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Xcite Energy - Over Xcited?
LON:XEL by tournesol 8th Dec '10 · 23 comments · 21433 reads · 16 votes
"Bear with me, I'm thinking aloud here. And I'm trying to improve my investment management skills - which requires me to break well entrenched attitudes and behaviours, so it is painful. For the sake o…"
Xcite Energy - Over "Exit"-ed?
LON:XEL by tournesol 14th Dec '10 · 4 comments · 13021 reads · 10 votes
"The decline in the share price of Xcite Energy (LON:XEL) in the past few days is interesting. The only reason to buy/hold through the recent strong upturn was the imminent flow test. As I've said bef…"
Serica Energy 2011 AGM Summary
LON:SQZ by doverbeach 30th Jun '11 · 4 comments · 9916 reads · 16 votes
"Here are my notes from this morning's AGM for Serica Energy (LON:SQZ) . First, the Chairman's statement was memorable not just for its length (it took 30 minutes to read out) but for its depth. I urg…"
Cairn Energy: Rajasthan royal performance
LON:CNE by Fat Prophets 30th Mar '10 · 0 comments · 3667 reads · 2 votes
"Cairn Energy Plc (LON:CNE)’s recently released preliminary financial results for 2009 included a positive surprise for investors.  An upbeat re-assessment of oil production from the Rajasthan fields i…"
Serica Energy: what will 2011 hold?
LON:SQZ by doverbeach 26th Feb '11 · 10 comments · 12296 reads · 27 votes
"Serica Energy (LON:SQZ)  is listed on Toronto and Aim, both with a ticker of SQZ (ISA-able). With shares of c. 177 million, it has a market cap at 38p : £67m. The website is and…"
Coastal Energy - what am I missing?
LON:CEO by tournesol 10th Mar '11 · 36 comments · 24592 reads · 13 votes
"Coastal Energy (LON:CEO) 's  current 2P reserves are 55 mmbo, production is 12.5kbopd, market cap is about £500 million. Drilling results have been announced this morning from Bua Ban North. (see rns…"
Interesting week ahead for Nighthawk Energy
LON:HAWK by pezza 31st May '10 · 3 comments · 4689 reads · 6 votes
"I was just sitting outside enjoying the sun when I thought I could actually be spending the day writing something brief about Nighthawk Energy Plc (LON:HAWK) and the choice was obvious! It was the cu…"
Sweet success: Rex Canon of Maple Energy
LON:MPLE by Ben Hobson 13th Jan '11 · 0 comments · 12013 reads · 7 votes
"Later this year, the arid coastline of north-west Peru will set the scene for the start of an ethanol production project that could transform the profitability of its AIM listed operator. For integrat…"
Valuing Hurricane Energy using a Simplistic Approach
LON:HUR by tournesol 1st Jul '14 · 3 comments · 16041 reads · 19 votes
"This time last week I had not even heard of Hurricane Energy. Having piled in last Thursday and Friday and had the good fortune to see the share price almost double since then, I now find myself with…"
Antrim Energy (LSE:AEY) - an exciting time ahead?
LON:AEY by AbAngus 27th Mar '11 · 10 comments · 9346 reads · 14 votes
"Several respected investors have revealed their current O&G holdings in the recent discussion on TMF.  Conspicuous by its absence is Antrim Energy (LON:AEY) - so I thought I would do a write up a…"
Gray puts some questions to Antrim Energy
LON:AEY by Gray Woods 4th Mar '11 · 11 comments · 10719 reads · 6 votes
"After recently completing a placing at CA$1.07, raising $45m, adding to their current cash position of $25m, I decided to put some questions to Antrim Energy (LON:AEY) in relation to their plans for…"
The Untapped Energy Riches of Uzbekistan
natural gas by oilguy 28th Nov '09 · 0 comments · 855 reads · 3 votes
"While many Western investors remain fixated on somehow acquiring a slice of Turkmenistan’s natural gas riches, despite a recent scandal over the country’s actual reserves, there is another country fur…"
Rame Energy CEO Interview: Independent Power Producer
LON:RAME by Elias Jones 11th Apr '15 · 0 comments · 5394 reads · 3 votes
"Rame Energy (LON:RAME) headquartered in Plymouth is a new entrant to the AIM market and is focused on energy and marine services in the UK and a pipeline of renewable energy projects in Chile.  It is…"
Alternative Energy - should we all be there?
