Advanced Onchotherapy (AVO), formerly Care Capital, is an AIM registered company that has abandoned the health property market to focus on the development and marketing of an innovative form of proton therapy machine that was developed by a company called ADAM as a spin off of CERN in Geneva. AVO now owns ADAM and the patent rights to the machine. AVO claims that it will be much smaller and cheaper than current 'first generation' proton beam therapy machines that use cyclotron technology to produce the proton beam and that it could make proton beam therapy affordable to a great many more health establishments around the world than is currently the case with existing technology.

The first machine to be produced is currently under testing and is due to be installed in a clinic that is planned to be developed in Harley Street, London. If all goes to plan, it is intended that the first patient will be treated in Harley Street towards the end of 2017. Further machines will be supplied, under contract to AVO, by Thales who are a major French manufacturing company, to meet current contracts held by AVO for proton therapy centres and any future contracts.

I am interested in the company as a potential personal investment and consider it is worth keeping an eye on. I am a private investor with some, albeit limited, experience in investing on my own account. This is my first post about any company on this website so I am very much feeling my way. I apologise if I've unintentially broken any rules. Most of my information about AVO comes from the AVO company website.

If anyone has any knowledge of or opinions on the company, please feel free to share what you know or think and get a discussion going.

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