Oslo Stock Exchange

OSL / OSL - 338 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
2020 Bulkers OSL:2020 239.2 5.19 2020 Bulkers Dividends
5Th Planet Games A/S OSL:5PG 21.5 5Th Planet Games A/S Dividends
Aasen Sparebank OSL:AASB 11.6 11.2 Aasen Sparebank Dividends
ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA OSL:ABG 262 ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA Dividends
Adevinta ASA OSL:ADE 8,533 Adevinta ASA Dividends
Ads Maritime Holding OSL:ADS 3.73 Ads Maritime Holding Dividends
Aega ASA OSL:AEGA 6.67 Aega ASA Dividends
Af Gruppen ASA OSL:AFG 1,505 15.9 Af Gruppen ASA Dividends
Agilyx AS OSL:AGLX 202.9 Agilyx AS Dividends
Ainmt ASA OSL:AINMT 8.47 Ainmt ASA Dividends
Airthings ASA OSL:AIRX 68.1 Airthings ASA Dividends
Akastor ASA OSL:AKAST 197.8 33.4 Akastor ASA Dividends
Aker ASA OSL:AKER 5,262 26.4 Aker ASA Dividends
Aker Biomarine ASA OSL:AKBM 348.4 48.3 Aker Biomarine ASA Dividends
Aker BP ASA OSL:AKRBP 11,874 11.8 Aker BP ASA Dividends
Aker Carbon Capture ASA OSL:ACC 979.3 Aker Carbon Capture ASA Dividends
Aker Clean Hydrogen AS OSL:ACH 281.6 Aker Clean Hydrogen AS Dividends
Aker Horizons ASA OSL:AKH 1,017 Aker Horizons ASA Dividends
Aker Offshore Wind AS OSL:AOW 155 Aker Offshore Wind AS Dividends
Aker Solutions ASA OSL:AKSO 1,465 21.8 Aker Solutions ASA Dividends
Akobo Minerals AB (publ) OSL:AKOBO Akobo Minerals AB (publ) Dividends
Akva ASA OSL:AKVA 257.6 21.3 Akva ASA Dividends
Alternus Energy OSL:ALT 54.5 Alternus Energy Dividends
American Shipping ASA OSL:AMSC 190.3 10.6 American Shipping ASA Dividends
Andfjord Salmon AS OSL:ANDF 125.3 Andfjord Salmon AS Dividends
Aqua Bio Technology ASA OSL:ABT 15.0 Aqua Bio Technology ASA Dividends
Aqualisbraemar Loc ASA OSL:AQUA 107.3 10.2 Aqualisbraemar Loc ASA Dividends
Archer OSL:ARCH 48.6 Archer Dividends
Arctic Bioscience AS OSL:ABS 31.6 Arctic Bioscience AS Dividends
Arctic Fish Holding AS OSL:AFISH 221.2 35.5 Arctic Fish Holding AS Dividends
Arcticzymes Technologies ASA OSL:AZT 302.7 50.3 Arcticzymes Technologies ASA Dividends
Arendals Fossekompani ASA OSL:AFK 1,532 Arendals Fossekompani ASA Dividends
Argeo AS OSL:ARGEO 0.000 Argeo AS Dividends
Arribatec ASA OSL:ARR 26.0 19.6 Arribatec ASA Dividends
Asetek A/S OSL:ASTK 55.8 Asetek A/S Dividends
Astrocast SA OSL:ASTRO 26.1 Astrocast SA Dividends
Atea ASA OSL:ATEA 1,025 12.8 Atea ASA Dividends
Atlantic Sapphire ASA OSL:ASA 186.9 Atlantic Sapphire ASA Dividends
Aurora Eiendom AS OSL:AURA 165.4 15.9 Aurora Eiendom AS Dividends
Aurskog Sparebank OSL:AURG 79.8 13.4 Aurskog Sparebank Dividends
Austevoll Seafood ASA OSL:AUSS 2,211 10.8 Austevoll Seafood ASA Dividends
