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VIE / WBAG - 115 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
:be Ag WBAG:BEAG :be Ag Dividends
Ab Effectenbeteiligungen Ag WBAG:ABE 4.27 Ab Effectenbeteiligungen Ag Dividends
Addiko Bank Ag WBAG:ADKO 230.8 11.4 Addiko Bank Ag Dividends
Agrana Beteiligungs Ag WBAG:AGR 901.1 15.8 Agrana Beteiligungs Ag Dividends
Aleph Finance WBAG:AFG Aleph Finance Dividends
Amag Austria Metall Ag WBAG:AMAG 1,223 22.6 Amag Austria Metall Ag Dividends
Andritz Ag WBAG:ANDR 3,955 13.3 Andritz Ag Dividends
Angel Telecom Holding WBAG:AGLT Angel Telecom Holding Dividends
Asamer Baustoffe Ag WBAG:ASAM Asamer Baustoffe Ag Dividends
At & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Ag WBAG:ATS 1,355 20.6 At & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Ag Dividends
Athos Immobilien Ag WBAG:ATH 68.9 Athos Immobilien Ag Dividends
Atrium European Real Estate WBAG:ATRS 1,203 20.6 Atrium European Real Estate Dividends
Austria Email Ag WBAG:AEM Austria Email Ag Dividends
Aventa Ag WBAG:AAG Aventa Ag Dividends
Bank Fuer Tirol Und Vorarlberg Ag WBAG:BTS 893 Bank Fuer Tirol Und Vorarlberg Ag Dividends
Bawag Ag WBAG:BG 4,003 10.1 Bawag Ag Dividends
Be Health Spa WBAG:CORN Be Health Spa Dividends
Betbull Holding Se In Liqu WBAG:BET Betbull Holding Se In Liqu Dividends
Biogena Invest Ag WBAG:BIO Biogena Invest Ag Dividends
Biovolt Ag WBAG:VOLT Biovolt Ag Dividends
Bks Bank Ag WBAG:BKS 546.3 Bks Bank Ag Dividends
Bpg Hramba Plemenitih Kovin Dd WBAG:BPGR Bpg Hramba Plemenitih Kovin Dd Dividends
Burgenland Holding Ag WBAG:BHD 237.6 Burgenland Holding Ag Dividends
Buwog Ag WBAG:BWO Buwog Ag Dividends
Bwt Ag WBAG:BWT Bwt Ag Dividends
C-quadrat Investment Ag WBAG:C8I C-quadrat Investment Ag Dividends
Ca Immobilien Anlagen Ag WBAG:CAI 2,770 13.5 Ca Immobilien Anlagen Ag Dividends
Ceeref Sa WBAG:CRF Ceeref Sa Dividends
Cleen Energy Ag WBAG:CLEN 35.8 Cleen Energy Ag Dividends
Constantia Flexibles Gmbh WBAG:C0F Constantia Flexibles Gmbh Dividends
Conwert Immobilien Invest Se WBAG:CWI Conwert Immobilien Invest Se Dividends
Creactives Spa WBAG:CREG Creactives Spa Dividends
De Raj Ag WBAG:DRJ De Raj Ag Dividends
Do & Co Ag WBAG:DOC 691.2 30.7 Do & Co Ag Dividends
Dr Bock Industries Ag WBAG:DBI 32.7 Dr Bock Industries Ag Dividends
Dwh Deutsche Werte Holding Ag WBAG:DWH Dwh Deutsche Werte Holding Ag Dividends
Eag Beteiligungs Ag WBAG:EAGB Eag Beteiligungs Ag Dividends
Erste Bank Ag WBAG:EBS 14,674 10.5 Erste Bank Ag Dividends
Evn Ag WBAG:EVN 3,802 18.0 Evn Ag Dividends
Extrafin Spa WBAG:EFIN Extrafin Spa Dividends
Facc Ag WBAG:FACC 305.3 53.0 Facc Ag Dividends
Flughafen Wien Ag WBAG:FLU 2,013 26.0 Flughafen Wien Ag Dividends
Fos Holdings WBAG:FOS Fos Holdings Dividends
Frauenthal Holding Ag WBAG:FKA 160.1 Frauenthal Holding Ag Dividends
Gurktaler Ag WBAG:GAGS 16.8 Gurktaler Ag Dividends
Hirsch Servo Ag WBAG:HIS Hirsch Servo Ag Dividends
Hti High Tech Industries Ag WBAG:HTI Hti High Tech Industries Ag Dividends
Hutter & Schrantz Ag WBAG:HUS 6.34 Hutter & Schrantz Ag Dividends
Hutter & Schrantz Stahlbau Ag WBAG:HST 29.4 Hutter & Schrantz Stahlbau Ag Dividends
Icona Technology Spa WBAG:CARE Icona Technology Spa Dividends
Immofinanz Ag WBAG:IIA 2,343 22.5 Immofinanz Ag Dividends
Jj Entertainment Se WBAG:JJSE 0.24 Jj Entertainment Se Dividends
Jlg WBAG:JLG Jlg Dividends
Josef Manner & Comp Ag WBAG:MAN 163.8 Josef Manner & Comp Ag Dividends
Kapsch Trafficcom Ag WBAG:KTCG 155.8 10.9 Kapsch Trafficcom Ag Dividends
Kompli Holdings WBAG:KOMP Kompli Holdings Dividends
Kostad Ag WBAG:KES Kostad Ag Dividends
Kreco Realitaeten Ag WBAG:KRGS Kreco Realitaeten Ag Dividends
Lenzing Ag WBAG:LNZ 2,642 17.7 Lenzing Ag Dividends
Linz Textil Holding Ag WBAG:LTH 76.5 Linz Textil Holding Ag Dividends
Locosoco WBAG:LOCO 6.36 Locosoco Dividends
