Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

HKG / HKG - 2565 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1957 & Co (hospitality) HKG:8495 11.9 1957 & Co (hospitality) Dividends
360 Ludashi Holdings HKG:3601 101.4 360 Ludashi Holdings Dividends
361 Degrees International HKG:1361 278.7 4.77 361 Degrees International Dividends
3sbio Inc HKG:1530 2,804 15.0 3sbio Inc Dividends
51 Credit Card Inc HKG:2051 172.4 1.17 51 Credit Card Inc Dividends
7road Holdings HKG:797 768.2 7road Holdings Dividends
A & S (holdings) HKG:1737 A & S (holdings) Dividends
A-living Services Co HKG:3319 3,956 22.1 A-living Services Co Dividends Group HKG:1841 19.3 Group Dividends
A8 New Media HKG:800 45.4 A8 New Media Dividends
Aac Technologies Holdings Inc HKG:2018 7,742 21.9 Aac Technologies Holdings Inc Dividends
Aag Energy Holdings HKG:2686 440.8 4.49 Aag Energy Holdings Dividends
Ab Builders HKG:1615 17.1 Ab Builders Dividends
Abc Multiactive HKG:8131 3.26 Abc Multiactive Dividends
Able Engineering Holdings HKG:1627 87.6 Able Engineering Holdings Dividends
Accel Group HKG:1283 41.7 Accel Group Dividends
Acme International Holdings HKG:1870 23.0 Acme International Holdings Dividends
Acrossasia HKG:8061 Acrossasia Dividends
Activation Group HKG:9919 113.4 Activation Group Dividends
Add New Energy Investment Holdings HKG:2623 32.2 Add New Energy Investment Holdings Dividends
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co HKG:3355 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Dividends
Aeon Credit Service Asia Co HKG:900 257.1 Aeon Credit Service Asia Co Dividends
Aeon Stores Hong Kong Co HKG:984 88.0 Aeon Stores Hong Kong Co Dividends
Aeso Holding HKG:8341 4.03 Aeso Holding Dividends
Affluent Foundation Holdings HKG:1757 20.5 Affluent Foundation Holdings Dividends
Affluent Partners Holdings HKG:1466 12.2 Affluent Partners Holdings Dividends
Agile Group HKG:3383 4,703 4.85 Agile Group Dividends
Agricultural Bank Of China HKG:1288 115,377 4.54 Agricultural Bank Of China Dividends
Agritrade Resources HKG:1131 235.2 3.72 Agritrade Resources Dividends
Agtech Holdings HKG:8279 379.1 Agtech Holdings Dividends
Ahsay Backup Software Development Co HKG:8290 7.28 Ahsay Backup Software Development Co Dividends
Aia HKG:1299 103,022 19.2 Aia Dividends
Aid Life Science Holdings HKG:8088 3.59 Aid Life Science Holdings Dividends
Aidigong Maternal & Child Health HKG:286 188.5 Aidigong Maternal & Child Health Dividends
Air China HKG:753 11,135 7.59 Air China Dividends
Ajisen (china) Holdings HKG:538 300.8 13.9 Ajisen (china) Holdings Dividends
Ak Medical Holdings HKG:1789 1,320 46.0 Ak Medical Holdings Dividends
Akm Industrial Co HKG:1639 211.9 Akm Industrial Co Dividends
Al HKG:8360 2.11 Al Dividends
Alco Holdings HKG:328 24.2 Alco Holdings Dividends
Alibaba Health Information Technology HKG:241 11,907 298.7 Alibaba Health Information Technology Dividends
Alibaba Holding HKG:9988 505,418 3.25 Alibaba Holding Dividends
Alibaba Pictures HKG:1060 3,826 44.7 Alibaba Pictures Dividends
Allan International Holdings HKG:684 50.2 Allan International Holdings Dividends
Allied HKG:373 674.5 Allied Dividends
Allied Properties Hk HKG:56 1,046 Allied Properties Hk Dividends
Allied Sustainability And Environmental Consultants HKG:8320 7.56 Allied Sustainability And Environmental Consultants Dividends
Alltronics Holdings HKG:833 35.8 Alltronics Holdings Dividends
Alpha Era International Holdings HKG:8406 Alpha Era International Holdings Dividends
Alpha Era International Holdings HKG:8406 Alpha Era International Holdings Dividends
Alpha Professional Holdings HKG:948 42.3 Alpha Professional Holdings Dividends
Alphamab Oncology HKG:9966 1,333 Alphamab Oncology Dividends
Altus Holdings HKG:8149 22.0 Altus Holdings Dividends
