NASDAQ Global Select Market

NSQ / NSQ - 1764 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Canadian Solar Inc NSQ:CSIQ 999.7 7.29 Canadian Solar Inc Dividends
Capella Education Co NSQ:CPLA Capella Education Co Dividends
Capital Bancorp Inc NSQ:CBNK 151.1 11.7 Capital Bancorp Inc Dividends
Capital Bank Financial NSQ:CBF Capital Bank Financial Dividends
Capital City Bank Inc NSQ:CCBG 371 15.9 Capital City Bank Inc Dividends
Capital Product Partners Lp NSQ:CPLP 178.3 6.20 Capital Product Partners Lp Dividends
Capital Southwest NSQ:CSWC 295.4 12.8 Capital Southwest Dividends
Capitala Finance NSQ:CPTA 112.4 10.5 Capitala Finance Dividends
Capitol Federal Financial Inc NSQ:CFFN 1,484 21.3 Capitol Federal Financial Inc Dividends
Capstar Financial Holdings Inc NSQ:CSTR 228.8 13.1 Capstar Financial Holdings Inc Dividends
Carbon Black Inc NSQ:CBLK Carbon Black Inc Dividends
Cardinal Financial NSQ:CFNL Cardinal Financial Dividends
Cardiovascular Systems Inc NSQ:CSII 1,462 641 Cardiovascular Systems Inc Dividends
Cardtronics NSQ:CATM 1,585 17.4 Cardtronics Dividends
Caretrust Reit Inc NSQ:CTRE 1,601 26.8 Caretrust Reit Inc Dividends
Cargurus Inc NSQ:CARG 3,258 57.7 Cargurus Inc Dividends
Carlyle Inc NSQ:CG 3,003 14.4 Carlyle Inc Dividends
Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc NSQ:CRZO 555.8 3.35 Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc Dividends
Carrols Restaurant Inc NSQ:TAST 203.1 Carrols Restaurant Inc Dividends
Carter Bank And Trust NSQ:CARE 415.4 15.6 Carter Bank And Trust Dividends
Casa Systems Inc NSQ:CASA 243.3 Casa Systems Inc Dividends
Cascadian Therapeutics Inc NSQ:CASC Cascadian Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Casella Waste Systems Inc NSQ:CWST 1,814 46.2 Casella Waste Systems Inc Dividends
Caseys General Stores Inc NSQ:CASY 4,767 25.3 Caseys General Stores Inc Dividends
Cass Information Systems Inc NSQ:CASS 638.8 Cass Information Systems Inc Dividends
Cathay General Bancorp NSQ:CATY 2,262 11.1 Cathay General Bancorp Dividends
Cavco Industries Inc NSQ:CVCO 1,501 23.4 Cavco Industries Inc Dividends
Cavium Inc NSQ:CAVM Cavium Inc Dividends
Cboe Global Markets Inc NSQ:CBOE Cboe Global Markets Inc Dividends
Cbtx Inc NSQ:CBTX 620.8 16.2 Cbtx Inc Dividends
Cdk Global Inc NSQ:CDK 5,169 15.9 Cdk Global Inc Dividends
Cdw NSQ:CDW 15,009 20.8 Cdw Dividends
Ceco Environmental NSQ:CECE 218.5 13.5 Ceco Environmental Dividends
Celgene NSQ:CELG 59,019 8.88 Celgene Dividends
Cellular Biomedicine Inc NSQ:CBMG 272.1 Cellular Biomedicine Inc Dividends
Centerstate Bank NSQ:CSFL 2,284 11.8 Centerstate Bank Dividends
Central European Media Enterprises NSQ:CETV 870.8 7.47 Central European Media Enterprises Dividends
Central Garden & Pet Co NSQ:CENTA 1,315 18.7 Central Garden & Pet Co Dividends
Central Garden & Pet Co NSQ:CENT 1,315 19.9 Central Garden & Pet Co Dividends
Centre Lane Investment NSQ:CNLI Centre Lane Investment Dividends
