In Part 2 last week, we took a closer look at Novacyt, Avacta, Omega Diagnostics and Genedrive as some of the UK listed stocks in the Covid-19 testing space. In this article, to complete the analysis of companies operating in this market segment, we will be providing some analysis on Braveheart Investment Group, Yourgene Health and SourceBio International.

Braveheart Investment Group (LON:BRH) - Investment Banking & Investment Services

Share Price: 43.5p

Market cap: £16m

StockRank: 20

Test type: Rapid light-based antigen test

Business & Model

Braveheart Investment Group, currently valued at £16m (after recent placings & transactions have been taken into account), provides debt/equity financing and advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company divides its investments into two categories: strategic investments and portfolio investments.

The strategic investments are the current focus for the company and it intends to continue generating value for shareholders in this way moving forward. The portfolio investments that remain are from direct investments into third-party companies made between 2002 and 2015, the company intends to exit these where possible.

Braveheart is currently involved in 7 strategic investments across a variety of businesses, these are as follows:

GyroMetric Systems - Analyses digital data from rotating shafts to produce detailed predictions of any potential mechanical failures. The patented MDS2™ technology is currently one of the most advanced hardware & software systems for assessing the mechanics of anything from a bench tool spindle to a cruise liner propeller shaft. Braveheart owns 19.5% of the issued share capital in Gyrometric Systems.

Kirkstall - The Quasi Vivo™ developed by Kirkstall uses an advanced interconnected cell culture flow system, which helps to create in vivo-like conditions for cell growth. This technology can be used to model the behaviour of human organs, essential for academic research and drug development and helping to validate research. Braveheart currently owns 80% of the issued share capital in Kirkstall and also provides significant management resources to the company.

Phasefocus - The patented computational imagining techniques developed by the company can be used for various applications such as for live cell imaging, engineering metrology and electron microscopy. Livecyte™, which quantifies and compares dynamic live cell behaviour, is ideal for stem cell and cancer research. Braveheart owns 42.6% of the issued share capital in Phasefocus.

Pharm 2 Farm - Specialising in…

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