AutoStore Holdings OSL:AUTO 5,288 32.0 AutoStore Holdings Dividends
Avance Gas Holding OSL:AGAS 308.2 7.83 Avance Gas Holding Dividends
Awilco Drilling OSL:AWDR 15.6 Awilco Drilling Dividends
Awilco LNG ASA OSL:ALNG 68.1 6.57 Awilco LNG ASA Dividends
Axactor ASA OSL:ACR 154.5 5.64 Axactor ASA Dividends
Ayfie AS OSL:AYFIE 7.79 Ayfie AS Dividends
B2holding ASA OSL:B2H 278.3 5.45 B2holding ASA Dividends
Baltic Sea Properties AS OSL:BALT 26.0 Baltic Sea Properties AS Dividends
Barramundi OSL:BARRA 30.5 Barramundi Dividends
Belships ASA OSL:BELCO 530.7 4.88 Belships ASA Dividends
Bergen Carbon Solutions AS OSL:BCS 97.5 43.1 Bergen Carbon Solutions AS Dividends
Bergenbio ASA OSL:BGBIO 114.8 Bergenbio ASA Dividends
Bewi ASA OSL:BEWI 985.9 21.5 Bewi ASA Dividends
BioFish Holding AS OSL:BFISH BioFish Holding AS Dividends
Black Sea Property AS OSL:BSP 3.07 Black Sea Property AS Dividends
Bonheur ASA OSL:BONHR 1,328 Bonheur ASA Dividends
Borgestad ASA OSL:BOR 11.1 8.31 Borgestad ASA Dividends
Borr Drilling OSL:BORR 544.7 Borr Drilling Dividends
Bouvet ASA OSL:BOUV 535.1 20.5 Bouvet ASA Dividends
Brabank ASA OSL:BRA 83.4 8.46 Brabank ASA Dividends
BW Energy OSL:BWE 666.5 4.65 BW Energy Dividends
BW Epic Kosan OSL:BWEK 187.7 9.09 BW Epic Kosan Dividends
BW Ideol AS OSL:BWIDL 45.8 BW Ideol AS Dividends
BW LPG OSL:BWLPG 833.1 8.27 BW LPG Dividends
BW Offshore OSL:BWO 485.9 9.17 BW Offshore Dividends
Byggma ASA OSL:BMA 172.1 Byggma ASA Dividends
Cadeler A/S OSL:CADLR 369.1 10.6 Cadeler A/S Dividends
Cambi ASA OSL:CAMBI 69.7 25.8 Cambi ASA Dividends
Canopy Holdings AS OSL:CAN 8.85 Canopy Holdings AS Dividends
Carasent ASA OSL:CARA 137.4 47.8 Carasent ASA Dividends
Carbon Transition ASA OSL:CARBN 22.3 Carbon Transition ASA Dividends
Circa AS OSL:CIRCA 71.6 Circa AS Dividends
Cloudberry Clean Energy ASA OSL:CLOUD 338.8 122.7 Cloudberry Clean Energy ASA Dividends
Co2 Capsol AS OSL:CAPSL 48.8 Co2 Capsol AS Dividends
ContextVision AB OSL:CONTX 58.4 20.9 ContextVision AB Dividends
Cool Oy OSL:COOL Cool Oy Dividends
Crayon Holding ASA OSL:CRAYN 1,051 22.7 Crayon Holding ASA Dividends
Csam Health AS OSL:CSAM 79.4 Csam Health AS Dividends
Cyviz AS OSL:CYVIZ 40.1 Cyviz AS Dividends
Deep Value Driller AS OSL:DVD 106 28.4 Deep Value Driller AS Dividends
Desert Control AS OSL:DSRT 99.3 Desert Control AS Dividends
Dlt ASA OSL:DLTX 28.1 Dlt ASA Dividends
Dnb Bank ASA OSL:DNB 24,821 10.7 Dnb Bank ASA Dividends
DNO ASA OSL:DNO 1,374 3.93 DNO ASA Dividends
Dof ASA OSL:DOF 54.1 Dof ASA Dividends
EAM Solar ASA OSL:EAM 6.49 EAM Solar ASA Dividends
Ecit AS OSL:ECIT 219.6 23.8 Ecit AS Dividends
