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TABLE-Zuu <Origin Href="QuoteRef">4387.T</Origin> -2020/21 parent results

May 14 (Reuters)- 
          Zuu Co., Ltd. 
     (in billions of yen unless specified)
                 Year ended      Year ended       Year to     NEXT     
              Mar 31, 2021    Mar 31, 2020   Mar 31, 2022     YEAR     
                 LATEST         YEAR-AGO        COMPANY      COMPANY   
                 RESULTS         RESULTS       FORECAST    H1 FORECAST 
  Sales           2.68            1.84                                 
               (+45.5 pct)     (+40.8 pct)                             
  Operating      249 mln       loss 47 mln                             
  Recurring      178 mln       loss 47 mln                             
  Net         loss 357 mln     loss 50 mln                             
  EPS        loss 80.83 yen  loss 12.03 yen                            
  Ann Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  -Q2 Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  -Q4 Div          NIL             NIL            NIL                  
  NOTE - Zuu Co., Ltd.. 
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