Centrexion Therapeutics NSQ:CNTX Centrexion Therapeutics Dividends
Centrexion Therapeutics NSQ:CNTX Centrexion Therapeutics Dividends
Century Aluminum Co NSQ:CENX 461.9 37.7 Century Aluminum Co Dividends
Century Bancorp Inc NSQ:CNBKA 388.8 Century Bancorp Inc Dividends
Ceragon Networks NSQ:CRNT 138.1 30.0 Ceragon Networks Dividends
Cerence Inc NSQ:CRNC 605.4 16.1 Cerence Inc Dividends
Cerner NSQ:CERN 18,251 24.1 Cerner Dividends
Ceva Inc NSQ:CEVA 493.6 55.6 Ceva Inc Dividends
Change Healthcare Inc NSQ:CHNG 1,653 11.4 Change Healthcare Inc Dividends NSQ:CYOU 0.000 Dividends
Chart Industries Inc NSQ:GTLS 1,906 14.3 Chart Industries Inc Dividends
Charter Communications Inc NSQ:CHTR 82,901 37.7 Charter Communications Inc Dividends
Check Point Software Technologies NSQ:CHKP 13,289 17.7 Check Point Software Technologies Dividends
Cheesecake Factory Inc NSQ:CAKE 1,349 14.2 Cheesecake Factory Inc Dividends
Chefs' Warehouse Inc NSQ:CHEF 889.1 34.8 Chefs' Warehouse Inc Dividends
Chemocentryx Inc NSQ:CCXI 1,908 Chemocentryx Inc Dividends
Chemung Financial NSQ:CHMG 156 11.0 Chemung Financial Dividends
Chiasma Inc NSQ:CHMA 153.6 Chiasma Inc Dividends
Childrens Place Inc NSQ:PLCE 733.8 10.2 Childrens Place Inc Dividends
China Biologic Products Holdings Inc NSQ:CBPO 3,429 23.9 China Biologic Products Holdings Inc Dividends
China Finance Online Co NSQ:JRJC 12.1 China Finance Online Co Dividends
China Index Holdings NSQ:CIH 436.6 China Index Holdings Dividends
Chipmos Technologies Inc NSQ:IMOS 616.8 11.3 Chipmos Technologies Inc Dividends
Churchill Downs Inc NSQ:CHDN 4,374 38.3 Churchill Downs Inc Dividends
Chuy's Holdings Inc NSQ:CHUY 320.9 22.9 Chuy's Holdings Inc Dividends
Cibus Global NSQ:CBUS Cibus Global Dividends
Cimpress NSQ:CMPR 2,298 23.0 Cimpress Dividends
Cincinnati Financial NSQ:CINF 13,315 27.5 Cincinnati Financial Dividends
Cintas NSQ:CTAS 22,428 30.2 Cintas Dividends
Cirius Therapeutics Inc NSQ:CSTX Cirius Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Cirrus Logic Inc NSQ:CRUS 3,666 24.3 Cirrus Logic Inc Dividends
Cisco Systems Inc NSQ:CSCO 158,674 14.7 Cisco Systems Inc Dividends
Citi Trends Inc NSQ:CTRN 199 10.7 Citi Trends Inc Dividends
Citrix Systems Inc NSQ:CTXSV Citrix Systems Inc Dividends
Citrix Systems Inc NSQ:CTXS 11,762 21.7 Citrix Systems Inc Dividends
City Holding Co NSQ:CHCO 1,006 15.5 City Holding Co Dividends
Clarus NSQ:CLAR 303.6 16.5 Clarus Dividends
Clean Energy Fuels NSQ:CLNE 384.4 57.0 Clean Energy Fuels Dividends
Clementia Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:CMTA Clementia Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Clifton Bancorp Inc NSQ:CSBK Clifton Bancorp Inc Dividends
Clovis Oncology Inc NSQ:CLVS 392.8 Clovis Oncology Inc Dividends
Cme Inc NSQ:CME 56,819 28.1 Cme Inc Dividends
Cnb Financial NSQ:CCNE 365.1 12.2 Cnb Financial Dividends
Cnova Nv NSQ:CNV Cnova Nv Dividends
Coastal Financial (everett) NSQ:CCB 156.6 14.2 Coastal Financial (everett) Dividends
