Oslo Stock Exchange

OSL / OSL - 267 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
2020 Bulkers OSL:2020 154.9 7.66 2020 Bulkers Dividends
5th Planet Games A/s OSL:FIVEPG 1.53 5th Planet Games A/s Dividends
Aasen Sparebank OSL:AASB-ME 11.4 Aasen Sparebank Dividends
Abg Sundal Collier Holding Asa OSL:ASC 162.8 Abg Sundal Collier Holding Asa Dividends
Adevinta Asa OSL:ADEA 6,334 49.0 Adevinta Asa Dividends
Adevinta Asa OSL:ADE 6,334 51.6 Adevinta Asa Dividends
Ads Crude Carriers OSL:ADSC-ME Ads Crude Carriers Dividends
Aega Asa OSL:AEGA 4.90 Aega Asa Dividends
Af Gruppen Asa OSL:AFG 1,528 17.6 Af Gruppen Asa Dividends
Akastor Asa OSL:AKA 219.3 14.4 Akastor Asa Dividends
Aker Asa OSL:AKER 3,604 13.1 Aker Asa Dividends
Aker Bp Asa OSL:AKERBP 9,099 18.1 Aker Bp Asa Dividends
Aker Solutions Asa OSL:AKSO 517.2 21.7 Aker Solutions Asa Dividends
Akva Asa OSL:AKVA 215.5 12.8 Akva Asa Dividends
American Shipping Asa OSL:AMSC 171.5 7.72 American Shipping Asa Dividends
Aqua Bio Technology Asa OSL:ABT 2.96 13.9 Aqua Bio Technology Asa Dividends
Aqualisbraemar Asa OSL:AQUA 15.8 3.38 Aqualisbraemar Asa Dividends
Archer OSL:ARCHER 41.0 2.96 Archer Dividends
Arcus Asa OSL:ARCUS 214.1 12.5 Arcus Asa Dividends
Arendals Fossekompani Asa OSL:AFK 500.5 Arendals Fossekompani Asa Dividends
Asetek A/s OSL:ASETEK 66.7 42.5 Asetek A/s Dividends
Atea Asa OSL:ATEA 1,193 18.0 Atea Asa Dividends
Atlantic Lumpus As OSL:ATLU-ME Atlantic Lumpus As Dividends
Atlantic Sapphire As OSL:ASA-ME 783.9 476.9 Atlantic Sapphire As Dividends
Aurskog Sparebank OSL:AURG 55.5 13.6 Aurskog Sparebank Dividends
Austevoll Seafood Asa OSL:AUSS 1,567 9.36 Austevoll Seafood Asa Dividends
Avance Gas Holding OSL:AVANCE 285 3.64 Avance Gas Holding Dividends
Awilco Drilling OSL:AWDR 65.0 Awilco Drilling Dividends
Awilco Lng Asa OSL:ALNG 30.6 3.62 Awilco Lng Asa Dividends
Axactor Se OSL:AXA 246.6 9.19 Axactor Se Dividends
Axxis Geo Solutions Asa OSL:AGS 2.70 0.11 Axxis Geo Solutions Asa Dividends
B2holding Asa OSL:B2H 314.7 5.79 B2holding Asa Dividends
Baltic Sea Properties As OSL:BALT-ME Baltic Sea Properties As Dividends
Belships Asa OSL:BEL 130 6.37 Belships Asa Dividends
Bergenbio Asa OSL:BGBIO 119.6 Bergenbio Asa Dividends
Biotec Pharmacon Asa OSL:BIOTEC 21.7 37.1 Biotec Pharmacon Asa Dividends
Black Sea Property As OSL:BSP-ME Black Sea Property As Dividends
Bonheur Asa OSL:BON 796.2 Bonheur Asa Dividends
Borgestad Asa OSL:BOR 12.9 33.7 Borgestad Asa Dividends
Borr Drilling OSL:BDRILL 665.6 Borr Drilling Dividends
Borregaard Asa OSL:BRG 790.3 16.7 Borregaard Asa Dividends
Bouvet Asa OSL:BOUVET 340.9 20.5 Bouvet Asa Dividends
Brabank Asa OSL:BRABNK-ME Brabank Asa Dividends
Brabank Asa OSL:BRA-ME Brabank Asa Dividends
Bw Lpg OSL:BWLPG 884.9 3.57 Bw Lpg Dividends
