Taiwan Stock Exchange

TAI / TPE - 973 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
104 TPE:3130 174 104 Dividends
Aaeon Technology TPE:6579 320.5 Aaeon Technology Dividends
Ability Enterprise Co TPE:2374 176.9 Ability Enterprise Co Dividends
Abnova Taiwan TPE:4133 75.4 Abnova Taiwan Dividends
AboCom Systems TPE:2444 34.9 AboCom Systems Dividends
Abonmax Co TPE:2429 16.7 Abonmax Co Dividends
Acbel Polytech TPE:6282 403.5 Acbel Polytech Dividends
Accton Technology TPE:2345 3,136 17.6 Accton Technology Dividends
Ace Pillar Co TPE:8374 89.3 Ace Pillar Co Dividends
Acelon Chemicals & Fiber TPE:1466 41.6 Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Dividends
Acer TPE:2353 2,320 11.0 Acer Dividends
Aces Electronics Co TPE:3605 151.3 Aces Electronics Co Dividends
Action Electronics Co TPE:3024 94.4 Action Electronics Co Dividends
Adimmune TPE:4142 406.3 39.1 Adimmune Dividends
ADLINK Technology TPE:6166 329.2 ADLINK Technology Dividends
Advanced Energy Solution Holding Co TPE:6781 2,528 25.0 Advanced Energy Solution Holding Co Dividends
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology TPE:3437 85.2 Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Dividends
Advanced Power Electronics TPE:8261 257.2 Advanced Power Electronics Dividends
Advancetek Enterprise Co TPE:1442 227.6 Advancetek Enterprise Co Dividends
Advantech Co TPE:2395 7,622 26.9 Advantech Co Dividends
Aero Win Technology TPE:8222 27.1 Aero Win Technology Dividends
Aerospace Industrial Development TPE:2634 852.7 15.8 Aerospace Industrial Development Dividends
AGV Products TPE:1217 151 AGV Products Dividends
Ahoku Electronic Co TPE:3002 32.9 Ahoku Electronic Co Dividends
Aiptek International TPE:6225 12.8 Aiptek International Dividends
Air Asia Co TPE:2630 73.0 Air Asia Co Dividends
Airmate Cayman International Co TPE:1626 74.5 Airmate Cayman International Co Dividends
Airtac International TPE:1590 4,892 22.4 Airtac International Dividends
Alchip Technologies TPE:3661 1,642 22.8 Alchip Technologies Dividends
Alexander Marine Co TPE:8478 458.9 Alexander Marine Co Dividends
Ali TPE:3041 148.6 Ali Dividends
All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding TPE:4148 109.9 All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Dividends
Allied Supreme TPE:4770 619.8 14.1 Allied Supreme Dividends
Allis Electric Co TPE:1514 174.7 Allis Electric Co Dividends
Alltek Technology TPE:3209 211.6 Alltek Technology Dividends
Alpha Networks TPE:3380 397.5 14.2 Alpha Networks Dividends
Altek TPE:3059 270.2 Altek Dividends
Ambassador Hotel TPE:2704 311.4 Ambassador Hotel Dividends
Amia Co TPE:8438 62.3 Amia Co Dividends
Ampacs TPE:6743 173.9 6.52 Ampacs Dividends
Ampoc Far-East Co TPE:2493 128.7 Ampoc Far-East Co Dividends
Amtran Technology Co TPE:2489 275.2 Amtran Technology Co Dividends
Amulaire Thermal Technology TPE:2241 97.1 Amulaire Thermal Technology Dividends
Anderson Industrial TPE:1528 55.8 Anderson Industrial Dividends
Andes Technology TPE:6533 447.6 39.6 Andes Technology Dividends
Anji Technology Co TPE:6477 156.3 Anji Technology Co Dividends
Answer Technology Co TPE:3528 93.4 Answer Technology Co Dividends
AOPEN TPE:3046 54.4 AOPEN Dividends
AP Memory Technology TPE:6531 1,211 17.8 AP Memory Technology Dividends
Apacer Technology TPE:8271 117 Apacer Technology Dividends
APAQ Technology Co TPE:6449 122.1 APAQ Technology Co Dividends
APCB TPE:6108 82.1 APCB Dividends
Apex Biotechnology TPE:1733 69.4 Apex Biotechnology Dividends