LON:GKO by cuckfield1704 1st Oct '09 · 0 comments · 1501 reads · 3 votes
"Everyone knows the thesis; traditional sources of energy (coal, oil, and gas) are finite in supply and their cumulative use is having noxious side effects which are playing a major part in damaging th…"
Sterling Energy - No longer a busted flush?
LON:SEY by monkeynuts 20th Oct '09 · 0 comments · 5595 reads · 13 votes
"By the end of last year Sterling was looking like a busted flush. The share price had fallen to a tenth of what it used to be, as the Chinguetti field - expected to be a shot in the arm - proved flawe…"
Specialist Energy Group: results are well received
LON:HAYT by investorschampion 31st Mar '10 · 0 comments · 1673 reads · 2 votes
"The AIM quoted niche engineering group for the energy sector announced the audited accounts of its subsidiary sending the share price soaring over 40%! SEGR was formed through the reverse takeover o…"
FirstEnergy Global Energy Conference Report: Pt I
LON:ENQ by marben100 24th Sep '10 · 18 comments · 14400 reads · 26 votes
"Introduction & Overview Firstly, I owe Djpreston a big "thank you" for recommending me to the organisers, allowing me to attend this conference, held on 20th and 21st September. I found…"
FirstEnergy Global Energy Conference Report: Pt II featuring Dominion Petroleum, Bankers Petroleum, Rocksource ASA and Cove Energy
LON:BNK by marben100 12th Oct '10 · 0 comments · 8126 reads · 11 votes
"This article covers the second day of FirstEnergy's Global Energy Conference, completing the review I began in the first part. For some background on the event, my writeup, and a glossary of terms &am…"
The Doctor and the Dealman: An Energy Update
uranium by John Mauldin 8th Jun '10 · 0 comments · 1104 reads · 12 votes
"It has been a busy day in Rome, doing the Vatican Museum, St. Peter's and the Trevi Fountain. But I have to find time to get you your Outside the Box and have I got a great one for you. David Galland…"
How did Energy ETFs perform in 2009?
USA by Tim Iacono 12th Jan '10 · 0 comments · 1278 reads · 0 votes
"The success of investors who plowed money into energy ETFs and ETNs last year was highly dependent upon which investment vehicles they chose, a point that should be clear after looking at the right-mo…"
Marenica Energy (ASX:MEY) opens a new chapter
LON:POL by wantedman 17th Jan '10 · 5 comments · 4117 reads · 7 votes
"Marenica Energy, an Australian uranium explorer, released a company update on Thursday, following significant corporate developments over the Christmas period and the receipt of encouraging new explor…"
Nighthawk Energy - The good ol' US of A
LON:HAWK by monkeynuts 13th Nov '09 · 3 comments · 5210 reads · 2 votes
"While many investors in junior oil stocks head for plays in newly developing fields - off West Africa, or in Central Asia or the Urals - we shouldn't forget the attractions of the good ol' US of A. Th…"
News expected on Oates prospect - Serica Energy & Premier Oil
LON:SQZ by doverbeach 21st Jul '10 · 8 comments · 7680 reads · 11 votes
"Oates is a Palaeocene Forties prospect in Block 22/19c, approximately 20 kilometres west of Block 23/16f (the Columbus discovery, in which three successful wells have been drilled by Serica.). Premier…"
Wildhorse Energy fuels new resource potential in Central Europe
LON:SO4 by Ben Hobson 8th Sep '11 · 0 comments · 7879 reads · 8 votes
"The arrival of Wildhorse Energy (LON:WHE) on the Alternative Investment Market this summer marked an opportunity for investors to back a business that believes it could have lucrative answers to some…"
Xcite Energy Shareholder Revolt - Petition Against Proposed 98.5% Dilution
LON:XEL by ishareinfotv 24th Oct '16 · 4 comments · 12583 reads · 4 votes
"Xcite Energy Plc (XEL.L), listed on LSE-AIM and owner of one of the largest undeveloped and proven oilfields in the North Sea, has recently seen a shareholder revolt to a proposed EGM. The Company RNS…"
Scottish and Southern Energy - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
LON:SSE by UK Value Investor 9th Nov '11 · 10 comments · 9352 reads · 5 votes
"Utilities are often seen as boring investments.  They’re never going to be sexy, they’re never going to cure cancer or have their products at the top of a teenager’s Christmas wish list.  That may wel…"
The Great Geopolitical Battle Over Energy Transit Routes
Oil by oilguy 28th Nov '09 · 0 comments · 1155 reads · 1 vote
"As we all live in the present, it is very hard to fully assess the future implications of decisions supported or made by political and business leaders. An extraordinary game of geo-strategy is under…"
San Leon Energy: could this be the One?
