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How to Use the Stock Reports
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"At the heart of Stockopedia are over 2300 Stock Reports covering every company listed on the London…"
How to use the Stock Comparison Tool
Knowledge Base / Getting Started
"Today, we thought we'd spend some time introducing our subscribers to the Stock Comparison Tool…"
How to use the Checklist Tool
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"Today, we thought we'd spend some time introducing you to the Checklist Tool which is esse…"
I don't agree with the Altman Z-Score for company X?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"We calculate all the scores ourselves based on the Reuters data-set and the original Altman paper. Y…"
What is the Piotroski F-Score?
Knowledge Base / Ratios and Data
"Our financial Health trend meter is based on the Piotroski F-Score, a 9 point scoring system that an…"
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9 Red Flags of RM2 International that Investors Should Question
RM2 International SA by Orangetree 7th Jul '17 · 1 comment · 3513 read · 5 votes
"When you got an experienced management team, as well as independent directors such as Paul Walsh from Diageo and Lord Rose (formerly Stuart Rose from M&S), along with a famous investor in Neil Woo…"
re. Red Flag Pink Flag
Stock Screening by dangersimpson 14th Nov '17 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 7 votes
"I think you have to define what you mean by Red Flag. What you have used here is some useful rules when you would not want to invest. Usually however Red Flag is used as a more specific terminology to…"
Red Flag Pink Flag
Stock Screening by matylda 13th Nov '17 · 8 comments · 2309 reads · 13 votes
"Hi All! A wee bit of spare time so outlined my basic Red Flag / Pink Flag Checklist - Don't mean it to be excessive or anything like that but wondered what other Red / Pink Flags others had. I come at…"
6 Red Flags that could have kept you out of BLUR Group
Maistro by Ben Hobson 13th May '14 · 8 comments · 15201 reads · 21 votes
"The terrible announcement from BLUR Group (LON:BLUR) yesterday absolutely pummelled the stock price, down 40% on the day. ¬†After an already dramatic drawdown from its recent highs this was salt in the…"
4 red flags to help avoid story stock misery
Maistro by Ben Hobson 15th Apr '15 · 1 comment · 16152 read · 12 votes
"It has been a dismal twelve months for investors in Blur Group, which has quickly become a poster child for heavily promoted story stocks that underperform. In just over a year its shares have slumped…"