Apex Dynamics TPE:4583 401.1 Apex Dynamics Dividends
Apex International Co TPE:4927 447.6 6.21 Apex International Co Dividends
APEX Science & Engineering TPE:3052 55.1 APEX Science & Engineering Dividends
Apogee Optocom Co TPE:6426 66.7 Apogee Optocom Co Dividends
Applied BioCode TPE:6598 73.7 Applied BioCode Dividends
Arcadyan Technology TPE:3596 698.9 11.5 Arcadyan Technology Dividends
Ares International TPE:2471 34.8 Ares International Dividends
Arima Communications TPE:8101 13.6 Arima Communications Dividends
Arima Optoelectronics TPE:6289 7.45 Arima Optoelectronics Dividends
ASE Technology Holding Co TPE:3711 11,550 8.09 ASE Technology Holding Co Dividends
Asia Cement TPE:1102 4,331 11.0 Asia Cement Dividends
Asia Optical Co TPE:3019 510.5 Asia Optical Co Dividends
Asia Pacific Telecom Co TPE:3682 830.7 Asia Pacific Telecom Co Dividends
Asia Plastic Recycling Holding TPE:1337 49.4 Asia Plastic Recycling Holding Dividends
Asia Polymer TPE:1308 462.1 9.02 Asia Polymer Dividends
Asia Vital Components Co TPE:3017 1,084 10.9 Asia Vital Components Co Dividends
ASMedia Technology TPE:5269 2,432 22.4 ASMedia Technology Dividends
ASRock TPE:3515 491.7 7.18 ASRock Dividends
Associated Industries China TPE:9912 12.8 Associated Industries China Dividends
Asustek Computer TPE:2357 6,604 7.92 Asustek Computer Dividends
Aten International Co TPE:6277 254.1 11.8 Aten International Co Dividends
AU Optronics TPE:2409 4,490 11.7 AU Optronics Dividends
Auden Techno TPE:3138 200.1 Auden Techno Dividends
Audix TPE:2459 143.8 Audix Dividends
Aurora TPE:2373 530.8 Aurora Dividends
Aurotek TPE:6215 53.3 Aurotek Dividends
Av Tech TPE:8072 53.0 Av Tech Dividends
Aver Information TPE:3669 126.3 Aver Information Dividends
AVerMedia Technologies TPE:2417 94.0 AVerMedia Technologies Dividends
Avision TPE:2380 54.2 Avision Dividends
Awea Mechantronic Co TPE:1530 81.3 Awea Mechantronic Co Dividends
AzureWave Technologies TPE:3694 81.9 AzureWave Technologies Dividends
B'IN Live Co TPE:6625 31.9 B'IN Live Co Dividends
Bafang Yunji International Co TPE:2753 241 Bafang Yunji International Co Dividends
Bank of Kaohsiung Co TPE:2836 429.2 Bank of Kaohsiung Co Dividends
Baolong International Co TPE:1906 75.5 Baolong International Co Dividends
Basso Industry TPE:1527 164.2 Basso Industry Dividends
BenQ Materials TPE:8215 312 11.4 BenQ Materials Dividends
BES Engineering Co TPE:2515 379 BES Engineering Co Dividends
Bestec Power Electronics Co TPE:3308 30.8 Bestec Power Electronics Co Dividends
Better Life Co TPE:1805 32.0 Better Life Co Dividends
Big Sunshine Co TPE:1475 47.8 Big Sunshine Co Dividends
Billion Electric Co TPE:3027 50.9 Billion Electric Co Dividends
Billionton Systems TPE:6172 Billionton Systems Dividends
Bionime TPE:4737 115.4 Bionime Dividends
Biostar Microtech International TPE:2399 85.7 Biostar Microtech International Dividends
Bizlink Holding TPE:3665 1,256 12.9 Bizlink Holding Dividends
Bonny Worldwide TPE:8467 54.1 Bonny Worldwide Dividends
Bright Led Electronics TPE:3031 91.5 Bright Led Electronics Dividends
Brightek Optoelectronic Co TPE:5244 66.1 Brightek Optoelectronic Co Dividends
C Sun Mfg TPE:2467 179.7 C Sun Mfg Dividends
Calin Technology Co TPE:4976 178.1 Calin Technology Co Dividends
Cameo Communications TPE:6142 80.5 Cameo Communications Dividends
Capital Futures TPE:6024 205.6 Capital Futures Dividends
Capital Securities TPE:6005 844.8 Capital Securities Dividends
