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Small Cap Value Report (23 Jan 2014) - CRX, BRY, NARS, LPA, PTCM
Cyprotex by Paul Scott 23rd Jan '14 · 19 comments · 19298 reads · 20 votes
"Good morning!Cyprotex (LON:CRX)This is a new one to me, Cyprotex (LON:CRX) is a ££29.2m (at 12.25p) market cap medical (and other sectors) screening services company, which reports today on trading…"
Small Cap Value Report (7 Aug) - SSP, QED, CRX
Solid State by Paul Scott 7th Aug '13 · 8 comments · 10116 reads · 8 votes
"Good morning! It's a quiet day for news again this morning, so a fairly short report today. I met with managament of Solid State (LON:SSP 241p) recently, to be briefed about the business, and I like…"
Small Cap Value Report (20 Jun) - SID, HHR, PURI, GTC, CRX
Silverdell by Paul Scott 20th Jun '13 · 17 comments · 13630 reads · 8 votes
"Good morning! It looks like a fairly nasty open is in the offing, with the FTSE 100 futures indicating a 100 point drop to 6,252, on the back of some comments made by Ben Bernanke in the USA last nigh…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap: Cluff, Nickel, Amur, Angel Biotech, Datum International and Ceres Power
Transense Technologies by Hybridan 5th Oct '10 · 0 comments · 5883 reads · 0 votes
"This week: Cluff glisters, the nickel price is Russh’n ahead for Amur, contracts are a win win for Angel Biotech and Datum International, but delays hold up Ceres Power  Amur Minerals Corp (LON:AMC)…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap: Motive TV continues to motivate, dig in to Serabi and look forward with Seeing Machines
Hightex by Hybridan 22nd Sep '10 · 0 comments · 2311 reads · 0 votes
"Anglesey Mining (LON:AYM) (AYM 29.5p/£45.2m) Anglesey’s 41 per cent owned associate company and Toronto Stock Exchange listed Labrador Iron Mines Holdings is now well underway with the mobilisation a…"