New York Stock Exchange

NYQ / NYQ - 3027 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1.12 Acquisition NYQ:OPOT.U 1.12 Acquisition Dividends
10x Capital Venture Acquisition Iii NYQ:VCXB.U 10x Capital Venture Acquisition Iii Dividends
3d Systems NYQ:DDD 2,612 80.2 3d Systems Dividends
3m Co NYQ:MMM 76,569 17.5 3m Co Dividends Inc NYQ:WUBA Inc Dividends
8x8 Inc NYQ:EGHT 1,866 175.2 8x8 Inc Dividends
A Holdings NYQ:LN A Holdings Dividends
A O Smith NYQ:AOS 7,578 20.9 A O Smith Dividends
A10 Networks Inc NYQ:ATEN 757.7 20.8 A10 Networks Inc Dividends
Aar NYQ:AIR 897.2 13.0 Aar Dividends
Aaron's Holdings Inc NYQ:PRG WI 2,052 Aaron's Holdings Inc Dividends
Aaron's Inc NYQ:AAN 575.3 7.97 Aaron's Inc Dividends
Abb NYQ:ABB 47,275 21.3 Abb Dividends
Abbott Laboratories NYQ:ABT 165,009 26.9 Abbott Laboratories Dividends
Abbvie Inc NYQ:ABBV 140,555 8.00 Abbvie Inc Dividends
Abercrombie & Fitch Co NYQ:ANF 1,755 10.0 Abercrombie & Fitch Co Dividends
Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund NYQ:ACP RT 13.1 Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund Dividends
Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund NYQ:ACP RT 13.1 Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund Dividends
Abm Industries Inc NYQ:ABM 2,143 12.7 Abm Industries Inc Dividends
Acadia Realty Trust NYQ:AKR 1,449 115.5 Acadia Realty Trust Dividends
Accel Entertainment Inc NYQ:ACEL 821.4 15.0 Accel Entertainment Inc Dividends
Accelerate Acquisition NYQ:AAQC 354.9 Accelerate Acquisition Dividends
Accenture NYQ:ACN 170,133 34.6 Accenture Dividends
Acco Brands NYQ:ACCO 620.1 5.66 Acco Brands Dividends
Acorn International Inc NYQ:ATV Acorn International Inc Dividends
Acres Commercial Realty NYQ:ACR 109.4 11.0 Acres Commercial Realty Dividends
Acropolis Infrastructure Acquisition NYQ:ACRO 272.7 Acropolis Infrastructure Acquisition Dividends
Activate Permanent Capital NYQ:APCC.U Activate Permanent Capital Dividends
Acuity Brands Inc NYQ:AYI 5,340 18.2 Acuity Brands Inc Dividends
Acushnet Holdings NYQ:GOLF 2,685 21.7 Acushnet Holdings Dividends
Adama Agricultural Solutions NYQ:ADAM Adama Agricultural Solutions Dividends
Adaptive Insights Inc NYQ:ADIN Adaptive Insights Inc Dividends
Adc Therapeutics Sa NYQ:ADCT 1,515 Adc Therapeutics Sa Dividends
Adecoagro Sa NYQ:AGRO 805.3 8.13 Adecoagro Sa Dividends
Adient NYQ:ADNT 2,779 10.3 Adient Dividends
Adit Edtech Acquisition Cor NYQ:ADEX 243.9 Adit Edtech Acquisition Cor Dividends
Ads Tactical Inc NYQ:ADSI Ads Tactical Inc Dividends
Adt Inc NYQ:ADT 5,226 12.0 Adt Inc Dividends
Adtalem Global Education Inc NYQ:ATGE 1,344 8.10 Adtalem Global Education Inc Dividends
Advance Auto Parts Inc NYQ:AAP 10,643 18.6 Advance Auto Parts Inc Dividends
Advanced Disposal Services Inc NYQ:ADSW Advanced Disposal Services Inc Dividends
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc NYQ:WMS 5,612 25.0 Advanced Drainage Systems Inc Dividends
Advanced Merger Partners Inc NYQ:AMPI 254.5 Advanced Merger Partners Inc Dividends
