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Central London property boom and bust?
Property by Paul Scott 4th May '14 · 10 comments · 11185 reads · 5 votes
"We regularly see financial bubbles - in my lifetime there was the big property boom in the 1980s, which then burst spectacularly in the early 90's - remember negative equity? People thought their prop…"
Should investors Average Down?
Folio Management by Alex Naamani 26th Sep '14 · 11 comments · 14043 reads · 6 votes
" Averaging down is a strategy whereby investors buy shares in a company and then purchase additional shares if the share price drops. Some investors feel comfortable with this strategy, as it this lo…"
FTSE 100 CAPE Valuations - March 2014
Value Investing by UK Value Investor 26th Mar '14 · 0 comments · 2160 reads · 4 votes
"The FTSE 100 today sits at 6,520, about 3% down from the start of the year and about 9% below its all-time peak, so what does that mean for future returns? Long-time readers will know that I have an o…"
Can you use the liquidity anomaly to increase your returns?
Stock Picks by Alex Naamani 4th Aug '14 · 7 comments · 15575 reads · 14 votes
"Market anomalies keep appearing on the horizon like bandits threatening to shoot down the ‘efficient markets theory’ forever. Stockopedia subscribers will of course be familiar with the quality, value…"
Mechanical Bull: A Riddle Solved
Stock Screening by Mechanical Bull 9th Aug '14 · 5 comments · 12046 reads · 10 votes
"I regularly check out the very slick dashboard on Stockopedia's home page. I've been a particular fan of the Guru Screens section. This includes a Guru index, which is a composite of all 60 or so long…"
Small Cap Value Report (13 Aug 2014) - no report today, apologies
Value Investing by Paul Scott 12th Aug '14 · 10 comments · 7007 reads · 21 votes
"Good morning!I have this evening been informed by the agent, that this area in Paxos will not have electricity in the morning. Therefore I am putting up this short message to apologise in advance for…"
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