New York Stock Exchange

NYQ / NYQ - 2778 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Enel Chile Sa NYQ:ENIC 3,778 0.17 Enel Chile Sa Dividends
Enel Generacion Chile Sa NYQ:EOCC Enel Generacion Chile Sa Dividends
Energen NYQ:EGN Energen Dividends
Energizer Holdings Inc NYQ:ENR 2,206 13.3 Energizer Holdings Inc Dividends
Energy & Exploration Partners Inc NYQ:ENXP Energy & Exploration Partners Inc Dividends
Energy Transfer Lp NYQ:ET 15,913 5.16 Energy Transfer Lp Dividends
Enerpac Tool NYQ:EPAC 1,064 36.7 Enerpac Tool Dividends
Enerplus NYQ:ERF 862.7 8.07 Enerplus Dividends
Enersys NYQ:ENS 2,755 16.4 Enersys Dividends
Eneti Inc NYQ:NETI 169.4 Eneti Inc Dividends
Engility Holdings Inc NYQ:EGL Engility Holdings Inc Dividends
Eni Spa NYQ:E 30,702 16.8 Eni Spa Dividends
Enlink Midstream Llc NYQ:ENLC 1,767 11.4 Enlink Midstream Llc Dividends
Enlink Midstream Partners Lp NYQ:ENLK Enlink Midstream Partners Lp Dividends
Ennis Inc NYQ:EBF 401.2 Ennis Inc Dividends
Enova International Inc NYQ:ENVA 918.4 7.37 Enova International Inc Dividends
Enovation Controls Inc NYQ:ENOV Enovation Controls Inc Dividends
Enpro Industries Inc NYQ:NPO 1,320 31.4 Enpro Industries Inc Dividends
Entercom Communications NYQ:ETM WI 511 Entercom Communications Dividends
Entercom Communications NYQ:ETM 511 10.2 Entercom Communications Dividends
Entergy NYQ:ETR 12,910 14.8 Entergy Dividends
Enterprise Products Partners Lp NYQ:EPD 36,504 10.1 Enterprise Products Partners Lp Dividends
Entravision Communications NYQ:EVC 208.6 18.1 Entravision Communications Dividends
Enven Energy NYQ:ENVN Enven Energy Dividends
Envestnet Inc NYQ:ENV 2,786 26.7 Envestnet Inc Dividends
Envision Healthcare NYQ:EVHC Envision Healthcare Dividends
Envista Holdings NYQ:NVST 4,498 25.1 Envista Holdings Dividends
Envista Holdings NYQ:NVST WI 4,498 Envista Holdings Dividends
Enviva Partners Lp NYQ:EVA 1,389 17.4 Enviva Partners Lp Dividends
Enzo Biochem Inc NYQ:ENZ 96.9 Enzo Biochem Inc Dividends
Eog Resources Inc NYQ:EOG 31,444 33.1 Eog Resources Inc Dividends
Epam Systems Inc NYQ:EPAM 14,553 46.0 Epam Systems Inc Dividends
Epr Properties NYQ:EPR 2,463 39.1 Epr Properties Dividends
Eq Health Acquisition NYQ:EQHA.U 192.8 Eq Health Acquisition Dividends
Eqgp Holdings Lp NYQ:EQGP Eqgp Holdings Lp Dividends
Eqm Midstream Partners Lp NYQ:EQM Eqm Midstream Partners Lp Dividends
Eqt NYQ:EQT 3,622 24.9 Eqt Dividends
Eqt NYQ:EQT WI 3,622 Eqt Dividends
Equifax Inc NYQ:EFX 14,936 25.7 Equifax Inc Dividends
Equinor Asa NYQ:EQNR 45,650 14.3 Equinor Asa Dividends
Equitable Holdings Inc NYQ:EQH 9,654 5.72 Equitable Holdings Inc Dividends
Equitrans Midstream NYQ:ETRN 2,359 5.56 Equitrans Midstream Dividends
Equity Commonwealth NYQ:EQC 2,523 Equity Commonwealth Dividends
Equity Distribution Acquisition NYQ:EQD U Equity Distribution Acquisition Dividends
Equity Distribution Acquisition NYQ:EQD 452.3 Equity Distribution Acquisition Dividends
Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc NYQ:ELS 7,884 43.1 Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc Dividends
Equity One Inc NYQ:EQY Equity One Inc Dividends
Equity Residential NYQ:EQR 18,540 64.6 Equity Residential Dividends
Eros Stx Global NYQ:ESGC 208.2 9.97 Eros Stx Global Dividends
Esco Technologies Inc NYQ:ESE 2,009 31.1 Esco Technologies Inc Dividends
Essent NYQ:ESNT 3,446 7.93 Essent Dividends
Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc NYQ:EPRT 1,768 39.1 Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc Dividends
Essential Utilities Inc NYQ:WTRG 7,558 25.3 Essential Utilities Inc Dividends
Essex Property Trust Inc NYQ:ESS 12,439 61.9 Essex Property Trust Inc Dividends
Estee Lauder Companies Inc NYQ:EL 76,764 49.2 Estee Lauder Companies Inc Dividends
Esterline Technologies NYQ:ESL Esterline Technologies Dividends
Ethan Allen Interiors Inc NYQ:ETH 463 19.3 Ethan Allen Interiors Inc Dividends
Euronav Nv NYQ:EURN 1,281 Euronav Nv Dividends
Eventbrite Inc NYQ:EB 1,527 Eventbrite Inc Dividends
Everbank Financial NYQ:EVER Everbank Financial Dividends
Evercore Inc NYQ:EVR 3,738 16.6 Evercore Inc Dividends
Everest Re NYQ:RE 7,134 9.86 Everest Re Dividends
Evergy Inc NYQ:EVRG 9,076 16.9 Evergy Inc Dividends
Everi Holdings Inc NYQ:EVRI 895.2 55.9 Everi Holdings Inc Dividends
Eversource Energy NYQ:ES 19,989 20.5 Eversource Energy Dividends
Evertec Inc NYQ:EVTC 1,926 16.5 Evertec Inc Dividends
Evolent Health Inc NYQ:EVH 1,189 Evolent Health Inc Dividends
Evoqua Water Technologies NYQ:AQUA 2,090 34.6 Evoqua Water Technologies Dividends
Exar NYQ:EXAR Exar Dividends
Executive Network Partnering NYQ:ENPC 317.6 Executive Network Partnering Dividends
Exeter Finance NYQ:XTF Exeter Finance Dividends
Exmar Energy Partners Lp NYQ:XMLP Exmar Energy Partners Lp Dividends
Express Inc NYQ:EXPR 115.4 Express Inc Dividends
Exterran NYQ:EXTN 120.2 Exterran Dividends
Extra Space Storage Inc NYQ:EXR 11,810 38.5 Extra Space Storage Inc Dividends
Exxon Mobil NYQ:XOM 186,364 36.5 Exxon Mobil Dividends
F.n.b. NYQ:FNB 2,929 15.2 F.n.b. Dividends
Fabrinet NYQ:FN 2,316 19.3 Fabrinet Dividends
Factset Research Systems Inc NYQ:FDS 8,623 27.6 Factset Research Systems Inc Dividends
Fair Isaac NYQ:FICO 9,394 40.2 Fair Isaac Dividends
Fairmount Santrol Holdings Inc NYQ:FMSA Fairmount Santrol Holdings Inc Dividends
Fang Holdings NYQ:SFUN 81.1 40.9 Fang Holdings Dividends
Far Peak Acquisition NYQ:FPAC 0.000 Far Peak Acquisition Dividends
Farfetch NYQ:FTCH 13,620 Farfetch Dividends
Farmland Partners Inc NYQ:FPI 268.7 Farmland Partners Inc Dividends
Fast Acquisition NYQ:FST 208.8 Fast Acquisition Dividends
Fastly Inc NYQ:FSLY 5,369 Fastly Inc Dividends
Fb Financial NYQ:FBK 1,541 17.9 Fb Financial Dividends
Fbl Financial Inc NYQ:FFG 1,000 11.5 Fbl Financial Inc Dividends
Fcb Financial Holdings Inc NYQ:FCB Fcb Financial Holdings Inc Dividends
