National Stock Exchange of Australia

NSX / NSX - 110 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
789 Holdings NSX:789 789 Holdings Dividends
A2a Gn NSX:A2A A2a Gn Dividends
Advancetc NSX:A88 Advancetc Dividends
Air Change International NSX:AC1 Air Change International Dividends
Alhamra Hotel And Resorts NSX:AHH Alhamra Hotel And Resorts Dividends
Alliance Capital Shp's NSX:AGT Alliance Capital Shp's Dividends
Allwellness Holdings NSX:AWH Allwellness Holdings Dividends
Anchored Capital Investments Llc NSX:ACI Anchored Capital Investments Llc Dividends
Angy China Medical NSX:A01 Angy China Medical Dividends
Anti-aging House Holding NSX:A2H Anti-aging House Holding Dividends
Apn Regional Property Fund NSX:APR Apn Regional Property Fund Dividends
Arcadia Worldwide NSX:AAW Arcadia Worldwide Dividends
Arris Holdings Bhd NSX:ISYDC Arris Holdings Bhd Dividends
Asset Resolution NSX:ASS 0.000 Asset Resolution Dividends
Assob Pty NSX:AOB Assob Pty Dividends
Australia & International Holdings NSX:AID Australia & International Holdings Dividends
Australian Adventure Tourism NSX:AAT 0.000 Australian Adventure Tourism Dividends
Awx Capital NSX:AWX Awx Capital Dividends
Bbx Property Investment Fund NSX:BPI Bbx Property Investment Fund Dividends
Beaver Entech NSX:B3L Beaver Entech Dividends
Beida New Energy NSX:BDE Beida New Energy Dividends
Bell Ixl Investments Pty NSX:BXLA Bell Ixl Investments Pty Dividends
Bellarine Peninsula Community Branch NSX:BPB Bellarine Peninsula Community Branch Dividends
Bendigo Telco NSX:BCT Bendigo Telco Dividends
Beroni NSX:BTG Beroni Dividends
Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance NSX:CSH 0.000 Canterbury Surrey Hills Community Finance Dividends
China Puda High-tech Holdings NSX:CHE China Puda High-tech Holdings Dividends
Circle International Holdings NSX:CCH Circle International Holdings Dividends
Clifroy NSX:CFY Clifroy Dividends
Coassets NSX:CAX Coassets Dividends
Community Merchant Solutions NSX:CEI Community Merchant Solutions Dividends
Consolidated Africa NSX:CRA Consolidated Africa Dividends
E Business Systems NSX:EBS 5.56 E Business Systems Dividends
E-plus NSX:8EP E-plus Dividends
Eagle Ig NSX:EAG Eagle Ig Dividends
East 72 Holdings NSX:E72 East 72 Holdings Dividends
East Gosford And Districts Financial Services NSX:EGF East Gosford And Districts Financial Services Dividends
Edtrin NSX:ETG Edtrin Dividends
Emerging Capital NSX:ECL Emerging Capital Dividends
Endless Solar NSX:ESCLV Endless Solar Dividends
Energy Solutions International NSX:ESL Energy Solutions International Dividends
Exoil Pty NSX:EXX Exoil Pty Dividends
Florin Mining Investment Co NSX:FMI 0.84 Florin Mining Investment Co Dividends
Fremantle Community Financial Services NSX:FCF Fremantle Community Financial Services Dividends
Gosnells Financial Services NSX:GOS Gosnells Financial Services Dividends
Halu NSX:HG1 Halu Dividends
Harbord Financial Services NSX:HBD Harbord Financial Services Dividends
Heidelberg District Community Enterprise NSX:EIC Heidelberg District Community Enterprise Dividends
Heritage Brands NSX:HBA Heritage Brands Dividends
Hobsons Bay Community Financial Services NSX:HOB Hobsons Bay Community Financial Services Dividends
I M Quarries NSX:IM1 I M Quarries Dividends
I-global Holdings NSX:IGH I-global Holdings Dividends
Illuminator Investment Co NSX:IIC 0.36 Illuminator Investment Co Dividends
Inglewood And Districts Community Enterprises NSX:INW Inglewood And Districts Community Enterprises Dividends
Inosite NSX:IOS Inosite Dividends
