Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd

SES / SGX - 810 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
3cnergy SGX:502 20.9 3cnergy Dividends
800 Super Holdings SGX:5TG 800 Super Holdings Dividends
8telecom International Holdings Co SGX:AZG 8telecom International Holdings Co Dividends
A-smart Holdings SGX:BQC 25.9 A-smart Holdings Dividends
A-sonic Aerospace SGX:BTJ 14.3 A-sonic Aerospace Dividends
Aa Group SGX:5GZ 10.1 Aa Group Dividends
Abr Holdings SGX:533 84.5 Abr Holdings Dividends
Abterra SGX:L5I Abterra Dividends
Abundance International SGX:541 6.93 Abundance International Dividends
Accordia Golf Trust SGX:ADQU 427.5 10.6 Accordia Golf Trust Dividends
Accrelist SGX:QZG 11.6 Accrelist Dividends
Ace Achieve Infocom SGX:A75 Ace Achieve Infocom Dividends
Acesian Partners SGX:5FW 3.11 Acesian Partners Dividends
Acma SGX:AYV 2.46 Acma Dividends
Acromec SGX:43F 5.66 Acromec Dividends
Action Asia SGX:A59 Action Asia Dividends
Addvalue Technologies SGX:A31 30.8 Addvalue Technologies Dividends
Advanced Holdings SGX:BLZ 6.90 Advanced Holdings Dividends
Advanced Integrated Manufacturing SGX:AXH Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Dividends
Advanced Systems Automation SGX:5TY 12.7 Advanced Systems Automation Dividends
Advancer Global SGX:43Q 22.0 Advancer Global Dividends
Adventus Holdings SGX:5EF 6.65 Adventus Holdings Dividends
Aei SGX:AWG 27.9 Aei Dividends
Aem Holdings SGX:AWX 330.8 12.1 Aem Holdings Dividends
Af Global SGX:L38 89.9 Af Global Dividends
Agv SGX:1A4 3.27 Agv Dividends
Aims Apac Reit SGX:O5RU 578 14.5 Aims Apac Reit Dividends
Alita Resources SGX:40F Alita Resources Dividends
Alliance Healthcare SGX:MIJ 20.7 Alliance Healthcare Dividends
Allied Technologies SGX:A13 Allied Technologies Dividends
Alpha Energy Holdings SGX:5TS 41.0 Alpha Energy Holdings Dividends
Amara Holdings SGX:A34 150.2 15.3 Amara Holdings Dividends
Amos SGX:RF7 45.7 Amos Dividends
Amplefield SGX:AOF 13.8 Amplefield Dividends
Anan International SGX:Y35 7.21 Anan International Dividends
Anchor Resources SGX:43E 7.06 Anchor Resources Dividends
Anchun International Holdings SGX:BTX 9.10 Anchun International Holdings Dividends
Annaik SGX:A52 12.9 Annaik Dividends
Annica Holdings SGX:5AL 9.47 Annica Holdings Dividends
Anwell Technologies SGX:G5X Anwell Technologies Dividends
Aoxin Q & M Dental SGX:1D4 43.3 Aoxin Q & M Dental Dividends
Ap Oil International SGX:5AU 16.1 Ap Oil International Dividends
Apac Realty SGX:CLN 100.8 9.80 Apac Realty Dividends
Ara Asset Management SGX:D1R Ara Asset Management Dividends
Ara Us Hospitality Trust SGX:XZL 374.7 Ara Us Hospitality Trust Dividends
Arion Entertainment Singapore SGX:YYB 2.83 Arion Entertainment Singapore Dividends
Artivision Technologies SGX:5NK 4.08 Artivision Technologies Dividends
Ascendas Hospitality Trust SGX:Q1P 723.5 37.3 Ascendas Hospitality Trust Dividends
Ascendas India Trust SGX:CY6U 1,071 18.4 Ascendas India Trust Dividends
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:A17U 6,451 18.5 Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Ascott Residence Trust SGX:HMN 2,381 21.6 Ascott Residence Trust Dividends
