc Dividends
Biogen Inc NSQ:BIIB 40,872 9.29 Biogen Inc Dividends
Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc NSQ:BMRN 15,745 148.1 Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc Dividends
Biontech Se NSQ:BNTX 8,790 Biontech Se Dividends
Biotelemetry Inc NSQ:BEAT 1,337 21.2 Biotelemetry Inc Dividends
Bioverativ Inc NSQ:BIVV Bioverativ Inc Dividends
Bj's Restaurants Inc NSQ:BJRI 431.9 357.3 Bj's Restaurants Inc Dividends
Black Box NSQ:BBOX Black Box Dividends
Black Diamond Therapeutics Inc NSQ:BDTX 1,159 Black Diamond Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Blackbaud Inc NSQ:BLKB 2,480 28.0 Blackbaud Inc Dividends
Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc NSQ:HAWK Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc Dividends
Blackline Inc NSQ:BL 3,217 142.6 Blackline Inc Dividends
Blackrock Capital Investment NSQ:BKCC 164.1 5.24 Blackrock Capital Investment Dividends
Blackrock Tcp Capital NSQ:TCPC 480.1 6.87 Blackrock Tcp Capital Dividends
Bloomin' Brands Inc NSQ:BLMN 865.6 21.4 Bloomin' Brands Inc Dividends
Blucora Inc NSQ:BCOR 491.8 5.23 Blucora Inc Dividends
Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc NSQ:BUFF Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc Dividends
Blue Hills Bancorp Inc NSQ:BHBK Blue Hills Bancorp Inc Dividends
Blue Nile Inc NSQ:NILE Blue Nile Inc Dividends
Bluebird Bio Inc NSQ:BLUE 3,326 Bluebird Bio Inc Dividends
Bluecrest Capital Finance NSQ:BCCF Bluecrest Capital Finance Dividends
Blueprint Medicines NSQ:BPMC 2,845 Blueprint Medicines Dividends
Bmc Stock Holdings Inc NSQ:BMCH 1,476 15.7 Bmc Stock Holdings Inc Dividends
Bob Evans Farms Inc NSQ:BOBE Bob Evans Farms Inc Dividends
Boingo Wireless Inc NSQ:WIFI 537 Boingo Wireless Inc Dividends
Bojangles Inc NSQ:BOJA Bojangles Inc Dividends
Bok Financial NSQ:BOKF 3,181 9.87 Bok Financial Dividends
Booking Holdings Inc NSQ:BKNG 56,760 20.7 Booking Holdings Inc Dividends
Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc NSQ:BPFH 516.8 10.5 Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc Dividends
Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc NSQ:BPFHP 516.8 Boston Private Financial Holdings Inc Dividends
Bottomline Technologies (de) Inc NSQ:EPAY 1,812 34.1 Bottomline Technologies (de) Inc Dividends
Bravo Brio Restaurant Inc NSQ:BBRG Bravo Brio Restaurant Inc Dividends
Bridge Bancorp Inc NSQ:BDGE 372.4 9.41 Bridge Bancorp Inc Dividends
Bridgebio Pharma Inc NSQ:BBIO 3,536 Bridgebio Pharma Inc Dividends
Brightcove Inc NSQ:BCOV 267.6 37.2 Brightcove Inc Dividends
Brighthouse Financial Inc NSQ:BHFAO 2,430 2.56 Brighthouse Financial Inc Dividends
Brighthouse Financial Inc NSQ:BHF 2,430 3.20 Brighthouse Financial Inc Dividends
Brighthouse Financial Inc NSQ:BHFAP 2,430 2,579 Brighthouse Financial Inc Dividends
Brightsource Energy Inc NSQ:BRSE Brightsource Energy Inc Dividends
Broadcom Inc NSQ:AVGO 93,858 12.6 Broadcom Inc Dividends
Broadsoft Inc NSQ:BSFT Broadsoft Inc Dividends
Brocade Communications Systems Inc NSQ:BRCD Brocade Communications Systems Inc Dividends
Brookfield Property Partners Lp NSQ:BPY 4,001 Brookfield Property Partners Lp Dividends
Brookfield Property Reit Inc NSQ:BPYU 11,177 28.7 Brookfield Property Reit Inc Dividends
Brookline Bancorp Inc NSQ:BRKL 675.6 10.6 Brookline Bancorp Inc Dividends
Brooks Automation Inc NSQ:BRKS 2,528 31.4 Brooks Automation Inc Dividends
Brp Inc NSQ:BRP 637 29.6 Brp Inc Dividends
Brp Inc NSQ:DOOO 2,669 26.1 Brp Inc Dividends
Bruker NSQ:BRKR 5,562 26.3 Bruker Dividends
Bryn Mawr Bank NSQ:BMTC 474 10.3 Bryn Mawr Bank Dividends
Buffalo Wild Wings Inc NSQ:BWLD Buffalo Wild Wings Inc Dividends
Builders Firstsource Inc NSQ:BLDR 2,122 9.79 Builders Firstsource Inc Dividends
Business First Bancshares Inc NSQ:BFST 238.6 7.19 Business First Bancshares Inc Dividends
C.h. Robinson Worldwide Inc NSQ:CHRW 8,808 21.6 C.h. Robinson Worldwide Inc Dividends
C&f Financial NSQ:CFFI 112.6 C&f Financial Dividends
Ca Inc NSQ:CA Ca Inc Dividends
Cabaletta Bio Inc NSQ:CABA 160.5 Cabaletta Bio Inc Dividends
Cabot Microelectronics NSQ:CCMP 3,564 20.7 Cabot Microelectronics Dividends
Cadence Design Systems Inc NSQ:CDNS 19,418 33.9 Cadence Design Systems Inc Dividends
Caesars Acquisition Co NSQ:CACQ Caesars Acquisition Co Dividends
Caesars Entertainment NSQ:CZR 6,472 Caesars Entertainment Dividends
Caesarstone NSQ:CSTE 317.3 Caesarstone Dividends
Cafepress Inc NSQ:PRSS Cafepress Inc Dividends
Cal-maine Foods Inc NSQ:CALM 1,810 21.4 Cal-maine Foods Inc Dividends
Calamos Asset Management Inc NSQ:CLMS Calamos Asset Management Inc Dividends
Calamp NSQ:CAMP 216.3 19.2 Calamp Dividends
Calavo Growers Inc NSQ:CVGW 888.8 20.2 Calavo Growers Inc Dividends