International Petroleum NSX:IOP 55.5 International Petroleum Dividends
Inverloch And District Financial Enterprises NSX:IAD Inverloch And District Financial Enterprises Dividends
Invest Nexus NSX:IXS Invest Nexus Dividends
Iq Global NSX:IQG 51.8 Iq Global Dividends
Iqx NSX:IQX 0.000 Iqx Dividends
Jgy Holdings NSX:JGY Jgy Holdings Dividends
John Bridgeman NSX:JBL John Bridgeman Dividends
Juhe Capital Holdings NSX:JCL Juhe Capital Holdings Dividends
Kaizen Global Investments NSX:KGI Kaizen Global Investments Dividends
Kemao Industries NSX:KEM Kemao Industries Dividends
Kew East Financial Services NSX:KEW Kew East Financial Services Dividends
King Equipment NSX:KEL King Equipment Dividends
Logan Community Financial Services NSX:LCB Logan Community Financial Services Dividends
Mandurah Community Financial Services NSX:MDH Mandurah Community Financial Services Dividends
Manningham Community Enterprises NSX:DCE Manningham Community Enterprises Dividends
Mie Pay NSX:MIE Mie Pay Dividends
Mooroolbark & District Financial Services NSX:MBK Mooroolbark & District Financial Services Dividends
Moralltach Global NSX:MLG Moralltach Global Dividends
Mount Rommel Mining NSX:MMT Mount Rommel Mining Dividends
Mt Evelyn & Districts Financial Services NSX:MEV Mt Evelyn & Districts Financial Services Dividends
Nanopac Innovation NSX:NNO Nanopac Innovation Dividends
Nfm NSX:NFM Nfm Dividends
North Ryde Community Finance NSX:NRC North Ryde Community Finance Dividends
Nucannaco Science NSX:NCS Nucannaco Science Dividends
Oceanethix International Holdings NSX:OCX Oceanethix International Holdings Dividends
Our Community Co NSX:LLP Our Community Co Dividends
Pegmont Mines NSX:PMI Pegmont Mines Dividends
Pinjarra Community Financial Services NSX:PJA Pinjarra Community Financial Services Dividends
Premium Income Fund NSX:PIN Premium Income Fund Dividends
Print Mail Logistics NSX:PNT Print Mail Logistics Dividends
Pritchard Equity NSX:PEQA 0.37 Pritchard Equity Dividends
Redlands Community Financial Services NSX:RDL Redlands Community Financial Services Dividends
Revetec Holdings NSX:RVC Revetec Holdings Dividends
Rfm Poultry NSX:RFP Rfm Poultry Dividends
Ricegrowers NSX:RGWB Ricegrowers Dividends
Rockingham Community Financial Services NSX:RKC Rockingham Community Financial Services Dividends
Rosewood & District Financial Services NSX:ROS Rosewood & District Financial Services Dividends
Rye And District Community Financial Services NSX:RYE Rye And District Community Financial Services Dividends
San Remo District Financial Services NSX:SRD San Remo District Financial Services Dividends
Sandringham Community Financial Services NSX:SDH Sandringham Community Financial Services Dividends
Sapex NSX:SAA Sapex Dividends
Saramanis NSX:TG8 Saramanis Dividends
Sarina And District Community Financial Services NSX:SDC Sarina And District Community Financial Services Dividends
Senterprisys NSX:SPS Senterprisys Dividends
Sing Kee Kaya NSX:1SK Sing Kee Kaya Dividends
South Burnett Community Enterprises NSX:YAR South Burnett Community Enterprises Dividends
Stacpoole Investments NSX:SON Stacpoole Investments Dividends
Sugar Terminals NSX:SUG 198.4 Sugar Terminals Dividends
Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services NSX:SSC Sunshine Coast Community Financial Services Dividends
Tongala & District Financial Services NSX:TCB Tongala & District Financial Services Dividends
Vertua NSX:VERA Vertua Dividends
Vgx NSX:VGX Vgx Dividends
Winpar Holdings NSX:WPH Winpar Holdings Dividends
Zkp NSX:ZKP Zkp Dividends
Zodiac Capital NSX:ZOD Zodiac Capital Dividends