LON:SLE by monkeynuts 2nd Mar '10 · 57 comments · 33000 reads · 14 votes
"I'm still looking for the oil company that's going to make my fortune. It certainly wasn't Petrel Resources (phew, glad I sold that at 50p!) and it's not Petroceltic International, which seems to be g…"
Saudi Arabia remains hesitant when it comes to renewable energy
Alternative energy by oilguy 27th Apr '10 · 0 comments · 1182 reads · 1 vote
"The promise of green energy has intrigued the Middle East, where concern about future reserves runs deep, but Saudi Arabia's recent plan for a multibillion-dollar investment in traditional oil project…"
Nick Cooper, CEO, Ophir Energy interviewed by The Oil Council
LON:OPHR by The Oil Council 13th Dec '11 · 0 comments · 4750 reads · 5 votes
"Drake Lawhead, VP of The Oil Council, interviews Nick Cooper of Ophir Energy (LON:OPHR) in December's issue of Drillers and Dealers. Ophir is an international oil and gas exploration company with an…"
Blackbird Energy meets Thani Emirates Petroleum: A Canadian-Emirati explorer
Oil by ManSiarad 2nd Sep '10 · 1 comment · 4538 read · 8 votes
"There are few opportunities for the ordinary investor to get involved with the activities of E&P companies controlled by people from the United Arab Emirates. Anything important within the country…"
Increasing Political Tension as Major Powers Scramble for Energy Security
oil supplies by oilguy 14th Dec '09 · 0 comments · 1132 reads · 3 votes
"China’s completion of an historic natural gas pipeline with Kazakhstan bypassing Russia this week tightens the Asian behemoth’s grip on energy resources needed to fuel a burgeoning economy, a desire a…"
Silvermere Energy: A CEO interview with a new oil stock
LON:TERN by The Oil Council 1st May '12 · 0 comments · 2030 reads · 0 votes
"Andy Morrison, CEO, Silvermere Energy interviewed by Drake Lawhead from the Oil Council. This interview appeared in the April 2012 issue of Drillers and Dealers - the magazine of the Oil Council. DL:…"
Igas Energy; June 3rd update; Huge uplift to resource estimates!
LON:IGAS by johnrosier 15th Jan '13 · 1 comment · 8953 read · 1 vote
"Igas (115.25p and 1.6% of JIC) is placing 24.3m new shares at 95p to raise c.£23m. The money raised will bolster Igas's balance sheet and enable it to conduct a work programme aimed at demonstrating t…"
Solar Energy Stocks - The Debacle of Tariff Support Models
Commodities by Dlacalle 6th Jul '11 · 0 comments · 2329 reads · 3 votes
"Solar stocks are the worst performers again, despite the Fukushima hype and extremely generous tariff support. The solar sector (January to June) is down 10% versus the renewables sector down 5.8%, an…"
Tim Heeley, Nighthawk Energy on whether Unconventional Oil is becoming Conventional
LON:HAWK by The Oil Council 29th Apr '10 · 2 comments · 5027 reads · 11 votes
"Rarely a day goes by in the industry journals - and increasingly within the wider global financial press - that unconventional hydrocarbons are not discussed in some context, especially in regard to m…"
IGAS Energy: Farm-out deal; CEO follows up with share purchase!