Federal Agricultural Mortgage NYQ:AGM.A 700.9 8.15 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Dividends
Federal Agricultural Mortgage NYQ:AGM 700.9 9.31 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Dividends
Federal Realty Investment Trust NYQ:FRT 5,864 51.6 Federal Realty Investment Trust Dividends
Federal Signal NYQ:FSS 1,623 19.9 Federal Signal Dividends
Federated Hermes Inc NYQ:FHI 2,146 10.5 Federated Hermes Inc Dividends
Fedex NYQ:FDX 49,274 15.2 Fedex Dividends
Felcor Lodging Trust Inc NYQ:FCH Felcor Lodging Trust Inc Dividends
Ferrari Nv NYQ:RACE 33,045 37.4 Ferrari Nv Dividends
Ferro NYQ:FOE 1,032 17.0 Ferro Dividends
Fg New America Acquisition NYQ:FGNA 267.1 Fg New America Acquisition Dividends
Fg New America Acquisition Ii NYQ:FGNB.U Fg New America Acquisition Ii Dividends
Fgl Holdings Inc NYQ:FG Fgl Holdings Inc Dividends
Fibria Celulose Sa NYQ:FBR Fibria Celulose Sa Dividends
Fidelity & Guaranty Life NYQ:FGL Fidelity & Guaranty Life Dividends
Fidelity National Financial Inc NYQ:FNF 7,885 8.82 Fidelity National Financial Inc Dividends
Fidelity National Financial Inc NYQ:FNFV 7,885 Fidelity National Financial Inc Dividends
Fidelity National Financial Inc NYQ:FNF WI Fidelity National Financial Inc Dividends
Fidelity National Information Services Inc NYQ:FIS 63,338 20.7 Fidelity National Information Services Inc Dividends
Figure Acquisition I NYQ:FACA.U 292.8 Figure Acquisition I Dividends
Fintech Evolution Acquisition NYQ:FTEV.U 186.2 Fintech Evolution Acquisition Dividends
Finvolution NYQ:FINV 1,101 6.89 Finvolution Dividends
First American Financial NYQ:FAF 4,043 10.6 First American Financial Dividends
First Bancorp NYQ:FBP 1,755 11.6 First Bancorp Dividends
First Commonwealth Financial NYQ:FCF 1,014 16.2 First Commonwealth Financial Dividends
First Data NYQ:FDC First Data Dividends
First Horizon (tennessee) NYQ:FHN 6,863 11.3 First Horizon (tennessee) Dividends
First Industrial Realty Trust Inc NYQ:FR 3,999 52.0 First Industrial Realty Trust Inc Dividends
First Majestic Silver NYQ:AG 2,569 38.2 First Majestic Silver Dividends
First Potomac Realty Trust NYQ:FPO First Potomac Realty Trust Dividends
First Republic Bank NYQ:FRC 21,022 27.9 First Republic Bank Dividends
Firstcaribbean International Bank NYQ:FCI Firstcaribbean International Bank Dividends
Firstenergy NYQ:FE 13,034 12.6 Firstenergy Dividends
Firstmark Horizon Acquisition NYQ:FMAC 456 Firstmark Horizon Acquisition Dividends
Fisker Inc NYQ:FSR 2,443 Fisker Inc Dividends
Fitbit Inc NYQ:FIT 1,364 Fitbit Inc Dividends
Five Point Holdings Llc NYQ:FPH 698.5 Five Point Holdings Llc Dividends
Fiverr International NYQ:FVRR 5,647 245.6 Fiverr International Dividends
Flagstar Bancorp Inc NYQ:FBC 1,666 7.64 Flagstar Bancorp Inc Dividends
Flame Acquisition NYQ:FLME.U 253.4 Flame Acquisition Dividends
Fleetcor Technologies Inc NYQ:FLT 17,014 21.6 Fleetcor Technologies Inc Dividends
