SIX Swiss Exchange

SWX / SWX - 263 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
21shares Ethereum Etp SWX:AETH 21shares Ethereum Etp Dividends
21shares Ripple Xrp Etp SWX:AXRP 21shares Ripple Xrp Etp Dividends
Abb SWX:ABBN 47,499 23.7 Abb Dividends
Accu Holding Ag SWX:ACUN Accu Holding Ag Dividends
Achiko SWX:ACHI Achiko Dividends
Actelion SWX:ATLN Actelion Dividends
Addex Therapeutics SWX:ADXN 49.9 Addex Therapeutics Dividends
Adecco Ag SWX:ADENE 7,526 14.1 Adecco Ag Dividends
Adecco Ag SWX:ADEN 7,526 14.1 Adecco Ag Dividends
Adval Tech Holding Ag SWX:ADVN 94.8 16.4 Adval Tech Holding Ag Dividends
Aevis Victoria Sa SWX:AEVS 841.6 Aevis Victoria Sa Dividends
Airesis Sa SWX:AIRE 36.4 Airesis Sa Dividends
Alcon Ag SWX:ALC 23,619 32.5 Alcon Ag Dividends
Allreal Holding Ag SWX:ALLN 2,264 22.0 Allreal Holding Ag Dividends
Alpine Select Ag SWX:ALPN 106 Alpine Select Ag Dividends
Alpiq Holding Ag SWX:ALPH Alpiq Holding Ag Dividends
Also Holding Ag SWX:ALSN 2,578 20.2 Also Holding Ag Dividends
Altin Ag SWX:ALTN Altin Ag Dividends
Aluflexpack Ag SWX:AFP 460.3 32.4 Aluflexpack Ag Dividends
Ams Ag SWX:AMS 3,618 17.1 Ams Ag Dividends
Apg Sga Sa SWX:APGN 531.5 29.8 Apg Sga Sa Dividends
Aptg Ag SWX:AIRN Aptg Ag Dividends
Arbonia Ag SWX:ARBN 876.4 15.0 Arbonia Ag Dividends
Arundel Ag SWX:ARON 26.1 Arundel Ag Dividends
Aryzta Ag SWX:ARYN 795.7 Aryzta Ag Dividends
Ascom Holding Ag SWX:ASCN 387 28.2 Ascom Holding Ag Dividends
Asmallworld Ag SWX:ASWN 26.2 45.2 Asmallworld Ag Dividends
Autoneum Holding Ag SWX:AUTN 620.7 19.4 Autoneum Holding Ag Dividends
Bachem Holding Ag SWX:BANB 4,934 58.7 Bachem Holding Ag Dividends
Baloise Holding Ag SWX:BALN 5,249 11.0 Baloise Holding Ag Dividends
Bank Cler Ag SWX:BC Bank Cler Ag Dividends
Bank Linth Llb Ag SWX:LINN 324.6 Bank Linth Llb Ag Dividends
Banque Cantonale De Geneve SWX:BCGE 903 Banque Cantonale De Geneve Dividends
Banque Cantonale Du Jura Sa SWX:BCJ 124.4 Banque Cantonale Du Jura Sa Dividends
Banque Cantonale Du Valais SWX:WKBN 1,316 Banque Cantonale Du Valais Dividends
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise SWX:BCVN 5,856 22.2 Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Dividends
Banque Profil De Gestion Sa SWX:BPDG 24.0 Banque Profil De Gestion Sa Dividends
Barry Callebaut Ag SWX:BARN 8,630 26.9 Barry Callebaut Ag Dividends
Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank SWX:BLKB 405.9 Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank Dividends
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ag SWX:BSLN 397.7 Basilea Pharmaceutica Ag Dividends
Basler Kantonalbank SWX:BSKP 1,435 Basler Kantonalbank Dividends
Bb Biotech Ag SWX:BION 3,351 14.6 Bb Biotech Ag Dividends
Belimo Holding Ag SWX:BEAN 3,431 43.3 Belimo Holding Ag Dividends
Bell Food Ag SWX:BELL 1,380 13.8 Bell Food Ag Dividends
Bellevue Ag SWX:BBN 371.6 10.5 Bellevue Ag Dividends