LON:IGAS by johnrosier 20th Dec '12 · 31 comments · 38327 reads · 10 votes
"Igas Energy (LON:IGAS) - I have just bought a holding in Igas Energy. Igas, which this morning announced its half year results for the 6 months to 30th September, produces oil from a number of onshor…"
Executive Q&A: Interview with Andrew Austin, CEO IGas Energy Plc
LON:IGAS by The Oil Council 4th Jul '10 · 0 comments · 4047 reads · 4 votes
"Ross Stewart Campbell (RSC) from The Oil Council: Andrew, many thanks for joining us to share your thoughts on today’s markets. To cover off introductions can you quickly introduce yourself and IGas E…"
Deepwater Horizon Spill creates uphill climb for Kerry / Lieberman US Energy Bill
Oil by oilguy 25th May '10 · 0 comments · 983 reads · 1 vote
"With energy, Senate Democrats find themselves between a rock and two hard places. Nonetheless, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., have introduced their climate and energy bil…"
Long-term investors: Time to Fill up the Tank with Energy Exposure
LON:BG. by Edmund Shing 17th Oct '14 · 0 comments · 8332 reads · 4 votes
"Yes I know, the Oil & Gas sector has been a horrible place to be, really since mid-year. Trust me, my portfolios have suffered thanks to a sizable exposure to this sector.But I believe that there…"
Regulators Seek to Throw Light on Hedge Fund Impact in Energy Trading
traders by oilguy 11th Jan '10 · 0 comments · 792 reads · 2 votes
"Do hedge funds have an impact on energy trading? While the answer might seem intuitive, the debate as to whether they actually do has come to resemble the medieval theological dispute about how many a…"
Assessing the CFTC's proposals for the energy futures and options markets
streetwise professor by Craig Pirrong 15th Jan '10 · 0 comments · 847 reads · 2 votes
"The CFTC floated its proposal to set energy futures & futures options position limits yesterday.  Here's the NOPR, and here's a cheat sheet and FAQ about the proposal. The result is no surprise to…"
San Leon Energy extends loan to Island, M&A talks continue
LON:SLE by Stockopedia News 11th Feb '10 · 0 comments · 1876 reads · 2 votes
" San Leon Energy, the AIM listed international oil and gas company with assets in Morocco, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and the USA, announced that it has agreed to extend its EUR500,000 working ca…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap featuring Sea Energy, Synairgen and African Copper
LON:SNG by Hybridan 10th Sep '09 · 0 comments · 1975 reads · 0 votes
" This week: A sea energy company turns the tide, a sound improvement from a radio business and lots of good news for Synairgen African Copper (ACU 8.50p/£59.7m) We try and bring you, dear reader, smal…"
Hybridan Small Cap Wrap featuring Sea Energy and Hutchison China MedTech
LON:SAR by Hybridan 25th Jan '10 · 0 comments · 5435 reads · 0 votes
" This week: SeaEnergy awaits the winds of change, Hutchison China MedTech fortifies its position and Filtronic looks vulnerable. Brainjuicer Group Plc (BJU 145p / £18.75m) Brainjuicer, the provider of…"
Positive aura: Brett Fraser of uranium exploration group Aura Energy speaks to Stockopedia
Aura Energy by Ben Hobson 9th Dec '10 · 0 comments · 3163 reads · 9 votes
"Australian mining group Aura Energy (ASX: AEE) has been toying with a move to London’s Alternative Investment Market for several months but chairman Brett Fraser is in no rush. Instead, he is content…"
A new Angle on cell separation, Supergroup’s Good Energy, Patsystems spreads the risk
LON:EKT by Hybridan 2nd Aug '11 · 0 comments · 4956 reads · 0 votes
"Angle (LON:AGL) (AGL 27.5p/£8.37m) ANGLE, which focuses on the commercialisation of technology, last week announced its audited results for the year ended 30 April 2011. The company reported continue…"
Energy Watch: Will Iran's Revolutionary Guard be the main winner from sanctions?
iran by oilguy 25th May '10 · 0 comments · 1054 reads · 1 vote
"As the United States edges closer to issuing a fresh round of sanctions against Iran, foreign investors so far unmoved by international pressure will end up doing business with a Revolutionary Guard…"
AFC Energy - is the tide turning towards the industrial adoption of fuel cell technologies?
LON:AFC by Edward Croft 7th May '10 · 6 comments · 8916 reads · 16 votes
"Many fuel cell providers have been getting closer to commercialisation of their products and the recent hype over Silicon Valley’s Bloom Energy is a case in point. With Google, Fedex and Ebay amongs…"
Rialto Energy - An exclusive CEO Interview with this brand new AIM-listed O&G stock
LON:AZO by The Oil Council 1st May '12 · 0 comments · 2746 reads · 2 votes
"Jeff Schrull, CEO of Rialto Energy, interviewed by Drake Lawhead from the Oil Council. This interview appeared first in the April 2012 issue of Drillers and Dealers, the magazine of the Oil Council.DL…"
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