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Stock in Focus: Should Sprue Aegis sound an alarm for investors?
LON:SPRP by Roland Head 17th Feb '16 · 7 comments · 9851 reads · 24 votes
"If you’re interested in developing a more systematic investment style, Stockopedia’s Guru Screens are a great resource. Each screen uses a set of investment rules that have been designed to replicate…"
Small Cap Value Report (28 Apr 2016) - SPRP, WAND
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 28th Apr '16 · 17 comments · 10604 reads · 43 votes
"Good afternoon!Not much to report on today, and I have to drive back down from Cheshire to the south coast this afternoon, so will just do a short report now, and then hopefully add some more comments…"
Sprue Aegis bid - a win for sound investment methodologies
LON:SPRP by Edward Croft 30th Apr '13 · 6 comments · 11730 reads · 9 votes
"Yesterday's announcement that the $5bn Jarden Corporation was making a bid for ICAP Securities Exchange tiddler Sprue Aegis wouldn't have threatened many headlines, but hidden within this story and th…"
Sprue Aegis - Hidden value
LON:SPRP by CantEatValue 5th Sep '13 · 0 comments · 5306 reads · 5 votes
"Sprue Aegis (OFEX:SPRP) are an ISDX listed company that are, in their own words, "one of Europe's leading home safety products suppliers and manufactures one of the world's smallest CO sensors for us…"
Small Cap Value Report (13 Jul 2015) - ALNT, SPRP, CVR
LON:ALNT^J17 by Paul Scott 13th Jul '15 · 15 comments · 15501 reads · 30 votes
"Good morning!GreeceGrexit now appears to be off the table, with an all-night EU leaders conference apparently having thrashed out an outline agreement. So we're seeing a bit of a relief rally in UK sh…"
Small Cap Value Report (10 Mar 2016) - SPRP, RST
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 10th Mar '16 · 10 comments · 12047 reads · 50 votes
"Good morning!I was rather late in completing yesterday's report, but in the evening I reviewed results/trading updates from 4 more companies, so 8 companies in total. Yesterday's full report is here.I…"
Small Cap Value Report (18 Apr 2016) - SPRP, TPOP, IGR, LAKE
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 18th Apr '16 · 27 comments · 18406 reads · 50 votes
"Good morning!I'm back from a long weekend in Warsaw - it was really good to have a change of scene. All was great, apart from being ripped off by an illegal taxi driver, and a stag party on the plane…"
Sprue Aegis - Provider of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
LON:SPRP by Dearg Doom 15th Jun '17 · 2 comments · 4120 reads · 6 votes
"Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP) Share Price 215p  (up so far today 10.2%)Market Cap  £101.7 million             Enterprise Value  £85.4 millionBid/Offer      210p - 220p                   Normal Market Size  1…"
Small Cap Value Report (3 Jun 2015) - COG, SPRP, CFYN
LON:COG by Paul Scott 3rd Jun '15 · 27 comments · 20367 reads · 34 votes
"Good morning!I've had a good response to my new "SCVR Extra" videos on YouTube, so will keep doing those most days, around lunchtime, once I've finished the main written report. The format is a 10-min…"
Small Cap Value Report (Thu 10 May 2018) - NXT, SDRY, SPRP,
LON:NXT by Paul Scott 9th May '18 · 45 comments · 14742 reads · 73 votes
"Good morning! It's Paul here. The big news today for me is the Q1 trading update from Next (LON:NXT) (in which I have a long position) - yes, we all know it's not a small cap, but I cover it here bec…"
Small Cap Value Report (Thur 28 June 2018) - KOOV, TND, AUK, GOR, XPS, SPRP/FA.
