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Why doesn't company X appear on this screen/list?
Knowledge Base / Guru Models
"To clarify, we don’t "choose" the companies on these lists. All the screens are based on set quantit…"
Are these lists of stocks selected by the original strategist?
Knowledge Base / Guru Models
"The lists are not determined or endorsed in any way by the original strategist. Indeed, in some case…"
What sell rules do you apply to the Guru Screens?
Knowledge Base / Guru Models
"We discuss our approach to selling or "rebalancing" in detail here. Every quarter, the portfolios ar…"
How does Stockopedia's Stock Screener compare to Sharescope, REFS, Digital Look etc
Knowledge Base / Screening
"Some screening products provide excellent tweakability for investors but do require a lot of data m…"
What are your Terms of Service?
Knowledge Base / General
"Please read these Terms of Use and the Content Guidelines (together, the "Terms") carefully, as they…"
Sharpshooting the Investment Gurus
Investing by timarr 30th Sep '10 · 6 comments · 5825 reads · 21 votes
"Take a rifle and randomly spray bullets at the side of a barn. Invite some gun-toting friends around to see your handiwork and accept their lavish praise as a dead-eyed sharpshooter, knowing all the…"
re. Sharpshooting the Investment Gurus
Investing by emptyend 30th Sep '10 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 7 votes
"Hi Timarr, Management and investment gurus are a breed apart whose opinions offer the rest of us hope that we can learn from their ideas to develop skills that ensure we can create above average co…"
Strategies Review Q1 2017: Growth stocks set the pace
Gurus & Guru Strategies by Ben Hobson 4th Apr '17 · 3 comments · 5184 reads · 13 votes
"Stock market valuations have been hitting new highs this year, continuing a trend that started after the EU referendum last summer. For many of the 60 guru-inspired investment strategies tracked by St…"
re. Guru Strategy Review - Growth strategies dominate but will they thrive in 2016?
Gurus & Guru Strategies by TangoDoc 18th Jan '16 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 5 votes
"We may do well to remember that we, the small investors, are at the mercy of a massive industry which only survives if we continually buy and sell shares. Even Stockopedia is an essential part of the…"
re. Sharpshooting the Investment Gurus
Investing by SW10Chap 30th Sep '10 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 5 votes
"Another sobering and thought-provoking article, timarr.I am coming round more and more to the view that I really don't know anything and that my analysis is only worth something if someone somewhere e…"