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AFC Energy raises new cash but parts with MD
AFC Energy by Stockopedia News 27th May '11 · 0 comments · 12964 reads · 0 votes
"Alkaline fuel cell developer AFC Energy (LON:AFC) has raised £3.95 million in a share placing priced at 40p per share. The move was heavily supported by AFC Energy’s industry partner, ASX-listed Linc…"
Clontarf Energy Plc - Aiming High ?
Clontarf Energy by Charles Lambert 30th Jan '12 · 3 comments · 18352 reads · 9 votes
"                                                                              Clontarf Energy plc is an emerging oil & gas Exploration & Production company focused on Africa and South America…"
Sweet success: Rex Canon of Maple Energy
Maple Energy by Ben Hobson 13th Jan '11 · 0 comments · 11525 reads · 7 votes
"Later this year, the arid coastline of north-west Peru will set the scene for the start of an ethanol production project that could transform the profitability of its AIM listed operator. For integrat…"
Will the UK Government Allow a UK Energy Asset to Fail?
Xcite Energy by ishareinfotv 27th Oct '16 · 0 comments · 3934 reads · 0 votes
"This week, Xcite Energy Plc (XEL.L) announced through the London Stock Exchange the suspension of its shares  Evidently, the bo…"
TLOU Energy - Botswana - Coal Bed Methane
Tlou Energy by Square Mile Junky 15th May '17 · 13 comments · 6909 reads · 6 votes
"This is an interesting one. The ranking says it's barking. The story the team are building says something very different. TLOU Energy - - is based out of Australia and listed on…"
First Energy