LON:KOOV by Graham Neary 28th Jun '18 · 24 comments · 11283 reads · 58 votes
"Morning folks, Quite a few announcements today. I'm going to skip the trading statements that are "in line with expectations" - they aren't really news. A few updates which did catch my eye, for one r…"
Small Cap Value Report (22 Jul 2016) - LAKE, INL, SPRP
LON:LAKE by Paul Scott 22nd Jul '16 · 51 comments · 23965 reads · 64 votes
"Good morning!I had a rip-roaring lunch yesterday with the CEO of Research Tree. It's a website that enables private investors to access broker notes - a hot topic which we've been debating here recent…"
Small Cap Value Report (1 Nov 2016) - CVR, TUNG, SPRP
LON:CVR by Paul Scott 1st Nov '16 · 29 comments · 15470 reads · 51 votes
"Good morning!In case you haven't seen it, let me flag up a late update to yesterday's report. As you've probably gathered by now, I'm more a night owl than a morning person. The new sections in yester…"
Small Cap Value Report (20 Nov 2014) - SPRP, RGI, SPGH, OUT
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 20th Nov '14 · 13 comments · 17736 reads · 21 votes
"Good morning!The Pubcos really took a battering yesterday, as the news sank in of the potential ending of the tied pubs model. Analysts seem to think it will hurt profits considerably at pubcos, but t…"
Small Cap Value Report (30 Jun 2016) - REDD, VNET, AVG, SPRP, COST
LON:REDD by Paul Scott 30th Jun '16 · 43 comments · 20075 reads · 48 votes
"Good morning!Let's have a day where we don't mention Brexit!Pensions administrators & Companies HouseA friend tweeted yesterday that he'd just been informed that the pension administrator for his…"
Small Cap Value Report (Mon 25 Sep 2017) - SPRP, ELCO, FISH, XPD
LON:SPRP by Graham Neary 25th Sep '17 · 32 comments · 11648 reads · 43 votes
"Good morning! Sorry for the slow start today. Candidates for coverage: Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP)Elecosoft (LON:ELCO)Fishing Republic (LON:FISH)Xpediator (LON:XPD)Trifast (LON:TRI)Any other requests?…"
Small Cap Value Report (20 Jan 2016) - SPRP, SDM, COS, KBT, SNTY
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 20th Jan '16 · 72 comments · 34129 reads · 52 votes
"Good morning!I did 5 more quick company updates last night, so here is a link to yesterday's full report.Difficult market conditionsI don't suppose any readers need reminding that it's ugly out there…"
Small Cap Report (29 Apr) - SPRP, RIC, CAMB, BRY, WOR
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 29th Apr '13 · 7 comments · 14964 reads · 8 votes
"Pre 8 a.m. comments Good morning. There are lots of trading and results statements issued this morning, but most are either resources sector, or large caps, so not a great deal for me to cover today.…"
Small Cap Value Report (27 Apr 2015) - REDD, BRY, SPRP, STAF
LON:REDD by Paul Scott 27th Apr '15 · 30 comments · 26480 reads · 30 votes
"Good morning!Charity challengeIt's been a while since I've done anything for charity, so this one caught my imagination - it's called "Live below the line" - and is a 5-day challenge, starting today,…"
Small Cap Value Report (Thu 15 Jun 2017) - PURP, PRSM, DFS, SPRP,
LON:PURP by Paul Scott 15th Jun '17 · 37 comments · 18022 reads · 72 votes
"Good morning, it's Paul here! Many thanks to Graham for covering Mon-Wed SCVRs here. That allowed me some time off, to relax with family, who visited me for a couple of days. A few overview comments,…"
Small Cap Value Report (18 Aug 2014) - SPRP, LID, REDT, LSI, DQE
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 18th Aug '14 · 24 comments · 19569 reads · 30 votes
"Good morning! I'm back in the UK now, so am using my normal desktop - so will be able to include graphics again. Hopefully normal service last week wasn't too disrupted by me being on the beautiful is…"
The Best of AIM, the Worst of AIM
LON:SPRP by Ben Hobson 29th May '14 · 13 comments · 23479 reads · 16 votes
"The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is seen by many as a hunting ground for stocks that can generate vast returns. These are the types of fast-growth small-caps that ex-Fidelity fund manager Peter…"
Small Cap Value Report (Tue 30 Jan 2018) - QRT, SPRP, YOU, FTC, NWF
LON:QRT by Paul Scott 29th Jan '18 · 44 comments · 16170 reads · 91 votes
"Good morning, it's Paul here!STOP PRESS: please see the extra bits added to the NWF (LON:NWF) section below, after talking to a company adviser, and a link to . All good stuff - I welco…"
Small Cap Value Report (14 Sep 2015) - SPRP, CTG, ESCH, PHC, AGA
LON:SPRP by Paul Scott 14th Sep '15 · 11 comments · 17545 reads · 42 votes
"Good morning!Sorry to have missed lots of friends at the investor show on Saturday, I wasn't able to make it in the end. Hopefully it was an interesting day for those that did attend.Sprue Aegis (LON…"
Small Cap Value Report (Thu 19 Apr 2018) - DEB, MTC, GATC, XSG, SPRP, FCCN
LON:DEB by Paul Scott 19th Apr '18 · 33 comments · 13382 reads · 88 votes
"Good morning, it's Paul here. Please see the header for stocks I am looking at today. Debenhams (LON:DEB) Share price: 23.15p (down 0.7% today, at 11:09)No. shares: 1,227.8mMarket cap: £284.2m Inter…"
Small Cap Report (17 May) - ZZZ, SPRP, KENZ, OCDO, HNT, PURI, TRB, PVCS, CAPD