Career Technology MFG Co TPE:6153 330.7 Career Technology MFG Co Dividends
Carnival Industrial TPE:1417 55.7 Carnival Industrial Dividends
Castles Technology Co TPE:5258 96.7 Castles Technology Co Dividends
Caswell TPE:6416 160.2 Caswell Dividends
Catcher Technology Co TPE:2474 3,254 14.0 Catcher Technology Co Dividends
Cathay Chemical Works TPE:1713 94.2 Cathay Chemical Works Dividends
Cathay Consolidated TPE:1342 135.9 Cathay Consolidated Dividends
Cathay Financial Holding Co TPE:2882 18,720 6.97 Cathay Financial Holding Co Dividends
Cathay No.1 Real Estate Investment Trust TPE:01002T 681.4 Cathay No.1 Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Cathay No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust TPE:01007T 368.7 Cathay No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Cathay Real Estate Development Co TPE:2501 562.5 Cathay Real Estate Development Co Dividends
Cayman Engley Industrial Co TPE:2239 180.2 Cayman Engley Industrial Co Dividends
Central Reinsurance TPE:2851 453.1 Central Reinsurance Dividends
Century Iron And Steel Industrial Co TPE:9958 706.3 11.2 Century Iron And Steel Industrial Co Dividends
Chailease Holding TPE:5871 8,231 11.3 Chailease Holding Dividends
Chainqui Construction Development Co TPE:2509 96.8 Chainqui Construction Development Co Dividends
Chaintech Technology TPE:2425 77.2 Chaintech Technology Dividends
Champion Building Materials Co TPE:1806 133.6 Champion Building Materials Co Dividends
Champion Microelectronic TPE:3257 143.2 Champion Microelectronic Dividends
Chang Ho Fibre TPE:1468 52.9 Chang Ho Fibre Dividends
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank TPE:2801 5,145 Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Dividends
Chang Type Industrial Co TPE:1541 112.9 Chang Type Industrial Co Dividends
Chang Wah Electromaterials TPE:8070 702.4 Chang Wah Electromaterials Dividends
Chant Sincere Co TPE:6205 156.9 Chant Sincere Co Dividends
Charoen Pokphand Enterprise Taiwan Co TPE:1215 591.7 Charoen Pokphand Enterprise Taiwan Co Dividends
Chateau International Development Co TPE:2722 94.2 Chateau International Development Co Dividends
CHC Healthcare TPE:4164 167.6 CHC Healthcare Dividends
CHC Resources TPE:9930 320.1 CHC Resources Dividends
Cheer Time Enterprise Co TPE:3229 18.1 Cheer Time Enterprise Co Dividends
Chenbro Micom Co TPE:8210 221.3 8.36 Chenbro Micom Co Dividends
Cheng Loong TPE:1904 885.1 Cheng Loong Dividends
Cheng Mei Materials Technology TPE:4960 212.6 Cheng Mei Materials Technology Dividends
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co TPE:2105 3,044 15.8 Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co Dividends
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co TPE:2392 446.1 Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co Dividends
Chenming Electronic Technology TPE:3013 79.2 Chenming Electronic Technology Dividends
Chia Chang Co TPE:4942 164.9 Chia Chang Co Dividends
Chia Her Industrial Co TPE:1449 35.2 Chia Her Industrial Co Dividends
Chia Hsin Cement TPE:1103 326.5 Chia Hsin Cement Dividends
Chia Ta World Co TPE:2033 41.0 Chia Ta World Co Dividends
Chicony Electronics Co TPE:2385 1,598 8.66 Chicony Electronics Co Dividends
Chicony Power Technology Co TPE:6412 750.1 7.75 Chicony Power Technology Co Dividends
Chieftek Precision Co TPE:1597 170.4 Chieftek Precision Co Dividends
Chien Kuo Construction Co TPE:5515 97.8 Chien Kuo Construction Co Dividends
Chien Shing Harbour Service Co TPE:8367 104.3 Chien Shing Harbour Service Co Dividends
