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Forecast Dividend Dogs of the FTSE is a high yield income strategy inspired by the popular 'Dogs of the Dow' approach of US investor Michael O'Higgins, who wrote Beating the Dow. It simply selects the 10 highest yielding stocks in a major market index like the FTSE 100, the S&P 500 or the FTSE Eurofirst 300. This version of the strategy uses the rolling 1-year forecast yield. It's main safety net is that blue chip stocks tend to be large, mature and well financed companies with long histories of weathering economic turmoil. O'Higgins wrote: "Beating the Dow is based on simple logic that will produce exceptional returns in any rational market and until excessive popularity turns contrarianism into conventional wisdom." O'Higgins suggested rebalancing the Dividend Dogs portfolio once per year, based on the highest yields available.

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This is an independent study based upon the methods of...
Picture of Michael O'Higgins

Michael O'Higgins

Considered one of the top money managers in the US. CEO of O'Higgins Asset Management. Author of 'Dogs of the Dow'.

Beating the Dow

by John Downes, M O'Higgins

A US version of this strategy - The Dogs of the Dow - was popularized by Michael B. O'Higgins, in 1991 who proposed that an investor annually select for investment the ten Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks whose dividend is the highest fraction of their price. 

This screen uses the following criteria:

  • Index Membership in ( FTSE 100 Index, FTSEurofirst 300 Index, S&P 500 Index, S&P/TSX Composite Index, S&P/ASX 200 Index, Nikkei 225 Index, Hang Seng Index, S&P BSE 100 Index, Nifty 50 Index )

Results are sorted by:

  • Yield % Rolling 1y in descending order

And limited to the first 10 Results

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Performance Tracking

Returns FTSE 100
1 week -1.8% -2.0% 3.5% -2.5% -1.8% -3.8% 0.5% 0.6%
1 month -2.2% -3.0% 7.2% 0.9% 0.4% -6.9% -0.5% -2.5%
3 months 6.5% 7.1% 17.5% -6.6% 5.1% 5.0% 4.1% 10.5%
6 months -3.0% 4.7% 8.1% -22.3% -14.8% 5.4% -13.8% 1.2%
1 year -0.5% 4.8% 17.0% -19.6% -5.6% 1.2% -20.3% 3.3%
2 years 10.9% 29.2% 34.4% 30.9% 6.1% 55.3% -3.9% 22.7%
Annualised 8.3% 4.4% 3.5% 13.5% 5.0% 18.7% 3.7%
Max Drawdown -38.9% -50.4% -43.6% -28.7% -27.7% -13.6% -32.4%
Avg Holdings 8.9 8.5 10 10 10 6.3 9.1
Diversification Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Low Moderate

 Studies based on equal weighted portfolios of max 25 stocks rebalanced quarterly. Qualifying shares below updated daily. Past performance not indicative of future returns.

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10 Qualifying

Ticker Name Mkt Cap £m P/E Yield % Rolling 1y Div Cover Rolling 1y Quality Rank Stock Rank™ Sector Flag
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