Aluminum Of China HKG:2600 4,422 14.1 Aluminum Of China Dividends
Am Group HKG:1849 19.4 Am Group Dividends
Amasse Capital Holdings HKG:8168 9.55 Amasse Capital Holdings Dividends
Amco United Holding HKG:630 18.3 Amco United Holding Dividends
Ams Public Transport Holdings HKG:77 24.1 Ams Public Transport Holdings Dividends
Amuse Holding HKG:8545 8.66 Amuse Holding Dividends
Amvig Holdings HKG:2300 171.9 Amvig Holdings Dividends
Anacle Systems HKG:8353 14.3 3.87 Anacle Systems Dividends
Analogue Holdings HKG:1977 140.5 Analogue Holdings Dividends
Anchorstone Holdings HKG:1592 32.5 Anchorstone Holdings Dividends
Angang Steel Co HKG:347 2,971 9.25 Angang Steel Co Dividends
Anhui Conch Cement Co HKG:914 37,437 9.05 Anhui Conch Cement Co Dividends
Anhui Expressway Co HKG:995 816.1 6.74 Anhui Expressway Co Dividends
Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co HKG:839 2,306 18.9 Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co Dividends
Anta Sports Products HKG:2020 20,474 25.3 Anta Sports Products Dividends
Anton Oilfield Services HKG:3337 239.6 4.57 Anton Oilfield Services Dividends
Anxian Yuan China Holdings HKG:922 14.0 Anxian Yuan China Holdings Dividends
Anxin-china Holdings HKG:1149 Anxin-china Holdings Dividends
Aowei Holding HKG:1370 270.4 Aowei Holding Dividends
Aoyuan Healthy Life Co HKG:3662 480.3 18.2 Aoyuan Healthy Life Co Dividends
Ap Rentals Holdings HKG:1496 17.0 Ap Rentals Holdings Dividends
Apac Resources HKG:1104 117.5 Apac Resources Dividends
Apex Ace Holding HKG:6036 18.9 Apex Ace Holding Dividends
Applied Development Holdings HKG:519 51.5 Applied Development Holdings Dividends
Apt Satellite Holdings HKG:1045 287.6 Apt Satellite Holdings Dividends
Ares Asia HKG:645 19.5 Ares Asia Dividends
Art Group HKG:565 74.1 Art Group Dividends
Artgo Holdings HKG:3313 69.6 Artgo Holdings Dividends
Artini Holdings HKG:789 29.9 Artini Holdings Dividends
Arts Optical International Holdings HKG:1120 57.0 Arts Optical International Holdings Dividends
Ascentage Pharma International HKG:6855 624.9 Ascentage Pharma International Dividends
Ascletis Pharma Inc HKG:1672 336.4 17.4 Ascletis Pharma Inc Dividends
Asd International Holdings HKG:8335 Asd International Holdings Dividends
Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings HKG:711 125.4 Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Dividends
Asia Cassava Resources Holdings HKG:841 17.0 Asia Cassava Resources Holdings Dividends
Asia Cement (china) Holdings HKG:743 1,810 5.28 Asia Cement (china) Holdings Dividends
Asia Coal HKG:835 Asia Coal Dividends
Asia Commercial Holdings HKG:104 32.0 Asia Commercial Holdings Dividends
Asia Energy Logistics HKG:351 17.8 Asia Energy Logistics Dividends
Asia Financial Holdings HKG:662 378.2 Asia Financial Holdings Dividends
Asia Grocery Distribution HKG:8413 57.2 Asia Grocery Distribution Dividends
Asia Orient Holdings HKG:214 105.9 Asia Orient Holdings Dividends
Asia Pac Financial Investment HKG:8193 14.3 Asia Pac Financial Investment Dividends
Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Co HKG:767 22.5 Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Co Dividends
Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings HKG:8400 6.20 Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Dividends
Asia Resources Holdings HKG:899 50.9 Asia Resources Holdings Dividends
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings HKG:1135 Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Dividends
Asia Standard Hotel HKG:292 56.6 Asia Standard Hotel Dividends
Asia Standard International HKG:129 167.5 Asia Standard International Dividends
Asia Tele-net And Technology HKG:679 70.1 Asia Tele-net And Technology Dividends
Asia Television Holdings HKG:707 65.0 Asia Television Holdings Dividends
