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While the Fantasy Fund Side of the Site is all about the long term, we wanted to create a space for more informal, short term stock picking competitions. 

We announced this competition at the recent London World Money Show. To compete, all entrants must pick any 3 UK listed stocks. The best performer on the long side over 3 months starting December 1st will win a £200 cash prize. You can update your choice up until the competition start date.  In the case of 2 individuals picking the same set of stocks, the individual who has picked them first will win the prize.

We may well be opening the interface for users to create their own games in future... so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts on this page!




Completed on 28-02-2010. The competition is now closed.

Competition Rulebook

12:00am Tuesday 1st December, 2009
11:00pm Sunday 28th February, 2010

Most Popular Picks

Dewhurst (DWHT) 2

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Murakami 5th Dec '09 75 of 94

This Week's Challenge Leader is one of our Money Show entrants, A Singh, up over 20% after only 4 days of competition (the picks were Serabi Mining, Cryptologic Ltd and Medic Vision Ltd). Of our non-Money Show regulars, the current leader is ohisay (Tower Resources, Horizonte Minerals, Kryso Resources), followed some way behind by Stockhound.

But it's very early days!!

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Murakami 14th Dec '09 76 of 94

Two weeks in and salty64 has stormed into the lead, up 45.7% after a massive spike due to the outperformance last week of Range Resources

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doverbeach 14th Dec '09 77 of 94

RRL - down 46% today - sic transit etc

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Murakami 12th Jan '10 78 of 94

Congratulations to Alano20 - currently leading the Challenge, up 51% but closely tailed by salty64, tacheman and doverbeach amongst others.

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promethean 12th Jan '10 79 of 94

What a smart community we have here... Aminex picked by 26 people and putting all the familiar names at the top of the chart!

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marben100 12th Jan '10 80 of 94

Hi murakami,

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any way of seeing the details of an entry easily, i.e. starting prices, current prices?
  2. Do the prices used take dividends into account? In particular, one of my entries, Carpathian, has gone ex- a significant special dividend?



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Murakami 14th Jan '10 81 of 94

In reply to marben100 (post #80)

Sorry for delayed reply.

1) That should be possible - we need to spend a bit of time adding it but happy to do that in due course. We are working on some big changes to the site at the end of this month (you might call it Stockopedia 3.0. Watch this space, we will be showing a preview soon) but once those changes are out of the way, we should be able to address this.

2) Afraid not. We want to keep this type of game very simple - just like an automated version of the 20% up Oil & Gas competition. Once any bugs are ironed out, the idea is that Top Contributors can email us if they would like to set up a special competition and we will run it on the site, so we are keen to keep it relatively low maintenance from our perspective.

Dividends, right issues and anything complex will of course be factored into the 2010 Fund Challenge, which will start again for this year on March 31st, so we'd encourage people to sign up for that by creating a Fund.

All the best,


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emptyend 14th Jan '10 82 of 94

...mmmm......the 45 day halfway mark! 

Some very impressive performances, with the top three running at over 7% per week....

...question is, will anyone hit 100% gain by the end of February? That would be a stellar outcome for a three stock pick over three months!


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salty64 25th Jan '10 83 of 94

I am still holding all three of my picks and whilst showing at present 19% average on AEX and RRL I am still hovering at -5% on COP.  Even so if I could maintain that % profit each month  for the remainder of the year I would be very pleased to say the least.


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StrollingMolby 27th Jan '10 84 of 94

What's happening with the price/performance updates - they haven't changed in days (and I know my picks have gone backwards!) ?

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promethean 27th Jan '10 85 of 94

Thanks for pointing it out SM - all is back as it should be! You are at 23% overall... with AEX +50% and the other two up 12% and 7% approximately.

Congrats to all our AEX holders.

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Murakami 16th Feb '10 86 of 94

Only two weeks left to run for the Seasonal Challenge - as they are coming to the home straight, it's Alano leading the pack by quite a margin, with ohisay  and alihaouas chasing behind.

alano20 AEX EML TRP
ohisay TRP HZM KYS
alihaouas ALBK COL SGG

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ohisay 19th Feb '10 87 of 94

In reply to Murakami (post #86)


This is developing into the East African Derby.!

