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AEHAU Aesther Healthcare Acquisition Cashflow Statement

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Annual cashflow statement for Aesther Healthcare Acquisition, fiscal year end - December 31st, USD millions except per share, conversion factor applied.

December 31st
Period Length:12 M
Net Income/Starting Line-0.564
Changes in Working Capital-0.23
Change in Prepaid Expenses
Change in Accounts Payable
Change in Accrued Expenses
Other Operating Cash Flow
Cash from Operating Activities-0.794
Other Investing Cash Flow Items-107
Other Investing Cash Flow
Cash from Investing Activities-107
Financing Cash Flow Items-0.154
Other Financing Cash Flow
Net Issuance / Retirement of Stock
Net Issuance / Retirement of Debt
Cash from Financing Activities109
Beginning Cash Balance
Ending Cash Balance
Net Change in Cash1.08

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