Asiainfo Technologies HKG:1675 705.2 11.5 Asiainfo Technologies Dividends
Asian Capital Resources Holdings HKG:8025 19.4 Asian Capital Resources Holdings Dividends
Asian Citrus Holdings HKG:73 Asian Citrus Holdings Dividends
Asiaray Media HKG:1993 273.8 Asiaray Media Dividends
Asiasec Properties HKG:271 156.3 Asiasec Properties Dividends
Asm Pacific Technology HKG:522 4,712 22.3 Asm Pacific Technology Dividends
Associated International Hotels HKG:105 676.6 Associated International Hotels Dividends
Astrum Financial Holdings HKG:8333 14.4 Astrum Financial Holdings Dividends
Atlinks HKG:8043 6.10 Atlinks Dividends
Aupu Holding Co HKG:477 Aupu Holding Co Dividends
Aurum Pacific (china) HKG:8148 9.77 Aurum Pacific (china) Dividends
Ausnutria Dairy HKG:1717 1,785 13.6 Ausnutria Dairy Dividends
Austar Lifesciences HKG:6118 244.1 Austar Lifesciences Dividends
Ausupreme International Holdings HKG:2031 Ausupreme International Holdings Dividends
Auto Italia Holdings HKG:720 123.8 Auto Italia Holdings Dividends
Automated Systems Holdings HKG:771 79.8 Automated Systems Holdings Dividends
Aux International Holdings HKG:2080 18.5 Aux International Holdings Dividends
Av Concept Holdings HKG:595 32.2 Av Concept Holdings Dividends
Av Promotions Holdings HKG:8419 15.4 Av Promotions Holdings Dividends
Avic International Holding (hk) HKG:232 164.8 Avic International Holding (hk) Dividends
Avic International Holdings HKG:161 952.5 Avic International Holdings Dividends
Avic Joy Holdings Hk HKG:260 19.9 Avic Joy Holdings Hk Dividends
Avichina Industry & Technology Co HKG:2357 2,206 11.1 Avichina Industry & Technology Co Dividends
B & D Strategic Holdings HKG:1780 42.1 B & D Strategic Holdings Dividends
B & S International Holdings HKG:1705 24.0 B & S International Holdings Dividends
Babytree HKG:1761 279.2 Babytree Dividends
Baguio Green HKG:1397 16.7 Baguio Green Dividends
Baic Motor HKG:1958 3,549 6.51 Baic Motor Dividends
Baioo Family Interactive HKG:2100 201.8 66.0 Baioo Family Interactive Dividends
Bamboos Health Care Holdings HKG:2293 39.4 Bamboos Health Care Holdings Dividends
Ban Loong Holdings HKG:30 222.1 Ban Loong Holdings Dividends
Bank Of China HKG:3988 95,593 4.49 Bank Of China Dividends
Bank Of Chongqing Co HKG:1963 1,440 2.90 Bank Of Chongqing Co Dividends
Bank Of Communications Co HKG:3328 40,121 4.46 Bank Of Communications Co Dividends
Bank Of East Asia HKG:23 5,188 9.48 Bank Of East Asia Dividends
Bank Of Gansu Co HKG:2139 1,377 Bank Of Gansu Co Dividends
Bank Of Guizhou Co HKG:6199 Bank Of Guizhou Co Dividends
Bank Of Jinzhou Co HKG:416 1,861 Bank Of Jinzhou Co Dividends
Bank Of Jiujiang Co HKG:6190 2,559 Bank Of Jiujiang Co Dividends
Bank Of Qingdao Co HKG:3866 2,578 Bank Of Qingdao Co Dividends
Bank Of Tianjin Co HKG:1578 2,001 Bank Of Tianjin Co Dividends
Bank Of Zhengzhou Co HKG:6196 1,643 Bank Of Zhengzhou Co Dividends
Bao Shen Holdings HKG:8151 5.87 Bao Shen Holdings Dividends
Baofeng Modern International Holdings HKG:1121 54.9 Baofeng Modern International Holdings Dividends
Baoye Co HKG:2355 271.3 Baoye Co Dividends
Bar Pacific Group HKG:8432 8.46 Bar Pacific Group Dividends
Basetrophy Group HKG:8460 Basetrophy Group Dividends
Bauhaus International (holdings) HKG:483 28.9 Bauhaus International (holdings) Dividends
Bawang International Holding HKG:1338 32.4 Bawang International Holding Dividends
Bay Area Gold HKG:1194 34.5 Bay Area Gold Dividends
Baytacare Pharmaceutical Co HKG:8197 Baytacare Pharmaceutical Co Dividends
Bbi Life Sciences HKG:1035 163 12.8 Bbi Life Sciences Dividends
Bbmg HKG:2009 2,553 5.17 Bbmg Dividends
Bc Technology HKG:863 214.4 Bc Technology Dividends
Bci Group HKG:8412 12.4 Bci Group Dividends
Beautiful China Holdings Co HKG:706 18.2 Beautiful China Holdings Co Dividends
