The Screen of Screens 200 Qualifying

The Screen of Screens is a blended investment approach devised by Stockopedia. It picks stocks that are appearing most frequently across all the 'Guru Screens' tracked by Stockopedia - be they quality, value, momentum, growth or income (excluding short-selling strategies). A stock must be appearing on at least four strategies before it can qualify for the Screen of Screens. Ed Page Croft, CEO of Stockopedia, says: ?One benefit of a blended approach such as the Screen of Screens is that it builds a portfolio exposed to many driving factors of stock returns at once.? By definition, this strategy tends to highlight a list of relatively defensive stocks because they exhibit good fundamentals across a wide range of investing disciplines. The strategy was highlighted in an Financial Times feature by David Stevenson titled: "Stock screens to net the ones that get away". In it he said: "You need to use a website or system that can run the screens for you, and then identify the stocks that come up most often in each of them, which is exactly what Stockopedia has done."

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by Stockopedia team

You can read our write up about the Screen of Screens at this link or read David Stevenson's write up at the Financial Times website - "Stock screening really, really matters".

This screen uses the following criteria:

  • # Screens (Long) > 3
  • Is Primary Listing == 1

Results are sorted by:

  • # Screens (Long) in descending order

And limited to the first 200 Results

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Performance Tracking

Returns FTSE 100
1 week -3.3% -3.5% 2.7% -2.8% -1.7% -5.3% 1.0% -2.7%
1 month -3.9% -4.2% 6.7% -6.1% -3.8% -2.6% 3.1% -3.9%
3 months 2.4% -0.8% 11.3% -4.3% 9.4% 0.5% 7.4% 7.4%
6 months -3.0% -4.9% 2.6% -16.6% -1.2% 8.2% 8.8% -0.6%
1 year 14.0% -2.6% 29.1% 1.4% 6.8% 17.8% 11.3% 1.5%
2 years 42.6% 65.8% 58.9% 51.5% 35.6% 51.1% 35.5% 21.4%
Annualised 15.2% 21.5% 6.1% 29.7% 14.3% 24.9% 20.1%
Max Drawdown -29.4% -15.0% -31.4% -23.6% -16.0% -12.6% -17.4%
Avg Holdings 24.9 25 25 23.2 20.4 25 25
Diversification Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

 Studies based on equal weighted portfolios of max 25 stocks rebalanced quarterly. Qualifying shares below updated daily. Past performance not indicative of future returns.

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200 Qualifying

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