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Three Bombed out Chinese AIM Stocks - Ben Graham Bargains or Value Traps?
RCG Holdings by Edward Croft 14th Apr '11 · 14 comments · 16005 reads · 7 votes
"Back in 2006-2007, many private investors had it easy.  The markets were on a tear and UK investors were benefiting from a boom in new flotations on AIM.  Amongst them were a ream of Chinese listings…"
Where Should Chinese Companies Go?
China and AIM by Hardman and Co 26th Aug '10 · 1 comment · 1160 read · 5 votes
"China is the world’s second largest economy, and the fastest growing – by far – of any of the world’s major nations. Its Government has a national strategy – the ‘Go Out’ Policy – to encourage its com…"
Top 10 AIM IPO performers in 2010 and what the future holds for new issues
Northwest Investment by Ben Hobson 7th Jan '11 · 0 comments · 6364 reads · 11 votes
"Investors that managed to pick up shares in Northwest Investment Group (LON:NWIG) just after its admission to the Alternative Investment Market in June last year can lay claim to backing the best per…"
re. Three Bombed out Chinese AIM Stocks - Ben Graham Bargains or Value Traps?
RCG Holdings by Edward Croft 15th Apr '11 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 0 votes
"I believe this week that the motion to delist from AIM wasn't passed. It does appear though that RCG wants to delist from AIM. Due to the ongoing Nina Wang / Tony Chan saga in HK where it is dual li…"
re. Chinese infrastructure play...
West China Cement by promethean 3rd Dec '08 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 0 votes
"WCC have a pretty extensive British non-exec board.  The non-exec Chairman is Robert Robertson who was Chief Exec of Tarmac... an Oxford alumni, and previously of Anglo American's minerals division, w…"