AEX ,TRP,GBP,COV,DPL ,TLW  - did I miss any ?

[As it happens I'm in the fortunate position of having real world investments in all the above]

All in all a great contest these past few months.

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alano20 22nd Feb '10 88 of 94

In reply to Murakami (post #86)

... as they are coming to the home straight, it's now the professional jockey well to the front.  He's seven lengths ahead with only five furlongs to run.  Over to you....

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Murakami 1st Mar '10 89 of 94

Hi All, we have corrected for the Brit Insurance 4 for 1 share consolidation that some of you pointed out, which was wildly throwing off the results on Friday but we are still checking the remaining results, so nothing's official until we finish this. Watch this space!

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Murakami 2nd Mar '10 90 of 94

And the winner is... DJ Preston! Many congratulations on a magnificent run in the closing phase of the Challenge and thanks to everyone for participating in the Game. Very impressive that so many frequent Contributors to Stockopedia ranked in the top quartile and, indeed, in the top 10, so hopefully that demonstrates the value of sharing investing ideas on social media sites like Stockopedia! We hope you enjoyed it - we will be running further Challenges like this, so if you have any thoughts on how they could be improved or made more fun, please do let us know by email (the address is admin @ One thought is adding some sector-specific Challenges but other ideas very welcome!

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StrollingMolby 2nd Mar '10 91 of 94

Well done, Darron - you leapt clear at the end!

Sector-specific comps would be good (such as the monthly oily-one), or particular index constituent-based perhaps, such as FTSE 100, AIM, etc...

Need.....another.....comp......! :o|


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alano20 2nd Mar '10 92 of 94

In reply to StrollingMolby (post #91)


Well done Darron!

I disagree about having one more sector specific comp though: to me the value of this was to show how choices made outside the narrow world of oils or mines or whatever  fared.  If it opens our eyes to other possibilities for sucessful  investment, and also shows in some cases that what you may have been vaguely considering is not such a good idea after all, these are surely valuable lessons.  I would prefer to keep it as is for a bit.

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doverbeach 2nd Mar '10 93 of 94

I think a variety of competitions would be a good idea. All short-term (1 - 3 months) to keep up the interest - an annual competition with a big prize only has value as a marketing tool for the launch period - after that its a Yawn. Better to have 12 competitions with small prizes.

Sector ones - might struggle apart from oil&gas and mining. But those would be fun, and appealing to many of the current members.

I think that FTSE 100 or 250 competitions would also be good and might be of more interest to potential new users, or existing users who don't actively post? An ETFs or ITs competition would also be interesting. But a way needs to be found of allowing for dividends.

There needs to be an automatic way of rejecting out duplicate entries - I had the same entry as tacheman in the comp that has just finished :(


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Beginner 4th Jun '14 94 of 94

anyone else directed here whan logghing on?????

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This game is now closed. No new comments may be posted.

Rankings (290)