Bw Offshore OSL:BWO 1,034 8.92 Bw Offshore Dividends
Bw Pacific OSL:BWP Bw Pacific Dividends
Byggma Asa OSL:BMA 53.0 Byggma Asa Dividends
Carasent Asa OSL:CARA 36.8 Carasent Asa Dividends
Contextvision Ab OSL:COV 65.4 66.7 Contextvision Ab Dividends
Crayon Holding Asa OSL:CRAYON 406.9 26.2 Crayon Holding Asa Dividends
Cxense Asa OSL:CXENSE Cxense Asa Dividends
Data Respons Asa OSL:DAT 312 22.7 Data Respons Asa Dividends
Deep Sea Supply OSL:DESSC Deep Sea Supply Dividends
Dnb Asa OSL:DNB 22,377 10.2 Dnb Asa Dividends
Dno Asa OSL:DNO 945.9 3.87 Dno Asa Dividends
Dof Asa OSL:DOF 38.6 1.53 Dof Asa Dividends
Dolphin Drilling Asa OSL:DDASA Dolphin Drilling Asa Dividends
Eam Solar Asa OSL:EAM 9.72 Eam Solar Asa Dividends
Eidesvik Offshore Asa OSL:EIOF 31.0 Eidesvik Offshore Asa Dividends
Ekornes Asa OSL:EKO Ekornes Asa Dividends
Electromagnetic Geoservices Asa OSL:EMGS 21.9 7.26 Electromagnetic Geoservices Asa Dividends
Element Asa OSL:ELE 8.89 Element Asa Dividends
Elkem Asa OSL:ELK 1,232 12.0 Elkem Asa Dividends
Emas Offshore OSL:EMAS Emas Offshore Dividends
Endur Asa OSL:ENDUR 22.0 13.3 Endur Asa Dividends
Entra Asa OSL:ENTRA 2,464 21.8 Entra Asa Dividends
Epic Gas OSL:EPIC-ME Epic Gas Dividends
Equinor Asa OSL:EQNR 52,182 11.6 Equinor Asa Dividends
Europris Asa OSL:EPR 467.2 12.2 Europris Asa Dividends
Evry Asa OSL:EVRY 1,211 12.5 Evry Asa Dividends
Farstad Shipping Asa OSL:FAR Farstad Shipping Asa Dividends
Fjord1 Asa OSL:FJORD 310.3 11.6 Fjord1 Asa Dividends
Fjordkraft Holding Asa OSL:FKRAFT 536.3 17.1 Fjordkraft Holding Asa Dividends
Flex Lng OSL:FLNG 420.1 4.45 Flex Lng Dividends
Frontline OSL:FRO 1,834 5.12 Frontline Dividends
Funcom Se OSL:FUNCOM 89.9 30.3 Funcom Se Dividends
Gaming Innovation Inc OSL:GIG 54.3 Gaming Innovation Inc Dividends
Gc Rieber Shipping Asa OSL:RISH 73.9 Gc Rieber Shipping Asa Dividends
Gentian Diagnostics As OSL:GENT-ME 74.4 Gentian Diagnostics As Dividends
Gjensidige Forsikring Asa OSL:GJF 8,294 22.7 Gjensidige Forsikring Asa Dividends
Golden Energy Offshore Services As OSL:GEOS-ME 0.000 Golden Energy Offshore Services As Dividends
Golden Ocean OSL:GOGL 588.9 4.81 Golden Ocean Dividends
Goodtech Asa OSL:GOD 12.9 Goodtech Asa Dividends
Grieg Seafood Asa OSL:GSF 1,358 11.6 Grieg Seafood Asa Dividends
Grong Sparebank OSL:GRONG-ME Grong Sparebank Dividends
Gyldendal Asa OSL:GYL 86.4 Gyldendal Asa Dividends
Hafnia OSL:HAFNIA 822.8 3.61 Hafnia Dividends
Hafslund Asa OSL:HNB Hafslund Asa Dividends
Havila Shipping Asa OSL:HAVI 6.60 Havila Shipping Asa Dividends
Havyard Asa OSL:HYARD 6.29 Havyard Asa Dividends
Helgeland Sparebank OSL:HELG 145.8 7.79 Helgeland Sparebank Dividends
Hexagon Composites Asa OSL:HEX 597.5 40.3 Hexagon Composites Asa Dividends