Flex Lng NYQ:FLNG 318.2 5.20 Flex Lng Dividends
Floor & Decor Holdings Inc NYQ:FND 6,695 47.0 Floor & Decor Holdings Inc Dividends
Flotek Industries Inc NYQ:FTK 118.3 Flotek Industries Inc Dividends
Flowers Foods Inc NYQ:FLO 3,512 19.9 Flowers Foods Inc Dividends
Flowserve NYQ:FLS 3,741 24.1 Flowserve Dividends
Fluor NYQ:FLR 1,883 14.0 Fluor Dividends
Fly Leasing NYQ:FLY 242.9 9.02 Fly Leasing Dividends
Fmc NYQ:FMC 9,599 13.6 Fmc Dividends
Fmc NYQ:FMC WI Fmc Dividends
Foley Trasimene Acquisition NYQ:WPF 1,601 Foley Trasimene Acquisition Dividends
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Ii NYQ:BFT 2,374 Foley Trasimene Acquisition Ii Dividends
Fomento Economico Mexicano Sab De Cv NYQ:FMX 95,266 2.77 Fomento Economico Mexicano Sab De Cv Dividends
Foot Locker Inc NYQ:FL 3,920 13.5 Foot Locker Inc Dividends
Force10 Networks Inc NYQ:FTEN Force10 Networks Inc Dividends
Ford Motor Co NYQ:F 35,271 10.9 Ford Motor Co Dividends
Foreign Trade Bank Of Latin America Inc NYQ:BLX 454.6 7.08 Foreign Trade Bank Of Latin America Inc Dividends
Forest City Realty Trust Inc NYQ:FCE.A Forest City Realty Trust Inc Dividends
Forest City Realty Trust Inc NYQ:FCE.B Forest City Realty Trust Inc Dividends
Forest Road Acquisition NYQ:FRX 0.000 Forest Road Acquisition Dividends
Forest Road Acquisition Ii NYQ:FRXB.U Forest Road Acquisition Ii Dividends
Forestar Inc NYQ:FOR 755.5 13.0 Forestar Inc Dividends
Forestar Inc NYQ:FOR WI 755.5 Forestar Inc Dividends
Fortis Inc NYQ:FTS 13,381 17.8 Fortis Inc Dividends
Fortis Minerals Llc NYQ:NRI Fortis Minerals Llc Dividends
Fortive NYQ:FTV WD 16,394 Fortive Dividends
Fortive NYQ:FTV 16,394 27.4 Fortive Dividends
Fortive NYQ:FTV WI 16,394 Fortive Dividends
Fortress Capital Acquisition NYQ:FCAX 357.8 Fortress Capital Acquisition Dividends
Fortress Capital Acquisition NYQ:FCAX.U 357.8 Fortress Capital Acquisition Dividends
Fortress Investment Llc NYQ:FIG Fortress Investment Llc Dividends
Fortress Transportation And Infrastructure Investors Llc NYQ:FTAI 1,899 39.8 Fortress Transportation And Infrastructure Investors Llc Dividends
Fortress Value Acquisition Ii NYQ:FAII 380.2 Fortress Value Acquisition Ii Dividends
Fortress Value Acquisition Iii NYQ:FVT 221.1 Fortress Value Acquisition Iii Dividends
Fortress Value Acquisition Iv NYQ:FVIV U Fortress Value Acquisition Iv Dividends
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc NYQ:FSM 890.7 7.17 Fortuna Silver Mines Inc Dividends
Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc NYQ:FBHS 8,592 18.0 Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc Dividends
Forum Energy Technologies Inc NYQ:FET 92.4 Forum Energy Technologies Inc Dividends
Foundation Building Materials Inc NYQ:FBM 600.6 17.7 Foundation Building Materials Inc Dividends
Four Corners Property Trust Inc NYQ:FCPT 1,509 23.6 Four Corners Property Trust Inc Dividends
