ASQ / ASQ - 299 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1847 Goedeker Inc ASQ:GOED 41.9 1847 Goedeker Inc Dividends
22nd Century Inc ASQ:XXII 284.1 22nd Century Inc Dividends
Acme United ASQ:ACU 77.6 13.9 Acme United Dividends
Acre Realty Investors Inc ASQ:AIII Acre Realty Investors Inc Dividends
Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:ATNM 83.0 Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Adams Resources & Energy Inc ASQ:AE 76.5 Adams Resources & Energy Inc Dividends
Adcare Health Systems Inc ASQ:ADK 4.29 Adcare Health Systems Inc Dividends
Aerocentury ASQ:ACY 9.32 Aerocentury Dividends
Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc ASQ:UAVS 432 Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc Dividends
Agex Therapeutics Inc ASQ:AGE 51.0 Agex Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Aim Immunotech Inc ASQ:AIM 61.1 Aim Immunotech Inc Dividends
Air Industries ASQ:AIRI 35.7 19.1 Air Industries Dividends
Alda Capital ASQ:ACA 2,243 25.9 Alda Capital Dividends
Alexco Resource ASQ:AXU 263.1 Alexco Resource Dividends
Alio Gold Inc ASQ:ALO Alio Gold Inc Dividends
Almaden Minerals ASQ:AAU 51.6 9.09 Almaden Minerals Dividends
Alpha Pro Tech ASQ:APT 124.9 5.02 Alpha Pro Tech Dividends
Altisource Asset Management ASQ:AAMC 25.6 Altisource Asset Management Dividends
Ambow Education Holding ASQ:AMBO 38.6 Ambow Education Holding Dividends
Amcon Distributing Co ASQ:DIT 42.6 Amcon Distributing Co Dividends
American Dg Energy Inc ASQ:ADGE American Dg Energy Inc Dividends
American Farmland Co ASQ:AFCO American Farmland Co Dividends
American Shared Hospital Services ASQ:AMS 9.86 American Shared Hospital Services Dividends
Americas Gold And Silver ASQ:USAS 227.8 8.26 Americas Gold And Silver Dividends
Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:AMPE 185.2 Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Annovis Bio Inc ASQ:ANVS 50.8 Annovis Bio Inc Dividends
Apple Creek Acquisition ASQ:AKU.U Apple Creek Acquisition Dividends
Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:ARMP 46.3 Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Ashford Inc ASQ:AINC 15.2 2.97 Ashford Inc Dividends
Aspen Reit Inc ASQ:AJAX 29.6 Aspen Reit Inc Dividends
Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc ASQ:AST Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc Dividends
Avalon Holdings ASQ:AWX 8.30 Avalon Holdings Dividends
Avino Silver & Gold Mines ASQ:ASM 76.6 8.36 Avino Silver & Gold Mines Dividends
B2gold ASQ:BTG 3,891 9.00 B2gold Dividends
Ballantyne Strong Inc ASQ:BTN 22.4 Ballantyne Strong Inc Dividends
Bancorp Of New Jersey Inc ASQ:BKJ Bancorp Of New Jersey Inc Dividends
Bancroft Fund ASQ:BCV RT WI Bancroft Fund Dividends
Banro ASQ:BAA Banro Dividends
Bar Harbor Bankshares ASQ:BHB 251.7 Bar Harbor Bankshares Dividends
Barnwell Industries Inc ASQ:BRN 10.4 Barnwell Industries Inc Dividends
Battalion Oil ASQ:BATL 190.8 72.7 Battalion Oil Dividends
Benechill Inc ASQ:BNCH Benechill Inc Dividends
Bioceres Crop Solutions ASQ:BIOX 293.6 11.0 Bioceres Crop Solutions Dividends
Bioceres Crop Solutions ASQ:BIOX 293.6 11.0 Bioceres Crop Solutions Dividends
Biomx Inc ASQ:PHGE 181.2 Biomx Inc Dividends
Birks Inc ASQ:BGI 15.1 Birks Inc Dividends
Bk Technologies ASQ:BKTI 31.6 Bk Technologies Dividends
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc ASQ:BDR 11.6 Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc Dividends
Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc ASQ:BRBS 78.9 Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc Dividends
Bluerock Residential Growth Reit Inc ASQ:BRG 207.8 Bluerock Residential Growth Reit Inc Dividends
Bm Technologies Inc ASQ:MFAC.U 81.7 Bm Technologies Inc Dividends
Bm Technologies Inc ASQ:BMTX 81.7 Bm Technologies Inc Dividends
Bowl America Inc ASQ:BWL.A 36.8 Bowl America Inc Dividends
Caledonia Mining ASQ:CMCL 132.5 4.10 Caledonia Mining Dividends
Camber Energy Inc ASQ:CEI 23.9 Camber Energy Inc Dividends
Can Fite Biopharma ASQ:CANF 21.6 Can Fite Biopharma Dividends
Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:CPP Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Castle Brands Inc ASQ:ROX Castle Brands Inc Dividends
Cbdmd Inc ASQ:YCBD 151.2 Cbdmd Inc Dividends
Cel-sci ASQ:CVM 417.6 16.7 Cel-sci Dividends
Centrus Energy ASQ:LEU 220.1 14.1 Centrus Energy Dividends
Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 ASQ:CHAQ 83.3 Chardan Healthcare Acquisition 2 Dividends
Chase ASQ:CCF 755.3 Chase Dividends
Cheniere Energy Inc ASQ:LNG 12,305 21.3 Cheniere Energy Inc Dividends
Cheniere Energy Partners Lp ASQ:CQP 17,895 13.4 Cheniere Energy Partners Lp Dividends
Cheniere Energy Partners Lp Holdings Llc ASQ:CQH Cheniere Energy Partners Lp Holdings Llc Dividends
Cherry Tree Acquisition ASQ:SXR.U Cherry Tree Acquisition Dividends
Chicago Rivet & Machine Co ASQ:CVR 16.3 Chicago Rivet & Machine Co Dividends
China Mining Resources Holdings ASQ:RCP.U China Mining Resources Holdings Dividends
China Pharma Holdings Inc ASQ:CPHI 21.7 China Pharma Holdings Inc Dividends
Ckx Lands Inc ASQ:CKX 12.8 Ckx Lands Inc Dividends
Clough Global Dividend And Income Fund ASQ:GLV RT 67.9 Clough Global Dividend And Income Fund Dividends
Clough Global Equity Fund ASQ:GLQ RT 145.2 Clough Global Equity Fund Dividends
Cohen & Inc ASQ:COHN 17.2 Cohen & Inc Dividends
Command Security ASQ:MOC Command Security Dividends
Compx International Inc ASQ:CIX 130.1 Compx International Inc Dividends
Comstock Mining Inc ASQ:LODE 32.2 Comstock Mining Inc Dividends
Condor Hospitality Trust Inc ASQ:CDOR 38.6 Condor Hospitality Trust Inc Dividends
Consonance-hfw Acquisition ASQ:CHFW 0.000 Consonance-hfw Acquisition Dividends
Contango Oil & Gas Co (texas) ASQ:MCF 388.6 Contango Oil & Gas Co (texas) Dividends
Continental Materials ASQ:CUO Continental Materials Dividends
Core Molding Technologies Inc ASQ:CMT 80.8 Core Molding Technologies Inc Dividends
Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc ASQ:CVRS Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc Dividends
Cormedix Inc ASQ:CRMD 209.1 Cormedix Inc Dividends
Cpi Aerostructures Inc ASQ:CVU 37.8 21.5 Cpi Aerostructures Inc Dividends
Crh Medical ASQ:CRHM 114.8 46.6 Crh Medical Dividends
Crystal Rock Holdings Inc ASQ:CRVP Crystal Rock Holdings Inc Dividends
Cto Realty Growth Inc ASQ:CTO 199.6 22.3 Cto Realty Growth Inc Dividends
Ctpartners Executive Search Inc ASQ:CTP 0.062 Ctpartners Executive Search Inc Dividends
Cynergistek Inc ASQ:CTEK 15.4 Cynergistek Inc Dividends
Daxor ASQ:DXR 39.5 34.5 Daxor Dividends
Dellacorte Acquisition ASQ:DAQ.U Dellacorte Acquisition Dividends
Delta Apparel Inc ASQ:DLA 108.1 13.2 Delta Apparel Inc Dividends
Denison Mines ASQ:DNN 380 Denison Mines Dividends
Document Security Systems Inc ASQ:DSS 25.6 Document Security Systems Inc Dividends