Hiddn Solutions Asa OSL:HIDDN 1.26 Hiddn Solutions Asa Dividends
Hoegh Lng Holdings OSL:HLNG 209.4 53.3 Hoegh Lng Holdings Dividends
Hofseth Biocare Asa OSL:HBC 271.4 Hofseth Biocare Asa Dividends
Holand Og Setskog Sparebank OSL:HSPG 7.12 8.66 Holand Og Setskog Sparebank Dividends
Hunter Asa OSL:HUNT 282.9 5.21 Hunter Asa Dividends
I M Skaugen Se OSL:IMSK I M Skaugen Se Dividends
Ice Asa OSL:ICE 320.1 Ice Asa Dividends
Idex Biometrics Asa OSL:IDEX 53.8 Idex Biometrics Asa Dividends
Incus Investor Asa OSL:INC 7.14 Incus Investor Asa Dividends
Induct As OSL:INDUCT-ME 3.65 Induct As Dividends
Infront Asa OSL:INFRNT 90.5 13.2 Infront Asa Dividends
Insr Insurance Asa OSL:INSR 74.8 12.6 Insr Insurance Asa Dividends
Interoil Exploration And Production Asa OSL:IOX 25.0 Interoil Exploration And Production Asa Dividends
Itera Asa OSL:ITE 77.3 18.6 Itera Asa Dividends
Jaeren Sparebank OSL:JAEREN 65.7 9.12 Jaeren Sparebank Dividends
Jinhui Shipping And Transportation OSL:JIN 47.7 1.26 Jinhui Shipping And Transportation Dividends
Jp Kenny Petroleum OSL:JPK-ME Jp Kenny Petroleum Dividends
Kahoot! As OSL:KAHOOT-ME 781.1 Kahoot! As Dividends
Kid Asa OSL:KID 204.1 10.9 Kid Asa Dividends
Kitron Asa OSL:KIT 168.4 11.4 Kitron Asa Dividends
Klaveness Combination Carriers Asa OSL:KCC 192.6 6.98 Klaveness Combination Carriers Asa Dividends
Kolibri Kapital As OSL:KOLKAP-ME Kolibri Kapital As Dividends
Komplett Bank Asa OSL:KOMP 201.8 6.21 Komplett Bank Asa Dividends
Kongsberg Automotive Asa OSL:KOA 225.3 4.93 Kongsberg Automotive Asa Dividends
Kongsberg Gruppen Asa OSL:KOG 2,309 22.2 Kongsberg Gruppen Asa Dividends
Kvaerner Asa OSL:KVAER 250.1 16.7 Kvaerner Asa Dividends
Lavotv As OSL:LAVO-ME Lavotv As Dividends
Leroy Seafood Asa OSL:LSG 3,084 12.3 Leroy Seafood Asa Dividends
Lifecare As OSL:LIFE-ME Lifecare As Dividends
Lillestrom Sparebank OSL:LSTSB-ME Lillestrom Sparebank Dividends
Link Mobility Asa OSL:LINK Link Mobility Asa Dividends
Magnora Asa OSL:MGN 39.2 Magnora Asa Dividends
Magseis Fairfield Asa OSL:MSEIS 78.1 5.33 Magseis Fairfield Asa Dividends
Medistim Asa OSL:MEDI 320.1 42.1 Medistim Asa Dividends
Melhus Sparebank OSL:MELG 33.0 9.94 Melhus Sparebank Dividends
Mowi Asa OSL:MOWI 9,925 16.5 Mowi Asa Dividends
Mpc Container Ships Asa OSL:MPCC 144.8 16.4 Mpc Container Ships Asa Dividends
Multiclient Geophysical Asa OSL:MCG Multiclient Geophysical Asa Dividends
Multiconsult Asa OSL:MULTI 170.3 12.7 Multiconsult Asa Dividends
Napatech A/s OSL:NAPA 32.5 227 Napatech A/s Dividends
Nattopharma Asa OSL:NATTO 12.9 14.4 Nattopharma Asa Dividends
Navamedic Asa OSL:NAVA 14.9 Navamedic Asa Dividends
Nekkar Asa OSL:NKR 19.6 Nekkar Asa Dividends
Nel Asa OSL:NEL 1,045 Nel Asa Dividends
Next Biometrics Asa OSL:NEXT 15.2 Next Biometrics Asa Dividends
