Arrow Global (LON:ARW) had their capital markets day on Wed 8th November.

The presentations and material given are available here:

Beware it was a half day and there's 115 slides in the pack. I am not sure how long this will be available for.

It is clear that this is the start of the company's response to the fact that it has recently become quite heavily shorted.

I just thought I would put it out there for interested PI's.

I am a holder, and I went in person because I wanted a deep dive to help me decide the fate of this investment, and to see the management team in action. For what it's worth, I was deeply impressed. To the extent that the short interest gave me serious concerns, these have been substantially allayed. I hope the company makes efforts to communicate a bit more with the PI community.

DYOR could not be more appropriate here. If the short interest fizzles out or is the subject of a squeeze, there could be a swift and significant rerating. If the short case has merit, investors capital will diminish, possibly substantially!

Thoughts, comment and debate welcome!

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