Asia Enterprises Holding SGX:A55 28.7 Asia Enterprises Holding Dividends
Asia Fashion Holdings SGX:BQI Asia Fashion Holdings Dividends
Asia Vets Holdings SGX:5RE 7.89 Asia Vets Holdings Dividends
Asiamedic SGX:505 3.07 Asiamedic Dividends
Asian Healthcare Specialists SGX:1J3 42.6 Asian Healthcare Specialists Dividends
Asian Micro Holdings SGX:585 4.23 Asian Micro Holdings Dividends
Asian Pay Television Trust SGX:S7OU 141.1 17.2 Asian Pay Television Trust Dividends
Asiaphos SGX:5WV 27.5 Asiaphos Dividends
Asiatic (holdings) SGX:5CR 7.07 Asiatic (holdings) Dividends Holdings SGX:5AM Holdings Dividends
Asl Marine Holdings SGX:A04 15.7 Asl Marine Holdings Dividends
Aspen (group) Holdings SGX:1F3 43.8 Aspen (group) Holdings Dividends
Aspial SGX:A30 165 Aspial Dividends
Astaka Holdings SGX:42S Astaka Holdings Dividends
Asti Holdings SGX:575 17.1 Asti Holdings Dividends
Atlantic Navigation Holdings (singapore) SGX:5UL 11.0 Atlantic Navigation Holdings (singapore) Dividends
Attilan SGX:5ET Attilan Dividends
Auric Pacific SGX:A23 Auric Pacific Dividends
Ausgroup SGX:5GJ 83.1 Ausgroup Dividends
Avarga SGX:U09 88.2 Avarga Dividends
Avi Tech Electronics SGX:BKY 39.8 13.7 Avi Tech Electronics Dividends
Avic International Maritime Holdings SGX:O2I 24.2 Avic International Maritime Holdings Dividends
Axcelasia Inc SGX:42U 5.01 Axcelasia Inc Dividends
Ayondo SGX:1I5 Ayondo Dividends
Azeus Systems Holdings SGX:BBW 17.0 Azeus Systems Holdings Dividends
Aztech SGX:AVZ Aztech Dividends
Baker Technology SGX:BTP 44.9 Baker Technology Dividends
Ban Leong Technologies SGX:B26 14.9 Ban Leong Technologies Dividends
Banyan Tree Holdings SGX:B58 195.5 24.1 Banyan Tree Holdings Dividends
Bbr Holdings (s) SGX:KJ5 28.7 Bbr Holdings (s) Dividends
Beng Kuang Marine SGX:BEZ 3.91 Beng Kuang Marine Dividends
Best World International SGX:CGN Best World International Dividends
Bh Global SGX:BQN 13.1 Bh Global Dividends
Bhg Retail Reit SGX:BMGU 197.8 Bhg Retail Reit Dividends
Biolidics SGX:8YY 31.7 Biolidics Dividends
Biosensors International SGX:B20 Biosensors International Dividends
Blackgold Natural Resources SGX:41H 10.3 Blackgold Natural Resources Dividends
Blumont SGX:A33 47.0 Blumont Dividends
Bm Mobility SGX:I9T Bm Mobility Dividends
Boardroom SGX:B10 Boardroom Dividends
Boldtek Holdings SGX:5VI 9.59 Boldtek Holdings Dividends
Bonvests Holdings SGX:B28 275.9 Bonvests Holdings Dividends
Boustead Projects SGX:AVM 164.9 10.5 Boustead Projects Dividends
Boustead Singapore SGX:F9D 223.1 Boustead Singapore Dividends
Brc Asia SGX:BEC 225.2 10.9 Brc Asia Dividends
Breadtalk SGX:CTN 206.3 28.0 Breadtalk Dividends
British And Malayan Trustees SGX:CJN British And Malayan Trustees Dividends
Broadway Industrial SGX:B69 29.2 Broadway Industrial Dividends
Brook Crompton Holdings SGX:AWC 18.1 Brook Crompton Holdings Dividends
Bukit Sembawang Estates SGX:B61 688 7.73 Bukit Sembawang Estates Dividends
Bumitama Agri SGX:P8Z 739.9 15.4 Bumitama Agri Dividends
Bund Center Investment SGX:BTE 260.6 Bund Center Investment Dividends
C&g Environmental Protection Holdings SGX:D79 0.56 C&g Environmental Protection Holdings Dividends