Nextgentel Holding Asa OSL:NGT Nextgentel Holding Asa Dividends
Nidaros Sparebank OSL:NISB-ME Nidaros Sparebank Dividends
Norbit Asa OSL:NORBIT 97.7 12.1 Norbit Asa Dividends
Nordic Mining Asa OSL:NOM 36.0 Nordic Mining Asa Dividends
Nordic Nanovector Asa OSL:NANO 133.9 Nordic Nanovector Asa Dividends
Nordic Semiconductor Asa OSL:NOD 836.7 48.5 Nordic Semiconductor Asa Dividends
Norsk Hydro Asa OSL:NHY 5,643 14.6 Norsk Hydro Asa Dividends
Norske Skog Asa OSL:NSKOG 296.9 7.76 Norske Skog Asa Dividends
Norske Skogindustrier Asa OSL:NSG Norske Skogindustrier Asa Dividends
North Energy Asa OSL:NORTH 13.8 North Energy Asa Dividends
Northern Drilling OSL:NODL 185 20.8 Northern Drilling Dividends
Norway Royal Salmon Asa OSL:NRS 945.8 14.5 Norway Royal Salmon Asa Dividends
Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa OSL:NAS 522.2 Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa Dividends
Norwegian Energy Asa OSL:NOR 483.9 7.41 Norwegian Energy Asa Dividends
Norwegian Finans Holding Asa OSL:NOFI 1,551 9.02 Norwegian Finans Holding Asa Dividends
Norwegian Property Asa OSL:NPRO 617.4 22.6 Norwegian Property Asa Dividends
Nrc Asa OSL:NRC 242.4 13.3 Nrc Asa Dividends
Nts Asa OSL:NTS 404.8 10.5 Nts Asa Dividends
Observe Medical Asa OSL:OBSERV Observe Medical Asa Dividends
Ocean Yield Asa OSL:OCY 676.7 10.7 Ocean Yield Asa Dividends
Oceanteam Asa OSL:OTS 14.2 Oceanteam Asa Dividends
Odfjell Drilling OSL:ODL 553.5 10.2 Odfjell Drilling Dividends
Odfjell Se OSL:ODF 196.4 7.49 Odfjell Se Dividends
Okea Asa OSL:OKEA 159 5.70 Okea Asa Dividends
Okeanis Eco Tankers OSL:OET 312.1 3.95 Okeanis Eco Tankers Dividends
Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap Asa OSL:OLT 1,502 12.7 Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap Asa Dividends
Orkla Asa OSL:ORK 7,852 20.7 Orkla Asa Dividends
Otello Asa OSL:OTELLO 193.6 Otello Asa Dividends
Oxxy OSL:OXXY-ME Oxxy Dividends
P/f Bakkafrost OSL:BAKKA 3,163 21.4 P/f Bakkafrost Dividends
Panoro Energy Asa OSL:PEN 106.9 5.94 Panoro Energy Asa Dividends
Pareto Bank Asa OSL:PARB 265.1 7.31 Pareto Bank Asa Dividends
Pci Biotech Holding Asa OSL:PCIB 214.7 Pci Biotech Holding Asa Dividends
Petrolia Se OSL:PSE 14.3 Petrolia Se Dividends
Petronor E&p OSL:PNOR 84.4 Petronor E&p Dividends
Pgs Asa OSL:PGS 508.9 27.2 Pgs Asa Dividends
Philly Shipyard Asa OSL:PHLY 46.6 Philly Shipyard Asa Dividends
Photocure Asa OSL:PHO 143.4 35.3 Photocure Asa Dividends
Polarcus OSL:PLCS 54.8 3.44 Polarcus Dividends
Polaris Media Asa OSL:POL 164.9 Polaris Media Asa Dividends
Polight Asa OSL:PLT 34.7 Polight Asa Dividends
Prosafe Se OSL:PRS 25.1 Prosafe Se Dividends
Prospector Offshore Drilling Sa OSL:PROS Prospector Offshore Drilling Sa Dividends
