New Zealand Stock Exchange

NZC / NZE - 160 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
A2 Milk NZE:ATM 5,657 29.4 A2 Milk Dividends
Abano Healthcare NZE:ABA 69.8 12.9 Abano Healthcare Dividends
Afc Group NZE:AFC 1.86 Afc Group Dividends
Aft Pharmaceuticals NZE:AFT 199.2 28.6 Aft Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Air New Zealand NZE:AIR 1,721 10.6 Air New Zealand Dividends
Airwork Holdings NZE:AWK Airwork Holdings Dividends
Allied Farmers NZE:ALF 5.74 Allied Farmers Dividends
Aorere Resources NZE:AOR 0.75 Aorere Resources Dividends
Arborgen Holdings NZE:ARB 47.7 6.95 Arborgen Holdings Dividends
Argosy Property NZE:ARG 600.5 20.5 Argosy Property Dividends
Arvida NZE:ARV 517.2 15.9 Arvida Dividends
Asset Plus NZE:APL 51.8 17.2 Asset Plus Dividends
Auckland International Airport NZE:AIA 5,587 39.2 Auckland International Airport Dividends
Augusta Capital NZE:AUG 71.3 22.5 Augusta Capital Dividends
Awf Madison NZE:AWF 34.4 Awf Madison Dividends
Barramundi NZE:BRM 61.1 Barramundi Dividends
Bathurst Resources NZE:BRL Bathurst Resources Dividends
Blackwell Global Holdings NZE:BGI 1.56 Blackwell Global Holdings Dividends
Blis Technologies NZE:BLT 38.8 Blis Technologies Dividends
Briscoe NZE:BGP 466.5 14.2 Briscoe Dividends
Burger Fuel NZE:BFG 15.4 Burger Fuel Dividends
Cannasouth NZE:CBD 22.5 Cannasouth Dividends
Cavalier NZE:CAV 10.3 Cavalier Dividends
Cbl NZE:CBL Cbl Dividends
Cdl Investments New Zealand NZE:CDI 128.9 Cdl Investments New Zealand Dividends
Chatham Rock Phosphate (nz) NZE:CRP 38.5 Chatham Rock Phosphate (nz) Dividends
Chorus NZE:CNU 1,465 62.3 Chorus Dividends
Chow NZE:CGL Chow Dividends
Colonial Motor NZE:CMO 141.1 Colonial Motor Dividends
Comvita NZE:CVT 75.6 16.7 Comvita Dividends
Contact Energy NZE:CEN 2,747 30.3 Contact Energy Dividends
Cooks Global Foods NZE:CGF 14.9 Cooks Global Foods Dividends
Csm NZE:CSM 4.84 Csm Dividends
Delegat NZE:DGL 610.9 21.1 Delegat Dividends
Diligent NZE:DIL Diligent Dividends
Ebos NZE:EBO 2,003 22.2 Ebos Dividends
Enprise NZE:ENS 4.23 Enprise Dividends
Eroad NZE:ERD 109.9 55.6 Eroad Dividends
Evolve Education NZE:EVO 85.0 9.05 Evolve Education Dividends
Findata NZE:FDL Findata Dividends
Finzsoft Solutions NZE:FIN 4.20 Finzsoft Solutions Dividends
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare NZE:FPH 6,559 44.0 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Dividends
Fletcher Building NZE:FBU 2,345 15.0 Fletcher Building Dividends
Fliway NZE:FLI Fliway Dividends
Foley Wines NZE:FWL 62.4 Foley Wines Dividends
Fonterra Co-operative NZE:FCG 3,314 Fonterra Co-operative Dividends
Fonterra Shareholders' Fund NZE:FSF 211.1 15.6 Fonterra Shareholders' Fund Dividends
Freightways NZE:FRE 681.9 19.6 Freightways Dividends
Future Mobility Solutions NZE:FMS 2.44 Future Mobility Solutions Dividends
G3 NZE:GGL G3 Dividends
General Capital NZE:GEN 6.25 General Capital Dividends
Genesis Energy NZE:GNE 1,694 30.7 Genesis Energy Dividends
Geneva Finance NZE:GFL 18.3 Geneva Finance Dividends
Gentrack NZE:GTK 136.2 25.1 Gentrack Dividends
