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Is it advisable to invest in the list of companies that pass a given screen each month?
Knowledge Base / Guru Models
"No, these screens are provided as a learning tool only. They are NOT investment recommendations, onl…"
What does DYOR mean?
Knowledge Base / General
"DYOR means Do Your Own Research. This website is designed for self-motivated investors who are comfo…"
How to use the Checklist Tool
Knowledge Base / Getting Started
"Today, we thought we'd spend some time introducing you to the Checklist Tool which is esse…"
Do you have a Blog Roll?
Knowledge Base / Getting Started
"Yes, the Web is an incredible resource for learning and idea generation. In addition to our Article…"
How to use the Stock Comparison Tool
Knowledge Base / Getting Started
"Today, we thought we'd spend some time introducing our subscribers to the Stock Comparison Tool…"
Sectors / Basic Materials / Mineral Resources
Miners and producers of raw materials for road and building construction. Includes extractors of san…
Sectors / Financials / Holding Companies
Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings'…
Sectors /
Operators of commercial and investment banks, investment trusts and financial markets, as well as pr…
Sectors /
Manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, computer hardware and technology related…
Sectors / Consumer Defensives / Food & Beverages
Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.
Well-resourced emerging markets pioneer
Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust by Edison Investment Research 25th Jun '13 · 0 comments · 242 reads · 0 votes
"Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEM) aims to achieve long-term capital gains through investing in companies operating in emerging markets (EM). As a pioneer in the field, the manager has…"
Delivering on Eastern promise
Pacific Assets Trust by Edison Investment Research 5th Mar '14 · 0 comments · 429 reads · 0 votes
"Pacific Assets Trust (PAC) invests in companies in Asia (ex-Japan) with the aim of achieving attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns. Its manager, First State Stewart, has an unusual 'sustainabilit…"
Why the world's greatest investors focus hard on investment process
Investing by Stockopedia Features 12th Feb '12 · 1 comment · 6567 read · 7 votes
"As we've discussed, the weight of evidence suggest that it's possible to systematically beat the market over time, but that's not to say that it's easy - far from it. It requires a focused strategy, h…"
JP Morgan India Investment Trust - Indian privatisation
JPMorgan Indian Investment Trust by Fat Prophets 2nd Nov '10 · 0 comments · 2339 reads · 1 vote
"The global downturn has given added impetus to the privatisation process in India as the Government¬†looks to balance its budget. The upcoming IPO for Coal of India was 15 times oversubscribedreflectiv…"
April Value Investing Portfolio Update - Victoria Plc gets a boost
Victoria by UK Value Investor 4th May '10 · 0 comments · 4043 reads · 2 votes
"Back to normal this month, with next to nothing going on this month other than volcanoes and general elections campaigns. ¬†If you're interested, please check out the Current Holdings, Trade Histor…"