Name Picks % Gain
djpreston COV 50.7
paulwallace NUM CGM WRN 47.6
marophil LNEY PUR MTT 47.1
salty64 RRL 46.9
doverbeach 44.2
tacheman 44.2
ss700 TIG MNR MERE 43.2
waiting4godot AUL ALTN 39.0
gajdosikova2003 SMDS NBPE 38.8
safetyfirst AAAM 38.8
kyu66 34.0
RedTedsRoadshow MOG 32.4
StrollingMolby ACSO TND 31.2
thiamhock WTFU RGD SSOB 30.7
mangotree 30.6
857363203 SKHG ASA 30.3
marchuk7 OEC4^K12 IAP SHG 29.2
abdulrss 28.5
emptyend SIA DNX 28.3
ishayu ELE CFX GETM 27.3
sharad_kothari ARC CGH VTC 25.6
dmadrick CGT 25.6
steve77 25.2
rehankhaled PTMN MIG4 IRGP 24.6
mailanote APNO 24.2
dandabin GLI PROX ROK 24.0
StockHound DPL 23.1
joynsey CGL HGM LAM 22.6
lilian_nandi NORK 22.0
alan_peake CCL ELA BMDC 21.7
marben100 POL 20.7
henry_orange ANR HEAD AIS^F14 20.5
ndarediya RMV VNL NEPI 20.3
paul60291 ICMI ULE 20.0
dcomd99 GCM 19.8
deucetoace 19.3
DearLeader ILI IXI 19.1
JoeRussell AEX SKR COP 18.9
ashok_kumarbl PCL BNKR 18.5
BSJWright PYC MXO 18.5
omh 18.5
robin_baggio GIR ISH DRS 17.8
karlt RWA ARE IAW 17.6
oilretire WBN 17.2
soonaikseng BEK HDT CREO 16.5
nigelpm ADA CAL 16.4
Fangorn EME AST 16.2
janzamojski CBX NIPT INL 16.0
AbAngus CDN PANR RKH 16.0
jon_rodgers CML DTG 15.7
yuvl 15.6
bev_shields CARR DXR NTY 15.0
alano20 EML 14.8
dbfromgb RCG TAIH 14.8
lowersharpnose NTOG ATYM 14.5
dwijen NGG SAL SRT 14.4
eddylevi CHG CPE^G14 14.0
kayevaste UCP TEM CROP 13.4
lovemore28 TPH CPUB CRYO 13.3
FLChamp TIME LNG 13.0
Jackalope SQZ HOIL 12.6
cardocardo IGAS RIO VED 12.5
Murakami CEY ALD VGM 12.2
peterbraganza1 MCB INCH 12.1
Soundbuy NRRP SNRP CZA 11.4
norman_a_knight BKSA NARS PJF 11.4
a_oglethorpe BTEM SVC3 KBC 11.2
jocelynlmc BARC BA. CVS JUS 10.2
gtktradingstuff MSLH HAST 9.2
jeremy NANO ZTF ROC 9.2
mlmiddlewood SEO CBG 8.7
Mid Herts ATH 8.5
ronyjoseph PRTY 8.5
charles_shikamba DOM 8.4
andrei_trader SAND SGI TFC 8.3
whwhite2006 SAG OTE LEAF 8.2
florinbadea077 TRB THB TTNM 8.2
will_hardy IBSA IOG AVG 8.1
trading LTC AHT 8.0
rxpont DDV2 7.6
joanne_thomas EUN LTIM 7.4
silviu01 BBA IVI 7.3
sunmaxtraders UAVB BSLA AIF 7.2
kartikjbhagat SNS SOLA AVC^G14 7.2
kolasalami2003 TSCO THT FWP 7.0
melissa_longley WOR LALU 7.0
moonykara MTC ENRC 7.0
ferbel_p FCCN 7.0
shanklin100 MUBL 6.8
gen_stevens RPT LGEN MUL 6.7
arviv_il MIXT BRE OBP 6.5
omar_white KENV CYS STOI 6.3
hschumann NAD RMA BOY 6.2
tyrmarcou MAMA DLC 6.1
po_kj IIM 6.0
seppo_sinisaari MOY MCOZ 5.9
penniecooke KAZ 5.8
rhubarb102 HAIK PAN 5.6
martinezpuga PAC MRCH 3IN 5.5
