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What are the Publishing Guidelines?
Knowledge Base / Contributors
"Article Publishing PolicyWhile all contributors need only respect the Posting Guidelines t…"
re. Other
Feature Requests by StrollingMolby 20th Jul '10 · 0 comments · 0 reads · 1 vote
"Mark, the shortcut to just Events (or whatever) is simply to click on the icon, rather than uncheck the boxes of all other streams. I admit it's not intuitive if you haven't done it before, but it wor…"
re. Where do I get my investment ideas from?
Value Investing by Edward Croft 9th Apr '13 · 1 comment · 0 read · 0 votes
"Yes - the Novy Marx paper I do have issues with. The whole "How do we quantify quality?" debate is running hot in academia and it seems that whenever someone comes up with an idea that's novel the wh…"
Corporate Actions & Fund Issues
general & admin by nigelpm 23rd Sep '09 · 10 comments · 1534 reads · 3 votes
"I hope this is reasonable but I though it made sense to have a thread for all data errors noticed relating to the fund. That way as and when they are picked up they can be flagged up quickly. CPTA - a…"
re. Fund Errors
general & admin by promethean 23rd Sep '09 · 0 comments · 2 reads · 1 vote
" nigel - NTG is being processed... we'll reimburse the CPTA before Friday... apologies for inconvenience."
re. Fund Errors
general & admin by promethean 23rd Sep '09 · 0 comments · 2 reads · 1 vote
"NTG has been processed.  Let me know if you notice any anomalies."