Cobiz Financial Inc NSQ:COBZ Cobiz Financial Inc Dividends
Coca-cola Consolidated Inc NSQ:COKE 2,017 23.8 Coca-cola Consolidated Inc Dividends
Codexis Inc NSQ:CDXS 788.7 Codexis Inc Dividends
Codiak Biosciences Inc NSQ:CDAK Codiak Biosciences Inc Dividends
Cogent Communications Holdings Inc NSQ:CCOI 2,648 75.8 Cogent Communications Holdings Inc Dividends
Cognex NSQ:CGNX 7,553 55.8 Cognex Dividends
Cognizant Technology Solutions NSQ:CTSH 26,259 15.1 Cognizant Technology Solutions Dividends
Coherent Inc NSQ:COHR 3,137 25.4 Coherent Inc Dividends
Cohu Inc NSQ:COHU 790.4 24.1 Cohu Inc Dividends
Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc NSQ:COLL 554 77.6 Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc Dividends
Colliers International Inc NSQ:CIGI 2,405 16.4 Colliers International Inc Dividends
Columbia Banking System Inc NSQ:COLB 2,156 15.8 Columbia Banking System Inc Dividends
Columbia Financial Inc NSQ:CLBK 1,474 35.7 Columbia Financial Inc Dividends
Columbia Sportswear Co NSQ:COLM 5,035 19.1 Columbia Sportswear Co Dividends
Columbus Mckinnon NSQ:CMCO 687 11.8 Columbus Mckinnon Dividends
Comcast NSQ:CMCSA 164,926 14.4 Comcast Dividends
Commerce Bancshares Inc NSQ:CBSHP 5,791 7,734 Commerce Bancshares Inc Dividends
Commerce Bancshares Inc NSQ:CBSH 5,791 19.8 Commerce Bancshares Inc Dividends
Commercial Vehicle Inc NSQ:CVGI 142.7 8.80 Commercial Vehicle Inc Dividends
Commscope Holding Inc NSQ:COMM 2,147 6.65 Commscope Holding Inc Dividends
Community Trust Bancorp Inc NSQ:CTBI 613.9 14.0 Community Trust Bancorp Inc Dividends
Commvault Systems Inc NSQ:CVLT 1,596 27.2 Commvault Systems Inc Dividends
Computer Programs And Systems Inc NSQ:CPSI 300.1 11.0 Computer Programs And Systems Inc Dividends
Computer Task Inc NSQ:CTG 66.4 16.8 Computer Task Inc Dividends
Comscore Inc NSQ:SCOR 279.1 Comscore Inc Dividends
Comtech Telecommunications NSQ:CMTL 674.8 23.3 Comtech Telecommunications Dividends
Concordia International NSQ:CXRX 153.5 Concordia International Dividends
Conduent Inc NSQ:CNDT 884.7 9.10 Conduent Inc Dividends
Conformis Inc NSQ:CFMS 64.3 Conformis Inc Dividends
Conmed NSQ:CNMD 2,372 35.8 Conmed Dividends
Conn's Inc NSQ:CONN 220.4 4.81 Conn's Inc Dividends
Connecticut Water Service Inc NSQ:CTWS Connecticut Water Service Inc Dividends
Connectone Bancorp Inc NSQ:CNOB 683.8 10.3 Connectone Bancorp Inc Dividends
Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc NSQ:CNSL 225.9 Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc Dividends
Consolidated Water Co NSQ:CWCO 195.2 24.7 Consolidated Water Co Dividends
Constellation Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:CNST 1,208 Constellation Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Construction Partners Inc NSQ:ROAD 945 19.9 Construction Partners Inc Dividends
Control4 NSQ:CTRL Control4 Dividends
Copart Inc NSQ:CPRT 17,567 33.5 Copart Inc Dividends
Core-mark Holding Inc NSQ:CORE 878.7 14.2 Core-mark Holding Inc Dividends