Ecoonline Holding AS OSL:ECO 189.6 Ecoonline Holding AS Dividends
Edda Wind ASA OSL:EWIND 153.6 21.9 Edda Wind ASA Dividends
Eidesvik Offshore ASA OSL:EIOF 48.0 Eidesvik Offshore ASA Dividends
Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA OSL:EMGS 24.2 Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA Dividends
Elektroimportoren AS OSL:ELIMP 114.7 12.9 Elektroimportoren AS Dividends
Elkem ASA OSL:ELK 2,012 4.47 Elkem ASA Dividends
Elliptic Laboratories ASA OSL:ELABS 157.5 Elliptic Laboratories ASA Dividends
Elmera ASA OSL:ELMRA 227.6 7.07 Elmera ASA Dividends
Elop AS OSL:ELOP 23.4 Elop AS Dividends
Elopak ASA OSL:ELO 357.9 11.5 Elopak ASA Dividends
Endur ASA OSL:ENDUR 55.5 18.8 Endur ASA Dividends
Ensurge Micropower ASA OSL:ENSU 43.9 Ensurge Micropower ASA Dividends
Entra ASA OSL:ENTRA 2,198 17.4 Entra ASA Dividends
Equinor ASA OSL:EQNR 96,032 7.66 Equinor ASA Dividends
Europris ASA OSL:EPR 632.8 9.60 Europris ASA Dividends
Everfuel A/S OSL:EFUEL 362.5 Everfuel A/S Dividends
Exact Therapeutics AS OSL:EXTX 47.7 Exact Therapeutics AS Dividends
FLEX LNG OSL:FLNG 1,143 9.01 FLEX LNG Dividends
Frontline OSL:FRO 1,657 10.2 Frontline Dividends
Froy ASA OSL:FROY 335.5 12.1 Froy ASA Dividends
Gaming Innovation OSL:GIG 128.8 13.4 Gaming Innovation Dividends
GC Rieber Shipping ASA OSL:RISH 79.4 GC Rieber Shipping ASA Dividends
Gentian Diagnostics ASA OSL:GENT 50.2 Gentian Diagnostics ASA Dividends
Gigante Salmon AS OSL:GIGA 0.000 Gigante Salmon AS Dividends
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA OSL:GJF 8,465 17.7 Gjensidige Forsikring ASA Dividends
Gnp Energy AS OSL:GNP 13.5 17.5 Gnp Energy AS Dividends
Golden Energy Offshore Services AS OSL:GEOS 7.81 Golden Energy Offshore Services AS Dividends
Golden Ocean OSL:GOGL 2,518 7.01 Golden Ocean Dividends
Goodtech ASA OSL:GOD 18.0 83.5 Goodtech ASA Dividends
Gram Car Carriers AS OSL:GCC Gram Car Carriers AS Dividends
Green Minerals AS OSL:GEM 13.6 Green Minerals AS Dividends
Grieg Seafood ASA OSL:GSF 1,440 13.4 Grieg Seafood ASA Dividends
Grong Sparebank OSL:GRONG 47.3 10.6 Grong Sparebank Dividends
Gyldendal ASA OSL:GYL 106.4 Gyldendal ASA Dividends
Hafnia OSL:HAFNI 1,230 6.28 Hafnia Dividends
Harmonychain AS OSL:HMONY 13.4 Harmonychain AS Dividends
Hav ASA OSL:HAV 45.4 12.4 Hav ASA Dividends
Havila Kystruten AS OSL:HKY 77.6 Havila Kystruten AS Dividends
Havila Shipping ASA OSL:HAVI 18.6 Havila Shipping ASA Dividends
Havyard ASA OSL:HYARD 18.4 Havyard ASA Dividends
Hexagon Composites ASA OSL:HEX 531.1 Hexagon Composites ASA Dividends
Hexagon Purus ASA OSL:HPUR 680.2 Hexagon Purus ASA Dividends
Himalaya Shipping OSL:HSHIP Himalaya Shipping Dividends
