1344 Investment Trusts
Name (Exchange) Ticker Price MktCap £m P/E Yield EPS DPS
Global Income & Currency Closed Fund (NYQ) GCF WD - £m
Gold Bullion Securities ETC (OTC) LGLBF $140.180 £m
Goldman Sachs Dynamic Income Opportunities Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
Goldman Sachs MLP Income Opportunities Fund (NYQ) GMZ $5.970 £m
Goldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renaissance Fund (NYQ) GER $4.180 £m
GraniteShares Platinum Trust (PCQ) PLTM $9.196 £m
Greenwich Street Municipal FundOpen Funds (NYQ) - £m
Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund (NYQ) GGM $19.810 £m
Guggenheim Credit Opp Closed Fund (Proposed) (NYQ) GUG - £m
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund (NYQ) GPM $8.000 £m
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Strategy Fund (NYQ) GGE $17.220 £m
Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced Equity Income Fd (NYQ) GEQ $16.890 £m
Guggenheim Floating Rate & Income Closed Ended Fund (Proposed) (NYQ) GFT - £m
Guggenheim Municipal Income Fund;A (NYQ) TYW - £m
Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Closed Fund (NYQ) GOF $18.960 £m
Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Managed Duration Tr (NYQ) GBAB $23.450 £m
HarbourVest Global Private Closed Fund (PNK) HBPVF - £m
Hartford Global Impact NextShares Fund (NMQ) HFGIC $100.100 £m
Hartford Income Shares Closed Fund (NYQ) HSF - £m
Hartford Income Shares Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
Helios Advantage Income Fund (NYQ) HAV - £m
Helios High Income Fund (NYQ) HIH - £m
Helios Multi-Sector High Income Fund (NYQ) HMH - £m
Helios Strategic Income Fund (NYQ) HSA - £m
Helios Strategic Mortgage Income Closed Fund (NYQ) HSM - £m
Henderson Far East Income Closed Fund (PNK) QQFHF $4.110 £m
Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust (PNK) HDSMF $8.550 £m
Herald Investment Trust (PNK) HDVXF $13.530 £m
Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Closed Fund (NAQ) CUBA $6.740 £m
High Income Securities Fund (NYQ) PCF $8.510 £m
High Yield Income Fund Inc (NYQ) HYI - £m
High Yield Plus Fund Inc (NYQ) HYP - £m
Highland Global Allocation Fund (NYQ) HGLB $9.040 £m
Highland Income Fund (NYQ) HFRO $11.960 £m
Himalayan Fund Units (PNK) IHMYF - £m
Himalayan Fund Units (PNK) IHMYF - £m
Hyperion 2005 Investment Grade Opportunity Term TrustCommon Stock (NYQ) - £m
ICG Enterprise Trust ORD 10P (PNK) GPHEF $7.280 £m
ING Clarion Real Estate Income Closed Fund (NYQ) IIA - £m
iShares Global Govt Bond UCITS ETF USD (Dist) (PNK) ISSPF $111.550 £m
iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond UCITS ETF USD (Dist) (OTC) ISRWF $112.750 £m
iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS ETF USD (Dist) (PNK) ISHJF $38.762 £m
iShares S&P Small Cap 600 UCITS ETF USD (Dist) (OTC) ISHOF $67.000 £m
iShares S&P/valmer Mexico CETETRAC (PNK) ISTMF $5.417 £m
iShares US Property Yield UCITS ETF USD (Dist) (OTC) ISUPF $30.200 £m
iShares iBonds Mar 2018 Term Crp ex-Financials ETF (PCQ) $24.610 £m
Ibero America Closed Fund (NYQ) SNF - £m
Impax Environmental Markets (PNK) IMXXF $4.300 £m
India Capital Growth Fund (PNK) ICGFF $0.800 £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN $20.870 £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) IFN WD - £m
India Closed Fund (NYQ) - £m
Infrastructure India Closed Fund (PNK) INFQF $0.050 £m
Insight Select Income Fund (NYQ) INSI $20.300 £m
International Public Partnerships (PNK) IPPXF - £m
International Public Partnerships (PNK) IPPXF - £m
Invesco Advantage MunicipalTr II (ASQ) VKI $11.110 £m
Invesco California Municipal Income Closed Fund (NYQ) IIC - £m
Invesco California Municipal Securities Closed Fund (NYQ) ICS - £m
Invesco California Quality Municipal Securities Closed Fund (NYQ) IQC - £m
Invesco California Value MuniTr (NYQ) VCV $12.550 £m
Invesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fund (NYQ) VTA $10.910 £m
Invesco High Income 2023 Target Term Fund (NYQ) IHIT $10.630 £m
Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Mutual Fund (NYQ) IHTA $10.501 £m
Invesco High Income Trust II (NYQ) VLT $13.840 £m
Invesco High Yield Investments Closed Fund Class Common (NYQ) MSY - £m
Invesco Muni Income Opportunities Trust (NYQ) OIA $7.880 £m
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities II Closed Fund Class Common (NYQ) OIB - £m
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities III Closed Fund Class Common (NYQ) OIC - £m
Invesco Municipal Opportunity Trust (NYQ) VMO $12.360 £m
Invesco Municipal Premium Income Closed Fund Class Common (NYQ) PIA - £m
Invesco Municipal Trust (NYQ) VKQ $12.310 £m
Invesco New York Quality Municipal Securities Closed Fund (NYQ) IQN - £m
Invesco Pennsylvania Value Municipal Income Trust (NYQ) VPV $13.250 £m
Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income (PNK) ILRVF - £m
Invesco Quality Municipal Income Closed Fund (NYQ) IQI $12.490 £m
Invesco Quality Municipal Investment Closed Fund (NYQ) IQT - £m
Invesco Quality Municipal Securities Closed Fund (NYQ) IQM - £m
Invesco Select Real Estate Income Fund;A (NYQ) RRE - £m
Invesco Senior Income Trust (NYQ) VVR $4.120 £m
Invesco Trust For Inv Grade Munis (NYQ) VGM $12.690 £m
Invesco Trust For Inv Grade NY Munis (NYQ) VTN $13.460 £m
Invesco Value Municipal Bond Closed Fund (NYQ) IMC - £m
Invesco Value Municipal Closed Fund (NYQ) IMT - £m
Invesco Value Municipal Income Closed Fund (NYQ) IIM $15.300 £m
Invesco Value Municipal Securities Closed Fund (NYQ) IMS - £m
Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund (NYQ) VBF $19.850 £m
Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund (NYQ) - £m
Invesco Van Kampen Massachusetts Value Muni Incm Tr Closed Fund Class Common (ASQ) VMV - £m
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