Geoop NZE:GEO 3.70 Geoop Dividends
Good Spirits Hospitality NZE:GSH 3.19 Good Spirits Hospitality Dividends
Goodman Property Trust NZE:GMT 1,587 28.2 Goodman Property Trust Dividends
Green Cross Health NZE:GXH 100.3 8.97 Green Cross Health Dividends
Hallenstein Glasson Holdings NZE:HLG 181.6 Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Dividends
Heartland Group NZE:HGH 528.9 12.9 Heartland Group Dividends
Hellaby Holdings NZE:HBY Hellaby Holdings Dividends
Ikegps NZE:IKE 39.5 Ikegps Dividends
Infratil NZE:IFT 1,810 94.5 Infratil Dividends
Intueri Education NZE:IQE Intueri Education Dividends
Investore Property NZE:IPL 236.3 21.9 Investore Property Dividends
Just Life NZE:JLG 22.0 Just Life Dividends
Kathmandu Holdings NZE:KMD 390.6 11.6 Kathmandu Holdings Dividends
Kingfish NZE:KFL 201 Kingfish Dividends
Kiwi Property NZE:KPG 1,158 21.6 Kiwi Property Dividends
Livestock Improvement NZE:LIC 60.4 Livestock Improvement Dividends
Mainfreight NZE:MFT 2,219 25.2 Mainfreight Dividends
Marlborough Wine Estates NZE:MWE 29.0 Marlborough Wine Estates Dividends
Marlin Global NZE:MLN 75.2 Marlin Global Dividends
Marsden Maritime Holdings NZE:MMH 143.4 Marsden Maritime Holdings Dividends
Mercer NZE:MGL 9.01 Mercer Dividends
Mercury Nz NZE:MCY 3,767 36.9 Mercury Nz Dividends
Meridian Energy NZE:MEL 6,935 41.3 Meridian Energy Dividends
Methven NZE:MVN Methven Dividends
Metlifecare NZE:MET 744.2 14.5 Metlifecare Dividends
Metro Performance Glass NZE:MPG 26.2 4.66 Metro Performance Glass Dividends
Michael Hill New Zealand NZE:MHI 148.7 Michael Hill New Zealand Dividends
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels New Zealand NZE:MCK 149.9 Millennium & Copthorne Hotels New Zealand Dividends
Moa NZE:MOA 12.8 Moa Dividends
Napier Port Holdings NZE:NPH 393.9 37.1 Napier Port Holdings Dividends
New Talisman Gold Mines NZE:NTL 9.02 New Talisman Gold Mines Dividends
New Zealand King Salmon Co NZE:NZK 151.2 20.0 New Zealand King Salmon Co Dividends
New Zealand Oil And Gas NZE:NZO 57.1 New Zealand Oil And Gas Dividends
New Zealand Refining NZE:NZR 277.4 15.8 New Zealand Refining Dividends
Nuplex Industries NZE:NPX Nuplex Industries Dividends
Nz Windfarms NZE:NWF 21.4 Nz Windfarms Dividends
Nzme NZE:NZM 37.8 4.75 Nzme Dividends
Nzx NZE:NZX 189 24.0 Nzx Dividends
Oceania Healthcare NZE:OCA 408.9 14.0 Oceania Healthcare Dividends
Oceania Natural NZE:ONL Oceania Natural Dividends
Opus International Consultants NZE:OIC Opus International Consultants Dividends
Orion Health NZE:OHE Orion Health Dividends
Pacific Edge NZE:PEB 33.0 Pacific Edge Dividends
Paysauce NZE:PYS 58.1 Paysauce Dividends
Pgg Wrightson NZE:PGW 207.2 11.3 Pgg Wrightson Dividends
Plexure NZE:PLX 55.2 Plexure Dividends
Port Of Tauranga NZE:POT 2,665 49.0 Port Of Tauranga Dividends
Precinct Properties New Zealand NZE:PCT 1,254 26.8 Precinct Properties New Zealand Dividends
Private Land And Property Fund NZE:PLP Private Land And Property Fund Dividends
Promisia Integrative NZE:PIL 1.93 Promisia Integrative Dividends
