After Ed's recent NAP's portfolio webinar I decided to try and create a NAP style portfolio of stocks listed on the ASX. I did the analysis on August 1st or shortly thereafter using the rules outlined in the webinar, i.e. the 2 top StockRanks in each Sector and trying to avoid having two stocks from the same industry group. It has a reasonably good spread of Market Caps with a minimum cut-off at £50mm. (It was a bit confusing at first as whilst the stock prices are in A$, Stockopedia gives the market caps in £'s) Most seem to be "Super Stocks which I suppose is not that surprising. The portfolio is as shown below:
Ticker Name Last Price A$ Mkt Cap £m Rank™ Sector
BSL BlueScope Steel $13.93 4,851 99 Basic Materials
ORI Orica $19.75 4,466 97 Basic Materials
GWA GWA $3.12 503 99 Consumer Cyclicals
SXL South.n Cross Media $1.35 623 99 Consumer Cyclicals
API Aus.n Pharma Indu $1.55 450 95 Consumer Defensives
MTS Metcash $2.60 1,514 99 Consumer Defensives
CTX Caltex Australia $31.57 5,036 98 Energy
WHC Whitehaven Coal $3.24 2,022 99 Energy
ABP Abacus Property $3.35 1,149 99 Financials
HFA HFA Holdings $2.75 270 94 Financials
ANN Ansell $21.50 1,868 97 Healthcare
LHC Lifehealthcare $2.34 61 98 Healthcare
AQZ Alliance Aviat.n Serv $1.16 85 99 Industrials
NWH NRW Holdings $0.95 129 99 Industrials
CDA Codan $2.20 241 99 Technology
DWS DWS $1.59 123 97 Technology
MAQ Macquarie Telecom $14.68 187 82 Telecoms
MNF MNF $5.02 198 88 Telecoms
AGL AGL Energy $24.85 9,750 93 Utilities
PEA Pacific Energy $0.62 139 96 Utilities

This is a real money portfolio and is now fully invested.
I would love to hear from anyone who has done anything similar or who has any relevant comments. I will try to remember to report on the progress or any changes during the next year.

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