Beaver (holding) Co HKG:8275 3.96 Beaver (holding) Co Dividends
Beigene HKG:6160 10,124 Beigene Dividends
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-tech Co HKG:8095 111.3 Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-tech Co Dividends
Beijing Capital Grand HKG:1329 300.3 Beijing Capital Grand Dividends
Beijing Capital International Airport Co HKG:694 2,949 16.7 Beijing Capital International Airport Co Dividends
Beijing Capital Land HKG:2868 761.8 2.90 Beijing Capital Land Dividends
Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co HKG:1858 921.6 34.4 Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co Dividends
Beijing Digital Telecom Co HKG:6188 134.5 Beijing Digital Telecom Co Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy HKG:1250 362.6 2.76 Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Environment HKG:154 107.8 Beijing Enterprises Environment Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Holdings HKG:392 4,546 5.32 Beijing Enterprises Holdings Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Medical And Health Industry HKG:2389 88.5 Beijing Enterprises Medical And Health Industry Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Urban Resources HKG:3718 230.3 Beijing Enterprises Urban Resources Dividends
Beijing Enterprises Water HKG:371 4,024 6.68 Beijing Enterprises Water Dividends
Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings HKG:6828 255.6 3.92 Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Dividends
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co HKG:187 62.7 Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co Dividends
Beijing Jingkelong Co HKG:814 58.4 7.08 Beijing Jingkelong Co Dividends
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co HKG:579 1,095 4.24 Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co Dividends
Beijing Media HKG:1000 26.0 Beijing Media Dividends
Beijing North Star Co HKG:588 861.5 4.26 Beijing North Star Co Dividends
Beijing Properties (holdings) HKG:925 137.2 Beijing Properties (holdings) Dividends
Beijing Sports And Entertainment Industry HKG:1803 34.6 Beijing Sports And Entertainment Industry Dividends
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co HKG:3613 1,015 15.1 Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co Dividends
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Co HKG:1599 335.8 4.02 Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Co Dividends
Beijingwest Industries International HKG:2339 26.6 Beijingwest Industries International Dividends
Bel Global Resources Holdings HKG:761 Bel Global Resources Holdings Dividends
Belle International Holdings HKG:1880 Belle International Holdings Dividends
Beng Soon Machinery Holdings HKG:1987 53.1 Beng Soon Machinery Holdings Dividends
Best Food Holding HKG:1488 167.8 Best Food Holding Dividends
Best Linking Group HKG:8617 17.1 Best Linking Group Dividends
Best Mart 360 Holdings HKG:2360 239.1 Best Mart 360 Holdings Dividends
Best Pacific International Holdings HKG:2111 219 5.62 Best Pacific International Holdings Dividends
Bestway Global Holding Inc HKG:3358 319.7 5.20 Bestway Global Holding Inc Dividends
Besunyen Holdings Co HKG:926 60.2 Besunyen Holdings Co Dividends
Bexcellent Group HKG:1775 25.1 Bexcellent Group Dividends
Bgmc International HKG:1693 24.8 Bgmc International Dividends
Bhcc Holding HKG:1552 Bhcc Holding Dividends
Bii Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Co HKG:1522 113.7 7.86 Bii Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Co Dividends
Billion Industrial Holdings HKG:2299 1,232 Billion Industrial Holdings Dividends
Bingo Group HKG:8220 6.23 Bingo Group Dividends
Binhai Investment Co HKG:2886 169.9 5.35 Binhai Investment Co Dividends
