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Are emerging markets past it? A conversation with Philip Poole of HSBC
Emerging Markets by MindfulMoney 2nd Feb '11 · 0 comments · 2797 reads · 5 votes
"There has been an increasingly noisy chorus suggesting that emerging markets may be past their prime. Inflationary pressures and rising interest rates may see investor returns eroded in the short-term…"
Westminster Group CEO Interview Q4 FY13: Emerging Markets Potential
Westminster by Elias Jones 18th Dec '13 · 2 comments · 10519 reads · 6 votes
"Westminster (LON:WSG) is an AIM listed specialist security group operating worldwide through an extensive international network of a100 agents and of?ces in 48 countries.  The Westminster Group has b…"
Structural growth in emerging markets
Utilico Emerging Markets Closed Fund by Edison Investment Research 10th Jul '14 · 0 comments · 893 reads · 0 votes
"Utilico Emerging Markets Limited (UEM) is a closed-end investment company investing in utilities, infrastructure and related companies in emerging markets. Its specific sector focus differentiates it…"
Differentiated emerging markets exposure
Utilico Emerging Markets by Edison Investment Research 23rd Jan '15 · 0 comments · 640 reads · 0 votes
"Utilico Emerging Markets Limited (UEM) is a specialist, actively managed closed-end investment company investing in emerging markets with a focus on utilities, infrastructure and related companies. It…"
Emerging markets valuation opportunity
Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust by Edison Investment Research 17th Mar '14 · 0 comments · 754 reads · 0 votes
"Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT) aims to achieve long-term capital gains through investing in companies operating in emerging markets. These markets have underperformed the world ma…"