Advancepierre Foods Holdings Inc NYQ:APFH Advancepierre Foods Holdings Inc Dividends
Advansix Inc NYQ:ASIX 931.2 10.1 Advansix Inc Dividends
Advantage Insurance Inc NYQ:AVI Advantage Insurance Inc Dividends
Advantage Oil & Gas NYQ:AAV 586.2 Advantage Oil & Gas Dividends
Advantage Solutions Inc NYQ:ADV Advantage Solutions Inc Dividends
Aea-bridges Impact. NYQ:IMPX 356.3 Aea-bridges Impact. Dividends
Aecom NYQ:ACM 7,231 21.3 Aecom Dividends
Aegon Nv NYQ:AEG 7,892 6.69 Aegon Nv Dividends
Aenza Saa NYQ:AENZ 245.4 Aenza Saa Dividends
Aercap Holdings Nv NYQ:AER 6,006 8.49 Aercap Holdings Nv Dividends
Aerohive Networks Inc NYQ:HIVE Aerohive Networks Inc Dividends
Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc NYQ:AJRD 2,453 21.2 Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc Dividends
Aes NYQ:AES 12,281 15.4 Aes Dividends
Aetna Inc NYQ:AET Aetna Inc Dividends
Aeva Technologies Inc NYQ:AEVA 1,373 Aeva Technologies Inc Dividends
Affiliated Managers Inc NYQ:AMG 4,937 8.65 Affiliated Managers Inc Dividends
Affinia Holding Inc NYQ:AFN Affinia Holding Inc Dividends
Afg Holdings Inc NYQ:AFGL Afg Holdings Inc Dividends
Aflac Inc NYQ:AFL 27,841 10.8 Aflac Inc Dividends
African Gold Acquisition NYQ:AGAC 366.3 African Gold Acquisition Dividends
Afternext Healthtech Acquisition NYQ:AFTR 227 Afternext Healthtech Acquisition Dividends
Ag Mortgage Investment Trust Inc NYQ:MITT 138.3 8.38 Ag Mortgage Investment Trust Inc Dividends
Agco NYQ:AGCO 7,029 12.3 Agco Dividends
Agilent Technologies Inc NYQ:A 34,787 33.4 Agilent Technologies Inc Dividends
Agiliti Inc NYQ:AGTI 2,178 31.5 Agiliti Inc Dividends
Agilon Health Inc NYQ:AGL 6,755 Agilon Health Inc Dividends
Agnico Eagle Mines NYQ:AEM 10,182 18.7 Agnico Eagle Mines Dividends
Agree Realty NYQ:ADC 3,566 36.9 Agree Realty Dividends
Agria NYQ:GRO Agria Dividends
Agrium Inc NYQ:AGU Agrium Inc Dividends
Aihuishou International Co NYQ:RERE 434.4 Aihuishou International Co Dividends
Air Lease NYQ:AL 3,507 9.57 Air Lease Dividends
Air Products And Chemicals Inc NYQ:APD 47,338 27.6 Air Products And Chemicals Inc Dividends
Aircastle NYQ:AYR Aircastle Dividends
Ak Steel Holding NYQ:AKS Ak Steel Holding Dividends
Aka Brands Holding NYQ:AKA 900.3 Aka Brands Holding Dividends
Alamo Inc NYQ:ALG 1,287 17.3 Alamo Inc Dividends
Alamos Gold Inc NYQ:AGI 2,330 16.1 Alamos Gold Inc Dividends
Alaska Air Inc NYQ:ALK 4,940 15.3 Alaska Air Inc Dividends
Albany International NYQ:AIN 1,938 23.0 Albany International Dividends
Albea Sa NYQ:ABEA Albea Sa Dividends
Albemarle NYQ:ALB 20,063 46.5 Albemarle Dividends
Albertsons Companies Inc NYQ:ABS Albertsons Companies Inc Dividends
Albertsons Companies Inc NYQ:ACI 16,428 12.1 Albertsons Companies Inc Dividends
Alcoa NYQ:AA 6,733 7.47 Alcoa Dividends
Alcon Ag NYQ:ALC 29,293 34.5 Alcon Ag Dividends
Aldel Financial Inc NYQ:ADF 109.8 Aldel Financial Inc Dividends
Aldel Financial Inc NYQ:ADF.U Aldel Financial Inc Dividends
Alere Inc NYQ:ALR Alere Inc Dividends