Bergbahnen Engelberg Truebsee Titlis Bet Ag SWX:TIBN 130.6 Bergbahnen Engelberg Truebsee Titlis Bet Ag Dividends
Berner Kantonalbank Ag SWX:BEKN 1,573 14.6 Berner Kantonalbank Ag Dividends
Bfw Liegenschaften Ag SWX:BLIN Bfw Liegenschaften Ag Dividends
Bkw Ag SWX:BKW 4,122 17.1 Bkw Ag Dividends
Blackstone Resources Ag SWX:BLS 127.6 Blackstone Resources Ag Dividends
Bobst Sa SWX:BOBNN 785.3 20.6 Bobst Sa Dividends
Bossard Holding Ag SWX:BOSN 1,282 20.2 Bossard Holding Ag Dividends
Bucher Industries Ag SWX:BUCN 3,865 22.1 Bucher Industries Ag Dividends
Burckhardt Compression Holding Ag SWX:BCHN 859.2 19.1 Burckhardt Compression Holding Ag Dividends
Burkhalter Holding Ag SWX:BRKN 342.2 22.4 Burkhalter Holding Ag Dividends
Bvz Holding Ag SWX:BVZN 135.8 Bvz Holding Ag Dividends
Bystronic Ag SWX:BYS 1,825 35.4 Bystronic Ag Dividends
Calida Holding Ag SWX:CALN 212.8 19.3 Calida Holding Ag Dividends
Carlo Gavazzi Holding Ag SWX:GAV 124 18.0 Carlo Gavazzi Holding Ag Dividends
Cassiopea Spa SWX:SKIN 408.8 Cassiopea Spa Dividends
Castle Alternative Invest Ag SWX:CASN 54.5 Castle Alternative Invest Ag Dividends
Castle Private Equity Ag SWX:CPEN 84.7 Castle Private Equity Ag Dividends
Cembra Money Bank Ag SWX:CMBN 2,239 16.2 Cembra Money Bank Ag Dividends
Ceva Logistics Ag SWX:CEVA Ceva Logistics Ag Dividends
Cham Ag SWX:CHAM Cham Ag Dividends
Charles Voegele Holding Ag SWX:VCH Charles Voegele Holding Ag Dividends
Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli Ag SWX:LISP 16,589 40.5 Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli Ag Dividends
Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli Ag SWX:LISN 16,589 43.3 Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli Ag Dividends
Ci Com Sa SWX:CIE 1.51 Ci Com Sa Dividends
Cicor Technologies SWX:CICN 110.1 16.5 Cicor Technologies Dividends
Clariant Ag SWX:CLN 4,964 24.5 Clariant Ag Dividends
Coltene Holding Ag SWX:CLTN 590.1 24.4 Coltene Holding Ag Dividends
Comet Holding Ag SWX:COTN 1,267 30.6 Comet Holding Ag Dividends
Compagnie Financiere Richemont Sa SWX:CFR 41,514 35.8 Compagnie Financiere Richemont Sa Dividends
Compagnie Financiere Tradition Sa SWX:CFT 679.6 13.1 Compagnie Financiere Tradition Sa Dividends
Cosmo Pharmaceuticals Nv SWX:COPN 984.9 Cosmo Pharmaceuticals Nv Dividends
Cph Chemie Und Papier Holding Ag SWX:CPHN 301.4 37.8 Cph Chemie Und Papier Holding Ag Dividends
Crealogix Holding Ag SWX:CLXN 126 32.8 Crealogix Holding Ag Dividends
Credit Suisse Ag SWX:CSGN 17,494 7.34 Credit Suisse Ag Dividends
Daetwyler Holding Ag SWX:DAE 3,878 33.1 Daetwyler Holding Ag Dividends
Datacolor Ag SWX:DCN 74.9 17.1 Datacolor Ag Dividends
Dksh Holding Ag SWX:DKSH 3,600 24.1 Dksh Holding Ag Dividends
Dormakaba Holding Ag SWX:DOKA 2,001 21.3 Dormakaba Holding Ag Dividends
Dottikon Es Holding Ag SWX:DESN 1,875 48.1 Dottikon Es Holding Ag Dividends
Dufry Ag SWX:DUFN 3,997 Dufry Ag Dividends