Dpw Holdings Inc ASQ:DPW 71.2 Dpw Holdings Inc Dividends
Dunxin Financial Holdings ASQ:DXF 20.7 Dunxin Financial Holdings Dividends
Electromed Inc ASQ:ELMD 63.0 27.2 Electromed Inc Dividends
Ellomay Capital ASQ:ELLO 318.6 Ellomay Capital Dividends
Emagin ASQ:EMAN 107.8 Emagin Dividends
Emerson Radio ASQ:MSN 16.7 Emerson Radio Dividends
Emx Royalty ASQ:EMX 207.4 Emx Royalty Dividends
Energy Fuels Inc ASQ:UUUU 393.6 Energy Fuels Inc Dividends
Enservco ASQ:ENSV 8.44 Enservco Dividends
Entree Resources ASQ:EGI 44.7 Entree Resources Dividends
Envela ASQ:ELA 106.6 16.8 Envela Dividends
Equinox Gold ASQ:EQX 1,788 7.91 Equinox Gold Dividends
Espey Mfg And Electronics ASQ:ESP 33.5 Espey Mfg And Electronics Dividends
Evans Bancorp Inc ASQ:EVBN 119.8 9.05 Evans Bancorp Inc Dividends
Evi Industries Inc ASQ:EVI 322.7 Evi Industries Inc Dividends
Evolution Petroleum ASQ:EPM 76.9 Evolution Petroleum Dividends
Excellon Resources Inc ASQ:EXN 62.2 21.3 Excellon Resources Inc Dividends
Exeter Resource ASQ:XRA Exeter Resource Dividends
Fig Acquisition ASQ:FNS.U Fig Acquisition Dividends
Flanigan's Enterprises Inc ASQ:BDL 29.1 Flanigan's Enterprises Inc Dividends
Flexible Solutions International Inc ASQ:FSI 33.4 10.9 Flexible Solutions International Inc Dividends
Four Springs Capital Trust ASQ:FSPR Four Springs Capital Trust Dividends
Franklin Duration Income Trust ASQ:FTF RT 204.1 Franklin Duration Income Trust Dividends
Franklin Street Properties ASQ:FSP 364.2 Franklin Street Properties Dividends
Friedman Industries Inc ASQ:FRD 37.8 Friedman Industries Inc Dividends
Fte Networks Inc ASQ:FTNW Fte Networks Inc Dividends
Fts International Inc ASQ:FTSI 209.6 Fts International Inc Dividends
Fury Gold Mines ASQ:FURY 115.1 Fury Gold Mines Dividends
Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust ASQ:GLU RT 73.1 Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust Dividends
Galiano Gold Inc ASQ:GAU 184.1 5.57 Galiano Gold Inc Dividends
Gas Natural Inc ASQ:EGAS Gas Natural Inc Dividends
Gee Inc ASQ:JOB 16.8 Gee Inc Dividends
Gigpeak Inc ASQ:GIG Gigpeak Inc Dividends
Globalscape Inc ASQ:GSB Globalscape Inc Dividends
Globalstar Inc ASQ:GSAT 1,072 Globalstar Inc Dividends
Gold Resource ASQ:GORO 140.2 265 Gold Resource Dividends
Gold Standard Ventures ASQ:GSV 154.9 Gold Standard Ventures Dividends
Golden Minerals Co ASQ:AUMN 73.1 64.5 Golden Minerals Co Dividends
Golden Star Resources ASQ:GSS 290.1 5.24 Golden Star Resources Dividends
Goldfield ASQ:GV 126.3 Goldfield Dividends
Goldmining Inc ASQ:GLDG 210.3 Goldmining Inc Dividends
Goodrich Petroleum ASQ:GDP 102.6 4.75 Goodrich Petroleum Dividends
Gran Tierra Energy Inc ASQ:GTE 138.6 Gran Tierra Energy Inc Dividends
Great Panther Mining ASQ:GPL 207.1 4.16 Great Panther Mining Dividends
Greenstreet Acquisition ASQ:GNS.U Greenstreet Acquisition Dividends
Grupo Simec Sab De Cv ASQ:SIM Grupo Simec Sab De Cv Dividends
Gulfmark Offshore Inc ASQ:GLF Gulfmark Offshore Inc Dividends
Hcm Acquisition Co ASQ:HQA.U Hcm Acquisition Co Dividends
Hennessy Capital Acquisition Iii ASQ:HCAC U Hennessy Capital Acquisition Iii Dividends
Hmg Courtland Properties Inc ASQ:HMG 8.75 Hmg Courtland Properties Inc Dividends
Houston American Energy ASQ:HUSA 9.30 Houston American Energy Dividends
Iaso Pharma Inc ASQ:IASO Iaso Pharma Inc Dividends
Ibio Inc ASQ:IBIO 231.8 Ibio Inc Dividends
Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc ASQ:IMH 43.8 4.31 Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc Dividends