Cache Logistics Trust SGX:K2LU 452.6 12.9 Cache Logistics Trust Dividends
Cacola Furniture International SGX:D2U Cacola Furniture International Dividends
Camsing Healthcare SGX:BAC Camsing Healthcare Dividends
Capital World SGX:1D5 7.28 Capital World Dividends
Capitaland SGX:C31 11,241 13.8 Capitaland Dividends
Capitaland Commercial Trust SGX:C61U 4,687 24.0 Capitaland Commercial Trust Dividends
Capitaland Mall Trust SGX:C38U 5,446 19.7 Capitaland Mall Trust Dividends
Capitaland Retail China Trust SGX:AU8U 1,136 19.8 Capitaland Retail China Trust Dividends
Captii SGX:AWV 7.08 Captii Dividends
Casa Holdings SGX:C04 6.91 Casa Holdings Dividends
Cdl Hospitality Trusts SGX:J85 1,143 16.9 Cdl Hospitality Trusts Dividends
Cdw Holding SGX:BXE 23.9 Cdw Holding Dividends
Cei SGX:AVV 48.7 11.0 Cei Dividends
Celestial Nutrifoods SGX:C56 Celestial Nutrifoods Dividends
Centurion SGX:OU8 238.7 12.8 Centurion Dividends
Cfm Holdings SGX:5EB 1.49 Cfm Holdings Dividends
Ch Offshore SGX:C13 22.0 Ch Offshore Dividends
Challenger Technologies SGX:573 101.9 Challenger Technologies Dividends
Changtian Plastic & Chemical SGX:AXV Changtian Plastic & Chemical Dividends
Charisma Energy Services SGX:5QT Charisma Energy Services Dividends
Chasen Holdings SGX:5NV 17.4 Chasen Holdings Dividends
Chaswood Resources Holdings SGX:5TW Chaswood Resources Holdings Dividends
Chemical Industries (far East) SGX:C05 31.3 Chemical Industries (far East) Dividends
Cheung Woh Technologies SGX:C50 24.4 Cheung Woh Technologies Dividends
China Auto Electronics SGX:T42 China Auto Electronics Dividends
China Aviation Oil (singapore) SGX:G92 630 8.19 China Aviation Oil (singapore) Dividends
China Dairy SGX:T16 China Dairy Dividends
China Environment SGX:5OU China Environment Dividends
China Essence SGX:G54 China Essence Dividends
China Everbright Water SGX:U9E 511.7 5.35 China Everbright Water Dividends
China Fishery SGX:B0Z China Fishery Dividends
China Flexible Packaging Holdings SGX:BCX China Flexible Packaging Holdings Dividends
China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdings SGX:AZZ China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdings Dividends
China Great Land Holdings SGX:D50 China Great Land Holdings Dividends
China Haida SGX:C92 0.87 China Haida Dividends
China Hongcheng Holdings SGX:C0Z China Hongcheng Holdings Dividends
China Hongxing Sports SGX:BR9 China Hongxing Sports Dividends
China International Holdings SGX:BEH 12.9 China International Holdings Dividends
China Jishan Holdings SGX:J18 28.8 China Jishan Holdings Dividends
China Kunda Technology Holdings SGX:GU5 2.79 China Kunda Technology Holdings Dividends
China Merchants Holdings Pacific SGX:C22 China Merchants Holdings Pacific Dividends
China Milk Products SGX:G86 China Milk Products Dividends
China Mining International SGX:BHD 6.83 China Mining International Dividends
China Minzhong Food SGX:K2N China Minzhong Food Dividends
China Paper Holdings SGX:C71 China Paper Holdings Dividends
China Real Estate Grp SGX:5RA 20.2 China Real Estate Grp Dividends
China Sky Chemical Fibre Co SGX:E90 China Sky Chemical Fibre Co Dividends