Cornerstone Ondemand Inc NSQ:CSOD 2,945 40.8 Cornerstone Ondemand Inc Dividends
Cortexyme Inc NSQ:CRTX 1,200 Cortexyme Inc Dividends
Corvel NSQ:CRVL 1,343 Corvel Dividends
Costar Inc NSQ:CSGP 18,543 63.7 Costar Inc Dividends
Costco Wholesale NSQ:COST 106,067 35.2 Costco Wholesale Dividends
Coupa Software Inc NSQ:COUP 8,292 364.4 Coupa Software Inc Dividends
Covenant Transportation Inc NSQ:CVTI 193 16.8 Covenant Transportation Inc Dividends
Covetrus Inc NSQ:CVET 1,294 21.8 Covetrus Inc Dividends
Covisint NSQ:COVS Covisint Dividends
Cowen Inc NSQ:COWN 360.4 4.90 Cowen Inc Dividends
Cra International Inc NSQ:CRAI 327.9 16.8 Cra International Inc Dividends
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc NSQ:CBRL 2,903 16.3 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc Dividends
Craft Brew Alliance Inc NSQ:BREW 245 65.4 Craft Brew Alliance Inc Dividends
Cray Inc NSQ:CRAY Cray Inc Dividends
Credit Acceptance NSQ:CACC 6,523 15.9 Credit Acceptance Dividends
Cree Inc NSQ:CREE 4,317 579 Cree Inc Dividends
Cresud Sacif Y A NSQ:CRESY 239.5 Cresud Sacif Y A Dividends
Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:CRNX 442.1 Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Criteo Sa NSQ:CRTO 710.9 5.92 Criteo Sa Dividends
Crocs Inc NSQ:CROX 2,193 21.0 Crocs Inc Dividends
Cross Country Healthcare Inc NSQ:CCRN 295.1 41.6 Cross Country Healthcare Inc Dividends
Crossfirst Bankshares Inc NSQ:CFB 514.8 13.4 Crossfirst Bankshares Inc Dividends
Crowdstrike Holdings Inc NSQ:CRWD 17,661 Crowdstrike Holdings Inc Dividends
Csg Systems International Inc NSQ:CSGS 1,282 15.4 Csg Systems International Inc Dividends
Csi Compressco Lp NSQ:CCLP 81.5 565 Csi Compressco Lp Dividends
Csw Industrials Inc NSQ:CSWI 915.5 23.6 Csw Industrials Inc Dividends
Csx NSQ:CSX 44,871 17.8 Csx Dividends
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:CPIX 60.1 51.5 Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Cutera Inc NSQ:CUTR 337.8 55.1 Cutera Inc Dividends
Cvb Financial NSQ:CVBF 2,287 15.2 Cvb Financial Dividends
Cyberark Software NSQ:CYBR 3,925 49.8 Cyberark Software Dividends
Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc NSQ:CYCN 73.7 Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Cymabay Therapeutics Inc NSQ:CBAY 102.7 Cymabay Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Cynosure Inc NSQ:CYNO Cynosure Inc Dividends
Cypress Semiconductor NSQ:CY 6,661 18.7 Cypress Semiconductor Dividends
Cyrusone Inc NSQ:CONE 5,600 963.4 Cyrusone Inc Dividends
Cytokinetics Inc NSQ:CYTK 549.5 Cytokinetics Inc Dividends
Cytomx Therapeutics Inc NSQ:CTMX 259.8 Cytomx Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Daktronics Inc NSQ:DAKT 212.5 23.9 Daktronics Inc Dividends
Datadog Inc NSQ:DDOG 9,322 Datadog Inc Dividends
Datalink NSQ:DTLK Datalink Dividends
Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc NSQ:PLAY 1,089 15.4 Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc Dividends