Imperial Oil ASQ:IMO 11,378 31.2 Imperial Oil Dividends
Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc ASQ:IOR 35.6 Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc Dividends
India Globalization Capital Inc ASQ:IGC 48.2 India Globalization Capital Inc Dividends
Indonesia Energy ASQ:INDO 32.0 Indonesia Energy Dividends
Infusystem Holdings Inc ASQ:INFU 252.5 36.6 Infusystem Holdings Inc Dividends
Innsuites Hospitality Trust ASQ:IHT 15.9 Innsuites Hospitality Trust Dividends
Inspiremd Inc ASQ:NSPR 16.4 Inspiremd Inc Dividends
Integra Resources ASQ:ITRG 139.9 Integra Resources Dividends
Intelligent Systems ASQ:INS 266.3 19.7 Intelligent Systems Dividends
International Brands Management ASQ:IBL.U International Brands Management Dividends
International Tower Hill Mines ASQ:THM 182.5 International Tower Hill Mines Dividends
Intest ASQ:INTT 53.6 22.5 Intest Dividends
Inuvo Inc ASQ:INUV 46.7 Inuvo Inc Dividends
Isoray Inc ASQ:ISR 127.1 Isoray Inc Dividends
Issuer Direct ASQ:ISDR 59.2 22.4 Issuer Direct Dividends
It Tech Packaging Inc ASQ:ITP 12.0 It Tech Packaging Inc Dividends
Jintai Mining Inc ASQ:JTI Jintai Mining Inc Dividends
K Road Acquisition ASQ:KRD.U K Road Acquisition Dividends
Kaleyra Inc ASQ:KLR 235.9 Kaleyra Inc Dividends
Kbl Acquisition Iv ASQ:KBA.U Kbl Acquisition Iv Dividends
Kelso Technologies Inc ASQ:KIQ 22.9 Kelso Technologies Inc Dividends
Klondex Mines ASQ:KLDX Klondex Mines Dividends
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc ASQ:LTS Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc Dividends
Laird Superfood Inc ASQ:LSF 291.4 Laird Superfood Inc Dividends
Lambert's Cove Acquisition ASQ:LCA.U Lambert's Cove Acquisition Dividends
Lgl Inc ASQ:LGL RT WI Lgl Inc Dividends
Lgl Inc ASQ:LGL RT 43.4 Lgl Inc Dividends
Lgl Inc ASQ:LGL 43.4 11.3 Lgl Inc Dividends
Lineage Cell Therapeutics Inc ASQ:LCTX 239.6 Lineage Cell Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Mag Silver ASQ:MAG 1,289 45.7 Mag Silver Dividends
Mastech Digital Inc ASQ:MHH 143.1 13.3 Mastech Digital Inc Dividends
Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc ASQ:MTNB 240.8 Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc Dividends
Maverix Metals Inc ASQ:MMX 562.5 42.2 Maverix Metals Inc Dividends
Metalla Royalty & Streaming ASQ:MTA 367.6 379.4 Metalla Royalty & Streaming Dividends
Mexco Energy ASQ:MXC 11.0 Mexco Energy Dividends
Milestone Scientific Inc ASQ:MLSS 129.4 Milestone Scientific Inc Dividends
Minco Gold ASQ:MGH 1.53 Minco Gold Dividends
Myomo Inc ASQ:MYO 34.6 Myomo Inc Dividends
Nanoviricides Inc ASQ:NNVC 25.7 Nanoviricides Inc Dividends
National Energy Resources Acquisition Co ASQ:NER.U National Energy Resources Acquisition Co Dividends
National Healthcare ASQ:NHC 803.2 National Healthcare Dividends
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:NAVB 44.0 Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Network-1 Technologies Inc ASQ:NTIP 66.2 Network-1 Technologies Inc Dividends
Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc ASQ:UWN Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc Dividends
Nevsun Resources ASQ:NSU Nevsun Resources Dividends
New Asia Partners China ASQ:CTA.U New Asia Partners China Dividends
New Beginnings Acquisition ASQ:NBA 112.7 New Beginnings Acquisition Dividends
New Concept Energy Inc ASQ:GBR 8.31 New Concept Energy Inc Dividends