China Sports International SGX:FQ8 China Sports International Dividends
China Star Food SGX:42W 9.10 China Star Food Dividends
China Sun Bio-chem Technology Co SGX:C86 China Sun Bio-chem Technology Co Dividends
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings SGX:QES 295.9 5.55 China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Dividends
China Taisan Technology Group SGX:AZW China Taisan Technology Group Dividends
China Yongsheng SGX:5KK China Yongsheng Dividends
China Yuanbang Property Holdings SGX:BCD 11.8 China Yuanbang Property Holdings Dividends
Chinasing Investment Holdings SGX:O2R Chinasing Investment Holdings Dividends
Chinese Global Investors SGX:5CJ Chinese Global Investors Dividends
Chip Eng Seng SGX:C29 275.5 12.4 Chip Eng Seng Dividends
Choo Chiang Holdings SGX:42E 29.5 Choo Chiang Holdings Dividends
Chosen Holdings SGX:C10 Chosen Holdings Dividends
Chuan Hup Holdings SGX:C33 123.9 Chuan Hup Holdings Dividends
Citic Envirotech SGX:CEE 759.6 18.3 Citic Envirotech Dividends
Citicode SGX:5FH 23.5 Citicode Dividends
City Developments SGX:C09 5,839 17.6 City Developments Dividends
Cityneon Holdings SGX:5HJ Cityneon Holdings Dividends
Civmec SGX:P9D 108.1 Civmec Dividends
Clearbridge Health SGX:1H3 44.9 27.2 Clearbridge Health Dividends
Cna SGX:5GC Cna Dividends
Cnmc Goldmine Holdings SGX:5TP 61.3 10.9 Cnmc Goldmine Holdings Dividends
Cogent Holdings SGX:KJ9 Cogent Holdings Dividends
Colex Holdings SGX:567 14.3 Colex Holdings Dividends
Combine Will International Holdings SGX:N0Z 19.8 Combine Will International Holdings Dividends
Comfortdelgro SGX:C52 2,755 15.6 Comfortdelgro Dividends
Cordlife SGX:P8A 64.1 Cordlife Dividends
Cortina Holdings SGX:C41 159.8 Cortina Holdings Dividends
Cosco Shipping International (singapore) Co SGX:F83 394.1 38.8 Cosco Shipping International (singapore) Co Dividends
Cosmosteel Holdings SGX:B9S 16.8 Cosmosteel Holdings Dividends
Courts Asia SGX:RE2 Courts Asia Dividends
Cph SGX:539 4.19 Cph Dividends
Creative Technology SGX:C76 130.3 Creative Technology Dividends
Croesus Retail Trust SGX:S6NU Croesus Retail Trust Dividends
Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:CNNU 1,182 14.0 Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Csc Holdings SGX:C06 33.9 Csc Holdings Dividends
Cse Global SGX:544 165.8 10.3 Cse Global Dividends
Cwg International SGX:ACW Cwg International Dividends
Cwt SGX:C14 Cwt Dividends
Cwx Global SGX:594 8.86 Cwx Global Dividends
Dairy Farm International Holdings SGX:D01 5,886 19.6 Dairy Farm International Holdings Dividends
Dapai International Holdings Co SGX:FP1 Dapai International Holdings Co Dividends
Darco Water Technologies SGX:BLR 11.7 Darco Water Technologies Dividends
Dasin Retail Trust SGX:CEDU 315.9 Dasin Retail Trust Dividends
Datapulse Technology SGX:BKW 26.0 Datapulse Technology Dividends
Dbs Group SGX:D05 38,221 10.8 Dbs Group Dividends
Debao Property Development SGX:BTF 3.83 Debao Property Development Dividends
Declout SGX:5UZ Declout Dividends
Del Monte Pacific SGX:D03 150.1 Del Monte Pacific Dividends
Delfi SGX:P34 347 14.3 Delfi Dividends
