Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend books or articles about QE and deflation.

I have spent a day surfing Amazon and got a shortlist:-

The Socionomic Theory of Finance by Robert R Prechter
Stabilizing an Unstable Economy by Hyman Minsky
Debt, Innovations, and Deflation: The Theories of Veblen, Fisher, Schumpeter, and Minsky by J. Patrick Raines

It was hard work getting to my shortlist and I am not convinced I am going to get anything out of any of the above.

Has anyone read any of these or can you recommend alternatives - thanks?

I am aware that these subjects sometimes ignite fundamentalist economic/political viewpoints and I'm not looking for commentary of that nature because I feel I already have a broad understanding of those aspects - I am looking for a dispassionate academic viewpoint which hopefully includes real world human psychology interwoven with classical 'rational' economic theory.

PS just before posting I thought I would try searching the stocko archives and I found this article by John Mauldin


which lead me to his book, Endgame: The End of the Debt SuperCycle

I might buy this but the Amazon review makes it sound a bit lightweight - that said I'm not going to cope with an all out economic text book - thanks for reading.

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