Management Trust Holding Ag WBAG:MTHO Management Trust Holding Ag Dividends
Marinomed Biotech Ag WBAG:MARI 122.4 190.4 Marinomed Biotech Ag Dividends
Maschinenfabrik Heid Ag WBAG:HED 7.23 Maschinenfabrik Heid Ag Dividends
Mayr Melnhof Karton Ag WBAG:MMK 3,167 15.9 Mayr Melnhof Karton Ag Dividends
Meti Capital Spa WBAG:METI Meti Capital Spa Dividends
Ms Biotech Spa WBAG:MSBT Ms Biotech Spa Dividends
Net New Energy Technologies Ag WBAG:WTE 11.8 Net New Energy Technologies Ag Dividends
Oberbank Ag WBAG:OBS 2,956 Oberbank Ag Dividends
Oesterreichische Post Ag WBAG:POST 2,126 16.2 Oesterreichische Post Ag Dividends
Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding Ag WBAG:OESD Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding Ag Dividends
Omv Ag WBAG:OMV 15,286 6.75 Omv Ag Dividends
Ottakringer Getraenke Ag WBAG:OTS 278.1 Ottakringer Getraenke Ag Dividends
Palfinger Ag WBAG:PAL 1,059 11.0 Palfinger Ag Dividends
Pankl Racing Systems Ag WBAG:PARS Pankl Racing Systems Ag Dividends
Pi Power International WBAG:PIN Pi Power International Dividends
Pierer Mobility Ag WBAG:PMAG 2,441 Pierer Mobility Ag Dividends
Polytec Holding Ag WBAG:PYT 147.8 8.31 Polytec Holding Ag Dividends
Porr Ag WBAG:POS 438.7 10.5 Porr Ag Dividends
Raiffeisen Bank International Ag WBAG:RBI 6,946 6.77 Raiffeisen Bank International Ag Dividends
Rath Ag WBAG:RAT 37.5 Rath Ag Dividends
Resaphene Suisse Ag WBAG:RESA Resaphene Suisse Ag Dividends
Rhi Ag WBAG:RHI 2,069 Rhi Ag Dividends
Rosenbauer International Ag WBAG:ROS 264.1 10.5 Rosenbauer International Ag Dividends
S Immo Ag WBAG:SPI 1,301 16.5 S Immo Ag Dividends
Sanochemia Pharmazeutika Ag WBAG:SAC Sanochemia Pharmazeutika Ag Dividends
Schlumberger Ag WBAG:SLBS Schlumberger Ag Dividends
Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment Ag WBAG:SBO 525.5 19.2 Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment Ag Dividends
Semperit Holding Ag WBAG:SEM 484.4 5.98 Semperit Holding Ag Dividends
Signature Ag WBAG:BUY Signature Ag Dividends
Stadlauer Malzfabrik Ag WBAG:STM 35.0 Stadlauer Malzfabrik Ag Dividends
Startup300 Ag WBAG:S300 4.07 Startup300 Ag Dividends
Strabag Se WBAG:STR 3,003 9.94 Strabag Se Dividends
Sw Umwelttechnik Stoiser & Wolschner Ag WBAG:SWUT 25.4 Sw Umwelttechnik Stoiser & Wolschner Ag Dividends
Telekom Austria Ag WBAG:TKA 4,257 9.61 Telekom Austria Ag Dividends
Teletrader Software Gmbh WBAG:TTAG Teletrader Software Gmbh Dividends
Telos Global High Yield Fund Lp WBAG:TELO Telos Global High Yield Fund Lp Dividends
Terranova Special Opportunities Fund Lp WBAG:TERR Terranova Special Opportunities Fund Lp Dividends
Ubm Development Ag WBAG:UBS 264.7 7.21 Ubm Development Ag Dividends
Uniqa Insurance Ag WBAG:UQA 2,142 9.10 Uniqa Insurance Ag Dividends
Unternehmens Invest Ag WBAG:UIV 122.1 Unternehmens Invest Ag Dividends
Verbund Ag WBAG:VER 26,381 27.0 Verbund Ag Dividends
Vienna Insurance Ag Wiener Versicherung Gruppe WBAG:VIG 2,801 8.76 Vienna Insurance Ag Wiener Versicherung Gruppe Dividends
Voestalpine Ag WBAG:VOE 5,018 7.44 Voestalpine Ag Dividends
Volksbank Vorarlberg E Gen WBAG:VVPS 9.17 Volksbank Vorarlberg E Gen Dividends
Voquz Labs Ag WBAG:VQLA Voquz Labs Ag Dividends
Vst Building Technologies Ag WBAG:VST 4.33 Vst Building Technologies Ag Dividends
Warimpex Finanz Und Beteiligungs Ag WBAG:WXF 51.6 11.9 Warimpex Finanz Und Beteiligungs Ag Dividends
Wealth Dragons WBAG:WDG 30.1 Wealth Dragons Dividends
Wiener Privatbank Se WBAG:WPB 22.9 Wiener Privatbank Se Dividends
Wienerberger Ag WBAG:WIE 3,186 11.8 Wienerberger Ag Dividends
Wolford Ag WBAG:WOL 40.6 Wolford Ag Dividends
Wolftank Adisa Holding Ag WBAG:WOLF 70.8 23.2 Wolftank Adisa Holding Ag Dividends
World Excellent Products Sa WBAG:WEP World Excellent Products Sa Dividends
Zumtobel Ag WBAG:ZAG 293.5 7.67 Zumtobel Ag Dividends
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