Dawson Geophysical Co NSQ:DWSN 49.6 Dawson Geophysical Co Dividends
Dbv Technologies Sa NSQ:DBVT 710.6 Dbv Technologies Sa Dividends
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:DCPH 2,604 Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Del Frisco's Restaurant Inc NSQ:DFRG Del Frisco's Restaurant Inc Dividends
Delta Natural Gas Inc NSQ:DGAS Delta Natural Gas Inc Dividends
Denali Therapeutics Inc NSQ:DNLI 1,620 Denali Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Dentsply Sirona Inc NSQ:XRAY 10,368 22.1 Dentsply Sirona Inc Dividends
Dermira Inc NSQ:DERM 800.2 Dermira Inc Dividends
Descartes Systems Inc NSQ:DSGX 2,994 79.2 Descartes Systems Inc Dividends
Destination Xl Inc NSQ:DXLG 49.8 Destination Xl Inc Dividends
Dexcom Inc NSQ:DXCM 16,249 122.8 Dexcom Inc Dividends
Diamond Hill Investment Inc NSQ:DHIL 368.8 Diamond Hill Investment Inc Dividends
Diamondback Energy Inc NSQ:FANG 10,861 9.80 Diamondback Energy Inc Dividends
Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:DRNA 1,055 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Digi International Inc NSQ:DGII 371.3 21.4 Digi International Inc Dividends
Digimarc NSQ:DMRC 323.1 Digimarc Dividends
Dime Community Bancshares Inc NSQ:DCOM 552.7 13.9 Dime Community Bancshares Inc Dividends
Dimension Therapeutics Inc NSQ:DMTX Dimension Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Diodes Inc NSQ:DIOD 2,293 21.4 Diodes Inc Dividends
Dirtt Environmental Solutions NSQ:DRTT 194.7 20.6 Dirtt Environmental Solutions Dividends
Discovery Inc NSQ:DISCA 12,872 8.25 Discovery Inc Dividends
Discovery Inc NSQ:DISCB 12,872 9.77 Discovery Inc Dividends
Discovery Inc NSQ:DISCK 12,872 7.76 Discovery Inc Dividends
Dish Network NSQ:DISH 13,888 17.7 Dish Network Dividends
Dish Network NSQ:DISHV 13,888 1.28 Dish Network Dividends
Dish Network NSQ:DISHR 13,888 0.005 Dish Network Dividends
Diversified Healthcare Trust NSQ:DHC 1,523 57.6 Diversified Healthcare Trust Dividends
Dmc Global Inc NSQ:BOOM 482.1 12.4 Dmc Global Inc Dividends
Docusign Inc NSQ:DOCU 10,059 178.5 Docusign Inc Dividends
Dollar Tree Inc NSQ:DLTR 16,235 16.9 Dollar Tree Inc Dividends
Donegal Inc NSQ:DGICA 275.9 12.8 Donegal Inc Dividends
Donegal Inc NSQ:DGICB 275.9 11.4 Donegal Inc Dividends
Dorchester Minerals Lp NSQ:DMLP 547.3 Dorchester Minerals Lp Dividends
Dorman Products Inc NSQ:DORM 1,944 20.1 Dorman Products Inc Dividends
Douyu International Holdings NSQ:DOYU 2,137 20.2 Douyu International Holdings Dividends
Dropbox Inc NSQ:DBX 5,615 30.1 Dropbox Inc Dividends
Dsp Inc NSQ:DSPG 278.4 49.3 Dsp Inc Dividends
Duluth Holdings Inc NSQ:DLTH 228.1 13.2 Duluth Holdings Inc Dividends
Dunkin' Brands Inc NSQ:DNKN 4,987 23.9 Dunkin' Brands Inc Dividends
Dxp Enterprises Inc NSQ:DXPE 520.4 14.9 Dxp Enterprises Inc Dividends
E. W. Scripps Co NSQ:SSP 966.2 11.6 E. W. Scripps Co Dividends
E*trade Financial NSQ:ETFC 8,087 12.8 E*trade Financial Dividends