Binjiang Service Co HKG:3316 263.8 Binjiang Service Co Dividends
Biosino Bio-technology And Science Inc HKG:8247 29.8 Biosino Bio-technology And Science Inc Dividends
Birmingham Sports Holdings HKG:2309 282.3 Birmingham Sports Holdings Dividends
Bison Finance HKG:888 109.6 Bison Finance Dividends
Bisu Technology International HKG:1372 72.6 Bisu Technology International Dividends
Blockchain Co HKG:364 Blockchain Co Dividends
Bloomage Biotechnology HKG:963 Bloomage Biotechnology Dividends
Boc Aviation HKG:2588 5,102 8.78 Boc Aviation Dividends
Boc Hong Kong Holdings HKG:2388 30,069 9.29 Boc Hong Kong Holdings Dividends
Bocom International Holdings Co HKG:3329 306.8 Bocom International Holdings Co Dividends
Boe Varitronix HKG:710 182.3 Boe Varitronix Dividends
Boer Power Holdings HKG:1685 19.0 Boer Power Holdings Dividends
Boill Healthcare Holdings HKG:1246 55.4 Boill Healthcare Holdings Dividends
Bojun Education HKG:1758 39.6 Bojun Education Dividends
Bolina Holding Co HKG:1190 Bolina Holding Co Dividends
Boltek Holdings HKG:8601 18.8 Boltek Holdings Dividends
Bonjour Holdings HKG:653 29.9 Bonjour Holdings Dividends
Bonny International Holding HKG:1906 66.1 Bonny International Holding Dividends
Bortex Global HKG:8118 19.7 Bortex Global Dividends
Bosa Technology Holdings HKG:8140 85.0 Bosa Technology Holdings Dividends
Boshiwa International Holding HKG:1698 Boshiwa International Holding Dividends
Bosideng International Holdings HKG:3998 3,235 18.1 Bosideng International Holdings Dividends
Bossini International Holdings HKG:592 33.4 Bossini International Holdings Dividends
Boyaa Interactive International HKG:434 73.2 1.86 Boyaa Interactive International Dividends
Bracell HKG:1768 Bracell Dividends
Brainhole Technology HKG:2203 29.1 Brainhole Technology Dividends
Bright Smart Securities & Commodities HKG:1428 300.6 Bright Smart Securities & Commodities Dividends
Brightoil Petroleum (holdings) HKG:933 Brightoil Petroleum (holdings) Dividends
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings HKG:1114 3,868 4.58 Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Dividends
Brilliant Circle Holdings International HKG:1008 95.7 Brilliant Circle Holdings International Dividends
Brockman Mining HKG:159 131.6 Brockman Mining Dividends
Budweiser Brewing Apac HKG:1876 33,754 35.8 Budweiser Brewing Apac Dividends
Build King Holdings HKG:240 107.5 Build King Holdings Dividends
Burwill Holdings HKG:24 Burwill Holdings Dividends
Byd Co HKG:1211 12,886 52.6 Byd Co Dividends
Byd Electronic International Co HKG:285 3,849 15.1 Byd Electronic International Co Dividends
Byleasing Holdings HKG:8525 14.6 Byleasing Holdings Dividends
C C Land Holdings HKG:1224 680 C C Land Holdings Dividends
C Cheng Holdings HKG:1486 42.6 C Cheng Holdings Dividends
C-mer Eye Care Holdings HKG:3309 528.9 43.5 C-mer Eye Care Holdings Dividends
C.banner International Holdings HKG:1028 38.8 C.banner International Holdings Dividends
C.p. Pokphand Co. HKG:43 1,682 9.14 C.p. Pokphand Co. Dividends
C&d International Investment HKG:1908 1,334 4.38 C&d International Investment Dividends
C&n Holdings HKG:8430 C&n Holdings Dividends
Ca Cultural Technology HKG:1566 192.9 Ca Cultural Technology Dividends
Caa Resources HKG:2112 26.3 Caa Resources Dividends
Cabbeen Fashion HKG:2030 105.9 Cabbeen Fashion Dividends
Cafe De Coral Holdings HKG:341 1,132 22.0 Cafe De Coral Holdings Dividends
Camsing International Holding HKG:2662 Camsing International Holding Dividends
Cansino Biologics Inc HKG:6185 1,339 Cansino Biologics Inc Dividends
Canvest Environmental Protection Co HKG:1381 895.5 8.29 Canvest Environmental Protection Co Dividends
Capinfo Co HKG:1075 114.1 Capinfo Co Dividends
Capital Environment Holdings HKG:3989 196.9 5.16 Capital Environment Holdings Dividends