Edisun Power Europe Ag SWX:ESUN 96.5 Edisun Power Europe Ag Dividends
Edmond De Rothschild Suisse Sa SWX:RLD Edmond De Rothschild Suisse Sa Dividends
Eeii Ag SWX:EEII Eeii Ag Dividends
Efg International Ag SWX:EFGN 1,729 11.6 Efg International Ag Dividends
Elma Electronic Ag SWX:ELMN 101.9 Elma Electronic Ag Dividends
Emmi Ag SWX:EMMN 3,818 22.6 Emmi Ag Dividends
Ems Chemie Holding Ag SWX:EMSN 15,255 36.4 Ems Chemie Holding Ag Dividends
Energiedienst Holding Ag SWX:EDHN 926.4 24.3 Energiedienst Holding Ag Dividends
Enr Russia Invest Sa SWX:RUS 18.8 Enr Russia Invest Sa Dividends
Eph European Property Holdings SWX:EPH 303.9 Eph European Property Holdings Dividends
Evolva Holding Sa SWX:EVE 137 Evolva Holding Sa Dividends
Feintool International Holding Ag SWX:FTON 234.1 18.2 Feintool International Holding Ag Dividends
Flughafen Zuerich Ag SWX:FHZN 3,928 77.4 Flughafen Zuerich Ag Dividends
Forbo Holding Ag SWX:FORN 2,150 21.6 Forbo Holding Ag Dividends
Formulafirst SWX:FFI 10.5 Formulafirst Dividends
Fundamenta Real Estate Ag SWX:FREN 451.7 26.9 Fundamenta Real Estate Ag Dividends
Galenica Ag SWX:GALE 2,419 21.1 Galenica Ag Dividends
Gam Holding Ag SWX:GAM 280.3 Gam Holding Ag Dividends
Geberit Ag SWX:GEBN 17,011 30.8 Geberit Ag Dividends
Georg Fischer Ag SWX:FI-N 3,930 23.6 Georg Fischer Ag Dividends
Givaudan Sa SWX:GIVN 27,573 37.8 Givaudan Sa Dividends
Glarner Kantonalbank SWX:GLKBN 268.2 13.6 Glarner Kantonalbank Dividends
Goldbach Ag SWX:GBMN Goldbach Ag Dividends
Graubuendner Kantonalbank SWX:GRKP 2,915 Graubuendner Kantonalbank Dividends
Groupe Baumgartner Holding Sa SWX:BAP Groupe Baumgartner Holding Sa Dividends
Groupe Minoteries Sa SWX:GMI 98.1 Groupe Minoteries Sa Dividends
Gurit Holding Ag SWX:GUR 814.4 23.4 Gurit Holding Ag Dividends
Hbm Healthcare Investments Ag SWX:HBMN 1,867 12.7 Hbm Healthcare Investments Ag Dividends
Helvetia Holding Ag SWX:HELN 4,254 11.0 Helvetia Holding Ag Dividends
Hiag Immobilien Holding Ag SWX:HIAG 682.8 20.2 Hiag Immobilien Holding Ag Dividends
Highlight Event And Entertainment Ag SWX:HLEE 6,218 19.1 Highlight Event And Entertainment Ag Dividends
Hochdorf Holding Ag SWX:HOCN 101.3 Hochdorf Holding Ag Dividends
Holcim Ag SWX:HOLN 25,839 13.4 Holcim Ag Dividends
Huber+suhner Ag SWX:HUBN 1,076 21.3 Huber+suhner Ag Dividends
Huegli Holding Ag SWX:HUE Huegli Holding Ag Dividends
Hypothekarbank Lenzburg Ag SWX:HBLN 242.3 Hypothekarbank Lenzburg Ag Dividends
Idorsia SWX:IDIA 2,993 Idorsia Dividends
Igea Pharma Nv SWX:IGPH 8.19 Igea Pharma Nv Dividends
Implenia Ag SWX:IMPN 339.1 7.54 Implenia Ag Dividends
Ina Invest Holding Ag SWX:INA 128.4 43.3 Ina Invest Holding Ag Dividends
Inficon Holding Ag SWX:IFCN 1,758 33.9 Inficon Holding Ag Dividends
Interroll Holding Ag SWX:INRN 1,983 35.1 Interroll Holding Ag Dividends
Intershop Holding Ag SWX:ISN 912.9 23.9 Intershop Holding Ag Dividends
Investis Holding Sa SWX:IREN 966.2 26.6 Investis Holding Sa Dividends