dannywolfson RDL LNRG SN. 5.3
iconsgames PSN TW. AMA 5.2
geoffreynoden BRM TYMN 4.9
alexferreira74 DWHT MNKS 4.7
eamon LPET LCP ASPL 4.5
moniclub 4.4
hduijn JMAT PGH MERC 4.2
daniel 4.0
markstanton88 AFR BLT 4.0
fcfcnaden22 CBRY BRBY 4.0
postrader45 _ACE BODI 3.9
dhanjivarasani DWHT CRL ROL 3.8
annabel_meade NAN LRE 3.7
astra ARCH^J15 MUR 3.7
ml_morton WTB GSK DGE 3.7
sethmrj LZIC ACD MDC 3.7
elal 15 UTL RC2 JFJ 3.5
infinitediogo EBT DMGO TIK 3.3
niraj_somani 3.1
alansw5108 IPNT PRV IHG 3.1
toelofse OML 2.9
ianyas ASY XPP 2.7
sachingmodha IGE 2.7
daveday58 CLDN FERG 2.7
malikahlal GLB SWEA OCN 2.7
jasbir83 NST PLAA 2.6
bradleyphippen ACL SIPP IBI 2.6
zicoanwar82 ARI BLND 2.5
oxilixo PTX DNDL 2.5
andrewat SBT EWI 2.1
cborresen ABC DDT 1.9
hshaer RBS 1.8
traderob ITI ALO RAT 1.7
eugeniarhodes AVN HLO PFC 1.5
lovespam HSBA RDSA VOD 1.5
mdaly2 PPB DGO BMD 1.4
gpipalia BP. 1.3
rimas1212 CBAY IAC 1.1
sewedemi SCIN CGW 1.0
cn100 NUOG 1.0
rcte1 RETV DLAR 0.7
r_hussain SNR MPG SFT 0.7
moneyshop LED GTC 0.7
harryhunter VYKE CCT 0.7
alexorgill PMO 0.5
dotunodup BATS SKY CSG 0.4
bv_intes RM. ANTP HTIG 0.4
a_scamardella WTH ELM 0.3
artur_zablocki CDTI RMM PMR 0.3
hbushev NFC SMT HEAF 0.1
mephle FHI DTY EVG 0.1
sergey99us ELH EXEF BPFS -0.2
darren_griffin AVA GKR ITV -0.2
alihaouas COL AMYT -0.3
d_liddiard1 MKS INV -0.7
meph1 MCGN -0.8
mibuz PSON CHW -0.9
john_mbando RUG^A15 MSQ -0.9
davidk NTN AKG -1.0
nanchas1 XAR -1.0
villiers TNI FSG -1.2
markr846 SBD LLOY RRS -1.4
miel DL. BGBL -1.5
vlahosav ADL DTC -1.5
robertm FWEB CKN -1.5
eval02hk CHX -1.5
boss1285 UKRO^K15 GSL SCFE -1.6
rusucornel CPC -1.6
jutta_finance RCDO DESC -1.7
waybri AQP -1.7
satyapalv1 -1.9
james1 SNT CRC -2.0
jessdanseb SDY -2.0
bjajayi20081 FSTA QYM -2.1
jmac5302 FJV LDP IBGS -2.1
dbbpj RRF SVS BVT -2.5
karenjones11 CMIP ORA -2.6
gibson330 FPM -2.9
tpugh LPX IKOR -3.2
hongkong_online BQS ESNT PAHC -3.2
SHF261 WCC ANTO -3.3
winsett PGB MIG6 365 -3.5
dowdtw RDSB SOLG -3.9
peter_phfs FDL EXPN INNO -3.9
minesh_pujara WTM TOYE -4.0
darryljohnston PET MRL -4.1
elvensor SVCT OSW1 KUBC -4.1
petercb01 FML MTW OSG -4.3
Teresa HOC CALL SHP -4.4
ben_peter_smith PUB REAL SIN -4.5
dilipabhyankar SYS -4.6
washdavid AAM EIT -4.7
davidgforman CASP XGT EPG -4.9
jack_lee GPX -5.0
csaba_kobol NAS DPLM -5.0
jan_pits MCRB NVT TALV -5.1
graham SRV CVD -5.1
otto TMW TAX HCM -5.6
ezeogu_charles STM TNW AXN -5.8
rroqueza INVP HLL -5.9
joyce_cohen ZYZ AXO E2V -6.0
khim IWG LOIL LBUL -6.0
