2632 Investment Trusts
Name (Exchange) Ticker Price MktCap £m P/E Yield EPS DPS
Central Europe Russia and Turkey Closed Fund (NYQ) CEE WD - £m
Central Securities Closed Fund (ASQ) CET $31.730 £m
Central and Eastern Europe Fund, Inc (NYQ) CEE $27.489 £m
Ceres Agriculture Fund Closed Fund (LSE) CROP - £m
Chameleon Trust Close Fund (LSE) CHAM - £m
Champion Real Estate Investment Trust REIT (OTC) CMPNF $0.560 £m
Charter European Trust (LSE) CPE - £m
China Closed Fund (NYQ) CHN $20.570 £m
Chrysalis VCT Close Fund (LSE) CYSE - £m
Chrysalis VCT Close Fund (LSE) CYSD - £m
City Natural Resources High Yield Trust (PNK) CYRUF $2.390 £m
City of London Investment Trust Closed Fund (LSE) - £m
Clarins Ord Shs (LSE) 0DZS - £m
ClearBridge American Energy MLP Fund Inc (NYQ) CBA $6.750 £m
ClearBridge Energy Midstream Opportunity Fund Inc (NYQ) EMO $7.640 £m
ClearBridge MLP and Midstream Fund Inc (NYQ) CEM $10.040 £m
ClearBridge MLP and Midstream Total Return Fd Inc (NYQ) CTR $7.760 £m
ClearBridge Real Estate Opportunities Fund;O (NYQ) RIT - £m
Close Enhanced Commodities Fund II (LSE) CED2 - £m
Close Enhanced Ord Shs (LSE) CED - £m
Close European Accelerated Fund (LSE) CEAF - £m
Close FTSE 100 Income & Growth Zero (LSE) - £m
Close High Properties Ord Shs (LSE) CHID - £m
Close UK Index Growth Fd ZDP shs (LSE) CSUZ - £m
Clough Global Dividend and Income Fund (ASQ) GLV $10.920 £m
Clough Global Equity Closed Fund (ASQ) GLQ $11.910 £m
Clough Global Opportunities Closed Fund (ASQ) GLO $9.320 £m
Cohen & Steers Advantage Income Realty Fund Inc (NYQ) RLF - £m
Cohen & Steers Closed End Opportunity Closed Fund (NYQ) FOF $13.060 £m
Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder Closed Fund (NYQ) INB $9.190 £m
Cohen & Steers Global Preferred and Income Fund Ord Shs (Proposed) (NYQ) - £m
Cohen & Steers Dur Pref and Income Fund Inc (NYQ) LDP $25.870 £m
Cohen & Steers MLP Income and Energy Oppty Fund (NYQ) MIE $6.920 £m
Cohen & Steers Premium Income Realty Fund Inc (NYQ) RPF - £m
Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc (NYQ) RQI $14.540 £m
Cohen & Steers REIT & Preferred And Income Closed Fund (NYQ) RNP $23.820 £m
Cohen & Steers REIT & Utility Income Fund Inc (NYQ) RTU - £m
Cohen & Steers Select Preferred and Income, Inc (NYQ) PSF $29.190 £m
Cohen & Steers Worldwide Realty Income Fund Inc (NYQ) RWF - £m
Cohen Steers Total Return Realty Closed Fund (NYQ) RFI $14.780 £m
Cohen and Steers Dividend Majors Closed Fund (NYQ) DVM - £m
Cohen and Steers Infrastructure Closed Fund (NYQ) UTF $26.280 £m
Colonial Insured Municipal Closed Fund (ASQ) CFX - £m
Colonial New York Insured Municipal FundCommon Stock (ASQ) - £m
Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth (NYQ) STK $22.620 £m
Core VCT B Shs Closed Fund (LSE) CR3B - £m
Core VCT Closed Fund (LSE) CR3 - £m
Core VCT I (LSE) CR. - £m
Core VCT I B (LSE) CR.B - £m
Core VCT II (LSE) CR2 - £m
Core VCT II B (LSE) CR2B - £m
Core VCT IV Closed Fund (LSE) CR4 - £m
Core VCT V (LSE) CR5 - £m
Cornerstone Progressive Return Closed Fund (ASQ) CFP - £m
Cornerstone Strategic Value Closed Fund (ASQ) CLM $11.130 £m
Cornerstone Total Return Closed Fund (ASQ) CRF $10.770 £m
Cornerstone Total Return Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
Corp Hi Yield IV Common Stock (NYQ) - £m
Corporate High Yield Fund IICommon Stock (NYQ) - £m
Coxe Commodity Strategy Closed Fund Class A (PNK) CXCMF $8.130 £m
Coxe Commodity Strategy Closed Fund Class A (PNK) CXCMF - £m
Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Closed Fund (ASQ) CIK $3.170 £m
Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Closed Fund (ASQ) DHY $2.510 £m
Cushing Energy Income Fund (NYQ) SRF $5.820 £m
Cushing MLP & Infrastructure Total Return Fund (NYQ) SRV $9.530 £m
Cushing Renaissance Fund (NYQ) SZC $12.780 £m
DB Agriculture Booster ETC (LSE) XCT6 - £m
DB Commodity Booster ETC (LSE) XCT5 - £m
DB Energy Booster ETC (LSE) XCT8 - £m
DB Industrial Metals Booster ETC (LSE) XCT7 - £m
DB Natural Gas Booster ETC (LSE) XCT2 - £m
DB Physical Copper ETC (LSE) XCO1 - £m
DB Physical Gold ETC (LSE) XGLI - £m
DB Physical Nickel ETC (LSE) XNI1 - £m
DB Physical Rhodium ETC (OTC) DBSHF $486.000 £m
DB Physical Tin ETC (LSE) XTI1 - £m
DB S&P GSCI Agri Secs ETC (LSE) XET5 - £m
DB S&P GSCI Agriculture ETC (LSE) XET6 - £m
DB S&P GSCI Energy ETC (LSE) XET8 - £m
DB S&P GSCI Industrial Metals ETC (LSE) XET7 - £m
DB Uranium Securities ETC (LSE) XURA - £m
DDJ High Yield Closed Fund (PNK) DDJHF $9.886 £m
DDJ High Yield Closed Fund (PNK) DDJHF - £m
DNP Select Income Closed Fund (NYQ) DNP $12.780 £m
DTF Tax Free Income Closed Fund (NYQ) DTF $14.650 £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) GCS - £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) GCS WD - £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) GCS WD - £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) GCS WD - £m
DWS Enhanced Commody Strategy Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
DWS Municipal Income Trust (NYQ) KTF $11.380 £m
DWS RREEF Real Estate Closed Fund (ASQ) SRQ - £m
DWS RREEF Real Estate II Closed Fund (ASQ) SRO - £m
DWS RREEF World Real Estate Closed Fund (NYQ) DRP - £m
DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust (NYQ) KSM $11.990 £m
db Agriculture Booster GBP Hedged ETC (LSE) XCTS - £m
db Brent Crude Oil Booster GBP Hedged ETC (LSE) XCTO - £m
Db Etc Index Db Etc Bc Oil Eh ETC (LSE) 60TC €62.820 £0.000m
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