Alexander & Baldwin(hawaii) NYQ:ALEX 1,296 36.4 Alexander & Baldwin(hawaii) Dividends
Alexander's Inc NYQ:ALX 1,058 Alexander's Inc Dividends
Alexandria Agtech/climate Innovation Acquisition NYQ:AACE.U Alexandria Agtech/climate Innovation Acquisition Dividends
Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc NYQ:ARE PR E CL 23,132 Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc Dividends
Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc NYQ:ARE 23,132 62.6 Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc Dividends
Algonquin Power & Utilities NYQ:AQN 6,758 19.0 Algonquin Power & Utilities Dividends
Alibaba Holding NYQ:BABA 666,933 16.7 Alibaba Holding Dividends
Alight Inc NYQ:ALIT 3,849 14.7 Alight Inc Dividends
Alion Science And Technology NYQ:ALON Alion Science And Technology Dividends
Alleghany NYQ:Y 6,857 11.4 Alleghany Dividends
Allegheny Technologies Inc NYQ:ATI 1,399 32.0 Allegheny Technologies Inc Dividends
Allegion NYQ:ALLE 8,437 23.0 Allegion Dividends
Allergan NYQ:AGN Allergan Dividends
Allete Inc NYQ:ALE 2,365 16.7 Allete Inc Dividends
Alliance Data Systems NYQ:ADS 3,407 6.85 Alliance Data Systems Dividends
Alliance Data Systems NYQ:ADS WI Alliance Data Systems Dividends
Alliancebernstein Holding Lp NYQ:AB 4,022 Alliancebernstein Holding Lp Dividends
Allison Transmission Holdings Inc NYQ:ALSN 2,666 7.00 Allison Transmission Holdings Inc Dividends
Allstate NYQ:ALL 27,562 9.75 Allstate Dividends
Allvue Systems Holdings Inc NYQ:ALVU Allvue Systems Holdings Inc Dividends
Ally Financial Inc NYQ:ALLY 13,190 6.76 Ally Financial Inc Dividends
Alon Usa Energy Inc NYQ:ALJ Alon Usa Energy Inc Dividends
Alon Usa Partners Lp NYQ:ALDW Alon Usa Partners Lp Dividends
Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc NYQ:AMR 885.3 10.1 Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc Dividends
Alpine Income Property Trust Inc NYQ:PINE 151.9 616.7 Alpine Income Property Trust Inc Dividends
Alta Equipment Inc NYQ:ALTG 307.3 67.0 Alta Equipment Inc Dividends
Altc Acquisition NYQ:ALCC 459.4 Altc Acquisition Dividends
Alteryx Inc NYQ:AYX 3,514 3,640 Alteryx Inc Dividends
Altice Usa Inc NYQ:ATUS 8,215 8.42 Altice Usa Inc Dividends
Altice Usa Inc NYQ:ATUS WI Altice Usa Inc Dividends
Altimar Acquisition Ii NYQ:ATMR 310.5 Altimar Acquisition Ii Dividends
Altimar Acquisition Iii NYQ:ATAQ 137.7 Altimar Acquisition Iii Dividends
Altimeter Growth 2 NYQ:AGCB 421.2 Altimeter Growth 2 Dividends
Altria Inc NYQ:MO 64,677 10.0 Altria Inc Dividends
Aluminum Of China NYQ:ACH 8,310 Aluminum Of China Dividends
Ambac Financial Inc NYQ:AMBC 563 Ambac Financial Inc Dividends
Amber Road Inc NYQ:AMBR Amber Road Inc Dividends
Ambev Sa NYQ:ABEV 30,866 20.1 Ambev Sa Dividends
Ambrx Biopharma Inc NYQ:AMAM 336.9 Ambrx Biopharma Inc Dividends
Amc Entertainment Holdings Inc NYQ:AMC 14,799 Amc Entertainment Holdings Inc Dividends
Amcor NYQ:AMCR 13,392 14.8 Amcor Dividends
Amec Foster Wheeler NYQ:AMFW Amec Foster Wheeler Dividends
Ameren NYQ:AEE 15,941 21.4 Ameren Dividends