Four Seasons Education (cayman) Inc NYQ:FEDU 50.1 Four Seasons Education (cayman) Inc Dividends
Franco-nevada NYQ:FNV 15,106 33.8 Franco-nevada Dividends
Franklin Covey Co NYQ:FC 271.6 119.9 Franklin Covey Co Dividends
Franklin Financial Network Inc NYQ:FSB Franklin Financial Network Inc Dividends
Franklin Resources Inc NYQ:BEN 9,666 9.52 Franklin Resources Inc Dividends
Franks International Nv NYQ:FI 782.5 Franks International Nv Dividends
Freedom Acquisition I NYQ:FACT.U 263 Freedom Acquisition I Dividends
Freeport-mcmoran Inc NYQ:FCX 36,902 21.0 Freeport-mcmoran Inc Dividends
Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co Kgaa NYQ:FMS 13,843 14.9 Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co Kgaa Dividends
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc NYQ:FDP 974.5 Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc Dividends
Front Yard Residential NYQ:RESI 688.9 Front Yard Residential Dividends
Frontline NYQ:FRO 1,030 14.1 Frontline Dividends
Fs Kkr Capital NYQ:FSK 1,744 7.88 Fs Kkr Capital Dividends
Fs Kkr Capital Ii NYQ:FSKR 2,317 8.42 Fs Kkr Capital Ii Dividends
Fti Consulting Inc NYQ:FCN 3,002 18.8 Fti Consulting Inc Dividends
Fubotv Inc NYQ:FUBO 1,462 Fubotv Inc Dividends
Fusion Acquisition NYQ:FUSE 642.9 Fusion Acquisition Dividends
Fusion Acquisition Ii NYQ:FSNB.U 265.3 Fusion Acquisition Ii Dividends
Futurefuel NYQ:FF 473.7 Futurefuel Dividends
G Squared Ascend I Inc NYQ:GSQD.U 0.000 G Squared Ascend I Inc Dividends
G&p Acquisition NYQ:GAPA.U G&p Acquisition Dividends
Gabelli Convertible And Income Securities Fund Inc NYQ:GCV RT 80.8 Gabelli Convertible And Income Securities Fund Inc Dividends
Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust NYQ:GDV RT 1,506 Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust Dividends
Gabelli Equity Trust Inc NYQ:GAB RT 1,283 Gabelli Equity Trust Inc Dividends
Gabelli Global Small And Mid Cap Value Trust NYQ:GGZ RT Gabelli Global Small And Mid Cap Value Trust Dividends
Gabelli Utility Trust NYQ:GUT RT 299.5 Gabelli Utility Trust Dividends
Gabelli Utility Trust NYQ:GUT RT WI Gabelli Utility Trust Dividends
Gadsden Growth Properties Inc NYQ:GADS Gadsden Growth Properties Inc Dividends
Gafisa Sa NYQ:GFA Gafisa Sa Dividends
Gain Capital Holdings Inc NYQ:GCAP Gain Capital Holdings Inc Dividends
Galileo Acquisition NYQ:GLEO 128.5 Galileo Acquisition Dividends
Gamco Investors Inc NYQ:GBL 383.9 Gamco Investors Inc Dividends
Gamestop NYQ:GME 6,941 Gamestop Dividends
Gannett Co Inc NYQ:GCI 537.4 Gannett Co Inc Dividends
Gap Inc NYQ:GPS 7,380 21.2 Gap Inc Dividends
Gardner Denver Holdings Inc NYQ:GDI WI Gardner Denver Holdings Inc Dividends
Gartner Inc NYQ:IT 11,761 43.6 Gartner Inc Dividends
Gaslog NYQ:GLOG 401.6 10.0 Gaslog Dividends
Gaslog Partners Lp NYQ:GLOP 101 Gaslog Partners Lp Dividends
Gates Industrial NYQ:GTES 3,377 17.5 Gates Industrial Dividends
Gatos Silver Inc NYQ:GATO 542.2 Gatos Silver Inc Dividends