Chien Shing Stainless Steel Co TPE:2025 45.1 Chien Shing Stainless Steel Co Dividends
Chih Lien Industrial Co TPE:2024 55.2 Chih Lien Industrial Co Dividends
Chin-Poon Industrial Co TPE:2355 336.2 25.1 Chin-Poon Industrial Co Dividends
China Airlines TPE:2610 4,189 10.9 China Airlines Dividends
China Bills Finance TPE:2820 613.4 China Bills Finance Dividends
China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co TPE:1701 181.6 China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co Dividends
China Container Terminal TPE:2613 132.5 China Container Terminal Dividends
China Development Financial Holding TPE:2883 7,202 8.03 China Development Financial Holding Dividends
China Ecotek TPE:1535 142.1 China Ecotek Dividends
China Electric MFG TPE:1611 158.7 China Electric MFG Dividends
China General Plastics TPE:1305 485.2 10.9 China General Plastics Dividends
China Glaze Co TPE:1809 58.2 China Glaze Co Dividends
China Man-Made Fiber TPE:1718 307.5 China Man-Made Fiber Dividends
China Metal Products Co TPE:1532 323.7 China Metal Products Co Dividends
China Motor TPE:2204 915.7 China Motor Dividends
China Petrochemical Development TPE:1314 1,130 China Petrochemical Development Dividends
China Steel TPE:2002 14,331 10.6 China Steel Dividends
China Steel Chemical TPE:1723 799.9 17.2 China Steel Chemical Dividends
China Steel Structure Co TPE:2013 330.2 China Steel Structure Co Dividends
China Television Co TPE:9928 26.7 China Television Co Dividends
China Wire & Cable Co TPE:1603 131.4 China Wire & Cable Co Dividends
Chinese Maritime Transport TPE:2612 286.1 Chinese Maritime Transport Dividends
Ching Feng Home Fashions Co TPE:9935 80.9 Ching Feng Home Fashions Co Dividends
ChipMOS Technologies TPE:8150 955.2 6.94 ChipMOS Technologies Dividends
Chiu Ting Machinery Co TPE:1539 57.9 Chiu Ting Machinery Co Dividends
Chlitina Holding TPE:4137 398.5 11.4 Chlitina Holding Dividends
Choice Development TPE:9929 24.0 Choice Development Dividends
Chong Hong Construction Co TPE:5534 585.3 7.35 Chong Hong Construction Co Dividends
Chroma ATE TPE:2360 1,805 15.3 Chroma ATE Dividends
Chun Yu Works & Co TPE:2012 204.5 Chun Yu Works & Co Dividends
Chun Yuan Steel Industry Co TPE:2010 343.9 Chun Yuan Steel Industry Co Dividends
Chung Fu Tex-International TPE:1435 179.6 Chung Fu Tex-International Dividends
Chung Hung Steel TPE:2014 1,280 12.1 Chung Hung Steel Dividends
Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works TPE:1727 111.8 Chung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works Dividends
Chung Hwa Pulp TPE:1905 549.3 Chung Hwa Pulp Dividends
Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery MFG TPE:1513 628.6 Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery MFG Dividends
Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co TPE:1762 125.8 9.77 Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co Dividends
Chunghwa Telecom Co TPE:2412 26,311 26.5 Chunghwa Telecom Co Dividends
Chuwa Wool Industry Co (Taiwan) TPE:1439 53.5 Chuwa Wool Industry Co (Taiwan) Dividends
Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co TPE:1463 60.9 Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing Co Dividends
Cleanaway Co TPE:8422 572.4 Cleanaway Co Dividends
Clevo Co TPE:2362 541.7 Clevo Co Dividends
CMC Magnetics TPE:2323 279.7 CMC Magnetics Dividends
Coaster International Co TPE:2936 83.0 Coaster International Co Dividends
Coland Holdings TPE:4144 Coland Holdings Dividends
