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Monday, Sep 14 2009 by

Hi, this is an update to announce that we are now live with the new release of Stockopedia. Thanks for all your feedback below during the earlier testing phase. We have tried to incorporate as much of it as possible.

There are still a number of changes that we will be implementing during the course of this week, including:

  1. Search - Forum search is not working yet but will be in the next day or so
  2. Mobile Access
  3. Portfolios (we have merged portfolios & watchlists but only watchlists have been migrated so far).
  4. Trading (should be live tomorrow)

However, hopefully (!) the site is now developed enough to be operational during this process. The focus for the coming week will be on ensuring stability, fixing the remaning glitches, and there are a couple of big areas still to be worked on, the most important of these is mobile access via Blackberry which we will be beginning on shortly.

All comments very welcome, although it's preferable if you could please send us bug reports via the Redbutton or by email using the temporary "Click Here" link at the top of the screen, rather than on the forums.

All the best,

The Stockopedia Team


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StrollingMolby 21st Sep '09 177 of 199

In reply to nigelpm (post #164)

I deleted the cookie this morning, but was asked to log-in again earlier. 

I have noticed this logging-out problem most (I think) when navigating over to the Articles.

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nigelpm 21st Sep '09 178 of 199

In reply to StrollingMolby (post #177)


You will be asked to login once after you have deleted the cookie but no more after that.  Has worked for me since saturday.  Are you sure you removed all cookies relating to stockopedia.

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StrollingMolby 21st Sep '09 179 of 199

I don't get the option to pick or choose on the work PC - all cookies were deleted.  Having logged back in and viewed a few pages, I returned and noticed I couldn't give a thumbs-up to an article as I wasn't logged in.  Will report back if it happens again.

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SW10Chap 21st Sep '09 180 of 199

In reply to doverbeach (post #176)

the thread author come up on on mouseover of the Thread name - not sure if you have noticed that, SW10?

er, no - my turn to have missed something useful this time!


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promethean 21st Sep '09 181 of 199

Quite a big announcement for you regulars... You can now name 'collaborators' on your threads... details here...

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djpreston 22nd Sep '09 182 of 199

In reply to promethean (post #181)

Nice one Prom

Fund Management: European Wealth
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oilretire 22nd Sep '09 183 of 199

Hmmm, not so sure on that one - while I can see the value for some situations as well as the right for those that do the most work to keep some stuff to themselves, this might kill the site if it becomes full of private wiki type threads that mere motals like me can't read.........

Unless I've read the announcemant wrongly this early ;-)

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doverbeach 22nd Sep '09 184 of 199

In reply to oilretire (post #183)

I think you've read it wrong.  Before only the thread creator can update the header - now a 'collaborator' can, so the thread header can be kept up-to-date easier, hence the term 'private wiki'. However anyone can read it and post comments, just like before.


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djpreston 22nd Sep '09 185 of 199

Indeed Db.

I like the idea since it means that you can have a trusted group who can watch say when the originator is away on hols or simply didnt get up in time to pick up some news - as happened today with PCI when oi beat me to it re the Algeria RNS. Okay, that went in the thread but I will mention it in the thread header.

Avoiding trashing of a header by others - as could happen with a more public wiki - is a PITA to sort out - whilst the miscreants woudl be banned (?) it would take time to correct what was done.

Fund Management: European Wealth
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promethean 22nd Sep '09 186 of 199

Yes, oilretire - for all intents and purposes a thread is still exactly the same as it was.  But the author can just nominate others to help if they wish.  In future we'll make this easier with the ability to create groups - but for the time being it's nice and simple.  All threads are still public by default, and there won't be any private threads.

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emptyend 22nd Sep '09 187 of 199

In reply to doverbeach (post #168)

I think the problems is that the New number itself is in such a silly colour scheme that it looks like a small additional note, not a key field.  Also when you mouseover it there is no underline link, so people may not even realise that is is clickable (ok there is the cursor change, but that may be missed).