Gatx NYQ:GATX 2,472 23.3 Gatx Dividends
Gazit Globe NYQ:GZT Gazit Globe Dividends
Gbs Inc NYQ:GBSG Gbs Inc Dividends
Gcb Bank NYQ:GCB Gcb Bank Dividends
Gcl Solar Energy Technology Holdings NYQ:GCL Gcl Solar Energy Technology Holdings Dividends
Gcp Applied Technologies Inc NYQ:GCP 1,283 28.4 Gcp Applied Technologies Inc Dividends
Genco Shipping & Trading NYQ:GNK 343.1 17.2 Genco Shipping & Trading Dividends
Gener8 Maritime Inc NYQ:GNRT Gener8 Maritime Inc Dividends
Generac Holdings Inc NYQ:GNRC 13,944 41.9 Generac Holdings Inc Dividends
General Cable NYQ:BGC General Cable Dividends
General Dynamics NYQ:GD 35,268 14.4 General Dynamics Dividends
General Electric Co NYQ:GE 86,153 46.2 General Electric Co Dividends
General Electric Co NYQ:GE WI 86,153 General Electric Co Dividends
General Mills Inc NYQ:GIS 25,083 15.4 General Mills Inc Dividends
General Motors Co NYQ:GM 55,956 9.16 General Motors Co Dividends
Genesco Inc NYQ:GCO 517.2 13.2 Genesco Inc Dividends
Genesee & Wyoming Inc NYQ:GWR Genesee & Wyoming Inc Dividends
Genesis Energy Lp NYQ:GEL 797.1 5.33 Genesis Energy Lp Dividends
Genesis Healthcare Inc NYQ:GEN 57.7 Genesis Healthcare Inc Dividends
Genesis Park Acquisition NYQ:GNPK 185.9 Genesis Park Acquisition Dividends
Genie Energy NYQ:GNE 146.6 16.8 Genie Energy Dividends
Genpact NYQ:G 5,629 17.9 Genpact Dividends
Genuine Parts Co NYQ:GPC 11,763 19.3 Genuine Parts Co Dividends
Genworth Financial Inc NYQ:GNW 1,180 5.56 Genworth Financial Inc Dividends
Geo Inc NYQ:GEO 675.7 Geo Inc Dividends
Geopark NYQ:GPRK 762.9 37.1 Geopark Dividends
Gerdau Sa NYQ:GGB 6,010 16.7 Gerdau Sa Dividends
Getty Realty NYQ:GTY 904.1 22.6 Getty Realty Dividends
Gfl Environmental Inc NYQ:GFL 7,728 86.6 Gfl Environmental Inc Dividends
Ggp Inc NYQ:GGP 15,256 Ggp Inc Dividends
Gigamon Inc NYQ:GIMO Gigamon Inc Dividends
Gigcapital Inc NYQ:GIG RT Gigcapital Inc Dividends
Gigcapital Inc NYQ:GIG U Gigcapital Inc Dividends
Gigcapital2 Inc NYQ:GIX 156.8 Gigcapital2 Inc Dividends
Gigcapital2 Inc NYQ:GIX RT 156.8 Gigcapital2 Inc Dividends
Gigcapital3 Inc NYQ:GIK 487.3 Gigcapital3 Inc Dividends
Gigcapital3 Inc NYQ:GIK U Gigcapital3 Inc Dividends
Gildan Activewear Inc NYQ:GIL 4,229 19.0 Gildan Activewear Inc Dividends
Ginkgo Residential Trust Inc NYQ:GNKO Ginkgo Residential Trust Inc Dividends
Glatfelter NYQ:GLT 558.4 21.0 Glatfelter Dividends
Glaukos NYQ:GKOS 2,837 Glaukos Dividends
Glaxosmithkline NYQ:GSK 62,536 12.1 Glaxosmithkline Dividends
Global Blue Holding NYQ:GB 1,057 Global Blue Holding Dividends
Global Brass And Copper Holdings Inc NYQ:BRSS Global Brass And Copper Holdings Inc Dividends
Global Cord Blood NYQ:CO 420.7 Global Cord Blood Dividends
Global Medical Reit Inc NYQ:GMRE 476.3 60.8 Global Medical Reit Inc Dividends
Global Net Lease Inc NYQ:GNL 1,194 111.6 Global Net Lease Inc Dividends
Global Partners Lp NYQ:GLP 498.9 30.1 Global Partners Lp Dividends
