Most people seem to be factoring in at the very least a possibility of a correction into their investment strategies - and most think it's probable.

Like others I think this will start in the US and global markets will follow.

The US Q3 reporting season has given some backbone to the markets value there so potentially there is at least a few months breathing space.

I've adopted the strategy of moving gradually into more conservative high yielding stocks. The logic being that this creates a partial floor to potential downward movements if the dividend is comfortably covered by FCF and earnings ( and I guess if it gets too hairy I can sell out).

The other option is to transfer into cash - I note many comments saying they're approaching 50% cash or more. In fact I saw a Minervini post saying he was at 95% cash. (As an aside, is there any such thing as a "moat" given the rise of the US mega corporation - if they want it they'll park their tank on your lawn)

Just wondered if anyone else wanted to share their logic for what they are doing because I can't believe anyone is not concerned about the end of this bull run.


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