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc NSQ:EGLE 239 10.7 Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc Dividends
Earthlink Holdings NSQ:ELNK Earthlink Holdings Dividends
East West Bancorp Inc NSQ:EWBC 5,275 10.1 East West Bancorp Inc Dividends
Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc NSQ:EVBS Eastern Virginia Bankshares Inc Dividends
Ebay Inc NSQ:EBAY 22,273 12.4 Ebay Inc Dividends
Ebix Inc NSQ:EBIX 818.9 8.07 Ebix Inc Dividends
Echelon NSQ:ELON Echelon Dividends
Echo Global Logistics Inc NSQ:ECHO 472.8 15.8 Echo Global Logistics Inc Dividends
Echostar NSQ:SATS 3,139 Echostar Dividends
Echostar NSQ:SATSV 3,139 Echostar Dividends
Editas Medicine Inc NSQ:EDIT 1,172 Editas Medicine Inc Dividends
Ehealth Inc NSQ:EHTH 1,746 36.9 Ehealth Inc Dividends
Eidos Therapeutics Inc NSQ:EIDX 1,564 Eidos Therapeutics Inc Dividends
El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc NSQ:LOCO 389.3 18.3 El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc Dividends
Elbit Imaging NSQ:EMITF Elbit Imaging Dividends
Elbit Systems NSQ:ESLT 5,102 22.2 Elbit Systems Dividends
Eldorado Resorts Inc NSQ:ERI 3,547 28.0 Eldorado Resorts Inc Dividends
Electro Scientific Industries Inc NSQ:ESIO Electro Scientific Industries Inc Dividends
Electrocore, Inc. NSQ:ECOR 30.5 Electrocore, Inc. Dividends
Electronic Arts Inc NSQ:EA 25,156 23.2 Electronic Arts Inc Dividends
Electronics For Imaging Inc NSQ:EFII Electronics For Imaging Inc Dividends
Emc Insurance Inc NSQ:EMCI Emc Insurance Inc Dividends
Emmis Communications NSQ:EMMSV Emmis Communications Dividends
Emmis Communications NSQ:EMMS 38.7 Emmis Communications Dividends
Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc NSQ:ENTA 880 Enanta Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Encore Capital Inc NSQ:ECPG 871 5.74 Encore Capital Inc Dividends
Encore Wire NSQ:WIRE 950.3 16.3 Encore Wire Dividends
Endo International NSQ:ENDP 1,109 2.84 Endo International Dividends
Endocyte Inc NSQ:ECYT Endocyte Inc Dividends
Endologix Inc NSQ:ELGX 26.7 Endologix Inc Dividends
Endurance International Group Inc NSQ:EIGI 572.3 Endurance International Group Inc Dividends
Energy Recovery Inc NSQ:ERII 436.8 47.0 Energy Recovery Inc Dividends
Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Inc NSQ:EGC Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Inc Dividends
Enernoc Inc NSQ:ENOC Enernoc Inc Dividends
Ensign Inc NSQ:ENSGV Ensign Inc Dividends
Ensign Inc NSQ:ENSG 1,931 20.8 Ensign Inc Dividends
Enstar NSQ:ESGRO 3,385 1,623 Enstar Dividends
Enstar NSQ:ESGRP 3,385 1,675 Enstar Dividends
Enstar NSQ:ESGR 3,385 12.1 Enstar Dividends
Entegris Inc NSQ:ENTG 5,944 24.5 Entegris Inc Dividends
Enterprise Bancorp Inc NSQ:EBTC 288 Enterprise Bancorp Inc Dividends
Enterprise Financial Services NSQ:EFSC 952.3 11.3 Enterprise Financial Services Dividends
Enzymotec NSQ:ENZY Enzymotec Dividends
Epizyme Inc NSQ:EPZM 1,816 Epizyme Inc Dividends