Global Payments Inc NYQ:GPN 42,297 23.9 Global Payments Inc Dividends
Global Ship Lease Inc NYQ:GSL 281.4 6.18 Global Ship Lease Inc Dividends
Globant Sa NYQ:GLOB 5,781 62.9 Globant Sa Dividends
Globe Life Inc NYQ:GL 7,262 12.9 Globe Life Inc Dividends
Globus Medical Inc NYQ:GMED 4,480 30.1 Globus Medical Inc Dividends
Gms Inc NYQ:GMS 1,224 12.5 Gms Inc Dividends
Go Acquisition NYQ:GOAC 1,024 Go Acquisition Dividends
Godaddy Inc NYQ:GDDY 9,302 41.9 Godaddy Inc Dividends
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes Sa NYQ:GOL 925.9 Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes Sa Dividends
Gold Fields NYQ:GFI 5,695 7.66 Gold Fields Dividends
Gold Royalty NYQ:GROY Gold Royalty Dividends
Goldcorp Inc NYQ:GG Goldcorp Inc Dividends
Golden Falcon Acquisition NYQ:GFX 308.5 Golden Falcon Acquisition Dividends
Goldman Sachs Bdc Inc NYQ:GSBD 1,375 10.3 Goldman Sachs Bdc Inc Dividends
Goldman Sachs Inc NYQ:GS 81,788 13.3 Goldman Sachs Inc Dividends
Gorman-rupp Co NYQ:GRC 648 22.0 Gorman-rupp Co Dividends
Gp Strategies NYQ:GPX 173 20.0 Gp Strategies Dividends
Graco Inc NYQ:GGG 8,085 31.6 Graco Inc Dividends
Graf Acquisition Ii NYQ:GTOO.U Graf Acquisition Ii Dividends
Graf Acquisition Iii NYQ:GRAF.U Graf Acquisition Iii Dividends
Graf Acquisition Iv NYQ:GFOR.U Graf Acquisition Iv Dividends
Graftech International NYQ:EAF 2,218 6.42 Graftech International Dividends
Graham NYQ:GHM 115.5 28.1 Graham Dividends
Graham Holdings Co NYQ:GHC 2,065 18.8 Graham Holdings Co Dividends
Gramercy Property Trust NYQ:GPT Gramercy Property Trust Dividends
Granite Construction Inc NYQ:GVA 1,221 15.7 Granite Construction Inc Dividends
Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc NYQ:GPMT 458.7 10.6 Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc Dividends
Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc NYQ:GPMT WI 458.7 Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc Dividends
Graphic Packaging Holding Co NYQ:GPK 3,231 13.8 Graphic Packaging Holding Co Dividends
Gray Television Inc NYQ:GTN.A 1,249 8.44 Gray Television Inc Dividends
Gray Television Inc NYQ:GTN 1,249 9.11 Gray Television Inc Dividends
Great Ajax NYQ:AJX 195.9 11.0 Great Ajax Dividends
Great Plains Energy Inc NYQ:GXP Great Plains Energy Inc Dividends
Great Western Bancorp Inc NYQ:GWB 1,216 18.2 Great Western Bancorp Inc Dividends
Green Dot NYQ:GDOT 1,826 20.0 Green Dot Dividends
Greenbrier Companies Inc NYQ:GBX 1,120 35.9 Greenbrier Companies Inc Dividends
Greenhill & Co Inc NYQ:GHL 222 14.0 Greenhill & Co Inc Dividends
Greentree Hospitality NYQ:GHG 1,291 15.3 Greentree Hospitality Dividends
Greif Inc NYQ:GEF.B 1,919 15.3 Greif Inc Dividends
Greif Inc NYQ:GEF 1,919 14.7 Greif Inc Dividends
Griffon NYQ:GFF 1,035 15.2 Griffon Dividends
Group 1 Automotive Inc NYQ:GPI 2,055 8.43 Group 1 Automotive Inc Dividends
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