Protector Forsikring Asa OSL:PROTCT 390.7 11.8 Protector Forsikring Asa Dividends
Q-free Asa OSL:QFR 51.6 Q-free Asa Dividends
Questerre Energy (canada) OSL:QEC 45.3 9.56 Questerre Energy (canada) Dividends
Rak Petroleum OSL:RAKP 291.4 Rak Petroleum Dividends
Reach Subsea Asa OSL:REACH 18.8 6.31 Reach Subsea Asa Dividends
Rec Silicon Asa OSL:REC 117.8 Rec Silicon Asa Dividends
Renonorden Asa OSL:RENO Renonorden Asa Dividends
River Igaming OSL:RIVER-ME 0.000 River Igaming Dividends
Romreal OSL:ROM 8.78 Romreal Dividends
Saferoad Holding Asa OSL:SAFE Saferoad Holding Asa Dividends
Saga Tankers Asa OSL:SAGA 26.4 Saga Tankers Asa Dividends
Salmar Asa OSL:SALM 4,464 16.2 Salmar Asa Dividends
Sandnes Sparebank OSL:SADG 133.7 10.2 Sandnes Sparebank Dividends
Sats Asa OSL:SATS 365.9 14.1 Sats Asa Dividends
Sbanken Asa OSL:SBANK 682.2 9.56 Sbanken Asa Dividends
Scatec Solar Asa OSL:SSO 1,399 37.2 Scatec Solar Asa Dividends
Schibsted Asa OSL:SCHB 5,411 32.3 Schibsted Asa Dividends
Schibsted Asa OSL:SCHA 5,411 34.1 Schibsted Asa Dividends
Scottish Salmon OSL:SSC 471.5 11.1 Scottish Salmon Dividends
Sd Standard Drilling OSL:SDSD 66.6 7.52 Sd Standard Drilling Dividends
Seabird Exploration OSL:SBX 28.2 3.40 Seabird Exploration Dividends
Seadrill OSL:SDRL 138.3 Seadrill Dividends
Self Storage Asa OSL:SSG 191 29.3 Self Storage Asa Dividends
Selvaag Bolig Asa OSL:SBO 577 13.2 Selvaag Bolig Asa Dividends
Serodus Asa OSL:SER Serodus Asa Dividends
Sevan Drilling OSL:SEVDR Sevan Drilling Dividends
Shelf Drilling OSL:SHLF 270.9 Shelf Drilling Dividends
Siem Offshore Inc OSL:SIOFF 102.4 7.07 Siem Offshore Inc Dividends
Siem Shipping Inc OSL:SSI Siem Shipping Inc Dividends
Skiens Aktiemolle Asa OSL:SKI Skiens Aktiemolle Asa Dividends
Skue Sparebank OSL:SKUE 27.9 7.31 Skue Sparebank Dividends
Softox Solutions As OSL:SOFTOX-ME Softox Solutions As Dividends
Sogn Sparebank OSL:SOGN 5.73 9.32 Sogn Sparebank Dividends
Solon Eiendom Asa OSL:SOLON 237.5 22.1 Solon Eiendom Asa Dividends
Solstad Offshore Asa OSL:SOFF 28.0 Solstad Offshore Asa Dividends
Solvang Asa OSL:SOLV Solvang Asa Dividends
Songa Offshore Se OSL:SONG Songa Offshore Se Dividends
Sparebank 1 Bv OSL:SBVG 218.8 8.76 Sparebank 1 Bv Dividends
Sparebank 1 Nord-norge OSL:NONG 692 9.60 Sparebank 1 Nord-norge Dividends
Sparebank 1 Nordvest OSL:SNOR 22.1 9.81 Sparebank 1 Nordvest Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus OSL:SOAG 254.3 8.82 Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ostlandet OSL:SPOL 984.2 10.1 Sparebank 1 Ostlandet Dividends
Sparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland OSL:RING 315.9 9.61 Sparebank 1 Ringerike Hadeland Dividends
Sparebank 1 Smn OSL:MING 1,154 9.58 Sparebank 1 Smn Dividends