Hoegh Autoliners ASA OSL:HAUTO Hoegh Autoliners ASA Dividends
Hofseth Biocare ASA OSL:HBC 118.5 Hofseth Biocare ASA Dividends
Holand og Setskog Sparebank OSL:HSPG 9.11 10.7 Holand og Setskog Sparebank Dividends
Horisont Energi AS OSL:HRGI 78.9 Horisont Energi AS Dividends
House of Control AS OSL:HOC 31.6 House of Control AS Dividends
Huddlestock Fintech AS OSL:HUDL 31.5 Huddlestock Fintech AS Dividends
Huddly AS OSL:HDLY 106.8 15.1 Huddly AS Dividends
Hunter ASA OSL:HUNT 165.5 9.11 Hunter ASA Dividends
HydrogenPro AS OSL:HYPRO 90.2 HydrogenPro AS Dividends
Hynion AS OSL:HYN 6.55 Hynion AS Dividends
Hyon AS OSL:HYON Hyon AS Dividends
Ice Fish Farm AS OSL:IFISH 133.5 18.9 Ice Fish Farm AS Dividends
Icelandic Salmon AS OSL:ISLAX 378.9 23.3 Icelandic Salmon AS Dividends
Idex Biometrics ASA OSL:IDEX 104.2 Idex Biometrics ASA Dividends
Induct AS OSL:INDCT 6.09 Induct AS Dividends
Instabank ASA OSL:INSTA 104.6 11.3 Instabank ASA Dividends
Integrated Wind Solutions ASA OSL:IWS 50.2 Integrated Wind Solutions ASA Dividends
Interoil Exploration and Production ASA OSL:IOX 29.1 Interoil Exploration and Production ASA Dividends
Itera ASA OSL:ITERA 90.8 16.6 Itera ASA Dividends
Jaeren Sparebank OSL:JAREN 95.6 11.6 Jaeren Sparebank Dividends
Jinhui Shipping and Transportation OSL:JIN 154.2 Jinhui Shipping and Transportation Dividends
Kahoot ASA OSL:KAHOT 1,040 44.1 Kahoot ASA Dividends
Kalera AS OSL:KAL 85.5 Kalera AS Dividends
Kid ASA OSL:KID 303.2 9.84 Kid ASA Dividends
Kingfish NV OSL:KING 94.5 Kingfish NV Dividends
Kitron ASA OSL:KIT 305.2 12.4 Kitron ASA Dividends
Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA OSL:KCC 292.4 7.85 Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA Dividends
Kmc Properties ASA OSL:KMCP 207.9 29.1 Kmc Properties ASA Dividends
Komplett ASA OSL:KOMPL 146 Komplett ASA Dividends
Komplett Bank ASA OSL:KOMP 108.1 9.25 Komplett Bank ASA Dividends
Kongsberg Automotive ASA OSL:KOA 242.4 13.5 Kongsberg Automotive ASA Dividends
Kongsberg Gruppen ASA OSL:KOG 5,172 22.8 Kongsberg Gruppen ASA Dividends
Kraft Bank ASA OSL:KRAB 36.3 8.63 Kraft Bank ASA Dividends
Kyoto AS OSL:KYOTO 11.6 Kyoto AS Dividends
Leroy Seafood ASA OSL:LSG 3,741 14.6 Leroy Seafood ASA Dividends
Lifecare AS OSL:LIFE 21.8 Lifecare AS Dividends
LINK Mobility Holding ASA OSL:LINK 288.8 20.6 LINK Mobility Holding ASA Dividends
Lumi Gruppen AS OSL:LUMI 91.0 10.3 Lumi Gruppen AS Dividends
Lytix Biopharma AS OSL:LYTIX 32.4 Lytix Biopharma AS Dividends
M Vest Water AS OSL:MVW 22.2 M Vest Water AS Dividends
Magnora ASA OSL:MGN 100.8 22.2 Magnora ASA Dividends