Property For Industry NZE:PFI 629.1 26.7 Property For Industry Dividends
Pulse Energy NZE:PLE Pulse Energy Dividends
Pumpkin Patch NZE:PPL Pumpkin Patch Dividends
Pushpay Holdings NZE:PPH 609.2 33.2 Pushpay Holdings Dividends
Pyne Gould NZE:PGC Pyne Gould Dividends
Qex Logistics NZE:QEX 21.9 Qex Logistics Dividends
Rakon NZE:RAK 32.0 Rakon Dividends
Restaurant Brands New Zealand NZE:RBD 843.6 30.8 Restaurant Brands New Zealand Dividends
Ryman Healthcare NZE:RYM 4,108 28.5 Ryman Healthcare Dividends
Sanford NZE:SAN 386.4 15.2 Sanford Dividends
Scales NZE:SCL 351.6 20.6 Scales Dividends
Scott Technology NZE:SCT 86.6 Scott Technology Dividends
Seadragon NZE:SEA 8.08 Seadragon Dividends
Seeka NZE:SEK 69.9 17.2 Seeka Dividends
Serko NZE:SKO 221.8 9,000 Serko Dividends
Skellerup Holdings NZE:SKL 247.2 15.6 Skellerup Holdings Dividends
Sky Network Television NZE:SKT 142.2 7.02 Sky Network Television Dividends
Skycity Entertainment NZE:SKC 1,406 18.1 Skycity Entertainment Dividends
Sli Systems NZE:SLI Sli Systems Dividends
Smartpay Holdings NZE:SPY 48.0 Smartpay Holdings Dividends
Smiths City NZE:SCY 6.42 Smiths City Dividends
Snakk Media NZE:SNK Snakk Media Dividends
Solution Dynamics NZE:SDL 11.9 Solution Dynamics Dividends
South Port New Zealand NZE:SPN 98.6 South Port New Zealand Dividends
Southern Charter Financial NZE:SNC Southern Charter Financial Dividends
Spark New Zealand NZE:SPK 4,227 19.4 Spark New Zealand Dividends
Speirs NZE:SGL Speirs Dividends
Steel & Tube Holdings NZE:STU 67.9 10.3 Steel & Tube Holdings Dividends
Stride Property NZE:SPG 432.1 22.8 Stride Property Dividends
Summerset Group NZE:SUM 1,028 17.0 Summerset Group Dividends
Synlait Milk NZE:SML 796.1 15.4 Synlait Milk Dividends
T&g Global NZE:TGG 181 T&g Global Dividends
Tegel Group NZE:TGH Tegel Group Dividends
Telstra NZE:TLS 24,453 19.3 Telstra Dividends
Tenon NZE:TEN Tenon Dividends
Til Logistics NZE:TLL 47.3 Til Logistics Dividends
Tilt Renewables NZE:TLT 808.9 88.7 Tilt Renewables Dividends
Tourism Holdings NZE:THL 208.2 14.2 Tourism Holdings Dividends
Tower NZE:TWR 155.2 12.3 Tower Dividends
Trade Me NZE:TME Trade Me Dividends
Trilogy International NZE:TIL Trilogy International Dividends
Trs Investments NZE:TRS 2.03 Trs Investments Dividends
Truscreen NZE:TRU 12.7 Truscreen Dividends
Trustpower NZE:TPW 1,169 22.1 Trustpower Dividends
Turners Automotive NZE:TRA 125.5 10.8 Turners Automotive Dividends
Vector NZE:VCT 1,888 32.5 Vector Dividends
Vista International NZE:VGL 295.6 29.4 Vista International Dividends
Vital NZE:VTL 16.2 Vital Dividends
Vital Healthcare Property Trust NZE:VHP 645.8 26.3 Vital Healthcare Property Trust Dividends
Warehouse NZE:WHS 497.8 12.1 Warehouse Dividends
Wellington Drive Technologies NZE:WDT 23.4 Wellington Drive Technologies Dividends
Wellington Merchants NZE:KRK Wellington Merchants Dividends
Windflow Technology NZE:WTL Windflow Technology Dividends
Wynyard NZE:WYN Wynyard Dividends
Xero NZE:XRO 6,606 Xero Dividends
Z Energy NZE:ZEL 964.5 13.4 Z Energy Dividends
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