New England Realty Associates Lp ASQ:NEN 136.9 New England Realty Associates Lp Dividends
New Gold Inc ASQ:NGD 965.3 8.69 New Gold Inc Dividends
Nexgen Energy ASQ:NXE 730 Nexgen Energy Dividends
Nobilis Health ASQ:HLTH Nobilis Health Dividends
Norsat International Inc ASQ:NSAT Norsat International Inc Dividends
Northern Dynasty Minerals ASQ:NAK 194.2 Northern Dynasty Minerals Dividends
Northern Oil And Gas Inc ASQ:NOG 378.3 4.38 Northern Oil And Gas Inc Dividends
Novabay Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:NBY 28.1 Novabay Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Novagold Resources Inc ASQ:NG 2,167 Novagold Resources Inc Dividends
Nrc Group ASQ:NRCG Nrc Group Dividends
Ntn Buzztime Inc ASQ:NTN 5.21 Ntn Buzztime Inc Dividends
Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc ASQ:NES 32.4 Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc Dividends
Oasis Inc ASQ:OGH.U Oasis Inc Dividends
Oblong Inc ASQ:OBLG 24.0 Oblong Inc Dividends
Oncocyte ASQ:OCX 169.3 Oncocyte Dividends
Oragenics Inc ASQ:OGEN 62.7 Oragenics Inc Dividends
Orla Mining ASQ:ORLA 796.9 Orla Mining Dividends
Owens Realty Mortgage Inc ASQ:ORM Owens Realty Mortgage Inc Dividends
Palatin Technologies Inc ASQ:PTN 132.5 Palatin Technologies Inc Dividends
Paramount Gold Nevada ASQ:PZG 27.8 Paramount Gold Nevada Dividends
Park National ASQ:PRK 1,321 16.9 Park National Dividends
Parts Id Inc ASQ:ID 70.0 Parts Id Inc Dividends
Pedevco ASQ:PED 73.1 Pedevco Dividends
Pfenex Inc ASQ:PFNX Pfenex Inc Dividends
Planet Green Holdings ASQ:PLAG 24.0 Planet Green Holdings Dividends
Platinum Metals ASQ:PLG 230.8 Platinum Metals Dividends
Polymet Mining ASQ:PLM 260.8 108.2 Polymet Mining Dividends
Polymet Mining ASQ:PLM RT 204.8 Polymet Mining Dividends
Power Reit ASQ:PW 50.0 Power Reit Dividends
Protalix Biotherapeutics Inc ASQ:PLX 102.3 417 Protalix Biotherapeutics Inc Dividends
Ptk Acquisition. ASQ:PTK 109.8 Ptk Acquisition. Dividends
Ra Medical Systems Inc ASQ:RMED 15.0 Ra Medical Systems Inc Dividends
Radiant Logistics Inc ASQ:RLGT PR A CL 220.5 Radiant Logistics Inc Dividends
Radiant Logistics Inc ASQ:RLGT 220.5 13.4 Radiant Logistics Inc Dividends
Rafael Holdings Inc ASQ:RFL WI Rafael Holdings Inc Dividends
Raycliff Acquisition ASQ:RCF.U Raycliff Acquisition Dividends
Reaves Utility Income Fund ASQ:UTG RT 1,233 Reaves Utility Income Fund Dividends
Regional Health Properties Inc ASQ:RHE 4.29 Regional Health Properties Inc Dividends
Retractable Technologies Inc ASQ:RVP 311.4 Retractable Technologies Inc Dividends
Riley Exploration Permian Inc ASQ:REPX Riley Exploration Permian Inc Dividends
Ring Energy Inc ASQ:REI 61.3 12.3 Ring Energy Inc Dividends
Rmr Preferred Income Fund ASQ:PIF Rmr Preferred Income Fund Dividends
Rmr Real Estate Income Fund ASQ:RIF RT 78.2 Rmr Real Estate Income Fund Dividends
Sachem Capital ASQ:SACH 68.6 9.91 Sachem Capital Dividends
Samson Oil And Gas ASQ:SSN Samson Oil And Gas Dividends
Sanchez Midstream Partners Lp ASQ:SNMP 12.5 Sanchez Midstream Partners Lp Dividends
Seaboard ASQ:SEB 2,838 Seaboard Dividends
Senseonics Holdings Inc ASQ:SENS 285.7 Senseonics Holdings Inc Dividends
Servotronics Inc ASQ:SVT 15.8 Servotronics Inc Dividends
Sidhu Special Purpose Capital ASQ:FIE.U Sidhu Special Purpose Capital Dividends
Sierra Metals Inc ASQ:SMTS 432 10.2 Sierra Metals Inc Dividends
Sifco Industries Inc ASQ:SIF 48.0 Sifco Industries Inc Dividends
