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Explorers, refiners, marketers and distributors of fossil fuels, uranium and renewable energy, manuf…
Sectors / Energy / Renewable Energy
Manufacturers of renewable energy equipment, as well as service providers, and producers and distrib…
Xcite Energy - Over Xcited?
LON:XEL by tournesol 8th Dec '10 · 23 comments · 21501 reads · 16 votes
"Bear with me, I'm thinking aloud here. And I'm trying to improve my investment management skills - which requires me to break well entrenched attitudes and behaviours, so it is painful. For the sake o…"
Xcite Energy - Over "Exit"-ed?
LON:XEL by tournesol 14th Dec '10 · 4 comments · 13060 reads · 10 votes
"The decline in the share price of Xcite Energy (LON:XEL) in the past few days is interesting. The only reason to buy/hold through the recent strong upturn was the imminent flow test. As I've said bef…"
Serica Energy 2011 AGM Summary
LON:SQZ by doverbeach 30th Jun '11 · 4 comments · 9963 reads · 16 votes
"Here are my notes from this morning's AGM for Serica Energy (LON:SQZ) . First, the Chairman's statement was memorable not just for its length (it took 30 minutes to read out) but for its depth. I urg…"
Cairn Energy: Rajasthan royal performance
LON:CNE by Fat Prophets 30th Mar '10 · 0 comments · 3711 reads · 2 votes
"Cairn Energy Plc (LON:CNE)’s recently released preliminary financial results for 2009 included a positive surprise for investors.  An upbeat re-assessment of oil production from the Rajasthan fields i…"
Serica Energy: what will 2011 hold?
LON:SQZ by doverbeach 26th Feb '11 · 10 comments · 12354 reads · 27 votes
"Serica Energy (LON:SQZ)  is listed on Toronto and Aim, both with a ticker of SQZ (ISA-able). With shares of c. 177 million, it has a market cap at 38p : £67m. The website is and…"
Coastal Energy - what am I missing?
LON:CEO by tournesol 10th Mar '11 · 36 comments · 24662 reads · 13 votes
"Coastal Energy (LON:CEO) 's  current 2P reserves are 55 mmbo, production is 12.5kbopd, market cap is about £500 million. Drilling results have been announced this morning from Bua Ban North. (see rns…"
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