Ivf Hartmann Holding Ag SWX:VBSN 313.6 Ivf Hartmann Holding Ag Dividends
Julius Baer Gruppe Ag SWX:BAER 9,457 11.9 Julius Baer Gruppe Ag Dividends
Jungfraubahn Holding Ag SWX:JFN 638.8 67.1 Jungfraubahn Holding Ag Dividends
Kardex Holding Ag SWX:KARN 1,123 28.3 Kardex Holding Ag Dividends
Klingelnberg Ag SWX:KLIN 146.7 28.1 Klingelnberg Ag Dividends
Komax Holding Ag SWX:KOMN 633.5 32.9 Komax Holding Ag Dividends
Kudelski Sa SWX:KUD 177.1 21.8 Kudelski Sa Dividends
Kuehne Und Nagel International Ag SWX:KNIN 25,921 32.1 Kuehne Und Nagel International Ag Dividends
Kuros Biosciences Ag SWX:KURN 48.1 Kuros Biosciences Ag Dividends
Lalique Sa SWX:LLQ 197.2 112.5 Lalique Sa Dividends
Landis+gyr Ag SWX:LAND 1,409 24.4 Landis+gyr Ag Dividends Nv SWX:LMN 341.4 Nv Dividends
Leclanche Sa SWX:LECN 220.9 Leclanche Sa Dividends
Ledermann Immobilien Ag SWX:LIMN Ledermann Immobilien Ag Dividends
Lem Holding Sa SWX:LEHN 1,459 33.4 Lem Holding Sa Dividends
Leonteq Ag SWX:LEON 665.3 13.1 Leonteq Ag Dividends
Liechtensteinische Landesbank Ag SWX:LLBN 1,275 12.5 Liechtensteinische Landesbank Ag Dividends
Lifewatch Ag SWX:LIFE Lifewatch Ag Dividends
Logitech International Sa SWX:LOGN 12,546 25.0 Logitech International Sa Dividends
Lonza Ag SWX:LONN 32,192 39.3 Lonza Ag Dividends
Looser Holding Ag SWX:LOHN Looser Holding Ag Dividends
Lumx SWX:LUMX Lumx Dividends
Luzerner Kantonalbank Ag SWX:LUKN 2,796 16.3 Luzerner Kantonalbank Ag Dividends
Mch Ag SWX:MCHN 176.1 Mch Ag Dividends
Medacta Sa SWX:MOVE 1,740 37.9 Medacta Sa Dividends
Medartis Holding Ag SWX:MED 721.7 175.7 Medartis Holding Ag Dividends
Meier Tobler Ag SWX:MTG 141.5 18.8 Meier Tobler Ag Dividends
Metall Zug Ag SWX:METN 694.5 32.7 Metall Zug Ag Dividends
Meyer Burger Technology Ag SWX:MBTN 770.5 Meyer Burger Technology Ag Dividends
Mikron Holding Ag SWX:MIKN 79.7 18.2 Mikron Holding Ag Dividends
Mobilezone Holding Ag SWX:MOZN 379.3 10.0 Mobilezone Holding Ag Dividends
Mobimo Holding Ag SWX:MOBN 1,504 26.2 Mobimo Holding Ag Dividends
Molecular Partners Ag SWX:MOLN 483.5 Molecular Partners Ag Dividends
Myriad Ag SWX:MYRN Myriad Ag Dividends
Native Sa SWX:NTIV 6.67 1.09 Native Sa Dividends
Nebag Ag SWX:NBEN 70.0 Nebag Ag Dividends
Nestle Sa SWX:NESN 238,554 23.8 Nestle Sa Dividends
New Value Ag SWX:NEWN 1.03 New Value Ag Dividends
New Venturetec Ag SWX:NEV New Venturetec Ag Dividends
Newron Pharmaceuticals Spa SWX:NWRN 29.9 Newron Pharmaceuticals Spa Dividends
Norinvest Holding Sa SWX:NIHN Norinvest Holding Sa Dividends
Novartis Ag SWX:NOVN 138,649 13.5 Novartis Ag Dividends
Novavest Real Estate Ag SWX:NREN 268.8 Novavest Real Estate Ag Dividends
Oc Oerlikon Ag Pfaeffikon SWX:OERL 2,606 23.1 Oc Oerlikon Ag Pfaeffikon Dividends
Orascom Development Holding Ag SWX:ODHN 326.8 Orascom Development Holding Ag Dividends
Orell Fuessli Holding Ag SWX:OFN 164 19.5 Orell Fuessli Holding Ag Dividends
