I'd like to start a little discussion on here if anyone is interested. I know lots of people will have already entered the Top 5 stocks competition but this is a little different. I'd like people to post their best idea for 2021 but under certain rules/conditions.

Broadly the concept is similar to the power of crowds thinking and other research that has found that if you aggregate the best ideas of fund managers these tend to outperform significantly. I'd like to test this with us PI's. We run the risk of everyone having a different best idea of course but if nothing else it could also generate some useful ideas to research.

This is not run "blind" and there are no prizes (sorry!) but let's see what the results show.

Rule 1 : You can change your best idea at the H1 stage to allow for changing market conditions

Rule 2 : UK listed shares only : No specific limit to Market Cap but no smaller than £50m (as this is supposed to be a small cap type discussion I considered a £1bn cap but decided against it in the end)

Rule 3 : No Resource stocks (I have nothing against them and own a number myself but I don't want this idea to be swept up in speculative and volatile type stocks).

Rule 4: When listing your best idea for 2021 (H1) - Company name & max of 2 lines as to why

Guide : Capital preservation is king : We all know stocks go up and down but this best idea version is also looking for margins of safety so don't pick stocks you think can multi-bag or bust. Note : I may filter out any ideas that I consider breach this guideline.

You have until 5th Jan to post your H1 best idea. I will compile a table after that and see what we come up with.

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