joujaz PSP CPG FCAM -6.0
Betasurfer CHNS MML GFM -6.1
david_palmer2 PSG ALY TRAK -6.2
kam_kopacka VEN3 RNWH ITM -6.3
michael_huertas -6.3
rubenleyva INB CWK -6.4
promethean MRO POG UTG -6.5
christopherelletson DCD CED IPM -6.6
rmccall NGSP JRVS OMH -7.3
heliorroliveira GNC BDI CHL -7.3
j_alibanwie UEMW BOIL DDE -7.5
spirit DVSG NFDA -7.6
tisnook SDI MKM TCY -7.7
khalood_gad EAH AXS VDI -7.7
e_anderson53 TLR -7.8
salar_kalantari CAP MLO -8.1
sllewelyng MDY XTA BPFE -8.4
teresarolland BLD APN -8.7
ohisay TRP HZM CNG -8.8
rkb_burton GDWN IBB LPLA -9.1
sjainy2k PON ARDN MEDG -9.2
dinosspyropoulos JIM CCAP AMP -9.4
geoff_orriss HMS TXO -9.4
flyingbull VOG HDY FRR -9.4
falck_security WHI FAMT PEQ -9.5
albrecht w_klein CAM REL -9.6
mathiasrok REH JLT LGRA -9.8
erroldebono MGHI ITK XPG -9.8
bioscience_bhorath ALN ALR -9.9
Mattybuoy ENK -10.0
francisco_resina YNGA ZIN -10.4
gb_testolin BRW ISF CAY -10.6
jamesowen50 ICB SNG -10.9
serenalerica GBS -11.0
redmonda1 NCA AUK -11.2
uncommon13 ADA AU. -11.4
hogwild ITQ HMV -11.6
mandj USPC^G14 TREE BRWM -12.0
plines BDT KGI -12.2
lollo_75 SCPA SPH -12.3
dmac213455 LND CDS VNET -12.3
alnoor_visram BRG SAN PROV -12.5
agome JDT -12.6
florinbadeo077 LAND EMG -12.7
rossored FIND PCX -12.8
vrosvil55 ULVR HAWK CAB -13.0
vrosvic55 -13.0
sandie_leat AMFW -13.9
dejmin TSW CDFF -14.2
nickjpick ENIU CFL MWB -14.3
zbak33 ALT TNG -14.4
satyapalv HMF MPOW MIRL -14.9
joachim_kreck FLK NGL -17.1
mikes_hale KDD -17.4
adwait289 MPS SOLI 7DIG -17.5
john_osullivan PNN LEO -17.7
forstenlarsson SEY -18.2
vytukas GSS RGM AIM -18.3
nazirjanjua RLM MTL -18.6
photographer ALBK DSGI BDEV -18.7
kamsol09 YAU PCI^F16 -19.2
wilfredo_bunge ALLG^F16 TLY IHUK -19.6
delg1 CHA BLVN _NEW -19.9
george_lee3 DPV4 SYR RSS^F16 -20.5
pngige2000 CTS CSUZ^L12 YOU -21.3
colin1 PTI RLH -21.7
roddru GFTU CAB -21.9
andrbea BAO ACPM YGH -22.2
david hollidge CLA IMM SIV -22.2
ken_bradbury SRO DRV HRE -22.9
agathahowse NSI VTS TCAP -24.8
kwokk_ng CFE SWB BPFQ -25.0
The Invisible Man RNOW ASC SPT -29.1
asghar_hussain POGL -29.2
ricardoaragao KURA HYDG -30.2
mukund_desai_2000 HFEL EDGC DMP -33.6
peter j GSD MJT VPF^D13 -34.7
abc007 LSE CNE -34.8
alsdrbax RTN FDMG -35.7
a_singh SRB CRP MVH -36.5
castleraine23 VDN METC -41.5
rob_schweidler PNV5 IPI^L15 TGE -42.6
hilary_simonson TBI STR -47.5
clp_parajia TYR CYH -48.6
ackchan HGG PMS EVE -50.9
adj LMR MAC PFLM -56.5

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