Ameresco Inc NYQ:AMRC 2,816 50.5 Ameresco Inc Dividends
America Movil Sab De Cv NYQ:AMOV 41,668 0.63 America Movil Sab De Cv Dividends
America Movil Sab De Cv NYQ:AMX 42,094 0.63 America Movil Sab De Cv Dividends
American Assets Trust Inc NYQ:AAT 1,731 48.7 American Assets Trust Inc Dividends
American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc NYQ:AXL 768.8 5.09 American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc Dividends
American Campus Communities Inc NYQ:ACC 5,325 103.1 American Campus Communities Inc Dividends
American Eagle Outfitters Inc NYQ:AEO 3,015 10.5 American Eagle Outfitters Inc Dividends
American Equity Investment Life Holding Co NYQ:AEL 2,265 7.68 American Equity Investment Life Holding Co Dividends
American Express Co NYQ:AXP 102,266 18.9 American Express Co Dividends
American Financial Inc NYQ:AFG 8,391 14.9 American Financial Inc Dividends
American Homes 4 Rent NYQ:AMH 9,508 104.3 American Homes 4 Rent Dividends
American International Inc NYQ:AIG 36,796 11.3 American International Inc Dividends
American Midstream Partners Lp NYQ:AMID American Midstream Partners Lp Dividends
American Realty Investors Inc NYQ:ARL 143 American Realty Investors Inc Dividends
American Renal Associates Holdings Inc NYQ:ARA American Renal Associates Holdings Inc Dividends
American States Water Co NYQ:AWR 2,442 35.3 American States Water Co Dividends
American Tower NYQ:AMT 94,870 52.0 American Tower Dividends
American Tower NYQ:AMT PR A 94,870 American Tower Dividends
American Vanguard NYQ:AVD 354.9 17.7 American Vanguard Dividends
American Water Works Inc NYQ:AWK 23,066 38.5 American Water Works Inc Dividends
American Well NYQ:AMWL 1,725 American Well Dividends
Americas Technology Acquisition NYQ:ATA 106 Americas Technology Acquisition Dividends
Americold Realty Trust NYQ:COLD 5,659 193.2 Americold Realty Trust Dividends
Amerigas Partners Lp NYQ:APU Amerigas Partners Lp Dividends
Amerihome, Inc. NYQ:AHM Amerihome, Inc. Dividends
Ameriprise Financial Inc NYQ:AMP 25,032 12.7 Ameriprise Financial Inc Dividends
Amerisourcebergen NYQ:ABC 18,560 11.6 Amerisourcebergen Dividends
Ametek Inc NYQ:AME 21,942 25.6 Ametek Inc Dividends
Amn Healthcare Services Inc NYQ:AMN 3,330 20.4 Amn Healthcare Services Inc Dividends
Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc NYQ:AMRX 1,213 6.08 Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Ampco-pittsburgh NYQ:AP 68.5 Ampco-pittsburgh Dividends
Amphenol NYQ:APH 34,224 30.2 Amphenol Dividends
Amplify Energy NYQ:AMPY 103.5 2.55 Amplify Energy Dividends
Amplify Snack Brands Inc NYQ:BETR Amplify Snack Brands Inc Dividends
Amrep NYQ:AXR 76.3 Amrep Dividends
Amtd Digital Inc NYQ:HKD Amtd Digital Inc Dividends
Amtd International Inc NYQ:HKIB 701.2 Amtd International Inc Dividends
Anadarko Petroleum NYQ:APC Anadarko Petroleum Dividends
Anaplan Inc NYQ:PLAN 6,949 Anaplan Inc Dividends
Andeavor NYQ:ANDV Andeavor Dividends
Andeavor Logistics Lp NYQ:ANDX Andeavor Logistics Lp Dividends