LON:ZZZ by Paul Scott 17th May '13 · 14 comments · 18032 reads · 13 votes
"Pre 8 a.m. comments Good morning! Hardly any results today, but lots of IMSs again. A former favourite of mine, which seems to have badly lost its way in recent months is Snoozebox Holdings (LON:ZZZ)…"
Small Cap Value Report (14 Apr 2014) - FCCN, NWKI, NTA, HAT, PPR, SPRP
LON:FCCN by Paul Scott 14th Apr '14 · 11 comments · 23075 reads · 19 votes
"Good morning!  The market opened down heavily first thing today, but has since bounced back. I suppose the escalating situation in the Ukraine must be worrying everyone, but I cannot see why that shou…"
Small Cap Value Report (31 Jul 2017) - SPRP, XPP, FDM, RBG, SRT, UTW
LON:SPRP by Graham Neary 31st Jul '17 · 67 comments · 23991 reads · 75 votes
"Hi again - it's Graham covering Monday updates. Not too many names reporting today but I'll start with Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP), FDM (Holdings) (LON:FDM) and Fidessa (LON:FDSA). Edit: prioritised XP…"
Small Cap Value Report (Fri 23 Mar 2018) - Macro Thoughts, RBN, CNKS, BOOT, SPRP, QXT
LON:RBN by Graham Neary 23rd Mar '18 · 37 comments · 12604 reads · 65 votes
"Good morning! There was some discussion in the comment thread last night about the effect of reader suggestions on the SCVR, which I haven't had a chance to respond to yet. If you do have any comments…"
Half year review - Part 1
LON:ALLG^F16 by CantEatValue 16th Jul '13 · 0 comments · 6849 reads · 5 votes
"As it's now (a bit over, I'm slightly late!) 6 months into the year it's time for a portfolio update. Whilst I think 6 months is an insanely short period to measure portfolio performance it's at least…"
Small Cap Value Report (19 Sep 2016) - WTG, SPRP, MTO, SPL, 7DIG, DPP, ADGO, STY, SPSY
LON:WTG by Paul Scott 19th Sep '16 · 33 comments · 21806 reads · 79 votes
"Good morning!Sorry I didn't get round to reporting on any more companies on Friday, I was too tired. Have decided it's time to focus on health, so spent the weekend charging around on my new bike. It…"
2014 Guru Strategy Review: Income and growth strategies lead in challenging year
LON:SPRP by Ben Hobson 8th Jan '15 · 6 comments · 20857 reads · 7 votes
"Our 2013 review of the 60 GuruModel investing strategies tracked by Stockopedia picked up on some incredibly strong performances. Strategies that focus on small and mid-cap companies soared as investo…"
Tue 15 May 2018 - CNKS, SPRP, G4M, ZYT, CAKE, ACRL, LOOK
LON:G4M by Paul Scott 14th May '18 · 58 comments · 21319 reads · 110 votes
"Good afternoon/evening/morning, it's Paul here. What a beautiful surge in temperature this week, which I have enjoyed very much, and hope you have too! Hopefully I shall be able to report back to you…"
Small Cap Value Report (10 Jul) - AVN, VNET, ZATT, TMMG, SPRP, SID, RGS, RST, ANCR
LON:AVN by Paul Scott 10th Jul '13 · 8 comments · 22938 reads · 14 votes
"Good morning. Avanti Communications (LON:AVN) have issued a trading update this morning. They operate satellites. I've looked at this company many times in the past, and have never been able to find…"
Small Cap Value Report (19 Jan 2015) - PMP, SPRP, THT, PRES, FIF, CMS, BRY, CVR, BEA, APH
LON:PMP by Paul Scott 19th Jan '15 · 29 comments · 29158 reads · 50 votes
"Good morning! Just a quick reminder (as lots of regulars read these reports) that it's the monthly Mello Beckenham investor evening tonight. I'll be attending tonight, and might give myself a night of…"
Small Cap Value Report (24 Jan 2017) - SPRP, FEVR, EMR, PZC
LON:SPRP by Graham Neary 24th Jan '17 · 23 comments · 17735 reads · 53 votes
"Hi there,Today brings with it too many interesting updates for me to cover them all, but I'm planning to start with:Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP)Fevertree Drinks (LON:FEVR)Empresaria (LON:EMR)PZ Cussons…"
Small Cap Report - AMO, CLL, TMMG, FTC, PRV, SEPU, SPRP, KBC
LON:AMO by Paul Scott 28th Jan '13 · 9 comments · 26675 reads · 21 votes
"Welcome to my first Small Cap Report published exclusively on Stockopedia! I'll start with a share in my personal portfolio, Amino Technologies (LON:AMO). They announce results for year-ended 30 Nove…"
Small Cap Value Report (2 Jan 2015) - HRIP, AFR, RST, RUR
OFEX:HRIP by Paul Scott 2nd Jan '15 · 19 comments · 22780 reads · 29 votes
"Good morning, and welcome to the first SCVR of 2015. I hope you are suitably refreshed from the festive break, and raring to go!Unfortunately it doesn't look like many companies are raring to go today…"
Small Cap Value Report (19 May 2016) - PMP, IND, RTN
LON:PMP by Paul Scott 19th May '16 · 38 comments · 19125 reads · 69 votes
"Good morning.Some absolutely superb posts in the comments section yesterday, terrific stuff! It's particularly good when readers with relevant sector experience post about companies from first hand ex…"
Small Cap Value Report (26 Apr 2016) - BOO
LON:BOO by Paul Scott 26th Apr '16 · 35 comments · 19777 reads · 73 votes
"Good morning!Sprue Aegis (SPRP) MeetingMeet the management of Sprue Aegis (LON:SPRP) tomorrow (27 April 2016).ShareSoc has arranged a meeting, as follows (click on the "Contact" link below to book yo…"
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