Collins Co TPE:2906 104.3 Collins Co Dividends
Compal Broadband Networks TPE:6674 51.4 Compal Broadband Networks Dividends
Compal Electronics TPE:2324 2,685 9.90 Compal Electronics Dividends
Compeq Manufacturing Co TPE:2313 1,523 8.43 Compeq Manufacturing Co Dividends
Compucase Enterprise Co TPE:3032 89.4 Compucase Enterprise Co Dividends
Concraft Holding Co TPE:4943 85.8 Concraft Holding Co Dividends
Continental Holdings TPE:3703 663 Continental Holdings Dividends
Copartner Technology TPE:3550 33.5 Copartner Technology Dividends
Coremax TPE:4739 372.4 18.1 Coremax Dividends
Cosmo Electronics TPE:2466 144.1 Cosmo Electronics Dividends
Coxon Precise Industrial Co TPE:3607 47.0 Coxon Precise Industrial Co Dividends
Creative Sensor TPE:8249 89.4 Creative Sensor Dividends
Crowell Development TPE:2528 171.2 Crowell Development Dividends
Cryomax Cooling System TPE:1587 50.0 Cryomax Cooling System Dividends
CSBC Taiwan TPE:2208 491 CSBC Taiwan Dividends
CTBC Financial Holding Co TPE:2891 14,016 8.98 CTBC Financial Holding Co Dividends
CTCI TPE:9933 962.9 12.5 CTCI Dividends
Cub Elecparts TPE:2231 492.6 25.2 Cub Elecparts Dividends
CviLux TPE:8103 84.5 CviLux Dividends
CX Technology TPE:2415 82.8 CX Technology Dividends
Cyberlink TPE:5203 178.1 36.0 Cyberlink Dividends
CyberPower Systems TPE:3617 161.7 CyberPower Systems Dividends
CyberTAN Technology TPE:3062 199.4 CyberTAN Technology Dividends
D-Link TPE:2332 249.6 D-Link Dividends
Da-Cin Construction Co TPE:2535 276.1 Da-Cin Construction Co Dividends
Da-Li Development Co TPE:6177 320.3 Da-Li Development Co Dividends
Dafeng TV TPE:6184 192.8 Dafeng TV Dividends
Dah San Electric Wire & Cable TPE:1615 125.7 Dah San Electric Wire & Cable Dividends
Danen Technology TPE:3686 40.0 Danen Technology Dividends
Darfon Electronics TPE:8163 328 8.41 Darfon Electronics Dividends
Darwin Precisions TPE:6120 188 Darwin Precisions Dividends
Davicom Semiconductor TPE:3094 67.4 Davicom Semiconductor Dividends
Daxin Materials TPE:5234 260.4 Daxin Materials Dividends
De Licacy Industrial Co TPE:1464 145 De Licacy Industrial Co Dividends
Delpha Construction Co TPE:2530 282.4 Delpha Construction Co Dividends
Delta Electronics TPE:2308 16,251 18.5 Delta Electronics Dividends
Depo Auto Parts Industrial Co TPE:6605 307 Depo Auto Parts Industrial Co Dividends
DFI TPE:2397 187.8 DFI Dividends
Dingzing Advanced Materials TPE:6585 108.5 Dingzing Advanced Materials Dividends
Double Bond Chemical Ind Co TPE:4764 124.3 Double Bond Chemical Ind Co Dividends
Draytek TPE:6216 68.0 Draytek Dividends
Drewloong Precision TPE:4572 104.5 Drewloong Precision Dividends
Dyaco International TPE:1598 147.2 Dyaco International Dividends
Dynamic Electronics Co TPE:6251 181.5 8.66 Dynamic Electronics Co Dividends
E-Lead Electronic Co TPE:2497 257.2 26.0 E-Lead Electronic Co Dividends
E-Life Mall TPE:6281 231.3 E-Life Mall Dividends
E.Sun Financial Holding Co TPE:2884 10,611 16.7 E.Sun Financial Holding Co Dividends
Eastech Holding TPE:5225 40.0 Eastech Holding Dividends
Eastern Media International TPE:2614 374.5 Eastern Media International Dividends
Eclat Textile Co TPE:1476 3,463 18.4 Eclat Textile Co Dividends
Edimax Technology Co TPE:3047 58.3 Edimax Technology Co Dividends
Edison Opto TPE:3591 56.9 Edison Opto Dividends
Edom Technology Co TPE:3048 231.6 Edom Technology Co Dividends
Elan Microelectronics TPE:2458 1,111 9.39 Elan Microelectronics Dividends
Elite Advanced Laser TPE:3450 170.1 Elite Advanced Laser Dividends