Orior Ag SWX:ORON 441.7 20.9 Orior Ag Dividends
Panalpina Welttransport Holding Ag SWX:PWTN Panalpina Welttransport Holding Ag Dividends
Pargesa Holding Sa SWX:PARG Pargesa Holding Sa Dividends
Partners Holding Ag SWX:PGHN 27,034 34.0 Partners Holding Ag Dividends
Pax Anlage Ag SWX:PAXN Pax Anlage Ag Dividends
Peach Property Ag SWX:PEAN 510.8 9.12 Peach Property Ag Dividends
Perfect Holding Sa SWX:PRFN 8.70 Perfect Holding Sa Dividends
Perrot Duval Holding Sa SWX:PEDU 11.8 Perrot Duval Holding Sa Dividends
Phoenix Mecano Ag SWX:PM 351.4 14.0 Phoenix Mecano Ag Dividends
Pierer Mobility Ag SWX:PMAG 1,436 Pierer Mobility Ag Dividends
Plazza Ag SWX:PLAN 515.1 36.3 Plazza Ag Dividends
Poenina Holding Ag SWX:PNHO 240.2 16.3 Poenina Holding Ag Dividends
Polypeptide Ag SWX:PPGN 2,071 Polypeptide Ag Dividends
Polyphor Ag SWX:POLN 59.5 Polyphor Ag Dividends
Private Equity Holding Ag SWX:PEHN 162.8 Private Equity Holding Ag Dividends
Psp Swiss Property Ag SWX:PSPN 4,085 23.0 Psp Swiss Property Ag Dividends
Rapid Nutrition SWX:RAP 3.32 Rapid Nutrition Dividends
Relief Therapeutics Holding Sa SWX:RLF 471.3 Relief Therapeutics Holding Sa Dividends
Rieter Holding Ag SWX:RIEN 493.5 27.8 Rieter Holding Ag Dividends
Roche Holding Ag SWX:RO 199,442 17.5 Roche Holding Ag Dividends
Roche Holding Ag SWX:ROG 199,442 16.5 Roche Holding Ag Dividends
Romande Energie Holding Sa SWX:HREN 1,024 17.7 Romande Energie Holding Sa Dividends
Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding Ag SWX:SANN 46.2 Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding Ag Dividends
Schaffner Holding Ag SWX:SAHN 127.8 18.4 Schaffner Holding Ag Dividends
Schindler Holding Ag SWX:SCHN 20,964 29.4 Schindler Holding Ag Dividends
Schindler Holding Ag SWX:SCHP 20,964 30.3 Schindler Holding Ag Dividends
Schlatter Industries Ag SWX:STRN 22.1 Schlatter Industries Ag Dividends
Schweiter Technologies Ag SWX:SWTQ 1,580 20.3 Schweiter Technologies Ag Dividends
Schweizerische Nationalbank SWX:SNBN 422.6 Schweizerische Nationalbank Dividends
Sensirion Holding Ag SWX:SENS 719 36.1 Sensirion Holding Ag Dividends
Sf Urban Properties Ag SWX:SFPN 259.7 23.2 Sf Urban Properties Ag Dividends
Sfs Ag SWX:SFSN 3,527 23.2 Sfs Ag Dividends
Sgs Sa SWX:SGSN 15,921 30.8 Sgs Sa Dividends
Shl Telemedicine SWX:SHLTN 105.2 Shl Telemedicine Dividends
Siegfried Holding Ag SWX:SFZN 2,684 30.2 Siegfried Holding Ag Dividends
Sig Combibloc Ag SWX:SIGN 6,059 26.3 Sig Combibloc Ag Dividends
Sika Ag SWX:SIKA 30,228 37.8 Sika Ag Dividends
Softwareone Holding Ag SWX:SWON 2,588 21.6 Softwareone Holding Ag Dividends
Sonova Holding Ag SWX:SOON 12,729 29.1 Sonova Holding Ag Dividends
Spice Private Equity Ag SWX:SPCE 42.3 Spice Private Equity Ag Dividends
St Galler Kantonalbank Ag SWX:SGKN 1,984 15.4 St Galler Kantonalbank Ag Dividends
Stadler Rail Ag SWX:SRAIL 3,442 22.1 Stadler Rail Ag Dividends
Starrag Holding Ag SWX:STGN 109.9 41.5 Starrag Holding Ag Dividends