Capital Estate HKG:193 16.4 Capital Estate Dividends
Capital Finance Holdings HKG:8239 11.1 Capital Finance Holdings Dividends
Capital Vc HKG:2324 7.32 Capital Vc Dividends
Capxon International Electronic Co HKG:469 34.9 Capxon International Electronic Co Dividends
Car Inc HKG:699 1,114 12.1 Car Inc Dividends
Carnival International Holdings HKG:996 32.8 Carnival International Holdings Dividends
Carpenter Tan Holdings HKG:837 124.8 Carpenter Tan Holdings Dividends
Carrianna Group HKG:126 99.0 Carrianna Group Dividends
Carry Wealth Holdings HKG:643 16.9 Carry Wealth Holdings Dividends
Casablanca HKG:2223 17.8 Casablanca Dividends
Cash Financial Services HKG:510 20.5 Cash Financial Services Dividends
Cathay Pacific Airways HKG:293 4,274 13.6 Cathay Pacific Airways Dividends
Cbk Holdings HKG:8428 22.0 Cbk Holdings Dividends
Ccid Consulting Co HKG:8235 28.2 Ccid Consulting Co Dividends
Cct Fortis Holdings HKG:138 35.7 Cct Fortis Holdings Dividends
Cec International Holdings HKG:759 29.5 Cec International Holdings Dividends
Cecep Costin New Materials HKG:2228 Cecep Costin New Materials Dividends
Cefc Hong Kong Financial Investment HKG:1520 15.6 Cefc Hong Kong Financial Investment Dividends
Celebrate International Holdings HKG:8212 Celebrate International Holdings Dividends
Celestial Asia Securities Holdings HKG:1049 7.85 Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Dividends
Centenary United Holdings HKG:1959 21.6 Centenary United Holdings Dividends
Central China Real Estate HKG:832 1,361 4.66 Central China Real Estate Dividends
Central China Securities Co HKG:1375 685.3 13.3 Central China Securities Co Dividends
Central Development Holdings HKG:475 27.3 Central Development Holdings Dividends
Central Holding Co HKG:1735 242.1 Central Holding Co Dividends
Central Wealth Group HKG:139 72.4 Central Wealth Group Dividends
Centron Telecom International Holding HKG:1155 Centron Telecom International Holding Dividends
Century City International Holdings HKG:355 176.6 Century City International Holdings Dividends
Century Entertainment International Holdings HKG:959 10.2 Century Entertainment International Holdings Dividends
Century Ginwa Retail Holdings HKG:162 24.1 Century Ginwa Retail Holdings Dividends
Century International Holdings HKG:2113 39.2 Century International Holdings Dividends
Century Legend (holdings) HKG:79 7.09 Century Legend (holdings) Dividends
Century Sage Scientific Holdings HKG:1450 12.3 Century Sage Scientific Holdings Dividends
Century Sunshine Group HKG:509 99.6 Century Sunshine Group Dividends
Cgn Mining Co HKG:1164 207.9 Cgn Mining Co Dividends
Cgn New Energy Holdings Co HKG:1811 456 5.56 Cgn New Energy Holdings Co Dividends
Cgn Power Co HKG:1816 10,336 8.72 Cgn Power Co Dividends
Champion Alliance International Holdings HKG:1629 206.7 Champion Alliance International Holdings Dividends
Champion Real Estate Investment Trust HKG:2778 2,930 17.6 Champion Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Champion Technology Holdings HKG:92 8.55 Champion Technology Holdings Dividends
Changan Minsheng Apll Logistics Co HKG:1292 38.3 Changan Minsheng Apll Logistics Co Dividends
Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Co HKG:2229 Changgang Dunxin Enterprise Co Dividends
Changhong Jiahua Holdings HKG:8016 104.5 Changhong Jiahua Holdings Dividends
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co HKG:954 44.8 Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co Dividends
Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Co HKG:2163 565.6 Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Co Dividends
Changshouhua Food Co HKG:1006 163.1 Changshouhua Food Co Dividends
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