Silvercorp Metals Inc ASQ:SVM 733.3 15.2 Silvercorp Metals Inc Dividends
Silvercrest Metals Inc ASQ:SILV 877.9 Silvercrest Metals Inc Dividends
Singulex Inc ASQ:SGLX Singulex Inc Dividends
Solitario Zinc ASQ:XPL 28.0 Solitario Zinc Dividends
Southern California Edison Co ASQ:SCE PR B Southern California Edison Co Dividends
Southern California Edison Co ASQ:SCE PR C Southern California Edison Co Dividends
Southern California Edison Co ASQ:SCE PR D Southern California Edison Co Dividends
Southern California Edison Co ASQ:SCE PR E Southern California Edison Co Dividends
Southwest Georgia Financial ASQ:SGB Southwest Georgia Financial Dividends
Spark Networks Inc ASQ:LOV 102.6 2.46 Spark Networks Inc Dividends
Spark Networks Se ASQ:LOV 102.6 2.46 Spark Networks Se Dividends
Src Energy Inc ASQ:SRCI Src Energy Inc Dividends
Standard Diversified Inc ASQ:SDI Standard Diversified Inc Dividends
Stereotaxis Inc ASQ:STXS 253.3 Stereotaxis Inc Dividends
Straight Path Communications Inc ASQ:STRP Straight Path Communications Inc Dividends
Sunlink Health Systems Inc ASQ:SSY 6.80 Sunlink Health Systems Inc Dividends
Superior Drilling Products Inc ASQ:SDPI 15.1 Superior Drilling Products Inc Dividends
Supreme Industries Inc ASQ:STS Supreme Industries Inc Dividends
Synthetic Biologics Inc ASQ:SYN 12.1 Synthetic Biologics Inc Dividends
Takung Art Co ASQ:TKAT 14.9 Takung Art Co Dividends
Tanzanian Gold ASQ:TRX 94.9 Tanzanian Gold Dividends
Taseko Mines ASQ:TGB 267.9 98.1 Taseko Mines Dividends
Tengasco Inc ASQ:TGC 10.9 Tengasco Inc Dividends
Third Wave Acquisition ASQ:TWV.U Third Wave Acquisition Dividends
Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc ASQ:TMBR 8.90 Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Tompkins Financial ASQ:TMP 832.3 15.8 Tompkins Financial Dividends
Transatlantic Petroleum ASQ:TAT 13.8 Transatlantic Petroleum Dividends
Transenterix Inc ASQ:TRXC 152.2 Transenterix Inc Dividends
Trilogy Metals Inc ASQ:TMQ 212.5 Trilogy Metals Inc Dividends
Trinity Place Holdings Inc ASQ:TPHS 32.9 Trinity Place Holdings Inc Dividends
Trio-tech International ASQ:TRT 12.7 Trio-tech International Dividends
Unique Fabricating Inc ASQ:UFAB 51.8 18.4 Unique Fabricating Inc Dividends
United States Antimony ASQ:UAMY 39.3 United States Antimony Dividends
Universal Security Instruments Inc ASQ:UUU 9.74 Universal Security Instruments Inc Dividends
Uqm Technologies Inc ASQ:UQM Uqm Technologies Inc Dividends
Ur-energy Inc ASQ:URG 133.4 Ur-energy Inc Dividends
Uranium Energy ASQ:UEC 249.1 Uranium Energy Dividends
Us Geothermal Inc ASQ:HTM Us Geothermal Inc Dividends
Vista Gold ASQ:VGZ 75.2 Vista Gold Dividends
Viveon Health Acquisition ASQ:VHAQ.U 0.000 Viveon Health Acquisition Dividends
Volitionrx ASQ:VNRX 142.3 Volitionrx Dividends
Volt Information Sciences Inc ASQ:VOLT 40.9 13.5 Volt Information Sciences Inc Dividends
Western Copper And Gold ASQ:WRN 118.4 Western Copper And Gold Dividends
Whiteglove Health Inc ASQ:WGH Whiteglove Health Inc Dividends
Widepoint ASQ:WYY 73.1 30.9 Widepoint Dividends
Wireless Telecom Inc ASQ:WTT 29.7 Wireless Telecom Inc Dividends
Xtant Medical Holdings Inc ASQ:XTNT 66.8 Xtant Medical Holdings Inc Dividends
Yinlips Technology Inc ASQ:YTI Yinlips Technology Inc Dividends
Zedge Inc ASQ:ZDGE 64.3 35.0 Zedge Inc Dividends
Zomedica ASQ:ZOM 404.8 Zomedica Dividends
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