Magseis Fairfield ASA OSL:MSEIS 135.1 Magseis Fairfield ASA Dividends
Masoval AS OSL:MAS 482.6 16.9 Masoval AS Dividends
Medistim ASA OSL:MEDI 385.8 34.9 Medistim ASA Dividends
Melhus Sparebank OSL:MELG 37.7 11.3 Melhus Sparebank Dividends
Meltwater NV OSL:MWTR 296.7 59.8 Meltwater NV Dividends
Mercell Holding ASA OSL:MRCEL 253.6 Mercell Holding ASA Dividends
Mintra Holding AS OSL:MNTR 60.5 23.7 Mintra Holding AS Dividends
Mowi ASA OSL:MOWI 10,762 17.6 Mowi ASA Dividends
Mpc Container Ships ASA OSL:MPCC 1,026 3.22 Mpc Container Ships ASA Dividends
MPC Energy Solutions NV OSL:MPCES 42.1 MPC Energy Solutions NV Dividends
Multiconsult ASA OSL:MULTI 311.4 13.1 Multiconsult ASA Dividends
Napatech A/S OSL:NAPA 76.6 48.4 Napatech A/S Dividends
Navamedic ASA OSL:NAVA 38.8 22.2 Navamedic ASA Dividends
Nekkar Asa OSL:NKR 73.0 Nekkar Asa Dividends
Nel ASA OSL:NEL 1,619 Nel ASA Dividends
Netoil Capital OSL:NOC Netoil Capital Dividends
Next Biometrics ASA OSL:NEXT 38.4 Next Biometrics ASA Dividends
Nidaros Sparebank OSL:NISB 11.4 15.2 Nidaros Sparebank Dividends
Norbit ASA OSL:NORBT 132.8 13.1 Norbit ASA Dividends
Norcod AS OSL:NCOD 125.6 Norcod AS Dividends
Nordhealth AS OSL:NORDH 124.1 7,100 Nordhealth AS Dividends
Nordic Aqua Partners A/S OSL:NOAP 53.1 Nordic Aqua Partners A/S Dividends
Nordic Halibut AS OSL:NOHAL 66.0 Nordic Halibut AS Dividends
Nordic Mining ASA OSL:NOM 65.5 Nordic Mining ASA Dividends
Nordic Nanovector ASA OSL:NANOV 91.7 Nordic Nanovector ASA Dividends
Nordic Semiconductor ASA OSL:NOD 2,601 23.5 Nordic Semiconductor ASA Dividends
Nordic Unmanned AS OSL:NUMND 67.2 Nordic Unmanned AS Dividends
Norse Atlantic ASA OSL:NORSE 82.4 75.5 Norse Atlantic ASA Dividends
Norsk Hydro ASA OSL:NHY 12,525 6.70 Norsk Hydro ASA Dividends
Norsk Solar AS OSL:NSOL Norsk Solar AS Dividends
Norsk Titanium AS OSL:NTI 65.0 Norsk Titanium AS Dividends
Norske Skog ASA OSL:NSKOG 432.6 5.11 Norske Skog ASA Dividends
Nortel AS OSL:NTEL 22.8 Nortel AS Dividends
North Energy ASA OSL:NORTH 24.3 North Energy ASA Dividends
Northern Drilling OSL:NODL 47.3 12.6 Northern Drilling Dividends
Northern Ocean OSL:NOL 70.1 Northern Ocean Dividends
Norway Royal Salmon ASA OSL:NRS 890.1 17.7 Norway Royal Salmon ASA Dividends
Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA OSL:NAS 786.6 8.96 Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA Dividends
Norwegian Block Exchange AS OSL:NBX Norwegian Block Exchange AS Dividends
Norwegian Energy ASA OSL:NOR 757.9 5.88 Norwegian Energy ASA Dividends
NRC ASA OSL:NRC 113.9 10.3 NRC ASA Dividends
NTS ASA OSL:NTS 1,265 14.5 NTS ASA Dividends
Nykode Therapeutics AS OSL:NYKD 774.7 Nykode Therapeutics AS Dividends