Delong Holdings SGX:BQO Delong Holdings Dividends
Design Studio SGX:D11 12.3 Design Studio Dividends
Disa SGX:532 11.4 19.7 Disa Dividends
Dlf Holdings SGX:KUX Dlf Holdings Dividends
Dmx Technologies SGX:5CH Dmx Technologies Dividends
Dragon International SGX:MT1 Dragon International Dividends
Dukang Distillers Holdings SGX:BKV 4.08 Dukang Distillers Holdings Dividends
Dutech Holdings SGX:CZ4 54.7 Dutech Holdings Dividends
Duty Free International SGX:5SO 105.8 Duty Free International Dividends
Dyna-mac Holdings SGX:NO4 88.9 15.3 Dyna-mac Holdings Dividends
Dynamic Colours SGX:D6U 22.7 Dynamic Colours Dividends
Eagle Hospitality Trust SGX:LIW 356.3 Eagle Hospitality Trust Dividends
Eastern Holdings SGX:BDG Eastern Holdings Dividends
Ec World Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:BWCU 341.2 9.38 Ec World Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Ecowise Holdings SGX:5CT 15.2 Ecowise Holdings Dividends
Edition SGX:5HG 8.51 Edition Dividends
Eindec SGX:42Z 1.41 Eindec Dividends
Elec & Eltek International SGX:E16 244.4 Elec & Eltek International Dividends
Ellipsiz SGX:BIX 37.5 Ellipsiz Dividends
Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore SGX:1C0 9.92 Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore Dividends
Ems Energy SGX:42O Ems Energy Dividends
Eneco Energy SGX:R14 9.55 Eneco Energy Dividends
Engro SGX:S44 69.4 Engro Dividends
Envictus International Holdings SGX:BQD 18.2 Envictus International Holdings Dividends
Enviro-hub Holdings SGX:L23 9.39 Enviro-hub Holdings Dividends
Epicentre Holdings SGX:5MQ Epicentre Holdings Dividends
Eratat Lifestyle SGX:FO8 Eratat Lifestyle Dividends
Es (holdings) SGX:5RC 1.92 Es (holdings) Dividends
Esr-reit SGX:J91U 1,109 13.0 Esr-reit Dividends
Eu Yan Sang International SGX:E02 Eu Yan Sang International Dividends
Europtronic SGX:E23 Europtronic Dividends
Eurosports Global SGX:5G1 26.8 Eurosports Global Dividends
Excelpoint Technology SGX:BDF 31.3 Excelpoint Technology Dividends
Ezion Holdings SGX:5ME Ezion Holdings Dividends
Ezra Holdings SGX:5DN Ezra Holdings Dividends
F J Benjamin Holdings SGX:F10 18.1 F J Benjamin Holdings Dividends
Fabchem China SGX:BFT 3.85 Fabchem China Dividends
Falcon Energy SGX:5FL Falcon Energy Dividends
Far East SGX:5TJ 7.91 Far East Dividends
Far East Hospitality Trust SGX:Q5T 851.4 21.7 Far East Hospitality Trust Dividends
Far East Orchard SGX:O10 296.2 Far East Orchard Dividends
Federal International (2000) SGX:BDU 15.8 Federal International (2000) Dividends
Fibrechem Technologies SGX:F12 Fibrechem Technologies Dividends
Figtree Holdings SGX:5F4 20.1 Figtree Holdings Dividends
First Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:AW9U 452.9 12.5 First Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
First Resources SGX:EB5 1,592 14.6 First Resources Dividends
First Ship Lease Trust SGX:D8DU 72.3 First Ship Lease Trust Dividends
First Sponsor SGX:ADN 623.2 4.93 First Sponsor Dividends
Fischer Tech SGX:BDV Fischer Tech Dividends
Food Empire Holdings SGX:F03 213.2 10.4 Food Empire Holdings Dividends
Foreland Fabrictech Holdings SGX:B0I Foreland Fabrictech Holdings Dividends