Eplus Inc NSQ:PLUS 885.9 14.3 Eplus Inc Dividends
Equinix Inc NSQ:EQIX 38,564 75.2 Equinix Inc Dividends
Equity Bancshares Inc NSQ:EQBK 329.9 12.0 Equity Bancshares Inc Dividends
Erie Indemnity Co NSQ:ERIE 6,823 26.6 Erie Indemnity Co Dividends
Erytech Pharma Sa NSQ:ERYP 95.4 Erytech Pharma Sa Dividends
Essa Bancorp Inc NSQ:ESSA 148.1 Essa Bancorp Inc Dividends
Essendant Inc NSQ:ESND Essendant Inc Dividends
Etsy Inc NSQ:ETSY 4,603 63.9 Etsy Inc Dividends
Euronet Worldwide Inc NSQ:EEFT 6,791 20.2 Euronet Worldwide Inc Dividends
Evelo Biosciences Inc NSQ:EVLO 113.6 Evelo Biosciences Inc Dividends
Exactech Inc NSQ:EXAC Exactech Inc Dividends
Exelixis Inc NSQ:EXEL 4,602 25.9 Exelixis Inc Dividends
Exelon NSQ:EXC 35,447 15.6 Exelon Dividends
Exfo Inc NSQ:EXFO 244.5 14.5 Exfo Inc Dividends
Exlservice Holdings Inc NSQ:EXLS 1,889 21.3 Exlservice Holdings Inc Dividends
Exone Co NSQ:XONE 89.9 Exone Co Dividends
Expedia Inc NSQ:EXPE 12,234 15.8 Expedia Inc Dividends
Expeditors International Of Washington Inc NSQ:EXPD 9,662 20.2 Expeditors International Of Washington Inc Dividends
Exponent Inc NSQ:EXPO 2,867 45.1 Exponent Inc Dividends
Express Scripts Holding Co NSQ:ESRX Express Scripts Holding Co Dividends
Extended Stay America Inc NSQ:STAY 1,967 12.3 Extended Stay America Inc Dividends
Extraction Oil & Gas Inc NSQ:XOG 182.8 Extraction Oil & Gas Inc Dividends
Extreme Networks Inc NSQ:EXTR 706.8 9.90 Extreme Networks Inc Dividends
Ezcorp Inc NSQ:EZPW 271.6 6.96 Ezcorp Inc Dividends
F5 Networks Inc NSQ:FFIV 6,292 12.8 F5 Networks Inc Dividends
Facebook Inc NSQ:FB 484,012 24.1 Facebook Inc Dividends
Fanhua Inc NSQ:FANH 1,302 22.6 Fanhua Inc Dividends
Farmer Bros Co NSQ:FARM 168.4 Farmer Bros Co Dividends
Farmers Capital Bank NSQ:FFKT Farmers Capital Bank Dividends
Faro Technologies Inc NSQ:FARO 724.3 4,525 Faro Technologies Inc Dividends
Fastenal Co NSQ:FAST 15,767 24.7 Fastenal Co Dividends
Fbr & Co NSQ:FBRC Fbr & Co Dividends
Federal-mogul Holdings NSQ:FDML Federal-mogul Holdings Dividends
Ferroglobe NSQ:GSM 134.8 Ferroglobe Dividends
Fibrogen Inc NSQ:FGEN 2,870 Fibrogen Inc Dividends
Fidelity Southern NSQ:LION Fidelity Southern Dividends
Fidus Investment NSQ:FDUS 280.1 10.1 Fidus Investment Dividends
Fiesta Restaurant Inc NSQ:FRGI 228.5 21.2 Fiesta Restaurant Inc Dividends
Fifth Third Bancorp NSQ:FITBP 15,785 370.8 Fifth Third Bancorp Dividends
Fifth Third Bancorp NSQ:FITBI 15,785 9,676 Fifth Third Bancorp Dividends
Fifth Third Bancorp NSQ:FITBO 15,785 8,773 Fifth Third Bancorp Dividends
Fifth Third Bancorp NSQ:FITB 15,785 9.80 Fifth Third Bancorp Dividends
Financial Engines Inc NSQ:FNGN Financial Engines Inc Dividends
Financial Institutions Inc NSQ:FISI 386.3 11.6 Financial Institutions Inc Dividends
Finisar NSQ:FNSR Finisar Dividends
Finish Line Inc NSQ:FINL Finish Line Inc Dividends
Fireeye Inc NSQ:FEYE 2,753 112 Fireeye Inc Dividends
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