Sparebank 1 Sr Bank Asa OSL:SRBANK 2,245 9.67 Sparebank 1 Sr Bank Asa Dividends
Sparebanken More OSL:MORG 269.7 9.30 Sparebanken More Dividends
Sparebanken Ost OSL:SPOG 101.6 10.7 Sparebanken Ost Dividends
Sparebanken Sor OSL:SOR 148.6 9.90 Sparebanken Sor Dividends
Sparebanken Telemark OSL:SBTE 122.2 8.70 Sparebanken Telemark Dividends
Sparebanken Vest OSL:SVEG 336.4 8.84 Sparebanken Vest Dividends
Spectrum Asa OSL:SPU Spectrum Asa Dividends
Stolt-nielsen OSL:SNI 661 7.10 Stolt-nielsen Dividends
Storebrand Asa OSL:STB 2,990 12.9 Storebrand Asa Dividends
Storm Real Estate Asa OSL:STORM 2.27 Storm Real Estate Asa Dividends
Strongpoint Asa OSL:STRONG 43.8 12.8 Strongpoint Asa Dividends
Subsea 7 Sa OSL:SUBC 2,790 28.1 Subsea 7 Sa Dividends
Sunndal Sparebank OSL:SUNSB-ME Sunndal Sparebank Dividends
Tanker Investments OSL:TIL Tanker Investments Dividends
Targovax Asa OSL:TRVX 51.4 Targovax Asa Dividends
Team Tankers International OSL:TEAM 98.8 Team Tankers International Dividends
Techstep Asa OSL:TECH 42.7 Techstep Asa Dividends
Telenor Asa OSL:TEL 20,904 15.7 Telenor Asa Dividends
Tgs Nopec Geophysical Asa OSL:TGS 2,677 12.3 Tgs Nopec Geophysical Asa Dividends
Thin Film Electronics Asa OSL:THIN 11.2 Thin Film Electronics Asa Dividends
Tide Asa OSL:TIDE Tide Asa Dividends
Tomra Systems Asa OSL:TOM 3,593 46.9 Tomra Systems Asa Dividends
Totens Sparebank OSL:TOTG 73.4 9.17 Totens Sparebank Dividends
Treasure Asa OSL:TRE 253.6 Treasure Asa Dividends
Tysnes Sparebank OSL:TYSB-ME Tysnes Sparebank Dividends
Ultimovacs Asa OSL:ULTIMO 136.5 Ultimovacs Asa Dividends
Unified Messaging Systems Asa OSL:UMS Unified Messaging Systems Asa Dividends
Veidekke Asa OSL:VEI 1,430 13.4 Veidekke Asa Dividends
Vistin Pharma Asa OSL:VISTIN 36.3 7.78 Vistin Pharma Asa Dividends
Voss Veksel Og Landmandsbank Asa OSL:VVL 26.9 6.63 Voss Veksel Og Landmandsbank Asa Dividends
Vow Asa OSL:VOW 274.6 55.2 Vow Asa Dividends
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Asa OSL:WALWIL 988 7.97 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Asa Dividends
Webstep Asa OSL:WSTEP 54.8 12.2 Webstep Asa Dividends
Weifa Asa OSL:WEIFA Weifa Asa Dividends
Wentworth Resources OSL:WEN 432.4 Wentworth Resources Dividends
Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding Asa OSL:WWI 696.5 13.0 Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding Asa Dividends
Wilson Asa OSL:WILS 78.7 Wilson Asa Dividends
Wr Entertainment Asa OSL:WRE-ME Wr Entertainment Asa Dividends
Xxl Asa OSL:XXL 221.1 29.0 Xxl Asa Dividends
Yara International Asa OSL:YAR 8,152 11.5 Yara International Asa Dividends
Zalaris Asa OSL:ZAL 48.2 22.1 Zalaris Asa Dividends
Zwipe As OSL:ZWIPE-ME Zwipe As Dividends
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