Andretti Acquisition NYQ:WNNR.U Andretti Acquisition Dividends
Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust NYQ:FINS RT 0.000 Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust Dividends
Angel Oak Mortgage Inc NYQ:AOMR 334.2 8.56 Angel Oak Mortgage Inc Dividends
Angel Pond Holdings NYQ:POND.U Angel Pond Holdings Dividends
Angel Pond Holdings NYQ:POND 233.9 Angel Pond Holdings Dividends
Anglogold Ashanti NYQ:AU 5,867 9.70 Anglogold Ashanti Dividends
Anheuser Busch Inbev Sa NYQ:BUD 84,023 17.5 Anheuser Busch Inbev Sa Dividends
Anixter International Inc NYQ:AXE Anixter International Inc Dividends
Annaly Capital Management Inc NYQ:NLY 9,117 8.14 Annaly Capital Management Inc Dividends
Annaly Capital Management Inc NYQ:NLY PR D 9,117 Annaly Capital Management Inc Dividends
Antero Midstream NYQ:AM 3,833 13.5 Antero Midstream Dividends
Antero Resources NYQ:AR 4,731 7.19 Antero Resources Dividends
Anthem Inc NYQ:ANTM 76,915 15.5 Anthem Inc Dividends
Anworth Mortgage Asset NYQ:RC PR D Anworth Mortgage Asset Dividends
Anworth Mortgage Asset NYQ:ANH Anworth Mortgage Asset Dividends
Anworth Mortgage Asset NYQ:RC PR C Anworth Mortgage Asset Dividends
Aon NYQ:AON 52,516 25.2 Aon Dividends
Apartment Income Reit NYQ:AIRC 5,887 83.5 Apartment Income Reit Dividends
Apartment Investment And Management Co NYQ:AIV 817.6 51.9 Apartment Investment And Management Co Dividends
Apartment Investment And Management Co NYQ:AIV WI Apartment Investment And Management Co Dividends
Apeiron Capital Investment NYQ:APN U Apeiron Capital Investment Dividends
Aperture Acquisition NYQ:APCPU Aperture Acquisition Dividends
Api NYQ:APG 3,243 18.6 Api Dividends
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc NYQ:ARI 1,528 10.8 Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc Dividends
Apollo Global Management Inc NYQ:APO 13,646 19.0 Apollo Global Management Inc Dividends
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital NYQ:APSG 727.6 Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Dividends
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Ii NYQ:APGB 738.3 Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Ii Dividends
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Iii NYQ:APGC.U Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Iii Dividends
Apple Hospitality Reit Inc NYQ:APLE 2,603 27.0 Apple Hospitality Reit Inc Dividends
Applied Industrial Technologies Inc NYQ:AIT 2,842 18.3 Applied Industrial Technologies Inc Dividends
Aptargroup Inc NYQ:ATR 6,080 29.6 Aptargroup Inc Dividends
Aptiv NYQ:APTV 33,245 38.3 Aptiv Dividends
Aquantia NYQ:AQ Aquantia Dividends
Aquaventure Holdings NYQ:WAAS Aquaventure Holdings Dividends
Aramark NYQ:ARMK 6,814 20.9 Aramark Dividends
Arbolada Capital Management Co NYQ:ARBO Arbolada Capital Management Co Dividends
Arbor Realty Trust Inc NYQ:ABR 2,052 10.3 Arbor Realty Trust Inc Dividends
Arc Document Solutions Inc NYQ:ARC 86.5 Arc Document Solutions Inc Dividends
Arc Logistics Partners Lp NYQ:ARCX Arc Logistics Partners Lp Dividends