Straumann Holding Ag SWX:STMN 16,490 53.9 Straumann Holding Ag Dividends
Sulzer Ag SWX:SUN 2,793 17.9 Sulzer Ag Dividends
Sunrise Communications Ag SWX:SRCG 3,847 33.4 Sunrise Communications Ag Dividends
Swatch Ag SWX:UHR 11,789 23.6 Swatch Ag Dividends
Swatch Ag SWX:UHRN 11,789 23.0 Swatch Ag Dividends
Swiss Life Holding Ag SWX:SLHN 11,221 11.1 Swiss Life Holding Ag Dividends
Swiss Prime Site Ag SWX:SPSN 5,288 23.9 Swiss Prime Site Ag Dividends
Swiss Re Ag SWX:SREN 19,560 11.8 Swiss Re Ag Dividends
Swiss Steel Holding Ag SWX:STLN 770.5 Swiss Steel Holding Ag Dividends
Swisscom Ag SWX:SCMN 20,098 17.1 Swisscom Ag Dividends
Swissquote Holding Sa SWX:SQN 1,528 17.1 Swissquote Holding Sa Dividends
Swmtl Holding Ag In Liq SWX:SMET Swmtl Holding Ag In Liq Dividends
Symetis Sa SWX:SYMS Symetis Sa Dividends
Syngenta Ag SWX:SYNN Syngenta Ag Dividends
Tecan Ag SWX:TECN 3,831 39.2 Tecan Ag Dividends
Temenos Ag SWX:TEMN 7,310 35.4 Temenos Ag Dividends
Thurgauer Kantonalbank SWX:TKBP 333.4 14.9 Thurgauer Kantonalbank Dividends
Tornos Holding Ag SWX:TOHN 85.5 63.6 Tornos Holding Ag Dividends
Tx Ag SWX:TXGN 655 44.5 Tx Ag Dividends
U Blox Holding Ag SWX:UBXN 330.6 18.7 U Blox Holding Ag Dividends
Ubs Ag SWX:UBSG 37,563 9.07 Ubs Ag Dividends
V-zug Holding Ag SWX:VZUG 652 20.1 V-zug Holding Ag Dividends
Valartis Ag SWX:VLRT 28.2 Valartis Ag Dividends
Valiant Holding Ag SWX:VATN 1,241 13.0 Valiant Holding Ag Dividends
Valora Holding Ag SWX:VALN 638.1 32.5 Valora Holding Ag Dividends
Varia Us Properties Ag SWX:VARN 297.9 13.4 Varia Us Properties Ag Dividends
Vat Ag SWX:VACN 5,910 39.7 Vat Ag Dividends
Vaudoise Assurances Holding Sa SWX:VAHN 1,125 10.8 Vaudoise Assurances Holding Sa Dividends
Vetropack Holding Sa SWX:VETN 885.8 16.3 Vetropack Holding Sa Dividends
Vifor Pharma Ag SWX:VIFN 6,194 28.2 Vifor Pharma Ag Dividends
Villars Holding Sa SWX:VILN 59.2 Villars Holding Sa Dividends
Von Roll Holding Ag SWX:ROL 202.4 Von Roll Holding Ag Dividends
Vontobel Holding Ag SWX:VONN 2,934 11.7 Vontobel Holding Ag Dividends
Vp Bank Ag SWX:VPBN 526.5 9.10 Vp Bank Ag Dividends
Vz Holding Ag SWX:VZN 2,369 23.0 Vz Holding Ag Dividends
Warteck Invest Ag SWX:WARN 460.9 36.0 Warteck Invest Ag Dividends
Wisekey International Holding Ag SWX:WIHN 79.9 Wisekey International Holding Ag Dividends
Ypsomed Holding Ag SWX:YPSN 1,440 50.6 Ypsomed Holding Ag Dividends
Zehnder Ag SWX:ZEHN 701.8 19.2 Zehnder Ag Dividends
Zueblin Immobilien Holding Ag SWX:ZUBN 71.6 Zueblin Immobilien Holding Ag Dividends
Zug Estates Holding Ag SWX:ZUGN 790.2 30.3 Zug Estates Holding Ag Dividends
Zuger Kantonalbank SWX:ZUGER 1,535 Zuger Kantonalbank Dividends
Zur Rose Ag SWX:ROSE 2,470 Zur Rose Ag Dividends
Zurich Insurance Ag SWX:ZURN 44,203 13.7 Zurich Insurance Ag Dividends
Zwahlen Et Mayr Sa SWX:ZWM 9.50 Zwahlen Et Mayr Sa Dividends
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