NEX Exchange

NXX / OFEX - 90 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Ace Liberty & Stone OFEX:ALSP 45.0 Ace Liberty & Stone Dividends
Adnams OFEX:ADB 94.2 Adnams Dividends
Afriag Global OFEX:APOL 0.57 Afriag Global Dividends
African Pioneer OFEX:APPP African Pioneer Dividends
All Star Minerals OFEX:ASMO 1.50 All Star Minerals Dividends
All Things Considered OFEX:ATC 14.8 45.4 All Things Considered Dividends
Altona Rare Earths OFEX:ANR 2.68 Altona Rare Earths Dividends
Ananda Developments OFEX:ANA 6.16 Ananda Developments Dividends
Anglo African Agriculture Ord OFEX:AAAP.GB 0.86 Anglo African Agriculture Ord Dividends
Aqru OFEX:AQRU Aqru Dividends
Asia Wealth group OFEX:AWLP 343 Asia Wealth group Dividends
Barkby OFEX:BARK 16.5 Barkby Dividends
Bluerock Diamonds Ord OFEX:BRD.GB 6.10 Bluerock Diamonds Ord Dividends
BWA OFEX:BWAP 1.45 BWA Dividends
Capital for Colleagues OFEX:CFCP 10.4 Capital for Colleagues Dividends
Challengerx OFEX:CXS 3.88 Challengerx Dividends
Chapel Down OFEX:CDGP 62.0 Chapel Down Dividends
Clarify Pharma OFEX:PSYC Clarify Pharma Dividends
Clean Invest Africa OFEX:CIA 2.42 Clean Invest Africa Dividends
Coinsilium OFEX:COIN 4.71 Coinsilium Dividends
Concepta Ord OFEX:MHC.GB 14.0 Concepta Ord Dividends
Crossword Cybersecurity OFEX:CCS.GB 21.7 Crossword Cybersecurity Dividends
Daniel Thwaites OFEX:THW 57.5 Daniel Thwaites Dividends
DXS International OFEX:DXSP 5.12 DXS International Dividends
Early Equity OFEX:EEQP 2.10 Early Equity Dividends
Eastinco Mining and Exploration OFEX:EM.P 6.48 Eastinco Mining and Exploration Dividends
Eight Capital Partners OFEX:ECP 0.77 Eight Capital Partners Dividends
Evrima OFEX:EVA 1.13 Evrima Dividends
Field Systems Designs Holdings OFEX:FSD 2.42 Field Systems Designs Holdings Dividends
Forbes Ventures OFEX:FOR 6.34 Forbes Ventures Dividends
Gledhow Investments OFEX:GDH 1.61 Gledhow Investments Dividends
Globe Capital OFEX:GCAP 1.92 Globe Capital Dividends
Gowin New Energy OFEX:GWIN 0.22 Gowin New Energy Dividends
Greencare Capital OFEX:GRE 3.68 Greencare Capital Dividends
Helium Ventures OFEX:HEV Helium Ventures Dividends
Hot Rocks Investments OFEX:HRIP 1.13 Hot Rocks Investments Dividends
Hydro Hotel Eastbourne OFEX:HYDP 5.40 Hydro Hotel Eastbourne Dividends
Hydrogen Future Industries OFEX:HFI 2.16 Hydrogen Future Industries Dividends
Hydrogen Utopia International OFEX:HUI Hydrogen Utopia International Dividends
Iamfire OFEX:FIRE 1.81 Iamfire Dividends
Igraine OFEX:KING 1.20 Igraine Dividends
Incanthera OFEX:INC 5.22 Incanthera Dividends
Inqo Investments OFEX:INQO 9.34 Inqo Investments Dividends
Kasei Holdings OFEX:KASH Kasei Holdings Dividends
Kr1 OFEX:KR1 46.3 Kr1 Dividends
Lekoil OFEX:LEK Lekoil Dividends
Lift Global Ventures OFEX:LFT 0.000 Lift Global Ventures Dividends
Love Hemp OFEX:LIFE 3.73 Love Hemp Dividends
Majestic OFEX:MCJ 500 Majestic Dividends
MiLOC OFEX:ML.P 17.1 MiLOC Dividends
National Milk Records OFEX:NMRP 21.1 11.3 National Milk Records Dividends
Newbury Racecourse OFEX:NYR 27.8 Newbury Racecourse Dividends
NFT Investments OFEX:NFT 12.3 NFT Investments Dividends
Oberon Investments OFEX:OBE 20.2 Oberon Investments Dividends
One Media Ip Group Ord OFEX:OMIP.GB 17.6 22.4 One Media Ip Group Ord Dividends
Oscillate OFEX:MUSH 1.37 Oscillate Dividends
Pharma C Investments OFEX:PCIL 0.69 Pharma C Investments Dividends
Probiotix Health OFEX:PBX Probiotix Health Dividends
Quantum Exponential OFEX:QBIT Quantum Exponential Dividends
Quetzal Capital OFEX:QTZ 5.82 Quetzal Capital Dividends
Rentguarantor Holdings OFEX:RGG Rentguarantor Holdings Dividends
Rogue Baron OFEX:SHNJ Rogue Baron Dividends
Rural Broadband Solutions OFEX:RBBS 7.54 Rural Broadband Solutions Dividends
S-Ventures OFEX:SVEN 34.5 44.3 S-Ventures Dividends
Samarkand OFEX:SMK 45.1 Samarkand Dividends
Sativa Wellness Inc OFEX:SWEL 4.96 Sativa Wellness Inc Dividends
Secured Property Developments OFEX:SPD 0.36 Secured Property Developments Dividends
Semper Fortis Esports OFEX:SEMP 3.26 Semper Fortis Esports Dividends
Shepherd Neame OFEX:SHEP 119.6 14.9 Shepherd Neame Dividends
Silverwood Brands OFEX:SLWD Silverwood Brands Dividends
ST Mark Homes OFEX:SMAP 3.86 ST Mark Homes Dividends
Startup Giants OFEX:SUG 0.81 Startup Giants Dividends
Sulnox OFEX:SNOX 16.5 Sulnox Dividends
Superseed Capital OFEX:WWW Superseed Capital Dividends
Tecc Capital OFEX:TEC Tecc Capital Dividends
TechFinancials OFEX:TECH 0.32 TechFinancials Dividends
Tectonic Gold OFEX:TTAU 10.8 Tectonic Gold Dividends
The Fulham Shore Ord OFEX:FUL.GB 77.8 32.3 The Fulham Shore Ord Dividends
Trafalgar Property Group Ord OFEX:TRAF.GB 2.26 Trafalgar Property Group Ord Dividends
Truspine Technologies OFEX:TSP 4.82 15.8 Truspine Technologies Dividends
Valereum Blockchain OFEX:VLRM 16.3 Valereum Blockchain Dividends
Via Developments OFEX:VIA1 Via Developments Dividends
Voyager Life OFEX:VOY 1.25 Voyager Life Dividends
Vsa Capital OFEX:VSA 4.18 Vsa Capital Dividends
Vulcan Industries OFEX:VULC 3.60 Vulcan Industries Dividends
VVV Resources OFEX:VVV VVV Resources Dividends
Walls & Futures Reit OFEX:WAFR 1.48 Walls & Futures Reit Dividends
Watchstone OFEX:WTG 15.4 Watchstone Dividends
Western Selection OFEX:WESP 6.37 Western Selection Dividends
Wheelsure Holdings OFEX:WHLP 0.34 Wheelsure Holdings Dividends
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