Arcelormittal Sa NYQ:MT 26,685 4.30 Arcelormittal Sa Dividends
Arch Resources Inc NYQ:ARCH 1,076 5.07 Arch Resources Inc Dividends
Archaea Energy Inc NYQ:LFG 1,742 83.8 Archaea Energy Inc Dividends
Archer Aviation Inc NYQ:ACHR 1,491 Archer Aviation Inc Dividends
Archer-daniels-midland Co NYQ:ADM 26,558 14.0 Archer-daniels-midland Co Dividends
Archrock Inc NYQ:AROC 957.9 24.9 Archrock Inc Dividends
Arconic (pittsburgh) NYQ:ARNC 2,313 13.1 Arconic (pittsburgh) Dividends
Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc NYQ:ARCO 722.7 21.3 Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc Dividends
Arcosa Inc NYQ:ACA 1,854 23.0 Arcosa Inc Dividends
Arctos Northstar Acquisition NYQ:ANAC 280.3 Arctos Northstar Acquisition Dividends
Arcus Biosciences Inc NYQ:RCUS 1,746 Arcus Biosciences Inc Dividends
Ardagh Metal Packaging Sa NYQ:AMBP 445.3 22.8 Ardagh Metal Packaging Sa Dividends
Ardagh Metal Packaging Sa NYQ:AMBP 445.3 22.8 Ardagh Metal Packaging Sa Dividends
Ardagh Sa NYQ:ARD 4,250 13.5 Ardagh Sa Dividends
Ardent Health Partners Llc NYQ:ARDT Ardent Health Partners Llc Dividends
Ardmore Shipping NYQ:ASC 98.6 Ardmore Shipping Dividends
Ares Acquisition NYQ:AAC 893.5 Ares Acquisition Dividends
Ares Commercial Real Estate NYQ:ACRE 539.8 10.9 Ares Commercial Real Estate Dividends
Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Inc NYQ:ACS Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Inc Dividends
Ares Management NYQ:ARES 17,455 28.1 Ares Management Dividends
Argan Inc NYQ:AGX 500.1 12.1 Argan Inc Dividends
Argo International Holdings NYQ:ARGO 1,398 13.1 Argo International Holdings Dividends
Aris Water Solutions Inc NYQ:ARIS 0.000 Aris Water Solutions Inc Dividends
Arista Networks Inc NYQ:ANET 22,492 34.6 Arista Networks Inc Dividends
Arlington Asset Investment NYQ:AAIC 91.1 13.9 Arlington Asset Investment Dividends
Arlo Technologies Inc NYQ:ARLO WI 400.2 Arlo Technologies Inc Dividends
Arlo Technologies Inc NYQ:ARLO 400.2 Arlo Technologies Inc Dividends
Armada Hoffler Properties Inc NYQ:AHH 593.7 54.5 Armada Hoffler Properties Inc Dividends
Armour Residential Reit Inc NYQ:ARR 642.9 9.76 Armour Residential Reit Inc Dividends
Armstrong Flooring Inc NYQ:AFI 44.6 Armstrong Flooring Inc Dividends
Armstrong World Industries Inc NYQ:AWI 3,516 20.7 Armstrong World Industries Inc Dividends
Arrow Electronics Inc NYQ:ARW 6,103 8.04 Arrow Electronics Inc Dividends
Arthur J Gallagher & Co NYQ:AJG 24,665 28.5 Arthur J Gallagher & Co Dividends
Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc NYQ:APAM 2,942 9.62 Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc Dividends
Asana Inc NYQ:ASAN 24,882 Asana Inc Dividends
Asbury Automotive Inc NYQ:ABG 2,934 8.20 Asbury Automotive Inc Dividends
Ase Technology Holding Co NYQ:ASX 10,918 8.58 Ase Technology Holding Co Dividends
Asgn Inc NYQ:ASGN 4,479 21.0 Asgn Inc Dividends
Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc NYQ:AHT 263.6 Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc Dividends