But even then the New field is a long way over to the right and I guess it feels more natural to click on the thread title.

Yup - I'll have to admit that I didn't notice that either! Does that make it a full house?


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oilretire 23rd Sep '09 188 of 199

Cheers guys, told you I could have errrrrm, did read it wrong :-)

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marben100 23rd Sep '09 189 of 199

One oddity I observe (though not new to S'pedia 2.0 but I haven't commented on it before)...

When you re-edit a post, the editor provides a much broader array of editing gadgets than when you first enter a post! Given the issues with tinymce, mentioned previously, perhaps you'd kill two birds by requiring the user to click a button to activate the editor before starting to type a new post - both resolving browser issues with the editor and giving the user the full-array of editing tools when a post is first created.



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emptyend 23rd Sep '09 190 of 199

In reply to marben100 (post #189)

perhaps you'd kill two birds by requiring the user to click a button to activate the editor before starting to type a new post - both resolving browser issues with the editor and giving the user the full-array of editing tools when a post is first created.

I suggested that some while ago now and can't recall having had a response. I don't see why one needs to bring up the editor unless someone is wanting to post - and one click to bring up the editor is hardly onerous for people who are about to make several hundred clicks in a posting!


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Murakami 23rd Sep '09 191 of 199

This is just to reassure you all that, even if we don't respond, we are looking into each suggestion. In this case, we think that it's a good idea but only if we can engineer a way for the Javascript not to load in the background until you click the button, otherwise it won't save any load time, so that's what we're experimenting with behind the scenes. Please keep all the ideas coming. Cheers, M

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promethean 23rd Sep '09 192 of 199


Regarding the popup editor... it is possible yes, but the way the editor works means the majority of the javascript is downloaded on initial page load... i.e. it doesn't load when you click the button - it has to be loaded previously.  So it ain't that simple I'm afraid.

re. the editor... we can configure the buttons however we want, but obviously there's a tradeoff between keeping it simple for the majority of posts but powerful enough to format more extensively on demand.... we don't want the text editor to look daunting... as sw10 would say... "add more lightness".

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Groundhog 23rd Sep '09 193 of 199

I'm an infrequent visitor, but since the change I seem to have lost some functionality. How do I create a simple front page where posts by posters I'd like to follow are linked, and certain threads also?



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promethean 23rd Sep '09 194 of 199

In reply to Groundhog (post #193)

Currently you can click 'Add to Favourites' on any thread, and you'll see it in your Favourite threads  section.  The 'follow' feed will be following shortly.... but a basic version is available here..

We are in the process of merging 'followed members' into the 'favourites' section.

Essentially, all stocks, members or other tags that you'd like to follow will funnel into your favourites feed.  It's still in development but should become the key feature on the site. 

Hope you understand - we are extremely aware that this will be the top feature on the site... so bear with us - we need to get it 100% right.

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marben100 23rd Sep '09 195 of 199

In reply to promethean (post #192)

Ooh! "reply" worked that time ;0)

we can configure the buttons however we want, but obviously there's a tradeoff between keeping it simple for the majority of posts but powerful enough to format more extensively on demand.... we don't want the text editor to look daunting... as sw10 would say... "add more lightness".



a) It seems inconsistent to have different facilties when editing a post from those available when you first create it.

b) the majority of editing is done when the post is first created, so that's when you need all the gadgets most!

c) As was commented on the tinymce thread, the quality of the text editor is one of the distinguishing features of S'pedia and editor toolbars are something that pretty much any computer user will be familiar with. Using all the gadgets isn't mandatory, after all.

d) Again, as suggested previously, having some user options on this might be the way to go, with the default being for a simply, quick and basic editor but with the user able to select an "advanced editing" option. It is important that selection of such an option is remembered and does not have to be chosen every time.



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emptyend 23rd Sep '09 196 of 199

In reply to promethean (post #192)

Thanks for the explanation guys.

It does seem clunkily odd that the editor javascript is effectively downloaded with every page impression, when it is actually going to be used only about 1% of the time.



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