Elite Material Co TPE:2383 2,092 11.2 Elite Material Co Dividends
Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology TPE:3006 855.2 Elite Semiconductor Microelectronics Technology Dividends
Elitegroup Computer Systems Co TPE:2331 299.8 Elitegroup Computer Systems Co Dividends
Emerging Display Technologies TPE:3038 71.8 0.23 Emerging Display Technologies Dividends
Ene Technology TPE:6243 47.6 Ene Technology Dividends
Enlight TPE:2438 21.6 Enlight Dividends
Ennoconn TPE:6414 596.9 12.5 Ennoconn Dividends
Ennostar TPE:3714 1,161 17.8 Ennostar Dividends
EnTie Commercial Bank TPE:2849 841.2 EnTie Commercial Bank Dividends
Epileds Technologies TPE:4956 54.1 Epileds Technologies Dividends
Episil-Precision TPE:3016 776.7 Episil-Precision Dividends
Eson Precision Ind Co TPE:5243 293.3 Eson Precision Ind Co Dividends
Eternal Materials Co TPE:1717 1,173 Eternal Materials Co Dividends
Eurocharm Holdings Co TPE:5288 270.4 11.0 Eurocharm Holdings Co Dividends
Eva Airways TPE:2618 4,688 12.5 Eva Airways Dividends
Everest Textile Co TPE:1460 138 Everest Textile Co Dividends
EverFocus Electronics TPE:5484 23.8 EverFocus Electronics Dividends
Evergreen International Storage & Transport TPE:2607 1,027 Evergreen International Storage & Transport Dividends
Evergreen Marine Taiwan TPE:2603 20,662 3.35 Evergreen Marine Taiwan Dividends
Evergreen Steel TPE:2211 701.1 12.6 Evergreen Steel Dividends
Everlight Chemical Industrial TPE:1711 349.4 Everlight Chemical Industrial Dividends
Everlight Electronics Co TPE:2393 528.4 9.78 Everlight Electronics Co Dividends
Evermore Chemical Industry Co TPE:1735 45.7 Evermore Chemical Industry Co Dividends
Everspring Industry Co TPE:2390 106.4 Everspring Industry Co Dividends
Evertex Fabrinology TPE:1470 56.3 Evertex Fabrinology Dividends
Evertop Wire Cable TPE:1616 49.8 Evertop Wire Cable Dividends
Excel Cell Electronic Co TPE:2483 75.5 Excel Cell Electronic Co Dividends
Excellence Optoelectronic TPE:6288 121.1 18.8 Excellence Optoelectronic Dividends
Excelsior Medical Co TPE:4104 256 Excelsior Medical Co Dividends
Ezconn TPE:6442 70.5 Ezconn Dividends
Falcon Power Co TPE:1516 23.7 Falcon Power Co Dividends
Far Eastern Department Stores TPE:2903 738.6 Far Eastern Department Stores Dividends
Far Eastern International Bank TPE:2845 1,102 Far Eastern International Bank Dividends
Far Eastern New Century TPE:1402 4,571 13.2 Far Eastern New Century Dividends
Far EasTone Telecommunications Co TPE:4904 7,107 27.5 Far EasTone Telecommunications Co Dividends
Faraday Technology TPE:3035 1,552 21.6 Faraday Technology Dividends
Farcent Enterprise Co TPE:1730 101.5 Farcent Enterprise Co Dividends
Farglory F T Z Investment Holding Co TPE:5607 361.8 12.2 Farglory F T Z Investment Holding Co Dividends
FarGlory Hotel Co TPE:2712 97.9 FarGlory Hotel Co Dividends
Farglory Land Development Co TPE:5522 1,358 Farglory Land Development Co Dividends
Favite TPE:3535 69.4 Favite Dividends
FDC International Hotels TPE:2748 97.3 FDC International Hotels Dividends
Federal TPE:2102 301.2 Federal Dividends
Feng Hsin Steel Co TPE:2015 1,210 Feng Hsin Steel Co Dividends
Feng Tay Enterprises Co TPE:9910 4,229 19.0 Feng Tay Enterprises Co Dividends
FIC Global TPE:3701 307.3 FIC Global Dividends
Finemat Applied Materials Co TPE:6698 65.7 Finemat Applied Materials Co Dividends
First Copper Technology Co TPE:2009 328 First Copper Technology Co Dividends
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