Ashland Global Holdings Inc NYQ:ASH 4,288 18.0 Ashland Global Holdings Inc Dividends
Ashland Global Holdings Inc NYQ:ASH WI 4,288 Ashland Global Holdings Inc Dividends
Aspen Aerogels Inc NYQ:ASPN 1,121 Aspen Aerogels Inc Dividends
Aspen Insurance Holdings NYQ:AHL Aspen Insurance Holdings Dividends
Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle NYQ:ASPL.U 1,277 Aspirational Consumer Lifestyle Dividends
Aspire Real Estate Investors Inc NYQ:ASPI Aspire Real Estate Investors Inc Dividends
Assetmark Financial Holdings Inc NYQ:AMK 1,410 16.0 Assetmark Financial Holdings Inc Dividends
Associated Banc-corp NYQ:ASB 2,500 13.6 Associated Banc-corp Dividends
Associated Capital Inc NYQ:AC 573.4 Associated Capital Inc Dividends
Assurant Inc NYQ:AIZ 6,932 13.8 Assurant Inc Dividends
Assured Guaranty NYQ:AGO 2,892 15.2 Assured Guaranty Dividends
Astoria Financial NYQ:AF Astoria Financial Dividends
At Home Inc NYQ:HOME At Home Inc Dividends
At&t Inc NYQ:T 131,584 7.86 At&t Inc Dividends
Atd NYQ:ATD Atd Dividends
Atento Sa NYQ:ATTO 274.7 19.2 Atento Sa Dividends
Athena Technology Acquisition NYQ:ATHN 249.4 Athena Technology Acquisition Dividends
Athene Holding NYQ:ATH 12,523 9.06 Athene Holding Dividends
Ati Physical Therapy Inc NYQ:ATIP 411.4 Ati Physical Therapy Inc Dividends
Atkore Inc NYQ:ATKR 3,142 12.9 Atkore Inc Dividends
Atlantic Avenue Acquisition NYQ:ASAQ 222.9 Atlantic Avenue Acquisition Dividends
Atlantic Power NYQ:AT Atlantic Power Dividends
Atlas NYQ:ATCO 2,533 9.51 Atlas Dividends
Atlas Crest Investment Ii NYQ:ACII 368 Atlas Crest Investment Ii Dividends
Atlas Crest Investment Iii NYQ:ACCC.U Atlas Crest Investment Iii Dividends
Atlas Crest Investment Iv NYQ:ACIV.U Atlas Crest Investment Iv Dividends
Atlas Crest Investment V NYQ:ACCV.U Atlas Crest Investment V Dividends
Atmos Energy NYQ:ATO 8,934 17.3 Atmos Energy Dividends
Atotech NYQ:ATC 3,369 30.4 Atotech Dividends
Atwood Oceanics Inc NYQ:ATW Atwood Oceanics Inc Dividends
Au Optronics NYQ:AUO 156.5 Au Optronics Dividends
Audacy Inc NYQ:AUD 344.2 4.65 Audacy Inc Dividends
Auna Saa NYQ:AUNA Auna Saa Dividends
Austerlitz Acquisition I NYQ:AUS 714.6 Austerlitz Acquisition I Dividends
Austerlitz Acquisition Ii NYQ:ASZ 1,405 Austerlitz Acquisition Ii Dividends
Authentic Brands Inc NYQ:AUTH Authentic Brands Inc Dividends
Autohome Inc NYQ:ATHM 4,013 10.3 Autohome Inc Dividends
Autoliv Inc NYQ:ALV 5,896 13.4 Autoliv Inc Dividends
Autoliv Inc NYQ:ALV WI 5,896 Autoliv Inc Dividends
Autonation Inc NYQ:AN 5,972 7.27 Autonation Inc Dividends
Autozone Inc NYQ:AZO 28,039 18.3 Autozone Inc Dividends
Avalara Inc NYQ:AVLR 11,221 Avalara Inc Dividends
Avalonbay Communities Inc NYQ:AVB 23,774 58.0 Avalonbay Communities Inc Dividends
Avangrid Inc NYQ:AGR 14,733 22.2 Avangrid Inc Dividends
Avanos Medical Inc NYQ:AVNS 1,121 21.3 Avanos Medical Inc Dividends
Avanti Acquisition NYQ:AVAN 533.9 Avanti Acquisition Dividends
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