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TABLE-Zuu <Origin Href="QuoteRef">4387.T</Origin> -2020/21 group results

May 14 (Reuters)- 
          Zuu Co., Ltd. 
     (in billions of yen unless specified)
                 Year ended      Year ended       Year to       NEXT   
              Mar 31, 2021    Mar 31, 2020   Mar 31, 2022     YEAR     
                 LATEST         YEAR-AGO        COMPANY      COMPANY   
                 RESULTS         RESULTS       FORECAST    H1 FORECAST 
  Sales           2.79            1.85                                 
               (+51.0 pct)     (+40.2 pct)                             
  Operating      14 mln       loss 106 mln                             
  Recurring       8 mln       loss 125 mln                             
  Net         loss 300 mln     loss 92 mln                             
  EPS        loss 67.91 yen  loss 22.12 yen                            
  Ann Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  -Q2 Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  -Q4 Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  NOTE - Zuu Co., Ltd..
  *Second Net profit row denotes profit attributable to owners ofthe parent 
  To see Company Overview page, click reuters://REALTIME/verb=CompanyData/ric=4387.T

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