Forise International SGX:I5H 3.63 Forise International Dividends
Fortress Minerals SGX:OAJ 65.3 Fortress Minerals Dividends
Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:F25U 1,780 Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Fragrance SGX:F31 529.9 Fragrance Dividends
Fraser And Neave SGX:F99 1,424 Fraser And Neave Dividends
Frasers Centrepoint Trust SGX:J69U 1,821 22.6 Frasers Centrepoint Trust Dividends
Frasers Commercial Trust SGX:ND8U 872.7 20.8 Frasers Commercial Trust Dividends
Frasers Hospitality Trust SGX:ACV 780.7 17.6 Frasers Hospitality Trust Dividends
Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust SGX:BUOU 1,565 19.4 Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust Dividends
Frasers Property SGX:TQ5 2,890 12.7 Frasers Property Dividends
Frencken SGX:E28 224 9.59 Frencken Dividends
Fu Yu SGX:F13 121.9 13.0 Fu Yu Dividends
Fuji Offset Plates Manufacturing SGX:508 11.9 Fuji Offset Plates Manufacturing Dividends
Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co SGX:5KT Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co Dividends
Full Apex (holdings) SGX:BTY Full Apex (holdings) Dividends
Fung Choi Media SGX:F11 Fung Choi Media Dividends
Fuxing China SGX:AWK 7.91 Fuxing China Dividends
G. K. Goh Holdings SGX:G41 156.8 G. K. Goh Holdings Dividends
Gallant Venture SGX:5IG 360.4 Gallant Venture Dividends
Gccp Resources SGX:41T 5.98 Gccp Resources Dividends
Gds Global SGX:5VP 12.7 Gds Global Dividends
Genting Singapore SGX:G13 6,435 17.1 Genting Singapore Dividends
Geo Energy Resources SGX:RE4 115.2 5.67 Geo Energy Resources Dividends
Gke SGX:595 29.1 Gke Dividends
Gl SGX:B16 625.3 Gl Dividends
Global Dragon SGX:586 24.0 Global Dragon Dividends
Global Invacom SGX:QS9 20.8 Global Invacom Dividends
Global Investments SGX:B73 136.9 Global Investments Dividends
Global Logistic Properties SGX:MC0 Global Logistic Properties Dividends
Global Masters Fund SGX:CH9 Global Masters Fund Dividends
Global Palm Resources Holdings SGX:BLW 20.0 Global Palm Resources Holdings Dividends
Global Premium Hotels SGX:P9J Global Premium Hotels Dividends
Global Testing SGX:AYN 11.2 Global Testing Dividends
Gmg Global SGX:AXJ Gmg Global Dividends
Golden Agri-resources SGX:E5H 1,699 21.8 Golden Agri-resources Dividends
Golden Energy And Resources SGX:AUE 273.9 9.96 Golden Energy And Resources Dividends
Goodland SGX:5PC 38.9 Goodland Dividends
Gp Batteries International SGX:G08 Gp Batteries International Dividends
Gp Industries SGX:G20 164.9 Gp Industries Dividends
Grand Banks Yachts SGX:G50 28.8 Grand Banks Yachts Dividends
Grand Venture Technology SGX:JLB 35.2 12.0 Grand Venture Technology Dividends
Great Eastern Holdings SGX:G07 6,033 12.2 Great Eastern Holdings Dividends
Green Build Technology SGX:Y06 4.90 Green Build Technology Dividends
Grp SGX:BLU 21.4 Grp Dividends
Gs Holdings SGX:43A 71.4 Gs Holdings Dividends
Gsh SGX:BDX 394.9 Gsh Dividends
Gss Energy SGX:41F 28.5 5.05 Gss Energy Dividends
Guocoland SGX:F17 1,241 13.0 Guocoland Dividends
Gyp Properties SGX:AWS 18.0 Gyp Properties Dividends
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