Observe Medical ASA OSL:OBSRV 22.8 Observe Medical ASA Dividends
Ocean Geoloop AS OSL:OCEAN Ocean Geoloop AS Dividends
Ocean Sun AS OSL:OSUN 45.2 Ocean Sun AS Dividends
Oceanteam ASA OSL:OTS 13.8 Oceanteam ASA Dividends
Odfjell Drilling OSL:ODL 537.9 513.4 Odfjell Drilling Dividends
Odfjell SE OSL:ODF 311.5 6.45 Odfjell SE Dividends
Odfjell Technology OSL:OTL 78.7 Odfjell Technology Dividends
Okea ASA OSL:OKEA 417 4.13 Okea ASA Dividends
Okeanis Eco Tankers OSL:OET 283.3 5.96 Okeanis Eco Tankers Dividends
Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA OSL:OLT 1,581 12.7 Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA Dividends
Orkla ASA OSL:ORK 6,319 14.0 Orkla ASA Dividends
Orn Software Holding AS OSL:ORN 35.5 Orn Software Holding AS Dividends
Otello ASA OSL:OTEC 282.3 Otello ASA Dividends
Otovo ASA OSL:OTOVO 237.9 Otovo ASA Dividends
P/F Bakkafrost OSL:BAKKA 3,129 19.3 P/F Bakkafrost Dividends
Panoro Energy ASA OSL:PEN 307.9 3.44 Panoro Energy ASA Dividends
Pareto Bank ASA OSL:PARB 301.5 7.22 Pareto Bank ASA Dividends
Patientsky AS OSL:PSKY 50.3 Patientsky AS Dividends
PCI Biotech Holding ASA OSL:PCIB 13.2 PCI Biotech Holding ASA Dividends
Petrolia E&P Holdings OSL:PSE 26.3 Petrolia E&P Holdings Dividends
Petronor E&P ASA OSL:PNOR Petronor E&P ASA Dividends
Pexip Holding ASA OSL:PEXIP 144.7 Pexip Holding ASA Dividends
PGS ASA OSL:PGS 201.8 PGS ASA Dividends
Philly Shipyard ASA OSL:PHLY 61.1 Philly Shipyard ASA Dividends
Photocure ASA OSL:PHO 235 306.1 Photocure ASA Dividends
Play Magnus AS OSL:PMG 43.5 Play Magnus AS Dividends
Polarcus OSL:PLCS Polarcus Dividends
Polaris Media ASA OSL:POL 303.6 Polaris Media ASA Dividends
Polight ASA OSL:PLT 102.7 Polight ASA Dividends
Prosafe SE OSL:PRS 151.2 Prosafe SE Dividends
Protector Forsikring ASA OSL:PROT 715.3 13.6 Protector Forsikring ASA Dividends
Proximar Seafood AS OSL:PROXI 26.6 Proximar Seafood AS Dividends
Pryme NV OSL:PRYME 20.6 Pryme NV Dividends
Pyrum Innovations AG OSL:PYRUM 190.4 Pyrum Innovations AG Dividends
Q-Free ASA OSL:QFR 64.3 20.6 Q-Free ASA Dividends
Quantafuel ASA OSL:QFUEL 190.1 Quantafuel ASA Dividends
Questback AS OSL:QUEST Questback AS Dividends
Questerre Energy (Canada) OSL:QEC 48.1 Questerre Energy (Canada) Dividends
RAK Petroleum OSL:RAKP 345.2 RAK Petroleum Dividends
Rana Gruber ASA OSL:RANA 169.9 5.43 Rana Gruber ASA Dividends
Reach Subsea ASA OSL:REACH 46.3 8.03 Reach Subsea ASA Dividends
Rec Silicon ASA OSL:RECSI 653.6 Rec Silicon ASA Dividends
Recreate ASA OSL:RCR Recreate ASA Dividends
River Tech OSL:RIVER 92.5 River Tech Dividends
