is the AA an uninvestable mess or an oppitunity for the brave to make some money

on the plus side they have a good moat ie their strong brand, large network which would be hard for a new comer to muscle in, few competitors, attractive PE, yield and EBITDA

on the negative; they just lost their CEO, saddled with debt, eye watering debt although as I understand it a big part of that is pensions. I'd feel better if they reduce those dividents and paid some of that debt down

although the altman score is horrible, i cant see them going bankrupt and when people realise that the price will sore, its dropped a lot recently mostly because it customers have dropped from 10.1 million to 9.9million, is that an over reaction

be good to hear the opinion of others as im still learning and trying to find a trading strategy, actually i do have a strategy do what Paul from Beam Me Up Scotty says

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