Romerike Sparebank OSL:ROMER 28.8 12.6 Romerike Sparebank Dividends
RomReal OSL:ROM 6.00 RomReal Dividends
Romsdal Sparebank OSL:ROMSB 21.2 11.8 Romsdal Sparebank Dividends
Saga Pure ASA OSL:SAGA 100.3 Saga Pure ASA Dividends
SalMar ASA OSL:SALM 7,108 22.4 SalMar ASA Dividends
Salmon Evolution ASA OSL:SALME 226.6 Salmon Evolution ASA Dividends
Sandnes Sparebank OSL:SADG 164.5 11.8 Sandnes Sparebank Dividends
Sats ASA OSL:SATS 204.2 46.0 Sats ASA Dividends
Scana ASA OSL:SCANA 13.1 Scana ASA Dividends
Scatec ASA OSL:SCATC 1,243 25.6 Scatec ASA Dividends
Schibsted ASA OSL:SCHB 3,562 28.2 Schibsted ASA Dividends
Schibsted ASA OSL:SCHA 3,562 32.1 Schibsted ASA Dividends
SD Standard Etc OSL:SDSD 93.6 SD Standard Etc Dividends
SeaBird Exploration OSL:GEG 10.9 SeaBird Exploration Dividends
Seaway 7 ASA OSL:SEAW7 393.4 38.8 Seaway 7 ASA Dividends
Self Storage ASA OSL:SSG 243.6 24.9 Self Storage ASA Dividends
Selvaag Bolig ASA OSL:SBO 330.8 11.5 Selvaag Bolig ASA Dividends
Shelf Drilling OSL:SHLF 212.6 Shelf Drilling Dividends
Siem Offshore OSL:SIOFF 312.3 Siem Offshore Dividends
Sikri Holding AS OSL:SIKRI 139.5 17.7 Sikri Holding AS Dividends
Skandia Greenpower AS OSL:SKAND 6.81 Skandia Greenpower AS Dividends
Skue Sparebank OSL:SKUE 39.3 8.65 Skue Sparebank Dividends
Smartcraft ASA OSL:SMCRT 228.6 30.0 Smartcraft ASA Dividends
Smartoptics AS OSL:SMOP 98.1 Smartoptics AS Dividends
SoftOx Solutions AS OSL:SOFTX 35.1 SoftOx Solutions AS Dividends
Sogn Sparebank OSL:SOGN 6.79 10.0 Sogn Sparebank Dividends
Solstad Offshore ASA OSL:SOFF 287.2 Solstad Offshore ASA Dividends
Sparebank 1 Helgeland OSL:HELG 285.2 10.6 Sparebank 1 Helgeland Dividends
Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge OSL:NONG 805.4 10.6 Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Dividends
Sparebank 1 Nordmore OSL:SNOR 95.7 10.2 Sparebank 1 Nordmore Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus OSL:SOAG 361.4 10.6 Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ostlandet OSL:SPOL 1,293 10.6 Sparebank 1 Ostlandet Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland OSL:RING 435.5 12.0 Sparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland Dividends
Sparebank 1 SMN OSL:MING 1,371 9.55 Sparebank 1 SMN Dividends
Sparebank 1 Sorost-Norge OSL:SOON 561.1 13.1 Sparebank 1 Sorost-Norge Dividends
Sparebank 1 SR Bank ASA OSL:SRBNK 2,530 9.80 Sparebank 1 SR Bank ASA Dividends
Sparebank 68 Grader Nord OSL:SB68 Sparebank 68 Grader Nord Dividends
Sparebanken More OSL:MORG 326.6 9.88 Sparebanken More Dividends
Sparebanken Ost OSL:SPOG 92.8 10.8 Sparebanken Ost Dividends
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